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Heroic Stories of Earth Angels

October 11, 2008

Here is a wonderful story from HeroicStories, a free e-letter filled with wonderful accounts of human kindness. 


by Susan Saunders
Victoria, Australia

earth-angel-josephine-wallWith two children in elementary school and one toddler in diapers, mornings were busy. One morning in 1987 all was well as I headed out, carrying my baby, diaper bag and purse. Just as I stepped through the front door, the baby vomited on us both.

Throwing down diaper bag and purse, I bathed us and changed our clothing. I snagged the diaper bag, ran out, buckled all three children and drove away. And we arrived as the first warning bell sounded!

Then my car died. A janitor heard me trying to restart it and came to assist. We couldn’t start it, so this gentleman helped PUSH my car a mile to a garage.