Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on the Healing Power of Love


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

I conducted this interview with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe shortly after attending his 1998 weekend workshop, which was truly life-changing. Ibrahim’s love and wisdom resonated deeply within me and I have learned much from him, including the Awareness Release Technique, a powerful method to achieve deep and lasting healing.

We have kept in touch over the years and, in fact, I interviewed him for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. In that story, he recounts how he redirected his healing path after witnessing a deathbed ritual involving three rabbis and a cage filled with doves.



Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., a licensed medical doctor, clairvoyant, healer and spiritual teacher, co-founded what is now the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism in 1988. Dr. Jaffe has done extensive research on how emotional and psychological issues alter the human energy field and cause disease. In this interview, Dr. Jaffe discusses the dynamics of energetic healing, his passionate quest to share his knowledge and skills with others, and his belief that all of us can heal our lives by connecting with the deep love of God.

Dr. Jaffe, what role does love play in healing?
Basically, all healing comes from awareness and love: awareness of what has caused the problem and then using that awareness to reconnect the discordant energy back to the deep love of God. The ultimate goal is to immerse yourself completely in the deep love and maintain that connection in every moment of your life, which will prevent disease from ever occurring.

What causes disease in the first place?
The soul is here to learn certain lessons in its attempt to perfect itself. When the flow of the soul’s learning is restricted, usually by a person’s ego, disease occurs. By unrestricting the soul and allowing it to express itself and learn its lesson, the disease disappears.

Ultimately, all disease comes from fear. In order to heal, you need to understand what that fear is, disconnect from it, and reconnect to the deep love. If you cut off a human being from the deep love, he becomes jealous, hateful, power seeking, aggressive and negative. If you reconnect him to the deep love, he goes back into oneness and begins to see life as a coherent whole. And from that place, there is no war, there is no disease, there is only peace.

Exactly what do you mean by the ‘deep love’?
Love is a difficult thing to intellectualize. Most people who speak of love are referring to human love because that’s what their experience is. But human love is a mirror of a much, much deeper love, which is God’s love for us. If you look at it energetically, the deep love of God is pure white light, while human love is pink and green. God’s love is the most beautiful white light you could imagine. The deep love nurtures all that is. In other words, what milk is to the body of a baby, love is to the spirit of humanity. And God wants to give us this ‘absolute milk.’ He wants to feed us so our whole beings are nurtured.

Can you offer an example of how avoiding a life lesson can contribute to disease?
Let’s say someone needs to learn how to receive love from their soul and from God. In our culture, many people have difficulty receiving love. If their personality is telling them they always have to be producing and creating and achieving, and that they don’t have time to receive love, to be in a relationship and be deeply touched by their beloved, the heart energies can close down and create heart disease.

The soul sees that the personality is not allowing love to come in and asks what needs to be learned so the personality can accept its love. The personality says, ‘I’m afraid of your love, I’m afraid to take time to be with you because I don’t trust something bigger than me.’ So the lesson to be learned is how the heart can be opened up and begin trusting the soul’s love or God’s love.

What if somebody just goes to a cardiologist and avoids those issues?
If they simply take a calcium channel blocker that opens the heart vessels up, it forces the body’s biochemistry to change but it doesn’t change the etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. You’re preventing the heart vessels from closing but, over time, the energies just worsen because you’re not dealing with the underlying issue.

So you may be cured but you’re not healed?
Yes, and it’s only a temporary cure at best. Ultimately, the restriction that caused the blockage is going to find some other route to manifest itself.

How did you first come to realize the relationship between emotions and disease?
When I was studying medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, I observed people with schizophrenic and psychotic disorders at a local V.A. Hospital. It shook me in a deep way and awoke me to the potential of how the mind could affect the physical body. I saw that factors like family support, having a loved one close by, and being treated well could improve someone’s condition.

Another very important factor was hope. I recognized that hopelessness leads to depression, an emotional state accompanied by physical manifestations. I was pretty clear at that point that the mind and emotions affect the healing process and that there were psycho-emotional aspects of disease. I didn’t know what those were but I knew that they were there.

That was pretty radical thinking at the time, wasn’t it?
Yes, especially for physicians who believed that the best approach was to keep psycho-emotional distance from your patients. Of course, these ideas were certainly not new. They had been an integral part of Eastern philosophies for thousands of years.

Where did you practice after finishing medical school?
I joined a medical practice in Waikiki, Hawaii. I quickly realized that this was not the kind of medicine I wanted to pursue. If a patient had a cold, for example, we’d give them a dose of penicillin. But most colds are viral so penicillin’s not going to help it. However, in giving them the penicillin, you create the belief that they’re going to get better. They do get better but they would have in 24-48 hours anyway. In the meantime, you’re throwing off their bowel bacteria and creating many other kind of reactions inside their body.

I started to realize that I could not continue giving people penicillin shots for viruses or cortisone shots for sunburn. It started to cross a border of moral integrity for me. Yet that’s what people wanted and what the doctors wanted to do. I soon realized that I wanted to practice preventive, holistic medicine that would create an environment within somebody to get well.

When did you realize that every physical and emotional issue had an energetic root?
Not until after I left Hawaii. I became very sick with an eye infection that ultimately blinded me in one eye. I was in a lot of pain but I was determined to be very stoic about my disease and learn everything I could about it. I tried every traditional medical approach available for six months but nothing worked.

How did you end up healing yourself?
I finally allowed myself to express my anger. One day it just poured out of me. As I started to yell and shout in rage, I sensed a strong energy change taking place. There was a spinning sensation and a flickering around my eye and then I literally heard a pop. All of a sudden, for the first time in four months, I could see a ray of light with my bad eye.

So your anger was holding you back?
Yes. My repressed anger about things I didn’t want to see in my life was holding the virus in place and preventing me from physically seeing. I took inventory and examined all the things I was angry about, whether it was my parents, medical school, my career, or anything else I could come up with. It took three weeks of constant work, eight hours a day. I did a lot of yelling and screaming on my own as well as going to therapy sessions to learn how to deal with my anger. I kept working through every situation I could think of until I was finally able to release my anger. And that’s what opened up the energy in my eye.

What did you learn from that experience?
From that point forward, I understood deeply the intimate relationship between repressed emotions and physical health. I immediately shifted the focus of my practice and studied everything I could about the subject.

How did this lead to your work with energy fields?
After experimenting with meditation and fasting, my auric vision opened up and I was able to see auras and chakra energy. As my clairvoyant skills increased, I began to understand the relationship between the various subtle bodies in a person’s energy field and their chakra system.

You can now visually determine the relationship between a person’s emotions and their illness?
Yes, I can energetically see the ‘geography’ of their disease. In the past, I didn’t know how to connect someone’s emotions to their disease. If somebody came to see me with multiple sclerosis, for example, it was difficult to connect the events and emotions that led up to that disease. But eventually I could see the abnormal place in the energy field of the etheric body and directly relate it to the disease state. Then, by looking into the mental body, I could actually see the core incidences that created the disease. By changing that energy, you automatically change the disease.

Can you briefly describe the four levels or ‘bodies’ in a person’s energy field?
The first level is the etheric body, which is basically a template around the physical body created by electromagnetic fields. The etheric and physical bodies actually interpenetrate and are not separate from one another.

The second level is the emotional body, which is a series of confluent lines of multiple colors and shapes. It’s somewhat cloud-like and carries the essential emotions of the body. The emotional body impacts and creates changes in the etheric body.

The third level is the mental body, which is the color of the person’s ‘ray’ type. Some people have purple mental bodies, some have orange, some have blue. Like the emotional body, the mental body is made up of many confluent lines. If you look inside the mental body, it’s similar to virtual reality.

The final level is the spiritual body, which I define as the soul. It’s the body of light that surrounds the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. It’s where our spirituality and life come from.

What other factors help you diagnose illnesses?
I receive guidance from my spirit guides and directly from God. God actually shows me energetically what I need to see and directs me where to put my hands in order to change the energy effectively. But I don’t always interpret everything correctly.

Can you give an example of that?
Yes, I once saw a man with multiple sclerosis. There was a crack that went ten feet through his field. I’d never seen anything like it before and didn’t know what it meant. When I went inside, closed my eyes and meditated, I heard a voice say, ‘Father, six years old, death.’

So I assumed his father died when he was six and that this was the emotional trauma that had caused the crack. Well, when I said, ‘Tell me about the death of your father,’ he started laughing and said, ‘My father isn’t dead, he’s sitting in the waiting room.’

I thought, ‘Okay, so much for spirit guides.’ But when I went back inside, they said, ‘Ask again, you didn’t understand.’ So I said to him, ‘Would you please explain to me what happened when you were six years old with your father and death?’

Well, that opened the floodgates. He just started crying and crying and crying. He said, ‘When I was six years old I had a puppy that I loved very much. My father was always rushing off to work and was never there for me. One day he backed out of the driveway, ran over the puppy and killed it.’

He said, ‘I’ve never been the same since that. That was the end of my life as I knew it.’ He went on to talk about how that incident had destroyed his whole life. That’s the kind of thing that was happening in these healing sessions. It was that kind of guidance.

And this awakening all started with your eye infection?
Yes, if I knew then what I know now, I would have looked at my eye and seen that the energy field around it was red and yellow. I would have recognized right away that red is anger and yellow is fear. And I would have started to seek ways to express that anger and fear so I could get to the incidences that created the disease.

Do you still do traditional medical healing?
No, I really don’t. There are too many people out there who need this kind of work. For example, today I’m seeing a woman with metastatic cancer, adnocarcinoma of unknown origin. It has metasticized to her groin, liver and thyroid. Nobody can figure out where it came from. She’s coming in with her CAT scan and lab reports. I look at these medical examinations and use them as a key to figure out the energy of the disease. Once I find the energy and the chakra it’s connected to, I can start using different processes to change that energy. When the energy changes, the disease will begin to disappear.

When did you first realize you were clairvoyant?
When I was practicing in Hawaii, a man in his late 60s came in. His complexion was very bad, almost green. He said he didn’t feel well but didn’t know why. As I was listening to him, I saw an energy behind his heart that looked like a telephone line waving as it falls down from a pole. I had no idea what this ‘chord’ of energy was but it gave me an incredible feeling of uneasiness in my stomach. Something in me intuitively knew that this was a very dangerous situation and that he needed to be stabilized or else he was going to die. I called 911 and did the best I could to stabilize him considering we were in a hotel office. Unfortunately, he died in the lobby as they were taking him out of the hotel.

You cured yourself from heart disease in 1994. What happened?
Through the energy work I was doing, I was taking on more and more energy from other people. I was personally invested in doing that because I wanted to do well, and I wanted the people I worked on to be healed and to be happy. But that was a misunderstanding on my part. I thought that, as the healer, I needed to carry people because they couldn’t hold themselves. The stress of carrying so many people’s energies started to weigh heavily on me. I needed to learn to support others but not to carry their pain.

One day I looked in the mirror and saw my own heart ‘chord’ detached and floating and, intuitively, I knew I had a short time to live. I started to develop signs of angina. I couldn’t even walk anymore. I was so tired I couldn’t even get out of a chair. I had lost my enthusiasm for life.

Shortly after that, I met a great teacher who taught me how to live in the deep love. As I opened my heart to it, the deep love flowed into me more and more. I put my trust completely in the deep love and eventually made a full recovery.

Now when I heal someone, I simply serve as a channel for God’s deep love, which I embody and give to them. In essence, I give them a taste of the deep love and, if they take it in and drink from it, they begin to heal. I don’t have to carry them in my own heart or have to be responsible for them in any way.

So when you’re healing someone, what you’re really doing is teaching them how to live in the deep love?
Exactly. Our job is to live as deeply as possible with God’s love, to hold that love in our being like a bright shining light, to radiate that light to others, and to help them drink it in. Our job is not to carry others on our own shoulders until we are too weak to even live ourselves.

Are you able to heal people instantaneously?
Sometimes the results are very dramatic—one woman’s ovarian cancer shrunk in 15 minutes under my hands—but how long it takes to heal someone depends on many factors. Even when a healing is instantaneous, you usually need to follow up and make sure the person understands why the disease occurred and support them in not falling back into old, destructive patterns.

So the patient is also responsible for healing their disease?
Absolutely. The issues that created the disease also need to be ‘cleaned out’ and only the patient can do that. You can guide them but ultimately it’s their choice. It’s also important to remember that some people may not want to be healed because the disease is serving them in some way. If a patient is resisting on some level, the healing may be ineffective.

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