Healing with the Awareness Release Technique


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

At a life-changing seminar with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe ten years ago, I was taught the Awareness Release Technique (ART), a powerful method to achieve deep and lasting healing. While ART may be used for both physical and emotional issues, for the purpose of this article, I’m focusing on the healing of emotional wounds.

The premise behind ART is that there is a core energy behind every emotional issue. By identifying and expelling this energy, the issue goes with it.

While the effects of an ART session can be long-lasting, if the subject reverts back to the lifestyle pattern that created the issue in the first place, the negative energy associated with it will most likely return and once again take up residence.

I’ve used ART on many friends with great results. One night, a friend came to my house in a rage. She was infuriated with both her mother and her boss. She was spewing venom and spitting nails. In twenty minutes, thanks to ART, she was blissed out with a goofy smile on her face.

I have witnessed many such transformations after just one ART session. Agitation is often replaced by a sense of inner peace and serenity that subjects had previously thought was unattainable. By inviting God into the process, the place inside of them where the negative energy had resided is instead filled with divine light and love.

The beauty of ART is its simplicity and ease of use. You can immediately make it your own and use it as often as you’d like. Here are the basic steps:


1) Select the issue you want to address. Perhaps you need to forgive someone. Or let go of a former romantic partner. Or move through the grieving process.

2) Get centered. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and align yourself with your inner guidance. Take at least a few minutes to get calm and peaceful. If you’d like, invite your higher power to guide you throughout the process.

3) Allow the emotion of the issue to wash over you. Then let it rise up from within and consume you. Feel it as intensely as you ever have.

4) Call on your awareness to scan your body and identify exactly where the energy of this issue is located. Typically, you will find it in your abdomen, heart or throat area.

5) Ask yourself this series of questions:
• How large is this energy mass—does it fill up an entire area in your body or just a small portion?
• What shape is it—circular, rectangular, tube-like, blob?
• Pinpoint its location—where is it in relation to the center of your body?
• Is it stable and unmovable? Is it shifting or pulsating?
• What color is it?
• What is its texture—hard like steel, soft and malleable, dense, squishy, pulsating?
• Is it hot or cold to the touch?
• Are there any sounds or words associated with it?

6) Once you have complete clarity about what it looks and feels like, ask it to speak to you, to tell you why it’s there.

7) Speak to it. Tell it how its presence makes you feel and why you want to remove it from your body and your life.

8) Now it’s time to expel it. In your mind’s eye, conjure up a way to move this energy out of your body. For instance, plunge the area around the energy mass into sub-zero temperatures so that the mass is instantly frozen. Take a sledgehammer and smash it into a million pieces. Use a powerful vacuum hose to suck all the shards out. Finish up by using a pressurized hose to flush out any remaining particles. Other options include wiping the energy away with a giant sponge or letting it be consumed by flames of divine love.

9) When the energy is completely gone, fill the space it had occupied inside you with divine light and unconditional love, and express gratitude to your higher power. Sit in this energy until you feel peaceful and loving. Stay in this energy as long as you’d like.

That’s it, you’re done. Peace be with you.

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8 Responses to “Healing with the Awareness Release Technique”

  1. Kim Wencl Says:

    Reading your blog entry today on Awareness Relief Technique has made me realize that I unknowingly used that technique when dealing with the intense grief over the death of my 20 yr old daughter Liz. It defiintely works! You have to feel the pain and acknowledge it before it will leave. That’s why people who just “suck it up” or choose to “soldier through” after a tramatic event in their lives will have issues with those emotions and feelings for the rest of their lives — or until they are forced or choose to go back and re-live them and actually feel the pain and then let it go.

    A large part of my healing actually came about because I wrote about it. That happened after much struggle, finally throwing in the towel and telling God that he would have to show me, because I just couldn’t do it anymore. A few days later I literally heard a voice in my head say, “You need to write — and maybe, you will even write a book! It stopped me in my tracks and I thought long and hard. But it didn’t take very long before I realized … writing was God’s answer to the angst I had. I began to write that very day and I wrote all weekend. It was very painful to relive it all and write about … but once I did I could let it all go. When I finished I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders, and it became a very healing event.

    Two years later my writing really did become part of a book … now my writing goes beyond me and it’s there for others to read, learn from and move thru their own pain. The intricacies of God’s work among people continues to astound me and it is a high like no other when you can see in your own life how God has used you to help others.

    Something else that happens whenever we have a tramatic event in our lives is that it literally changes our DNA … our cells are forever altered … and the tramatic event is imprinted in each and every cell in our body. You heal (or not) and you move on … but every once in a while seemingly unrelating events will trigger the intense emotions and even physical symptoms of previous traumas.

    An example of this in my own life was last summer’s 35W bridge collapse. I was glued to the TV and the more I watched the worse I felt. I had intense feelings of panic, sadness, fatigue and deep grief. I kept telling myself to quit watching the TV coverage, but I couldn’t. After awhile I realized that the intense feelings and physical reactions I was experiencing were the exact same feelings I had when I learned my daughter had died. I was once again reliving that tramatic event in my life … even though it was 4 years later, and the bridge collapse had seemingly nothing in common with the events of Liz’s death … my feelings, both emotional and physical, were the same.

    Once I figured out what was really going on, I began to move through all of the feelings and physical reactions and forced myself to feel them to the Nth degree. When I did that they all left one by one, and after a day or two I was better and once again felt “normal.” It became yet another learning experience for me.

    I share these experiences with you now in case anyone else who reads this may have had a similar experience and perhaps this may be of help to them.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I am so impressed with the way you responded to such a horrific tragedy, Kim. With your blessing, I am going to share comment on a separate post so more people can see it and be helped by your healing words.

  3. Simon Says:

    Hi Phil – I’ve been drawn back here by a comment which Kim left on my blog – and have followed the link to this post. I think that to really feel and so release suppressed emotions is incredibly important, not just for our everyday lives but for our spiritual development. As the final step suggests, once these feelings have been released, space is then available to allow in light and love.

    I have worked with something similar to this before, but this version has factors I haven’t previously seen, such as asking the feeling why it is there. I have just tried it (on a vague feeling of unease which I often have) and my headache has shifted – thank you!!!

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s wonderful, Simon! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad it worked for you!

  5. Jonathan Evatt Says:

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for sharing as you do. As mentioned in my email, this process reminds me of a similar one I’ve developed and used myself. These more integrative ways of handling our personal energy can be very effective and life-giving.

    With much love and smiles,


  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Jonathan. Yes, I’m discovering that there are many similar methods used for healing. That’s terrific. Different approaches work for different people. Whatever helps people heal is wonderful.

  7. Jackie Gause Says:

    I also went to a seminar with Dr Jaffe many years ago in Sedona and experienced life changing adventures with energy healing. It is such a blessing to be able to put in “awareness release technique” online and find you. I thank you many times over for your work and look forward to reading your books! Jackie Gause

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m so glad you benefitted from Dr. Jaffe’s seminar as well, Jackie. Yes, the A.R.T. is extremely powerful. I’ve experienced some wonderful things with it both for myself and by walking others through it.

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