Brighten Someone’s Day!

It only takes a few seconds to send someone you care about an e-mail or text or handwritten note with a heartfelt, genuine sentiment that will make their day . . .  their week . . . their year! Here are sentiments in three categories—for your romantic partner, for your child, and for a good friend.


• Your love is a blessing in my life.

• Your love fills a void in my soul.

• Sometimes I get overwhelmed with love for you. Like right now.

• You’re the wind that guides my sails.

• You have no idea how much I love you.

• Your love is the answer to my prayers.

• I’m very curious. Do you ever NOT look gorgeous?

• Every time I think of you my heart skips a beat.

• It would take a thousand lifetimes to show you how much I love you.

• Nobody melts my butter like you do.

• The very thought of you makes my heart soar!

• Your love has enriched my life beyond measure.

• I must have done something extraordinary to deserve you.

• The mention of your name still excites me.

• You are the air that I breathe.

• Your love brings out the music in my soul.

• Your smile is the sunrise that starts my mornings.

• Your love is a miracle in my life.

• Your love is the anchor in my life.

• This may sound corny but I hear angels singing every time you laugh.

• You’re the only one I trust with the deepest part of myself.


daddy-and-zonked-erin• You are an absolutely wonderful human being.

• I am so impressed with who you are—your mere presence adds so much love and light to the world.

• You always were, and you will always be, the joy of my life.

• I have no regrets in this life. How could I? I’ve got you for a kid!

• Do you know how awesome you are? I do.

• I cannot imagine being any prouder of you than I am today.

• I am so proud of you I could cry . . . and often do.

• You cannot even begin to imagine how much beauty, love and joy you have added to my life!

• When you were little, I  wondered what kind of person you would become. You are all I imagined and more.

• You are loved beyond measure.

• You are wise beyond your years. You amaze me.

• I hope someday you can begin to understand how much you have added to my life.

• You are the greatest gift I could ever give to the world.

• Sometimes I catch myself staring at you for a moment or two,wondering what I ever did to deserve such a magnificent kid.

• I just wanted to thank you for being the best kid ever!

• I love you, I cherish you, and I am honored to be your father.

• There is a deep longing inside every human being to contribute lasting beauty to the world. Of all the things I’ve done and hope to do in this life, you are my greatest contribution to humanity. You are the ultimate manifestation of all the love and beauty and joy I hope to bequeath to the world.

• I am feeling very grateful today that I have a kid what is so spectacularly wonderful! 

• When I look at you, I see a strong, beautiful spirit who is destined to do great things in this world.

• You possess a kind heart and a generous soul. Share your love freely with open arms and the angels will sing your praises.

• From the moment you were born, I recognized the greatness in you.

• You are wise and mature beyond your years and you have much to offer the world.

• Oh, what an amazing gift you are in my life!

• I feel extraordinarily grateful and supremely blessed for your presence in my life.

>• Do I BELIEVE in you? No, it’s much, much more than that. I KNOW you have greatness within you, just bursting to get out.

• I thank God every day for you.  What a gift you are in my life! 

• When I look at you, I see a beauty, a purity, a magnificence that I never could have discovered on my own.

• When other parents speak in glowing terms about their kids, I just smile and say nothing because I know the truth—I have the best darn kid in the whole darn world!

• I could not love you any more or be any prouder of you than I am right now.

>• It is my great honor and privilege to be your mom.

• Know that on the day I leave this world, whenever that may be, I will bow down and thank God for giving me the gift of being your dad.

• The joy and pride and love I feel for you are truly indescribable.

• One of the many things that is so special about you—and one of the things about you of which I am most proud—is the kindness you show to everyone who crosses your path.

• There is nothing you can do or say that could make me love you any more or any less. My love for you is pure. It is perfect in every way.

• You fill my heart to overflowing with joy and love.

• You are truly a magnificent human being and I am blessed to be your dad.

• The world is already a far, far better place because you are in it.

• Watching you grow has filled my mind with wonder, my heart with love, and my soul with joy, far beyond what any human being could ever expect.

• The pure love and joy you have brought to my life will surely come back to you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

• What a joy it is, what an honor it is to be your mom!

• What an honor it is to have a ringside seat to watch you grow and blossom and become even more of a force for good in the world.

• It is difficult to express the magnitude of my love for you.

• If you believe in yourself even half as much as I believe in you, you will have an amazing life!

• It’s hard to describe the satisfaction and fulfillment I feel when I gaze at you. Just the fact that you’re in this world and are so loving and kind and strong reduces me to tears of joy.

• Oh, how proud am I! Oh, how I love you! Oh, how honored am I to be the mom of the best kid ever!


two-women-friends• I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I cherish our friendship.

• Your friendship is a great blessing in my life!

• Hope your day is filled with lots of love. Here’s a little bit to get you started!

• Just hearing your voice brightens my day.

• You bring so much joy to my life.

• Just wanted to send a ray of sunshine your way.

• I didn’t want to let another day go by without telling you how much our friendship means to me.

• Thank you for gracing my life with the radiant beauty of your soul.

• Every time I think of you I can’t help but smile.

• Your friendship is a beautiful song in my life.

• You’re a real inspiration to me. Thanks for setting such a great example.

• I don’t know how you do what you do, but whatever you do, don’t stop doing it!

• I really admire the way you live your life.

• You’re all I could hope for in a friend.

• My world is a better place because you’re in it.

• Some people light up a room. You light up my world.

• You may not know it but you’ve made a tremendous difference in my life.

• Your life is a beautiful work of art.

• When God made you, He sure knew what the hell He was doing.

• You deserve the best because you are the best!

• Your friendship is like a warm, sunny breeze in my life.

• When I think of a true friend, I think of you.

• The longer I know you, the more I respect you.

• Friends like you come along once in a lifetime.

• You are truly a beautiful person.

• I can’t imagine having a more loving, caring friend.

• I cherish your friendship and think of you as part of my family.

• You’ve elevated friendship to an art form.

• You make my world a happier place.

• Your friendship feeds my soul.

• You will always occupy a special place in my heart.

• If I made a list of my best friends, you’d be somewhere in the Top 1.

• Your smile lights up my life.

How would you feel if someone sent you a note like this? Well, you have the power to make someone you care about feel that way right this second! Get in the habit of telling people how you feel about them and you will deepen your relationships and add so much more love to your life!

Do you have any idea how much a loving note to your child or a friend will mean to them? They will cherish it forever!

What are you waiting for? Start typing!

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8 Responses to “Brighten Someone’s Day!”

  1. Jerilynne Says:

    What an amazing way to share kindness and love…thanks for putting together such a great list!

    Love and light, hugs and blessings

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Jerilynne! Thank you for the visit and the nice note!

  3. creativepotager Says:

    An outstanding collection of sentiments Phil… my personal favourite for right this second to tell my partner is….

    “Nobody melts my butter like you do.”

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you like it, creativepotager! Hope your butter continues to be melted!

  5. Tsenre Seresac Says:

    I love this Phil! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Tsenre!

  7. Nicolien Swartz Says:

    Phils videos and inspiring books is of great pleasure.

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you much, Nicollen!

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