The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco


Charice’s March 2010 music video for Pyramid, written by David Jassy and Lyrica Anderson, also features R&B singer Iyaz.

Click here to buy Charice’s debut album, which went on sale May 11, 2010, a day after her eighteenth birthday!

Here's the cover for Charice's debut album, which dropped May 11, 2010!

And here is the official music video for Pyramid.

Following Charice’s success with Pyramid, posted a three-minute interview with her on July 1, 2010.


One night, when our daughter, Erin, was seven, Kate and I tucked her into bed. Kate had rushed upstairs to say goodnight during a commercial break from a show she was watching. After a couple minutes, Kate could hear her show coming back on so when Erin asked her for a lullaby, Kate suggested, “Have Daddy sing you one instead.” With that, she hurried downstairs. Erin looked at me, eyes pleading, and said, “Please don’t sing me a lullaby, Daddy.”

Yes, I was often reminded that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. But I have long envied people who can sing well. I often wondered what it must be like to be singing on stage and getting so lost in the music and your performance that the experience becomes nothing short of transcendental. What an incredible feeling that must be! Indeed, friends of mine who sing professionally confirm that it’s a feeling like no other.

I know, we all have our own talents, and I feel quite blessed to have mine, but still . . .


The once-in-a-generation voice of Charice Pempengco

I just wanted to give you a little background about why I am so impressed with Filipino Charice Pempengco, who was sixteen years old when I first encountered her. What a gift to be able to express such a great talent at such a young age. I love the way she pours her entire soul into her performance and sings with such power and authenticity, such joy and abandon. Ah, if only we all could express our unique gifts so magnificently!

Charice represents the kind of world we all pray for when we close our eyes and dare to dream. That may sound like an enormous and unreasonable burden to place on the shoulders of a sixteen-year-old girl, but ultimately, it is not how she shows up in the world that matters so much, it is how her joyous spirit touches us, lifts us up, makes us believe in not only her goodness but our own. Charice is far more than just a teenage girl, she is a force of nature. Her mere presence in this world blesses us and makes us strong.

Interview magazine once said about virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell that his playing “does nothing less than tell human beings why they bother to live.” You can add Charice to that list.


Charice's amazing talent is matched only by her pure heart and joyous spirit


This performance of the Bodyguard medley—I Have Nothing and I Will Always Love You—is from the spectacular one-night only concert of Hit Man: David Foster and Friendsnow available on CD and DVD—at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on May 23, 2008. The concert featured Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Katharine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Brian McKnight and, of course, Charice, who later said on Good Morning America that Foster discovered her on YouTube.

At the same Vegas show, here is Charice singing what is now her signature song.


Charice was overwhelmed by the experience and by the audience reaction. In an interview after she returned to the Philippines, she said:

After the first song, I already felt like crying. But I couldn’t let it out because I still had another song. The Americans, they could recognize me. It’s really touching when they tell me that I had the best performance of the night. It’s lke I was dreaming, especially when I saw the program. I was sandwiched between two big stars: Michael Buble, me, then Josh Groban. That was such a big opportunity for me.

Speaking of Michael Buble, he was just as starstruck by Charice as vice versa. After the Mandalay Bay show, as shown on the September 9, 2008 episode of Oprah, Michael Buble told Charice:

I’m so glad that I don’t have to follow you. Because that would suck for me very badly. Because no mater how good I am, I know that you’d kick my butt.

charice-yellow-jacketBe sure to watch Charice’s life story. It’s not only very well done, it’s extraordinarily moving and inspirational. This amazing girl had to battle incredible odds to get to where she is now. At the age of three, Charie watched her father choke her mother, Raquel, and then grab his shotgun. Fortunately, neighbors heard the screams and broke down the door just in time. Charice recounted that story on the September 9, 2008 episode of Oprah, then added:

We left my dad and after that, I never saw him and I don’t want to see him. I’m just singing now for my mom. I couldn’t help her before, that’s why I want to help her now.

In a May 30, 2008 interview with Korina Sanchez on Rated K, a Sunday night magazine news show on the ABS-CBN network. Sanchez asked Charice if she was ready to face her father should he seek her out now that she’s famous. Charice replied:

As of the moment, I cannot tell if I still want to see him. Not that I’m mad, maybe I’m just feeling sad, asking myself why he did that.

Charice’s mom added:

I always tell them not to hold any grudges against their father, because if not for him, they wouldn’t be here.

Raquel, put in sixteen-hour days six days a week at a nearby garment factory to care for Charice and her younger brother, Carl. Charice’s talent was evident at an early age. Let’s return to Charice’s Oprah appearance:

My mom discovered my voice when I was four years old. She thought that the radio’s playing, you know, Celine Dion is singing. She went to the living room and she saw me singing and she was like, “Oh my gosh, she’s singing!”

After years of struggling for her family, and even a brief stint of homelessness, Charice began earning money in local singing contests.

I joined 80+ singing contests because I really want to help Mom even if the prizes are $50 or $10. It was big money for us. When I joined a singing contest and I won $50, she said, “Okay, we’re going to have some food for one month,” and we were very happy. We love pizza, and before we can’t buy it because we don’t have enough money. That’s why I told my mom, “I have to get this prize just to buy pizza for us.”

Going through such tough times can bring a normal person to their knees. Charice, however, viewed her challenges as a command to rise. Every day that her family struggled only strengthened her resolve to succeed. She was also on a personal mission. If you think that everyone immediately recognized Charice’s amazing talent and radiant beauty, think again.

Some people are saying that I’m not good enough and that I’m not pretty. But I wanted to prove that they’re wrong.

Indeed, it took a while for Charice to get used to the idea that people thought she was something special. In an interview on January 12, 2008 on the MYX Channel, a music and lifestyle channel for the Asian American community, Charice referenced an upcoming trip to  New York to meet Clive Davis, producer/manager of Whitney Houston:

I couldn’t believe it myself, it was very sudden and I really didn’t expect it. I was just surprised because there were a lot of people who were saying that I didn’t know how to sing; I had no personality, I would go nowhere. It’s just gratifying that in other countries, they are saying that I can sing, I’m cute. It makes me proud that in other countries, in Korea, America or anywhere else, they recognized me and accepted me as Filipino, with my age, with this voice, they accepted me with this personality, they accepted me wholeheartedly.

Although Charice was hurt by her detractors’ criticism, she forged determinedly ahead. Eventually, she earned enough to buy a nice home for her family in the Philippines. As Charice told Oprah in a video clip while standing in front of her new home:

This is a big improvement because it’s more peaceful and we’re happy.

In Charcie’s interview on Rated KKorina Sanchez asked her what she would like to tell other Filipino children who are struggling:

I’m not very different from them. That’s also the same experience that I have gone through. There will be a time when you think of giving up, because you’re tired, but don’t, if you’re really holding on to that dream. Because if that’s really your dream, and you persevere, you will surely reach it.

In the six-part mini-series of Charice’s life produced for Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK), the longest running drama anthology on Philippine television, Charice added these inspiring words:

If you just do your best, do everything that you’re able to do, until you no longer have any strength, fate will catch you and continue your story.

I applaud Charice and her mother’s indomitable courage and strength. Charice is truly a role model to anyone who is struggling in this world.


Charice with Nicka, one of the seven children she sponsors through World Vision

In fact, through her involvement with World Vision, Charice is a highly visible advocate for children at risk. She sponsors seven Filipino children who are living in poverty through this humanitarian organization. World Vision works with children all over the world  to help  them overcome poverty and injustice and reach their full potential. Charice says that she understands the hardship that these families are going through and she wants to share the many blessings that God has given her. She adds that it is her dream to help children like Nicka.

As a performer, as a caring human being, as a model for young girls all across the world, and as an exemplary representative of her beloved homeland, Charice has clearly earned the title, Pride of the Philippines. I suspect that she cherishes that designation more than any of her many awards and other honors.

Charice’s fan base is exploding as thousands of new fans discover her every day. Charice, who is affectionately called Ming by friends and family, regularly goes out of her way to thank her Chasters (a word Charice herself coined to describe all her fans).

Her most popular fan sites include:

Charice’s official website

Charicemania (which includes a fun chat area)

Click here to read the bio of Charice I wrote at FalseVoice‘s request for her home site. It is now featured on Charicemania. Thanks, guys!


These posts wouldn’t be nearly as comprehensive if not for all the Chasters who offered such invaluable help in finding and interpreting content. Special thanks to FalseVoice, cherbear, modeler1, justcharrie, jimfan155, loel, honeybee, nickelodeon and mithi.


charice-headphonesCharice is currently recording her debut U.S. album. David Foster, her mentor and producer, offered some insight into the project during a March 3, 2009  radio interview with Van McNeil on 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee:

It will happen this year. And, of course, you know” this year” means you have to have something out pretty much by the beginning of November. We want to take our time, we don’t want to rush it because if we did just a good album, it’s not going to be good enough. We have to do everything we can do to make a great album. And that’s going to require a lot of work from a lot of people. I won’t be the only producer on it. She needs to go more youthful in some of her songs, which means reaching out to some of those younger producers that do, you know, more Top 40 music and combine that . . . you can imagine if Britney and Celine were to get together, the combination of those two to make an album, that’s what we’re shooting for.

And I really believe when we get this album finished and it comes out . . . people just want to see her . . . there’s a lot of great singers out there, they come up, they sing, they can even have a hit record, but you’re like, “Hmmm, that’s not really turning me on.” People just . . . their jaw drops when they see this girl sing. She’s spellbinding.


charice-first-album-coverOn October 5, 2008, Charice was awarded a gold record plaque for her debut album, Charice. An album that sells 12,500 copies gets a gold status. The ceremony took place at the ASAP (All-Star Afternoon Party) ’08 Pop Viewers Choice Awards in the Philippines. Read about it from ABS-CBN News.

The album only has six songs plus the six backing tracks of those songs for a total of twelve cuts. The songs are • And I Am Telling You I’m Not GoingIt Can Only Get Better I Will Always Love YouBorn To Love You Forever • I Have NothingMama

(It Can Only Get Better and Born To Love You Forever, composed by Swedish songwriters, were two of the seven songs Charice recorded during a trip to Sweden in June 2007.)

Here is Charice at the Viewers Choice Awards show performing And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going with two other young Filipina pop stars, Sarah Geronimo and Rachelle Ann.

The album was produced by Star Records, the recording outfit of ABS-CBN, the largest television network in the Philippines.


On New Year’s Eve, 2008, legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith, appearing on Fox News Channel’s Lips & Ears segment, revealed her choices for four celebrities who will be red hot in 2009: Robert Pattinson, Kate Winslet, George Clooney . . . and Charice!

Nothing says, “Welcome to America” like an invitation to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at a major-league baseball game! You know what they say, America is hot dogs, baseball . . . and Charice! This is Charice’s first public performance of the national anthem. Here she is wowing manager Joe Torre and the rest of the Los Angeles Dodgers at their home opener on April 13, 2009. Charice must have pumped up the home team because the Dodgers took the field and crushed their hated rivals, the San Francisco Giants, 11-1. Everyone was impressed, including the announcer who commented, “That was incredible. Charice can sing!”

In his sports column the next day in the Press-Enterprise, the source for news and information in Inland Southern California, Gregg Patton wrote:

First a Dodger Stadium record crowd shows up, a 16-year-old waif  belts out one of the biggest national anthems you’ll ever hear, a stealth bomber flies over, and then the Dodgers annihilate their traditional enemy from San Francisco, 11-1.

The Dodgers should quit and go home now. It can’t get any better than that, can it?

“(The anthem) was better than the game,” joked catcher Russell Martin of singer Charice’s pregame home run.

(Russell Martin later told an ESPN reporter that he liked listening to Charice’s music and described her as a combination of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.)

The following video offers higher quality visuals but no close-ups of Charice. Take your pick!

What, you want another version? No problem. Here’s a compilation of Charice’s performance put together by cherbear.

This performance at Dodger Stadium was a huge stepping stone for Charice. First, extensive media coverage introduced her to countless Americans who had never heard of her. Second, how many in the record crowd of 57,099 at Dodger Stadium do you think raced home and Googled Charice to find out more about the amazing girl they had just witnessed? Once you hear Charice in person, you’re hooked!

Charice’s first big break in the United States was her debut on Ellen on December 19, 2007, at the age of fifteen. (The episode was actually filmed one day earlier.)

Notice that Charice sings the words “You’re my best mom I’ll ever know” instead of “You’re the best man I’ll ever know.” For the story behind that lyric change, watch the six-part mini-series of Charice’s life produced for Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK).


Ellen does not get enough credit for being an early and passionate advocate for Charice. In an ABS-CBN interview in December 2007, immediately after Charice arrived in the U.S. for the first time, Charice told interviewer: Joseph Pimentel:

[Ellen] said she’s my number one fan. I was really shocked when she said that.

Indeed, Charice and her mother were pinching themselves, unable to believe that they were in the United States. They didn’t think they could possibly be blessed any more. In Charice’s life story on MMK, she said:

I thought there was nothing else that could beat my experience in Sweden and Korea. I never thought that a bigger door would open up for me.

In her interview with Korina Sanchez on Rated K, Charice related the story of her Ellen experience. It all began on a normal evening at home. First, Ellen’s executive producers called to set up an interview. Then, twenty minutes later, the phone rang again.

When I picked up, I said, ‘Who’s this?” Then she said, “It’s Ellen DeGenres.” She wanted me to come on her show as soon as possible. During the rehearsal, I thought she was not coming out of her dressing room because a lot of her staff said she doesn’t usually come out before the show starts. I was surprised that she was there, and that she was shocked to see me instead of me being shocked to see her! She was really dumbfounded. Then she hugged me. She was teary-eyed and said that she was really happy that I was finally there.

Ellen was not only happy to welcome Charice, she was honored to be the one who would introduce Charice to U.S. audiences. It’s clear by her introduction that Ellen knew what a watershed day this would be for Charice:

I’m warning you right now, I’m going to cry again today. Set your VCRs. I’ll do it again. I don’t care, I’m telling you, I’ll cry. She’s fifteen years old, we flew her in from the Philippines. She’s never been to the United States before. She doesn’t have a recording contract. She’s never done this before here. You are going to be blown away. This is the most incredible gift of all the stuff we’re giving you today. You’re going to witness something. You’re going to go, “I was there that day that girl was on the show.” Here name is Charice Pempengco and she is amazing.

A giddy Charice came skipping out on stage, waving happily with both arms. She jumped into Ellen’s arms for a big hug, then sat down, grinning ear to ear. After less than a minute of conversation, Ellen said:

Well, you are amazing. I don’t want to talk any longer, I want you to sing. I can’t wait. I have a mic here (which she picked up off the coffee table and handed to Charice) and I can’t wait for people to see you. And I will be right here.

During Charice’s performance, Ellen sat, watching in awe, fully recognizing and appreciating that she was watching history in the making. As Charice finished her first song, the audience rose to their feet as one to give her a well-deserved standing ovation. In the midst of  thunderous applause, Charice met Ellen halfway between the stage and set for another hug. Charice could not contain her excitement. All she could say was, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, thank you very much.” She humbly and reverentially bowed her head to the audience, hands folded in front of her face, then covered her face with her hands to try to stem the tide of emotions coursing through her. Tearfully, she gave Ellen another hug. With her arm around Charice, Ellen said:

You’re amazing, you’re amazing. We just all witnessed the beginning of this girl’s career. We’re going to go, “I was there, I saw her.” She is unbelievable.


Ellen then turned to Charice, took a little box out of a gift bag, and said:

And I know you lost your iPod on the way here on your thirteen-hour flight. We got you an iPod touch.

Charice was overcome with emotion and gratitude. As she later told Korina Sanchez in their interview on Rated K:

I cried after I sang because they gave me standing ovations. She hugged me, then she whispered to me, “This is the start.”

Incredibly, those standing ovations were the first of her career. In a tearful interview back in the Philippines, Charice said:

One of my dreams has now come true. More so, when Ellen told me, “You’re already a big star here.” Then she told me she was really, really proud of me. I never thought that Americans would accept me like this. That they didn’t care about me being a Filipino. That they cared about my talent more.

In Charice’s life story on MMK, she added:

Ellen was so nice to us. She told me, whatever I want to do, don’t stop doing it. She inspired me. And I started believing in myself again. Mommy and I went home with that wonderful experience inside. But every day, we still can’t believe all of the wonderful things that have happened to us.

Charice always makes sure to credit her beloved mother. In her MMK life story, she made a point to say:

I was so happy because I was given a chance to perform on Ellen. But most of all, I was so happy because my mom was with me through all this.

One more note: It’s amazing how quickly Charice has mastered English. Not the language itself, because all Filipinos are taught English from a young age, but the quality of her accent. She had a strong Philippine accent on Ellen, but in a matter of months it was gone and she was speaking English like a native. David Foster made mention of Charice’s linguistic prowess during their performance at the 22nd annual David Foster and Friends Gala at the Winspear Centre on September 13, 2008.

How did Ellen become aware of Charice? Ellen saw a YouTube video of Charice’s powerhouse performance on  Star King, a South Korean talent show, on October 13, 2007.

Why is this performance so electrifying?
• First of all, Charice strode confidently on stage like a seasoned veteran and blew the gates off with her first note, instantly establishing the richness and maturity of her voice.
• Second, she didn’t just command the stage, she owned it. I’m surprised she didn’t take it back home to the Philippines as a memento. After all, it was her property! As one man in the audience commented immediately after her performance, “It’s like the stage isn’t big enough for her.”
• Third, the complete package she presented was astonishing—the way she so naturally complemented her voice with such savvy, apropos moves seemed almost preternatural.
• Fourth, the song she chose, And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, is universally recognized as a make-or-break song that separates the wannabes from the pros, yet she made it her own as if she had been born to sing it.
• FIfth, she was an unknown, which made the juxtaposition between her incredibly powerful voice and her schoolgirl appearance even more jarring.
• Sixth, her sheer force of personality transfixed the crowd—her mid-air mic switch and deft audience interaction effectively announced, not just to those in attendance but to the millions who would soon be YouTubing her all over the world, that, ready or not, here was a force to be reckoned with. After finishing her song, Charice wowed the audience even further with her personality plus, bantering and singing with the other performers as if she were born to the crown.
• Seventh, she projected a genuine, pure and joyous spirit, enabling her to transcend her immediate circumstances and effortlessly transport the audience into a higher realm of emotional and spiritual intimacy.
• Eighth, this was the performance that catapulted Charice’s career into hyperdrive. Our first glimpse of her on Star King was the precise moment that Charice left her childhood behind—no longer a girl but on the cusp of womanhood, no longer just a singer but a superstar in waiting. Instinctively, in that first moment, we knew this was so. And we had the goose bumps to prove it.


Seventeen days later, with the Asian world still buzzing about Charice’s star-making performance, she was interviewed in the October 30, 2007 edition of Asian Buzz. Here are some highlights. And here is the full interview.

Asian Buzz: Your fans really want to know about your experience flying to Korea for Star King. Can you give us a recap from the arrival to departure?
Charice: When I arrived at the airport, a group of Koreans approached me and asked me if I was a celebrity. Then of course, I said no and that I was from the Philippines and was only visiting their country. Then they said I looked like one and they thought I was a Korean too. Maybe because of my eyes? (laughs) . . . I stayed in a hotel and did some practice for the song that I sung. The next day was the performance day. It was actually fun. I got to meet a lot of Korean stars. I even saw Kim Jung Eun. I used to watch her before because Lovers In Paris (a twenty-episode TV series on South Korea’s SBS network that Kim Jung Eun had starred in) was shown here before in the Philippines.

Asian Buzz: Can you describe your experience for the taping of Star King? Can you share some interesting or funny things that happened behind the scenes? We thought you did great despite having language barriers with Koreans.
Charice: The taping was fun. The audience really surprised me. They were like rocking the whole studio every performance they saw. Of course, I was happy that I got the loudest cheers and yells. It really boosted my confidence to really sing my heart out. Behind the scenes? Hmm, I had a translator which was my first time to experience; I mean that kind of exchanging thoughts and stuff. It was really fun.

Asian Buzz: Did you know about Super Junior (a popular Korean boy band) before you met them? What are your thoughts about them?
Charice: No, I didn’t know anything about them, honestly. But before I went on stage, I kind of wanted to meet them face to face because of the things that my translator had been telling me about them, that they are very big in Korea. Finally, I had the chance to meet them after the taping. They were all nice but I must say Kyu Hyun really stood out because he was the one who was always smiling and talking to me.

Hollywood took notice of Charice’s Star King triumph as well. Charice was featured in E!’s Daily 10 on November 14, 2007.

How did Star King become aware of Charice? Check out my interview with FalseVoice.

Charice’s next big overseas appearance was on Paul O’Gradys very popular daily TV show in England on April 8, 2008. (It was actually filmed the day before.)  O’Grady had seen Charice on YouTube and invited her to the show.

Charice certainly knows how to make an entrance!  Cool and confident, she burst onto the stage, shimmied this way and that, pulled off an “only cool people can do this” double-finger point with her trademark wink, then seamlessly transitioned from seasoned performer to adorable little girl by skipping gleefully over to O’Grady’s desk.

When O’Grady asked Charcie if she was enjoying herself in London, she playfully said:

I went to Buckingham Palace this morning and Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. And of cousrse, the Abbey Road. Too bad I didn’t see the queen and Paul McCartney.

Charice’s playful spirit is ever-present and undeniably authentic. Once again, she charmed the audience and had them wrapped them around her little finger before she even sang a note. And once again, she backed up her personality-plus with a powerful performance. In fact, her two songs that day earned the first standing ovation in the show’s four-year history.



Next up, Oprah! Here is Charice’s initial blow-the-audience-away performance on Oprah on May 12, 2008, two days after her sixteenth birthday. (The show was actually taped on April 3.)

A video teaser at the start of the show perfectly captures Charice’s playful spirit. Right before a commercial, Charice said: “Hi, I’m Charice Pempengco from Philippines and this is what I do best.” She beautifully sang the word, “listen,” then added, with a wink and a finger point, “And I’m going to do it for you, Oprah, next.”

This girl just exudes joy—as she finished singing the word “listen,” her expression was pure bliss. Those are the moments we all crave, the moments that put us in touch with all that is good in the world. One of the many gifts that Charice gives us is the opportunity to vicariously experience such moments through her.

From her wink on Oprah to her impromptu dance moves on Star King, Charice’s performance instincts are spot on. You can’t teach that. You can only marvel at how natural and genuine she is.

Oprah introduced Charice by saying:

My next young guest is an absolute sensation in the Philippines. I’ve never heard her sing before. but at rehearsal, my stage manager, Dean, said she was really something. I’ve heard about this girl from David Foster. So let’s take a look.


Notice that Charice received a standing ovation in the middle of her song. After she finished, she received another “standing o” as Oprah walked out on stage muttering, “Wow, wow, wow,” and said:

Girl, that was fantastic! What a blow-away moment. You know, David Foster’s a friend of mine and he had told me about you, but nothing that he says really explains who you are. Who are you? Amazing, amazing. He says you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Charice teared up as she told Oprah:

I’m always dreaming that some day I can be a part of your show. I can’t believe I’m here standing in front of you. It’s my dream come true. 

Oprah asked, “And how does it feel?” Charice was too emotional to answer, so Oprah pulled her close like a mother would and said, “Just lay into my breast.” A very touching moment. Pressed against Oprah, Charice said, “I’m just proud of myself.” Oprah replied, “You should be very proud of yourself.” Charice said, “I can’t believe I’m hugging you.” Oprah closed by saying:

You are. I can’t believe it either. This is fantastic, this is fantastic. Thank you so much for flying all day, all night, fifteen hours, and coming here in such perfect form.

After a pause, Oprah added:

May I dry your tears? May I please dry your tears? It’s marvelous. You should be proud of yourself because you brought your full game here today.

It’s worth noting that Charice brought out the maternal instinct in both Ellen and Oprah. They were both very protective and wanted to help her career any way they could. I suspect that many of her fans feel the same way. I, for one, feel for Charice what I feel for my own beloved daughter—I want the world to celebrate her pure spirit and amazing talent, but I also pray for her safety, both physically and emotionally, as she makes her way in this fickle, unpredictable world.

Charice returned to Oprah on September 9, 2008, accompanied by her mentor David Foster on the piano. The actual show was taped a day or two earlier.


In the first segment, Oprah told the audience:

My producers came across her video on YouTube. And then you (the audience) met her, same time I did, a few months ago, on our show, when she walked out on this stage and gave it her all. . . . It was the first time most of us here in the U.S. had ever heard her sing, and nobody expected this. Charice brought down the house. Millions of you cheered from your living rooms as you watched Charice’s dream begin to unfold.

Oprah also said:

I didn’t know who she was until the moment I walked out here and introduced her to you. I got goose bumps . . . This has been a summer of dreams for Charice, a little girl with a giant talent. She was on our show, blew my Manolos off.

Oprah shared a behind-the-scenes story about that first show with Charice:

I couldn’t stop thinking about that little girl, and I asked my producers if I could meet with her. But by that time, she already was on a plane about to take off for the Philippines. So they pulled her off the plane and brought her back to Harpo. Now, I didn’t know that. I was asking, “Who is she?” I didn’t say, “Interrupt the plane and pull her off the plane!” So they pulled this child and her mother off the plane and they bring her into the office and I thought, Now what do I do? When we met, I knew that I wanted to help this talented girl anyway I could. So after sitting with her and her mother, I said, “Look, I don’t know anything about the music business, but I know some people who do know something about the music business, and I really want you to get help. I think you’re really good.” So I called legendary producer David Foster to see what he could do for Charice.

Oprah then brought David Foster out on stage, who told her, “You were a little relentless, I must say. You were smitten.”


In the second segment, Charice is shown getting a phone call from opera star Andrea Bocelli and then later singing with him in Italy. (Click here for the story of how Charice met Bocelli and to watch their performance in Tuscany.)

After the Bocelli story, Oprah introduced a brief video in which Charice returns to her childhood home in the Philippines and describes the day that changed her life. Oprah commented:

One of the things I love most about Charice is that no matter what obstacles she’s faced in her life, she’s never given up on her dream of something better.


In the third segment, Oprah introduces another video featuring Charice in the Philippines in which The Girl With The Voice gives the viewers a glimpse of her career path and present life.

Right before Charice sang My Heart Will Go On (which begins at 5:25 in the above video), Oprah had a brief exchange with David Foster, who was sitting in the front row:

When I called David, one of the things I said was, “David, I want you to do something for this girl.” And he said, “Well, I’ve got this whole (Mandala Bay) special (on May 23),” and I said, “Well, okay, and I want you to pay her, too! I want her to get paid. I’m not her agent, but I want her to get paid.”

David replied: “Yes, you are her agent. You’re a good one, too.”


The absolute highlight of the show was when Charice was introduced to her idol, Celine Dion, in the fourth and final segment. In a video clip in the third segment, Charice was shown holding a sketch pad in her bedroom in the Philippines and saying:

This is my dream notebook. All my drawings here are my dreams. So this is my drawing, it’s my ultimate idol, Celine Dion. The first song that I learned was My Heart Will Go On. Of course I want to sing with her. Soon, I wish . . . someday.

She had no idea how quickly “someday” would arrive! Oprah had it all planned out to surprise Charice, and when Oprah turned Charice around to meet Celine (at 0:53 in the above video), Charice’s ebullient reaction touched the heart of everyone who ever laid in bed as a kid and daydreamed about meeting their childhood hero.

When Celine invited Charice to sing a duet with her the following week in Madison Square Garden (at 2:53 in the above video), there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This brief encounter speaks volumes about why Charice is so beloved by so many fans. It is a sweet, genuine, and exquisitely tender and touching moment that reveals and revels in her innocence and joyous spirit.

At the end of the show, Oprah stood on stage with Charice and another guest, a young boy skilled in karate. Oprah asked Charice about her reaction to meeting Celine Dion. A very happy Charice replied:

I was shocked because I didn’t expect that. I drew Celine, you saw that in my dream journal. And I can’t believe that I’m going to sing with her. Yay!

Oprah then said to David Foster, who was back sitting in the front row:

Earlier, we were watching her video (of her life story) and she’s had some difficult times. Is it true that pain makes for good singers?

David replied:

It certainly seems to be the way it is. It’s kind of unfortunate, but you have to dig deep. And this little girl digs deep. She really does and she really knows what’s going on. It’s very impressive.


Charice returned to Oprah on May 18, 2009, to debut her first single, Note To God, form her eagerly anticipated upcoming album. (Click here for the mp3 download on Amazon.) Charice, accompanied by her producer and mentor, David Foster, blows the roof off the joint! Even after multiple appearances on Oprah and singing with so many of her heroes all over the world, Charice remains as authentic as ever, pouring her heart and soul into every performance. You can see by the way she brushes away a tear at the end of the song that she doesn’t know the meaning of “auto-pilot.”


After a quick recap of Charice’s career, Note To God begins at 2:43 into the following video. (For all you music historians, Note To God, written by uber-songwriter Diane Warren, was included on 2006’s The High Road, JoJo‘s second album, but was never released as a single.)

In the segment after her song (7:45 into the video), Oprah welcomes Charice and introduces David Foster and Diane Warren. Oprah asks Diane, who’s sitting in the front row with David, to stand up and take a bow. When Oprah asks Diane if she just happened to have Note To God in her back pocket, Diane says:

I did. I had written the song and (gesturing to Charice) when I heard your voice, and David wanted a song for you, I thought that would be the perfect song, and wow, did you prove that way beyond what I could have hoped for. That was an amazing performance. Beautiful.

Oprah then asks David Foster what it’s like working with “this little one” considering he’s worked with so many legends. David replies:

In my world, this only happens two or three times probably in my lifetime. And I’ve worked with a lot of people. So this is one of those two or three moments. It just reminds me of when I saw Celine when she was eighteen. It’s the same feeling. And she just sings so beautifully.


Oprah then turns her attention to the girl of the hour and asks Charice if she was nervous during her song. I for one was startled at Charice’s reply. I thought that by now she would be used to performing in front of famous folks and millions of adoring fans. Charice looks visibly shaken, and her answer reveals why she is so beloved by so many—she remains humble, grounded and deeply grateful for every opportunity to share her gifts with the world.

I’m actually about to cry earlier because I was so nervous and I felt like I’m gonna faint, ’cause, I mean, this is really big for me, I mean, I sang my first song, my own song. People are going to say, “Oh, that’s Charice’s song.”

As Charice fights to hold back tears, Oprah says:

You know, when I met you about this time last year, it was . . .  I’m crying too, because as I said to you backstage, you know, I’m so happy that your dream for yourself has come true. This has been your dream.

Chrice goes on to say that her life has changed a lot since the last time she appeared on Oprah. For one thing, she got to be part of her favorite movie franchise—Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which will be released on Christmas Day, 2009.


In response to a question from Jordan, Oprah’s ten-year-old cohost for the day, Charice says she’d like to meet Justin Timberlake to try “some fast songs and dance moves ’cause I really love to dance also.” Charice also admits to having a crush on Josh Groban. “That’s a nice crush to have!” replies Oprah.

Charice and Oprah have a May habit going! Charice first appeared on Oprah on May 12, 2008. She returned on May 18, 2009. And on May 11, 2010, Charice stole the show once again while debuting her breakout album, Charice!



Charice and Iyaz sing "Pyramid" accompanied by David Foster

In the next video, Charice dedicates In This Song to Oprah. Written by David Foster, whom Charice just asked to be her godfather, In This Song is the story of Charice’s life. It’s a touching performance and Charice gives it her all!


In a March 3, 2009 radio interview with Van McNeil on 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee, David Foster emphasized the importance of Oprah’s support of Charice:

Let’s not also forget she has Oprah in her corner. And Oprah has a big stick. Oprah loves this girl like nobody I’ve ever seen. And she is just determined to help shortcut this girl’s success. You know, a lot of people are going to get there anyway. I believe Charice is one of those that will get there anyway because she’s that talented. But when you have someone like Oprah on the team, and hopefully I can add to the mix too, it just kind of shortcuts the whole thing.

David likes to use the word “relentless” when describing Oprah’s support of Charice but he’s just as guilty as Oprah is—thank goodness for that! On September 13, 2008, in his introduction of Charice at the 22nd annual David Foster and Friends Gala at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton, Canada, David said:

Oprah has been relentless with this young girl because we both believe she is the next superstar.

charice-smilingEvery story about Charice should begin with the words, “Once upon a time . . .” because her rise to stardom is a fairy tale brought to life. Can you imagine drawing pictures of your idol at three years old only to find yourself performing with her while you’re still a teenager? And to top it off, having your idol ask you to invite her to your concert? Unthinkable!

Charice had also been aware of producer David Foster for years because his name was on all the songs Charice loved while growing up. And now here is David accompanying her on the piano all over the country and singing her praises to anyone who will listen. Hello? Hollywood, are you listening? The only things missing from Charice’s story are a glass slipper and seven dwarves.

Nine days later, Charice was featured on Oprah again! Oprah recapped Charice’s appearances and showed all of  Charice’s duet with her childhood idol at Madison Square Garden on September 15, 2008.


Here is Celine Dion’s full introduction of Charice at Madison Square Garden.

To fully appreciate Charice’s Madison Square Garden appearance requires the viewing of the following video, shot by Charice super-fan jimfan155. It shows Charice’s complete onstage experience that night. As Jim wrote to me, “You can listen to the sustained applause throughout and after. It would have been better except for a screaming old man (sorry, that was me). A fantastic standing ovation (the loudest of the night) for a fantastic performance. Celine Dion showed her class by allowing Charice to shine.”

A few weeks later, in an interview on Wonder Mom, a Saturday morning parenting show in the Philippines, Charice described how Celine brought her onstage:

Her second-to-the-last song was Because You Loved Me. What she did was she sang the first part of the song, then she stopped at the chorus. After she stopped at the chorus, she introduced me. I said that I was nervous and then she told me to think of the audience as my brothers and sisters.

In the same interview, Charice also marveled at how quickly her relationship with Oprah has developed:

She treats me like someone really close to her. But I was still a bit shy around her. Because I really couldn’t believe that it’s Oprah.

Charice never expected so many of her prayers to be answered so quickly, much less at all. When the host of Wonder Mom asked Charice how she prays, she replied:

When I pray it’s usually short, but I try to make it really meaningful. I usually say, “I leave it up to you. More blessings to come. And I really thank you.”

But wait, here’s a bonus! Celine Dion went on Oprah on October 28, 2008 to talk about that magical night at Madison Square Garden.

Charice has handled her sudden fame like a seasoned pro. In a May 2008 interview with one of her Philippine heroes, Sharon Cuneta, a popular singer, actress and TV host, Charice was asked about her rapid rise to stardom:

First of all I was shocked. I never thought that all of this would happen to me so suddenly. I only hoped to be known here in the Philippines, like my idols, you, Miss Sarah (Geronimo), Miss Regine (Velasquez). I wanted to be like you. I never expected to be invited to popular American TV shows.

Sharon responded:

We want you to know we’re very proud of you. I’m so honored to have you on my show. You are exceptional. You have brought so much honor to our country. Look at me, sweetheart. (She takes Charice’s chin in her hand.) When the time comes, this (your heart) should always be here. Never let it go to your head. Your heart should always be in place. That’s a promise, okay? Charice, you will go far.

Charice met another of her idols, Mariah Carey, on October 11, 2008, at the Andre Agassi Grand Slam for Children Benefit Concert at Wynn Las Vegas. This video is courtesy of Balitang America, the nightly news program of ABS-CBN Global in North America.

Here is a touching silent video put together by FalseVoice showing more of Charice’s meeting with Mariah.

And here are the three songs Charice performed that night. The background noise you hear is not the audience being rude. The video was taken from a TV monitor in a room adjacent to the stage.



Two weeks later, on October 25, 2008, a pigtailed Charice performed two show-stopping songs with David Foster at the Carousel of Hope Ball, an annual charity event in Beverly Hills, California that was founded by actress Barbara Davis for the benefit of children with diabetes.



Did I say Charice performed two songs? Let’s make it three! Here she is, believe it or not, singing and dancing to a Michael Jackson classic!


And for a bonus treat, here are Jay Leno and Josh Groban reacting to Charice’s performance!

David Foster mentioned that Charice had busted out with her Billie Jean moves in rehearsal. Well, here is that rehearsal!

Three days later, on October 28, 2008, Charice performed two songs at the Macy’s 150th Anniversary celebration at Gotham Hall in New York. She was accompanied once again by “The Hitman,” David Foster.



Two days later, on October 30, 2008, Charice performed at The Big Bash, the annual Rising Stars Gala put on by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, held at the Beverly Hilton. The woman who introduced her noted that Carice “embodies what the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is all about—it’s rising above adversity and realizing your dreams.”


Charice then pulled up a chair and poured her soul into a song written and released by Eric Carmen in 1975. Two decades later, it was covered by Charice’s hero, Celion Dion, who took it to #4 in the U.S. in 1996.


Charice then took center stage again and introduced this next fan-favorite song by joking, “It’s a big song, Mama!” That was a reference to judge Brandy Norwood‘s comment to another young diva, Binaca Ryan, before the 11-year-old Philadelphian launched into the same song for her audition on America’s Got Talent.


Here is yet another song Charice performed that night.


And here is Ming mingling with fans after the show!

How’s this for an encore: Charice’s appearance on Good Morning America on November 18, 2008. Before and after her singing are interviews with David Foster and Charice.


Here is a behind-the-scenes video of Charice’s Good Morning America appearance shot by Charice super-fan Loel Fortugaleza, who immigrated from the Philippines fifteen years ago and now lives in northeastern New Jersey with his wife and two kids. Loel is a courageous man who had gained such a reputation for fighting political corruption and rebels in the Philippines that his wife insisted he stay in the United States because of death threats against him back home.

Loel had the opportunity to meet briefly with Charice after her performance. Click here to read his account of the day. Loel also e-mailed me more information about his encounter with Charice:

She was soft-spoken. We were almost whispering to each other. I was surprised because she sings with a very powerful voice. We were speaking in the Filipino dialect, Tagalog. She always used the word “po” which is a sign of respect to elders.

You’ll have to watch this video to understand why at first Charice was afraid of the pizza pie! (Tidbit: Charice’s levity was inspired by a novelty song titled Picha Pie that was written and sung in Tagalog and English by a Filipino band called Parokya ni Edgar.)


Our little girl is growing up!

I hope you enjoy Charice’s performances. Come back and visit often. After all, listening to Charice sing will brighten your day and put a bounce in your step and a smile in your heart!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you know of any information and/or videos that should be added, please e-mail me at And please let me know if there are any errors that should be corrected, no matter how minor (like incorrect dates, bad links or disabled videos). Thank you! I’m counting on all the Charice Police out there to help me keep improving these posts!

Click here to view all my posts about Charice.


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587 Responses to “The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco”

  1. hoz49 Says:

    I’m a Charice fan also and have been following her since last fall when a fan posted her performances on You Tube. In the past year she has risen to international acclaim and the ride has been phenomenal. I agree this girl has something…much more than just being an “entertainer”.

    If you read comments on her You Tube videos you will often see “I cried when I heard her sing”, “She gave me chills” or “I was touched”. One lady said “Charice is TRUTH”. Another hinted at being on the verge of leaving her family but after listening to Charice had a transformation.

    And this before they know anything about her life story!!!

    Despite her international fame, Charice has stayed a humble little girl from the Philippines,. and doesn’t fit the “Hollywood mold” at all. I hope she will become a role model for the youth of today.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for adding some additional background. I think Charice’s fan base will be expanding quite rapidly. She’s a once-in-a-generation talent.

  3. Lori Anne V-Yang Says:

    What can I say! What a beautiful way to start my day! Thank You for sharing this! The Ellen spot had me crying, it was so great . . .

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re quite welcome, Lori! When I run across something that moves me, I enjoy sharing it wit others who I know will appreciate it.

  5. Chargepads Says:

    Yes, Charice is a once-in-a-lifetime talent! Her life story experience, especially the loss of a paternal support early, can be devastating to a young mind. But, Charice has something – inner strength and unsurpassed drive to persevere no matter the obstacles placed upon her. She’s fully grounded and that alone will ensure her straight path to success.

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    She certainly seems grounded. That kind of self-confidence is hard to fake. I just hope that all this fame doesn’t go to her head. When you’re sixteen, and meeting and performing with all your heroes, and everybody is telling you how wonderful you are, it’s a challenge to stay true to yourself. If any sixteen-year-old can do it, I imagine that Charice can. I certainly hope and pray that that’s the case.

  7. Ron Ross Says:

    Phil she is excellent.

  8. charicefan Says:

    That first song on Ellen (And I am Tellign You I’m Not Going) was her VERY FIRST performance in the USA, that is why she was so emotional, she didn’t expect to be so well received. And now she is singing with the biggest international stars.

    I have been a fan of Charice’s for OVER TWO YEARS years now; it was shortly after Bianca Ryan won AGT. This was the very first performance of hers I saw on YouTube
    She is 12 years old.

    I honestly thought at first that it was a trick and that they had lip-synched her to Whitney singing. I immediately continued to look through YouTube to find more songs by her and there was then only a handful, but they were enough to make me realize it really was her voice.

    So, I am one of her earlier international fans and I am proud of it!

  9. charicefan Says:

    Here is Charice’s MySpace.

    There is a video of her at age 9 singing the Celine Dion song “To Love You More”. She won that competition.

    There is also a short mini-series of her life. Another little girl plays her as a young child, then she takes over and plays herself as the older Charice.

    The series can also be found on YouTube with English subtitles.

  10. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, thanks for the extra information. I look forward to checking it out!

  11. MARINITSKA Says:

    I never heard of Charice till Ellen show of 12/17/07 and boy was I impressed by her singing talent and stage presence! I googled her name afterwards and I haven’t stopped scouring YouTube everyday to see if there are any new video clips about Charice. Knowing her life story, her struggles for survival, being discriminated for ‘not having the looks of a star’, suffering malnutrition because of poverty, yet so determined to rise above life’s challenges, makes me want to rally behind her all the more! She brings hope and inspiration to the youth and the marginalized.

  12. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well stated, Marinitska. Thank you for adding your insights.

  13. danace Says:

    Thanks Phil for supporting Charice. :)
    She really deserves our support. :)

  14. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is my pleasure, Danace!

  15. hoz49 Says:

    With the support of “Tita” Oprah and the tutelage of David Foster Charice is on her way to the top.

    What a talent, what a girl!

  16. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Charice is fortunate to have so many talented, caring and principled people in her corner!

  17. MARINITSKA Says:

    There is a 3-part tv show, Super Mom, where Charice’s mom was featured and mom Raquel related how in the depth of poverty, she felt pain feeding her two kids every day for lunch and supper, noodle soup boiled with lots of water. (I can see how they suffered malnutrition and the impaired growth of the two kids). But mom Raquel said that even at that tender age, Charice understood and would console her mom by saying. “This is yummy! yummy!” God is teaching us something here. He allowed Charice to suffer but he equipped her with a survival kit (voice, determination and reliency) and He faithfully sends angels (FalseVoice, David Foster, Ellen, Oprah, etc.) to help her and guide her and ultimately the world will see His glory in her. I just hope Raquel and Charice know how to handle the huge success when it comes.

    The story of Charice is one that you might want to write a book on. It is quite inspiring, powerful and gripping! Cheers!

  18. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much for alerting me to the existence of the three-part Raquel interview, Marinitska! I just added it to the post. Thank God Charice has such a strong, supportive and loving mom!

  19. Jaycee Says:

    Thank you so much, Phil for featuring Charice in your blog. Ever since I’ve heard this young lady sing and saw her story on Oprah, I became an instant fan. She really touched me too, what an inspiring girl. And I’m also looking forward to reading your book – “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.” Wow, inspiring young lady and inspiring book. Really makes my day….

  20. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Jaycee! Perhaps the best part about Charice is her authenticity. She is genuinely a sweet little girl and that comes through loud and clear. She is blessed to have some powerful and wonderful people looking out for her best interests. Amen to that!

    And thank you for getting my book. Please be sure to drop me a note and let me know how you liked it!

  21. justcharrie Says:

    Thank you Phil for supporting Charice. We have one thing in common. I, too am a fan of Charice…I do believe in her talent but what makes me swear to support this girl is her strong and grounded attitude. I love her so much…She’s so natural and I really admire her fearless character. Just thinking of instantly taking the stage with who’s who in the music industry makes my knee shake- but gosh! Charice looks like she’s just making fun of it…Oh I admire her so much…she’s really an inspiration. Now I’m praying that her upcoming album will seal her superstardom.

  22. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I don’t think album sales will be a problem, justcharrie! Charice already has enough fans worldwide to make it go triple-platinum! The more important question is how she will handle the money and fame. She’s got some great people in her corner to help her deal with all the things that her mother cannot. Thank God for that guidance!

  23. Angel Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you so much for writing about Charice.

    For 3 year old Charice to witness her mother almost get murdered by her father….and the fact that she still harbors those terrifying feelings just breaks my heart.

    But it is truly a wonderful thing to see how Charice cherishes her mother and brother so much. She knows that a person she loves can be taken away in a blink of an eye and with that knowledge comes the true appreciation of life. This appreciation and gratefulness is what I feel whenever I see and hear her sing. She really gives it her all and gives so much life to the songs that she sings…

    Her life story gives me hope and inspires me to…live.

  24. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, Angel. Charice touches people where they live not only for her magnificent voice but because of the purity of her heart. Her innocence and naivete will naturally give way to familiarity with the ways of the world but here’s hoping she will always retain that purity and goodness. If so, success is assured, and I mean that in the sense of who she is and will be, not the size of her fan base and bank account. I know that those who already love and admire her feel the same way.

  25. evan Says:

    My heartfelt thanks for your effort supporting young Charice. I had been watching her performances during those days when she lost the title in the singing competition back in her native land. I knew at that time one day she will shine. I felt so bad that she lost. But in my heart, I knew she will shine one day. My hope came true today. Her STAR is now SHINING all OVER THE World. Thank you for this WEBsite, I felt GOOD there is some one who truly recognized a genuine talent, that VOICE of the soul making you feel good listening to her voice. May you have A BLESSED NEW YEAR…

  26. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Charice touches some part of us that is pure and strong and good. Your comment is further evidence of that, Evan. It is her authenticity and joyous abandon that captivate us as much as her powerful voice. May her career bring happiness and deep satisfaction to her and her growing legion of fans.

  27. khojh Says:

    Thanks for including her on your blog!!! She’s an amazing little girl. Not just as a performer but mainly an inspiration to everyone. I pray that she remains humble.
    Beware though, her voice can somewhat hypnotize you and keep you glued on your seat listening / watching her videos (a sign of “chaddiction”)

  28. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Ha! Tell me about it! I’ve spent the better part of three days working on this post when I should be working!!!!!

  29. jn Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for featuring Charice. i love this girl ever since i saw her in E channel. I’ve read and seen her early vids and gosh her voice is just mesmerizing. However, the thing that really motivated me to support her was when i found out about her life and how she handled it. She has this enormous talent but because she didn’t have the right connections, the looks of a beauty queen and etc and etc….nobody took chances to help her …i guess you knew this part. Definitely, she is a great example of rising above adversities. Truly, Charice is inspirational and i am so glad you are touched by this simple girl. I hope and pray that she will continue to be true to herself and remains grounded. i want to hear her sing for a long time..

  30. Phil Bolsta Says:

    What’s really wonderful is that so many people, myself included, are praying for Charice that she stay grounded and humble. That will be a challenge, considering her soon-to-be worldwide fame. But I think she’s up to it. her mother Racquel will help see to that!

  31. jonard Says:

    Thank you so much Phil for this wonderful blog about Charice… At first I thought that only Filipinos working overseas will support her but now, I am so glad that she has captured the hearts of many people, not only us Filipinos.

    Thank you and please continue to support our little Charice.

    God bless you and more power to your career.

  32. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You have nothing to worry about, Jonard. Charice’s joyous spirit touches the heart of every soul. As a father who cherishes his daughter, I will continue to hope and pray that Charice is protected and nurtured by the love and goodness of those around her. She is fortunate to be guided and looked out for by some very wonderful people. I am sure that she will continue to be blessed by the watchful eyes of these guardian earth angels. I am looking forward, as we all are, to watching Charice blossom and grow and bless the world with her talent.

  33. CherAnn Says:

    hi there :) this is quite a blog you did in honor of charice…thanks for including the video i uploaded of cha on good morning america :) she has really touched many lives.. continue to support her the best way possible :) keep it up!


  34. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Count on it, CherAnn! Judging by the responses I’m getting and what I’ve seen on other sites devoted to Charice, you are one of an army of angels who are looking out for her. With that kind of love and support, she can’t help but succeed in the best way possible.

  35. Allan Says:

    Hi Phil

    I love what you did here. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You bet, Allan! I’ll be updating this post with more videos and info in the near future.

  37. Rima Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m one of Charice’s fan here in Hawaii and what you did here is really great. Ever since I found out about her, there’s not a day that goes by without watching her videos. She’s the only singer that gives me goose bumps and makes me all teary when I hear her sing. I hope to hear more of her.

  38. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You and me both, Rima! It’s uncanny—I just don’t tire of Charice performances!

  39. Dave (FV) Says:

    Thanks for writing a post about Charice. ;)

  40. ALL ABOUT ASIA Says:

    Hi Phil, thanks for dropping a note on my blog but most of all thanks for praising Charice. Yes we love her, the world loves her.

    Is your book available in stores?


  41. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, there’s something about Charice that makes everybody love her. At the same time, we feel protective of her, the way I do for my daughter. She really touches a chord in people’s hearts.

    Yes, my book is available in stores, on and everywhere. You can click on the image of my book on my blog or website and it will take you right to Amazon. Many thanks!

  42. Chiboy Says:

    What can I say Phil, they must have said it all !!! Thank you for a job well done !!!

  43. tonz Says:

    Thanks Phil. Any friends of Charice is a friend of mine indeed. Anyways, this freaking girl, Charice, got me on You Tube surfing for over a year now and I am talking every day, ever since that video of the Star King show in Korea. Maybe, when that album comes out it might help tone down my addiction. But in the meantime I am definitely enjoying this kind of problem.

    As for Charice not staying grounded, I don’t think that will be a problem. It would have happened already, what with all that success and accolades that had gone her way. She is still the same small town girl with the amazing voice and a big heart.

    Yes, I too will check out your book. I am sure I can get it from Amazon here in Toronto. Thanks again.

  44. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, I agree that there’s a very strong chance that Charice will not be adversely changed by fame and fortune. She’s got too many people in her corner who care about her and know what they’re doing.

    Yes, my book is available on Amazon and at any bookstore. Many thanks!

  45. Juandlcrz331 Says:

    Thank you phil for supporting charice! love your blog! Anyone who haven’t seen or heard charice can have a crash course in your blog. Thanks!

    Go Cha!

  46. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you like my blog, juandlcrz! I wanted to give people a nice overview of Charice. She deserves it!

  47. BAY_AREA_FAN Says:

    Hey Phil!

    Thanks for dropping by and pointing other readers to your blog. It’s an exquisite introduction to Charice. Some of us actually found your blog by accident days ago as we like to have fresh perspective from other people regarding Charice. Kinda like trying to find the pulse of the audiences in bits and pieces.
    I tell you man she is something, cause I’ve never ever became a fan of any celebrity in all of my life but when i heard her voice, it’s different. Full of emotions, the kind that will make you come back for more and more.
    Thanks for the writeup. As sophisticated as our world is nowadays, there are still barriers to some institutions that have been established a long time ago. She is actually breaking down those barriers by winning the hearts and minds of those people who have the opportunity to listen to her voice.

  48. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Bay Area Fan. It is my pleasure to contribute in some small way to the gift that is Charice. It won’t be long before the whole world benefits from her talents!

  49. robee Says:


    So nice of you to feature charice in your blog…she has touched my life too in a positive way……..her life story inspires me to think positively in times of difficulties….her singing voice touches the depths of my soul…that’s why i love this girl so much…..

    Thank you Phil for supporting her….. i hope more great things will come her way and yours too Phil….love your blog!

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your family!!!

  50. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, robee. Charice touches our hearts and our souls. She is truly a positive force for good in the world.

  51. jayrox Says:

    hi phil.

    thanks for the blog and thanks for sharing this at charicemania where i usually am everyday to get my daily dose of charice.

    i, like others, have been hooked on charice for sometime now. every single day we chat and wait for new things about her…she really does touch a lot of people’s lives. we see in her a sister, a daughter, a friend…someone we can count on to put a smile into our lips and into our hearts…everyday we hope for new triumphs that she will conquer, new dreams that’ll be realized…in every note that she sings, she reminds us that we can suceed despite any adversities…even with the loom of defeat, charice makes us believe that we can still dream. i believe that is the power that is charice.

    thank you again, phil…and for charice, onward and upward…

    by the way, one of your earlier commentors is the guy that actually started it all…he posted the very first charice video on youtube and still continues to do so… and from those of us who cannot be there in all of charice’s perfomances, we thank him for keeping us connected to our charice.

    to cherbear and to all others who painstainkingly upload vidoes of charice, thank you. we know it’s a lot of work and we do appreciate it.

  52. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, jayrox. It is truly inspiring to see Charice fans from all over the world come together to form one big community like this. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

  53. munztaowl Says:

    Hello Phil,
    Thank you so much for this really extensive blog about Charice.
    I shared your work to my friends and family because I am possitive they will enjoy reading it and most of all I know they will just love Charice even more.
    About the conversation/noise on the background of video -Andre Agassi Grandslam for Children Benefit Concert Oct. 11, 2008 Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas- the uploader said it was taken from a tv monitor in an adjacent room from the stage. That explains it.
    Thanks again and more power to you.

  54. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, munztaowl. And thanks for the info on the background noise. I’ll mention that on the post!

  55. high Says:

    one-of-a-kind blog. good job. thanks for spending time and effort writing an article about Charice. it must be really worth it. btw, if you want to add more info about Charice, you can add the ff:

    Charice with Andrea Bocelli in Italy singing “The Prayer”-

    Charice in Netherlands singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” for the 100th anniversary of Feyenoord Rotterdam, a soccer club in Netherlands.-

    Charice in 2008 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade singing “Because You Loved Me.”-

    im not sure if i missed some important event on Charice’s career. However, if you want to know more about Charice, message FalseVoice, the guy who posted Charice’s video on Youtube that made her popular. – or feel free to visit
    p.s. i dont know why for some reason his location shows Malaysia, but he’s actually from the Philippines.

    *you can actually add her first international exposure, StarKing in Korea. She was actually invited to sing there twice because she was nominated the best foreign act in that show for singing “and i am telling you i’m not going” –

    feel free to email me if you have any question. thanks so much. God bless.

  56. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks a million, high! I have added your suggested videos. Keep the suggestions coming!

  57. Chargepads Says:


    Great job on your blog! I have sent the link to my friends! One minor issue on the Ellen guesting though, it was Dec 19, 2007 vice Dec 17, 2007. I know some people are sticklers for detail and I am sure you want to be accurate in the info you put out. Thanks again!

  58. bisdak4920 Says:

    Thanks and appreciate your efforts. I am and avid fan of Charice and wish her more success. More power!

  59. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m with you, bisdak!!!

  60. EBJohns11 Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Nice blog! You summarize it all. So I read that you stop by at How did I miss that??? Hope you stop by again.
    I am myself an avid fan of Charice. And I’m telling you , I have lots of sleepless night making Youtube Vids of Charice. But its worth it, I do have fun making those.
    Thanks for supporting Charice. I love all the people who loves her! So im going to add this blog/website on my favorites!
    Guess what, I am going to see her concert on May 9, 2009 in Las Vegas. I wanna see her Singing LIVE. This will be my Charice moment.

  61. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, Merielle! Thanks for the kind words! I hope you come back and visit my blog often. I’ll be updating it whenever I can. I don’t have to tell you what a joy that is! If you can recommend any videos that you think I should include, please let me know!

    As far as seeing Charice in person, my only response is what I say to my daughter when something good happens for her: You are a luck! I would wish you a wonderful time but that won’t be necessary. How can it be anything but awesome?

  62. Rojezad Says:

    The summary of everything about Charice (comments and videos) are totally awesome. I am so happy that people like you take time to gather all these videos and stories. I am going to be visiting your site to get an update on Charice. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family.

  63. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you like my bolg, Rojezad! I look forward to your future visits!

  64. Loel Says:


    You’ve put into words what I think and feel about this sweet little angel, Charice. Thanks.

    Whether she’s in front of the camera or not, her infectious bubbly personality is just the same. Here’s the youtube clip of the video I took when she and David Foster were guests of Good Morning America:

    She was very comfortable on the set and made everyone laugh. The studio director really enjoyed engaging her in some tomfoolery. When I met her after her amazing performance, she was softspoken, so polite and respectful – a rare marvelous person.

  65. grace Says:

    wow, what a wonderful way to showcase charice, thanx phil, filipinos are thankful for people like u,david,ellen,oprah,celine and many more..much love and respect to this writer…wish u more power!! tc and godbless u and ur family.

  66. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Grace. You made my day!

  67. justcharrie Says:

    Amazing blog! most Chasters gather here hehe!- it’s my second time around to post here and gosh what a load of work you’ve done this time. Since I found out about this blog I’ve been checking it now from time to time to see what’s new. You know Phil it’s very heartwarming when I read good things happening about Charice, I feel triumphant every time she gains new fans from around the world.

    Please continue to share Charice’s talent with the world. God Bless!

  68. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You can count on that, charrie. Thanks!

  69. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil. Great blog. You tell the whole story. Charice is incredible. I have had the pleasure of seeing her in person 3 times in’08. She is sincere, warm, and friendly. Her work ethic is unbeatable. Whether in front of 100 or 50,000 she will always give it her all. No one gets cheated when she has the microphone in her hand. It’s truly magical.

    If you have a chance check out her mall show appearences (search Charice sm mall on youtube). She goes into the audience to greet her fans, young and old while at the same time singing in tune. After her appearance in NY for the Philipinno Day Parade in June, she came out after her performance to greet her fans and looked sad when she had to leave. I got to shake her hand; maybe next time a picture.

    One last thing. Charice is one new reason for sleep deprivation. Phil – be warned because once you get the fever it will be too late. Be prepared for 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Take care and keep up the great work.

  70. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Jim! I’ll keep an eye on the sleep deprivation thing. I already was up until 3 AM one night putting together this post!

  71. Woody Lawson Says:

    The two videos of Charice singing with two other women: The first (All by Myself) she is singing with the Aegis Band, very popular band in The Philippines. The date on the upload was March 29, 2008. The second (What kind of fool am I) was two fillipino Divas, Bituin (on the left) and Frenchie Dy (on the right) I believe the Venue was WOWOWEE. The lady cutting up on the side with the uniformed gentlemen is Pokwang is a regular on that show. In the second video she said it was WOWOWEE. I enjoyed your blog very much, It’s the first time I’ve seen her rise to fame presented this way. You are now bookmarked.

  72. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Woody! Do you know what the venue is for the first video and what the date is for the second? I appreciate your help!

  73. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil. I apologize if i’m interrupting your question to Woody, but I happen to be on and if I may answer. The venue was also WOWOWEE and the date of the second was 2-23-08 (at least that’s the date it was posted).

  74. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks much, Jim! I appreciate the info!

  75. lsr Says:

    thank you for featuring charice here in your blog.i’ll be a regular here coz you bring hope to people regardless of race.God bless you…

  76. Ashley Says:

    aaah! im a chaddict! is there a chaddict anonymous or something? i am seriously sick…lol! i keep checking youtube for new vids every hour or even less, even though i know nothing new will be posted in the 5min i spent doing something else. seriously. i cannot get enough of this girl. i have been her fan since fall of 2007 and i am still not getting enough of her performances after repeated views! i have never been like this.

    the first time i heard her sing, i was blown away. i could not believe that this girl can have that passionate, soulful, mature, well-rounded (im kinda running out of adjectives) voice and overwhelming stage presence. she is very, very confident on stage, but does not come off as proud or boastful. that, i believe is quite an achievement.

    she also has kept herself grounded and humble after all the great things that happened to her, thank goodness. when i first heard her sing and saw her rise to international stardom, i was afraid that she’ll let it get to her head. to her and her mom’s credit, it did not. this girl is truly a gem and i salute those people (who are too many to name here) who discovered her and her talents and let the world share in her brilliance.

    i could go on and on about charice and never stop, for my heart just overflows with words when it comes to “the most talented girl in the world” and “the voice” but i guess i should stop here. i will be checking in every once in a while for new stuff. thanks for sharing charice to the world and i hope her rise to superstardom will continue!

  77. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s awesome, Ashley! And you’re just the person I’m looking for! Can you direct me to the videos that you think should be added to my blog? If anyone would know what’s missing, you would!

  78. lou Says:

    I guess I’m a normal person after reading some statement how addictive Charice is, and that’s exactly what happened to me ( beginning to think something wrong with me.) Mr Bolsta, thank you so much for featuring Charice on your blog, I believe in destiny and you are somewhat part of her blessings, thank you.

  79. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Ha! Funny how Charice has that effect on so many people, Lou. I think those of us who are old enough to be her parent feel protective of her. I’m glad you liked my blog. I’ll be adding more videos to it soon.

  80. Max Says:


    Phil, I have two requests please. I am a 65 year old man in America who adores this young lady’s talent. As I’ve said a million times, she is amazing. Speaking as an American, I wish all the voice videos had English sub-titles.

    Secondly, what does “lol” mean?

    Thanks much

  81. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You bet, Max. As far as I know, the only videos that don’t have English subtitles are the ones that have some talking before or after Charice’s singing performances. If those are the only videos available that contain the song, then I have no choice but to include them.

    lol means Laughing Out Loud.

    Hmmm, maybe lolc means Loving Our Little Charice!

  82. LoloRoland Says:


    At last, I was able to access your website after so many attempts. Reason, it is already loaded with apt videos and multitude of comments on this SUBJECT and those still to come. I suggest, you sub-divide this site like a book with chapters to really be easily accessible to us, whose computer programs and/or softwares are not up to the latest version/s.

    Yes, by the look of it, we all love this girl, CHARICE and continue to do so with every song she belts. She sings songs sung by others, but seemingly, we sense that her version tickles our soul as if to tell us that, hey, this is how it should be sung.

    With an ear to music, I know that a song could touch my attention with the way it is interpreted. And when a song is being sung, vocally or through any medium by a multitude of musicians, then it must be good. It now behooves on my part to search for the best interpretation. And this is what I did for the song “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going.” CHARICE was my pick. Of course, video was a great help. You could sense the body language for each word being mouthed. She interpreted (maybe coached by a pro) the song with wild abandon. And the judges loved it.

    May I request from you to make an in-depth analysis of how and why this song germinated the popularity of CHARICE. I tell you, I kept viewing her first STAR KING episode and can’t seem to understand why I developed an instant liking for her. Seemed to me someone “unseen” helped her in this regard!!!

    Thank you……

  83. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Subdividing the post is a great idea, Lolo. When I get some time, I’ll begin doing that. I’ve already begun to think of what the architecture would look like. You’re right, I’m going to be adding lots of videos and unless someone has high-speed Internet access, it would take forever to load.

    Don’t know if I’m qualified to make an in-depth analysis as you suggest, but I’ll think about it.

    Thanks again!

  84. Perry Says:

    Hi Phil.

    When I first saw Charice sung on Star King I thought the Koreans where poking fun of Filipino singers who always lip-synch in TV shows. I just couldn’t believe the voice coming out of her. It’s still unbelievable.

    I’m officially a fan. You just realize that you are witnessing something beyond comprehension. I think she’s a gift to the world. Even more inspiring is her life story.

    Your blog is a testament to the Triumph of her Spirit indeed.

    Thank You.

  85. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, Perry! Yes, I think a lot of people thought she was lip syncing. Watching her sit on the couch on the Boy and Kris show and sing a capella is nothing short of astonishing.

  86. Loel Says:


    Here is Charice singing “to love you more” when she was probably 8 years old. Most of the videos, you find her singing the same song during the finals of Bulilit Starquest inwhich she was the champion at 9 years old.

    I could say she already had “It” at such a young age.

  87. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Loel! I’ll add it soon!

  88. fnis Says:

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks so much for your support of Charice. I have been a fan of hers since a friend sent me her Star King video in March of this year. No other performer has ever moved me as much as she has. I have never written to any other performer. I am 67 years old and a fan of R&B and soul music my whole life.
    Charice has the amazing power to make us love her. Her sweet personality comes through in every performance, plus she gives 110% every time she performs. I was fortunate enough to be at Madison Square Garden when she did her amazing duet with Celine. It gave me chills. i am as proud and protective of her as I am of my own daughter.
    Ultimately the reason you love a performer is the way they make you feel personally. Every time I hear Ming (Charice) perform It brings a tear to my eyes but joy to my heart. I can’t get enough of this remarkable girl.
    Again thanks for your support of Cha. She deserves it.


  89. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Very well said, Fred. Yes, I also feel protective of her as if she were my daughter. I’m sure many others feel the same way.

    That’s wonderful that you were in Madison Square Garden for her duet with Celine. The electricity in the room must have been amazing.

    I’m glad you like my blog. I will be adding videos and information about Charice on a regular basis.

  90. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil. I had the pleasure of meeting loel and fnis at a ChariceDiva get together hosted by Loel 11/26. Charice has some classy fans, I must add. Anyway, I too was able to attend Charice’ appearance at MSG;before I met Loel and Fred. While the Oprah video is a perfect audio and clear video, it really doesn’t give the actual flavor of the moment and the electricity generated by Charice.

    If you have a chance search my name (jimfan155) in youtube and watch my video of her performance (182,000 hits). You can listen to the sustained applause throughout and after. It would have been better except for a screaming old man (sorry, that was me). A fantastic standing ovation (the loudest of the night) for a fantastic performance. Celine Dion showed her class by allowing Charice to shine.

    Even after one year of following her career I still shake my head when listening to her. I can honestly say she is my all time favorite performer. Period. End of story, or should I say beginning of story. And this from a 59 year old man. I’ve had favorites but not like this. I’m sure technology has played a part in this, but I can’t get enough of her videos. I just watched her rendition of “Oh Holy Night” for the 20th time today.

    Anyway, let me stop because I could go on and on about how my daily routine has changed, since Charice came into the scene. Have a great holiday Phil.

  91. Phil Bolsta Says:

    JIm, you made me laugh out loud with the “screaming old man” line. Ha! Yes, it sounds like an absolutely magnificent concert with Celine and Charice. Wish I could have been there.

    I’ll definitely check out your video!

  92. jn Says:

    I loved to visit your blog especially this one about Charice because it is so inspiring….When i feel stress, this is one of the first place i go…it is so positive. Charice songs and everyone’s comments just lifts my spirit.
    Jimfan, i have been watching Charice rendition of O Holy Night a lot. Until now, i still get teary eyed. Here is the link.
    Thank you for supporting this girl.
    Lastly, let me greet you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  93. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is my pleasure, jn. You will find the “O Holy NIght” video on my Charice post entitled “Charic Pempengco—Her Philippines Performances”:—her-philippines-performances/

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

  94. MARINITSKA Says:

    WOW! You really are a journalist! Your presentation is so organized and you’ve improved it even more since my last visit here. Well, there’s a song Charice delivered that impressed me again, “Power of the Dream”, which she sang at a TV show, Wowowee last 10/04/08

    If she would be given the opportunity and honor to sing at the inaguration of President-elect Obama, the above song would be a perfect choice cause the lyrics are so inspiring, the song itself is powerful, and Charice interprets it so awesomely it gives goose bumps to every listener.

    More power to you in 2009, Phil.

  95. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Marinitska! I’m glad you like what I’ve done! Keep those suggestions coming!

    Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

  96. majimechan Says:

    hey bro this site is so great with cool compilation of charice’s videos (good quality)oh wow this is a great help for those starters of being “chaaddicts”

    thank you very much for supporting charice it is so inspiring to know lots of people that are happy for her. God bless you

  97. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, majimechan. I am certain that the number of chaaddicts will continue to steadily climb!

  98. hoz49 Says:

    WOW Phil, your blog has become “Charice Central”. In the future, when I want to introduce someone to the Cha Phenomenon I will just send them here. You have done an outstanding job of presenting her story to date. BRAVO!

  99. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate that, hoz49! I’m already looking forward to improving it some more!

  100. JD Says:


    Awesome blog! I’m not one to comment on youtube but I just have to write something here. Thanks for doing something to help a real talent. I hope someday you can meet her and do an interview.

    God bless!

    I don’t see here performance of “All By Myself” sitting on a stage for that big brother’s event.

  101. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That would be most excellent, JD! I’d love to interview Charice some day!

    Which performance of “All By Myself” are you referring to? I have these two:

    Three days later, on October 28, 2008, Charice performed two songs at the Macy’s 150th Anniversary celebration at Gotham Hall in New York. She was accompanied once again by “The Hitman,” David Foster.

    WoWoWee performance #3: Here is Charice, on March 29, 2008, singing with Aegis, a very popular band in the Philippines.

    Let me know if the performance you’re referring to is another one entirely. Thanks!

  102. BAY_AREA_FAN Says:


    Happy New Year to your Family and belated Merry Xmas. I came across one of your comments on MTV site and found your analysis of charice’s performance in Starking (the One that ellen saw) very professional. Those kind of analysis are the best, coming from a somebody with your background and objectivity in mind.

    I don’t see it in your blog, so I was wondering if you’re going to post it here?

    Also just to let you know, Charice has 2 known original songs in english, one was a gift to her from Sweden when she went there and only sings it on special occassions and the other seems to be a leaked recording of what she recorded in Sweden. Here is the link, if you find it useful:


    MY WORLD –


  103. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the analysis, BAF! Yes, it’s already on the main post.

    Thanks a million for the two original songs. I’m assuming that “original” means that someone in Sweden gave them to her to record. Is that correct?

    Thanks again

  104. Angel Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Wow…after reading your blog posts, I cried. Your words pierced through my heart and soul. You are a gifted writer. You are an inspiration and you have such a beautiful soul.

    God bless you and your wonderful family this new year and throughout…eternity! :)

    Thank you for touching the world with your kindness, love and inspiration.

    I have favorited your blog and whenever I feel down, I will definitely read your posts…they bring so much comfort and hope.

    Thank you again.

    I hope Charice reads your blog and you two meet someday…

  105. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words and wishes, Angel. You have chosen a very fitting name for yourself. I am very glad you find my blog meaningful and I will do my best to continue to make it worth your while to come back.

    Yes, I would love to interview Charice some day. She is truly a beautiful soul.

  106. n3lakay Says:

    Thanks a lot Phil. You are the other Dr. Phil lol.just to drop by your blogsite is already a therapy to me.Good job and keep up the good work. its my first time to come here surely would not be my last.

  107. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, n3lakay. I appreciate it very much and I’m glad you are finding value in my blog.

  108. LoloRoland Says:

    Hi Phil, me again your LoloRoland. Thank you for the insertions describing Charice performance to that song, “And I’m Telling You…”. Whoever coached her into creating this impressive presentation must and should be commended. Every word in it is complemented by distinct body movements effortlessly executed. Just try doing it and you will be amazed to experience how difficult it is to sing and dance at the same time. And here was the best part. Just when the judges sensed the ending of the song and started hugging and clapping, CHARICE ended it with a high note “yeh-e-yeh”. It’s not hard to learn to admire this girl!!!!!

    And now here is a suggestion and if you could do it, you will be enamored by a multitude of CHARICE fans, me included, haha. Again, play this video and make your best description of the proceedings by inserting your comments as the song progresses. You could do the commenting parallel with the song video or insert it in the video itself.
    How demanding, isn’t it??? But you have to expect an avalanche of e-mails coming your way because of your sensical reply to every questions being posed, favorable or otherwise.

    And hey, include our experience with CHARICE when you make another edition of your book, SIXTY SECONDS….., will you?

  109. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Welcome back, LoloRoland! Thanks again for your earlier suggestions for breaking up the post into chapters and analyzing Charice’s Star King debut. I must confess that I do not know how to insert comments into a YouTube video. I imagine it’s very easy but someone will have to educate me about that!

    I would love to include Charice in the next edition of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.” If I sell enough copies, the publisher will consider a sequel and if so, I would definitely try to include Charice. But I have to sell enough copies first. Keep your fingers crossed!

  110. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil.

    Just to let you know “henrydtuason” has some of the clearest videos from August and Sept i’ve seen. Search his name in youtube.

    Also, under “jimfan155” I have some clear videos from her appearance in NYC from 6-1-08 (Philippino Independence Day Parade). (Unfortunately, the sound system was not the best).

    (Can’t stop looking at your blog, Phil) – When you give feedback, it shows us we matter and that’s really nice that you acknowledge us.

  111. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well, of course you matter, Jim. I wouldn’t be able to put this together without everyone pitching in.

    I’ll check out those videos. Thanks. It’s fun adding to the collection!

  112. Woody M. Lawson Says:

    Here is a channel that has videos of Charice at a young age and are favorites of mine. This person also has a website: with more videos. I dont have a clue as to the date or venue. Maybe you can contact them through the website to find out
    Another person that posted early videos of Charice was her friend Neve. You run into her videos all the time that have been posted to YouTube with credit given to Neve. the link:


  113. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Woody! I will absolutely check those out!

  114. LoloRoland Says:

    Thanks for the instant reply, but before I continue, get some sleep, will you? Your last reply was at 8:06 pm, well, not yet sleep time for elders like us, anyway, but do it lest you will be forced to answer all e-mails coming in to your blog tonight. It is an addiction already and I hope your fingers are immune to arthritic condition.

    Listen, many are now gravitating to this blogsite because of your instant acknowledgments. Sound off 911 or your family doctor in case…….. I tell you, you are more stressed now than Charice belting out her songs. And do the needful to prevent your site from crushing!!!

    I will end the night with one more suggestion. Make a score on the volume of e-mails you receive daily and have it posted in front of this blog with running totals. Ask also for country of origin. This way, we are alerted of the numbers of fans and their nationality. You will then alert David Foster telling him that hey, if your debut album with CHARICE is ready for issue, those are the numbers of prospective buyers. The effect of this exercise would be, every fans will seek your site to be counted. The sad part is you have to employ a staff to do the paper works as you pound the keyboard of your computer endlessly. lol-C ( All for the love of Charice). lol with tears in my eyes…..

  115. Phil Bolsta Says:

    No worries, LoloRoland. I make sure I get my sleep! I just sometimes get it at odd hours! And this is enjoyable, not stressful!

    Interesting idea about tracking visitors. Not sure if I’m technologically savvy enough to do that easily. As it now stands, I ask everyone who leaves a comment if I can add them to my e-mail list for updates on my blog and books. (FYI, e-mails to the address you provided bounce back; please e-mail me at so I can get yours). I am building my list but it’s growing very slowly.

    So if anyone wants to be added to my mailing list for Charice updates, please e-mail me at to let me know!

    It’s good to know that so many people out there are watching out for Charice! I think we should call ourselves the CharicePolice!

  116. ilovethaimore Says:

    please post this too along side the hitman in mandalay as 2nd song.

    charice with some orig clips singing – And I Am Telling You with david foster on piano in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    Credits to scubajoe12 for the video he took during the concert as per cherbear0189.

    I just added some almost original clips from other news cover.

  117. ilovethaimore Says:

    oh I forgot. can you please describe how charice started singing here

    where she was standing infront of the piano and david foster, i am telling you… la la la la…

    and then she faced the crowd and walk forward them… etc.

    if there’s a catwalk for models, there is this walk that is only charice and it’s perfect, a “charicewalk”

    can you describe it yourself, i want to hear it from a foreigner’s point of view.

  118. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I will look into your suggestions very soon, ilovethiamore. Thank you very much! It’s fun to keep adding to the site!

  119. ashley Says:

    hey! there was actually a different performance of “all by myself” sung during david foster’s bday party, where she sang the song while sitting down. took me a bit of time tracking the vid down, but here it is:

  120. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Got it, Ashley! Thanks! Yes, I’ll definitely add this soon!

  121. ejohns11 Says:

    Thanks for the update, Phil!

  122. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re welcome, ejohns11! More updates will be coming . . . and very often!

  123. Angel Says:

    lol…CharicePolice – good one, Phil!

    First, Ming Warriors (“Ming” is her nickname) and then Cha’s Angels…now there’s CharicePolice!

    I love it!

    Check out her recent awesome jawdropping rendition of “One Moment In Time” in tv show ASAP.

  124. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You got it, Angel! Thanks for the link!


  125. LoloRoland Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just 1 question: Do you know of an entertainer: singer, actor / actress, whatever, who generated as much interest as CHARICE’s in sooooo short a time?

    Since you enjoy writing, this would make for a long prose, a thesis-like dissertation of all facts and data available in your file up to this moment regarding CHARICE life. This would make for a good reading while waiting for the start of the new year.

    Thank you and may you enjoy New Year as a child would, counting his gifts the past Christmas and full of expectation for the coming year.

  126. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, LoloRoland, but I think it is a bit too ambitious! I’ll try to add a few comments here and there but this will have to wait until I need to write a dissertation to earn my Ph.D (Pinay Heroine Doctorate)!!!!!

  127. Rojezad Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I am here again as promised and I am surely amazed by all the updates. Now I know where to go to find info on Charice. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and the family.

  128. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Rojezad! It’s a joy to continue to update these posts on “the most talented girl in the world,” as Oprah called her. I look forward to your future visits!

  129. henri_v Says:

    I can now relate with the “sleep deprivation” warning sounded out by Lolo…haha! stumbled on this blog last night when i updated myself with all charice latest… wonderful blog… i will certainly continue to follow it… went through all the videos till 3am this morning and just couldn’t stop but feel the same everytime i watched (no matter how many times i’ve already seen it)… thank you Phil! couldn’t help but wonder if you are related to any Pinoys at all seeing that this blog is coming from you… serendipity, your name is even the first 4 letters of the country Charice is coming from… warmest regards and wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family!

  130. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Sorry to be the cause of your sleep deprivation, Henri! No, I have no connection to the Philippines except for my father being stationed there in WWII, my fondness for their stamps in my stamp-collecting days, and my first name!

  131. justcharrie Says:

    This is just one of the videos you missed during the competition when Charice was 12 or 13. I’m not realy sure how old she was on the competition.

  132. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, justcharrie! This is the kind of info I’m looking for!

  133. justcharrie Says:

    sorry Phil I don’t know how to put all links in one comment. Pls. bear with me…

  134. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I am more than happy to bear with you, justcharrie! Thank you!

  135. justcharrie Says:

    Phil sorry again I don’t remember the dates of the performances but here’s another one.

  136. justcharrie Says:

    oooppps…I sent the same link…sorry…here’s the right one.

  137. justcharrie Says:

    here’s another one, she’s singing with the Crystal Voice of Asia. Here, as part of the competition every finalist had a chance to have a duet with another popular singer (in the Phils.)

  138. justcharrie Says:

    Here she sings Tagalog X’mas song.

  139. justcharrie Says:

    This is also a Tagalog song.
    I think this is it. There’s still some but I think all notable video’s here already.

    Thank you Phil for taking the time…Goodluck to you.
    Happy New Year!!!

  140. Bart Ancheta Says:

    Thank you Phil.

    This is a great site for Charice admirers and especially to those who do not know her yet. Good insights, packs of information and current videos about this kid. It can be a one stop written post (blog) for Charice. You are truly a gifted writer Phil, well written and formatted. You must be a Charice fan also…this post is an inspired work of art.

    Congratulations! Well done!

  141. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Bart. Yep, count me as a fan!

  142. yolandaapple Says:

    Phil, you are such an angel! Thank you for supporting Charice.

  143. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is my great pleasure to do so, yolandaapple! Thank you for supporting me for supporting Charice!

  144. Woody M. Lawson Says:


    Here’s a video that shows that Charice can handle technical difficulties. One line into the song the music stopped.

  145. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Woody! I like to know about things like this!

  146. Loel Says:


    Charice can handle technical difficulties during a performance very gracefully. Her performance at the Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York on July 7, 2008 shows you how deft she is. The operator had trouble playing the music for her third song and it took them several minutes to find an alternate song. In the meantime, she continued entertaing the audience.

    You can hear the comments from the audience saying “she can adlib,” “she’s a total performer.”

    Thank you for your dedicated support for Charice.

  147. Phil Bolsta Says:

    More good information! Thanks, Loel! I’ll definitely add these videos to the site.

  148. LoloRoland Says:

    Hi Phil,

    New Year, especially this one where we have the longest vacation in memory starting the 24th of December until January 5, gives us breathing room to plan, imagine, and start executing the things in store for us this 2009. I have mine already but since this blog is solely for the ANGEL that inspires us, here are my thoughts for her.

    > Her clothes from that STAR KING show in Korea (first and second) must be kept, including her shoes, given the intense popularity of CHARICE now and in the future. This will fetch a fortune, I tell you. I would not hesitate to buy it now for say 50k (in ph. pesos). What is your take, Phil?
    > Have her voice pipes insured. If there are insurance firms that cover legs, there must be one for this also.
    > For enterprising people, start producing designer clothes with CHARICE signages. But have it endorsed by her.
    > Form a foundation that will benefit single (she) parents with promising children. Plan to build a wing in the high school where she is studying. This will surely generate goodwill for her. In ATENEO, there is one built from the contribution of Manny V. Pangilinan. Also in La Salle, they have the Yuchengco Bldg. and the Gokongwei Bldg. (all in the Philippines).
    > Aha, the IRS or our BIR, no one can evade or avoid taxes, especially these from the entertainment industry. Ensure that her earnings are correctly tax-paid.
    > And for you, Phil, start collating all information in your file about Charice and write something about her. Date of publication should precede her debut album. I tell you if you could sell only a third of Charice’s expected sales volume on her album, you will be more than willing to expand the news coverage for our ANGEL and still have enough to spend for the rainy OR snowy days. All I ask of you is to buy me that “PIZZA PIE that Charise is afraid of eating”!! Lol…..

    Bye for now……

  149. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, LoloRoland. Charice’s outfit from Star King is certainly memorable but I’m not a clothes collector myself!

    I imagine many singers insure their ability to sing. If they don’t, they should!

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Charice started a clothing line some day. It will be exciting to see her grow more and more popular as time goes on!

    I would be very surprised if Charice doesn’t do a great deal of charity work as she becomes more successful. That would be entirely consistent with who she is as a person.

    Fortunately, Charice is surrounded by a team of professionals who will ensure that her finances are handled correctly. (See the chapter on my interview with FalseVoice for more details.)

    I’d love to write a book about Charice. That would be terrific!

    Thanks for your thought, LoloRoland. Happy New Year!

  150. toots Says:

    charice put some spiced in my life i am working 2 jobs from 8am -12am its a boring job hardly working its happen that i got a lot of free time and play with my laptop at work until i found charice in you tube i never been touch by any singer with this kind of talent she have a power to make you cry,give a goose bump,make you listen and kept you looking for i’m alway excited to go to work because, thats the only time i can check all the videos and no more stress because of the long day sometime i found it to short im not sure if this is what they called charice addiction just hope this little girl become BIG more power charice…i aways check your blog and also have fun chatting in charicemania and a good site for all charice fan thanx again phil for the wonderful blog…

  151. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s so wonderful that Charice can bring you such joy, toots. What a transformation! Yes, I think you qualify as a cha-addict. Congratulations!

    I’ll do my best to keep adding content that makes you want to come back. Thanks again!

  152. rsarmi12 Says:

    This video has awesome quality you might want to use this.

    Check bidangbata youtube account it has the full Oprah show(4 parts), best quality I’ve seen so far.

  153. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I will do just that! Thanks a million, rsarmi12!

  154. rich Says:

    WOW! im so glad over this blog! Thanks Phil Bolsta for keeping me updated about charice! My friend actually introduced me to your blog when she found out i was smitten by Charice. Continue using ur energies by reaching out through this blog through millions of charice´s fans.

    Vielen Dank

    – rich,
    Berlin, Germany

  155. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You bet I will, rich! I’m planning some updates soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  156. Rojezad Says:

    Hi Phil,

    there is video of Charice and Celine at which was taken by Oprah’s people the one that you mentioned was taken out. Check it out before it disappear.

  157. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate the heads up, Rojezad. Ill check it out.

  158. sheldonbuzz Says:

    Hello Phil,

    It’s nice to know there’s a person like you who is not a Filipino who appreciate Charice’s awesome talent, thanks very much for that. I’m an avid fan from Australia and my day wouldn’t be complete without visiting Charice’s blogs and this one for me stands out. Continue to update us Phil and always be supportive of Charice. Godspeed.

  159. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You can count on that, sheldonbuzz! Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment!

  160. charicemerised16 Says:

    hei phil… great blog u’ve got here.. she really does send tingles down ur spine evrytime and i do mean EVRYTIME..haha!!!… glad that u found out about cha’s performance of And Im Telling You in pyjamas.. but the performance that really started my addiction of her together with her starking appearance was when she sang LISTEN also in pyjamas… i hope you can post it here coz u do have quite a lot of e most memorable ones..!!

    die hard fan from singapore – ps: do you have any information about her performance in Singapore coz i would be gutted if i missed it.. THX 4 EVERYTHING!!!

  161. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I just added the “Listen” pajamas video courtesy of the amazing FalseVoice, charicemerised16. I’ll see what I can find out about SIngapore.

  162. Mcoy Says:

    very informative! thanks phil ima share your blog..

  163. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mcoy! The more the merrier!

  164. sheldonbuzz Says:

    Hi there Phil. Don’t you know that Charice is going to sing on President Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration on the 18th? She confirmed it on Wowowee Program. Isn’t it amazing? Can’t believe this girl, she’s really soaring high. I hope she’ll impress Obama with her performance, I know she will.

  165. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’ve heard the rumors for weeks but hadn’t heard the confirmation until you alerted me, sheldonbuzz! Thanks! I’ve already added the news to the top of this blog!

  166. justcharrie Says:

    Haha Phil! Your blog is updated- Happy for this!

  167. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You bet, just charrie! Charice is going to get a whole lot more fans!

  168. Perry pc Says:

    You are truly amazing.
    This whole thing is like a book. A biography of a Superstar,
    of “The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco”.


  169. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, my friend! As long as people continue to appreciate it, I’ll continue to update it!

  170. n3lakay Says:

    Hello Phil,just checking your updates.thank you again

  171. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re more than welcome!

  172. n3lakay Says:

    It’s ok Phil,you can include me to your email list.

  173. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Will do, n3lakay! Thanks!

  174. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil. Just got home and turned on Oprah. Today’s show appears to be right up your alley. All about the “spirit” and how you can cope no matter what is thrown your way. I will be purchasing your book (“Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything”) within the next two weeks. Now here’s the true test – Can I take time out from Charice to read it? (You don’t have it in Cliff notes, do You?)

    Today’s NY Post gave a lineup of the major stars appearing the 18th. They named Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, U2, John Mellencamp, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder. How they left out Charice’ name, i’ll never know. But i’ll bet by next year they won’t omit her again. I hope she gets to meet Beyonce, one of her idols. They will get to sing one song that has a message behind it – not to promote anything.

    My 2 daughters are going down to DC for the inauguaration and i’m hoping the weather will cooperate on the 18th so one can get some footage for me. We’ll see.

  175. jimfan155 Says:

    Just to clarify. Each performer will get to sing one song. I didn’t mean for my comment to indicate Charice would be singing with Beyonce. That’s why you’re the writer, Phil and I’m not.

  176. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for buying my book, Jim! I look forward to your comments! If you can tear yourself away from Charice videos long enough to read a few pages, of course!

    I suspect that it won’t be long before Charice’s name outshines all the other stars! Hope your daughters get some good footage! Too bad you’re not going.

    Yep, being able to cope is essential in these trying times. Ultimately, instead of worrying about having what you want, you will be happier and more peaceful if you focus on wanting what you have. What does that mean? You look for and appreciate the gift in every possession, every encounter, every situation. You recognize that everything that comes your way presents an opportunity to learn and grow, which further expands your capacity to receive.

    Learning to want what you have requires a major shift in understanding, perception, and attitude. A daunting challenge, indeed, which makes Roger Delano’s triumph over paralysis even more stunning. At fifty-one, Delano contracted a rare condition called transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spine. A doctor told him he would never walk again, yet nine days later, he walked out of the hospital under his own power.

    In an article for Self-Realization magazine, Delano wrote, “I knew that everything that was happening to me was up to God, that He was the only healer. I felt safe, knowing I was surrounded by the overarching mantle of His perfect care. Whatever God brought to me, I wanted. Even if I retained all of the mobility of a flower pot, it didn’t matter. ‘I’ was still the same, the vehicle of expression had changed, that’s all. A flower pot can still hold a beautiful flower.”

    That story still gives me chills whenever I read it!

  177. Max Says:


    It’s so cold outside that I thought this would be a perfect time to lay in and view some of your Charice videos. I started with the first Oprah appearance and worked my way through Cherbear’s tribute at the end.

    I’ve told you before how much I appreciate your work on this blog. Well, thank you again. You and the core fans that produce these videos need a pat on the back. All of you are amazing in your own right.

    I REALLY hope someone can get video of Charice’s inaugural performance.

  178. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Max, I appreciate that. I don’t think there will be a shortage of people filming Charice at the Inaugural Ball!

  179. rey Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’ve been following Charice since last year when my kids told me about her and asked me to check her out on YouTube. Up until that time, I’ve never spent time on YouTube nor on any artist in particular as a fan in all my 48 years. I love listening to music and like to watch movies etc., and i admire the talents of the various artists but no particular “idol” to really spend time learning about. But since that day I started to check the YouTube for Charice and found her videos, my life activities were never the same and I was an instant fan.

    I spent so much time watching her videos and later downloaded them to my laptop. Not only that, I started to show them whenever we have gatherings in our civic clubs and church organizations and even among friends and relatives. I made sure that the sound is amplified and a projector is used so the audience could feel that “something” in Charice’s voice and the captivating way she performs. People will thank me afterwards, telling me that they have heard about Charice but they don’t have the chance to see her videos or sometimes don’t get to have a computer to visit YouTube. So we are trying to be a blessing to everyone in our own way in the same manner that Charice is inspiring millions just with her life and the way she is living it. And reading your blog and seeing the superb way you presented Charice and compiled her videos moved me to write you to really appreciate your talent in writing and presenting and to thank you as well. This will benefit a lot of would be fans of Charice who will be catching up on info about her as she keeps ascending to the top of her stardom. I’m sure a lot of people will be checking your blog, especially after her upcoming performance during the Inauguration of pres Obama.

    Just a few more words on Charice. During her First Mini-Concert at the Eastwood Mall here in the Philippines, my family and I, together with friends, had a chance to meet Charice for pictorials and authographs and really I was awed with her humility. She really knows how to handle her fans and she’s really sweet. She talks in a very respectful and mild manner . But when she was on stage performing, it’s as if she was transformed. You could feel the intensity in her voice that could literally have your jaw drop. I’ve always been thanking God for giving us all Charice. I’m also thanking God for talented people like you and the others who are helping other fans like us to have more of Charice thru the web. Great job Phil!

  180. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, rey. And for being such a tireless advocate of Charice. Yes, she truly is a special person and talent, and thanks to her mother, she is both genuine and grounded. Like you, I was captivated by Charice’s powerful voice and joyous spirit. The only other performer I’ve felt drawn to in all my years is, to a lesser extent, Billy Joel. Charice is truly a once-in-a-generation talent.

    I’m glad you like my blog. I will be updating it regularly as I receive more info and videos about The Most Talented Girl In The World.

    Please come back again soon and often!

  181. Perry pc Says:

    You did not make a mistake on Charice, The Soaring Spirit is also very kind hearted. She sponsored seven poor children under World Vision for their education. She said that she understands the hardship that these families are going through and she want to share the many blessings that God has given her.

  182. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Perry. I recently became aware of Charice’s charitable work and will add this information to a post shortly.

  183. jimfan155 Says:

    Hi Phil.

    Haven’t seen the full video, if there is one, of her performance of God Bless America and One Moment In Time yet. But from the highlights on TV Patrol, she received a standing ovation and from 10 seconds shown, I had tears in my eyes.

    If there was any question whether or not she should have performed GBA (and there should not have been) the standing ovation put that question to rest. Just can’t get over her magnificence.

  184. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, Jim. Only people who enjoy looking for controversy would find any controversy in Charice singing “God Bless America.” I prefer to celebrate the idea of a Filipina singing an anthem to America. And vice versa if that were the case. We’re all one people. Hopefully, Barack Obama’s election will usher in a new age of enlightenment, at least to some degree.

  185. fnis Says:

    Hi Phil, I noticed that cherbears youtube account was cancelled and all of her videos were removed due to a claim by a Mark Guarin, I suspect that this is Mark Guarino, a music contributing writer and music critic for the Chicago Tribune.I have no idea how he has any rights to these videos. We fans of Charice love all Chers videos and know that there is no more loyal fan towards Ming than Cher. I think this is a shame and I hope Cher can re do these vids under a new you tube account. I love your blog and check it every day for up to date Charice info. Keep supporting this wonderful young lady.
    All the best to you,

  186. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Fred. Yes, that was awful news about cherbear. I don’t like seeing well-meaning “little people” like us get squashed like that.

  187. Max Says:

    Does any reader know what the heck is going on with Charicemania? I haven’t been able to connect for two days. I get a message “Database Error”.

    Also, I’m going nuts trying to find the two inaugural songs. Does anyone have a clue why they are taking so long to get to You Tube?

  188. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, Max. I was on chariemania Sunday afternoon and have been wondering the same thing. But I just found out that everything’s cool. Charicemania administrators are just adding more features. No need to worry.

    I just posted an ABN-CBS News clip of Charice singing at the Inaugural Ball but it only has a few seconds of her singing. I had hoped the full video would be available by now too.

  189. mayumi Says:


    Charice Pempengco was invited to perform at the Realizing the Dream Fourth Annual King Day Commemoration & 2nd Annual Realizing the Dream Award Celebration. The event date was Jan. 18, at Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill and was hosted by Martin Luther King III.

    It was not a pre-inaugural celebration of President Barak Obama, it was not even televised, and it was a private reception. And President B. Obama was unable to attend the reception.

  190. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the info, mayumi. I’ll check this out. Something didn’t quite sound right about her appearance but I didn’t know why. Everyone is reporting that it has to do with Obama’s inauguration, including Charice herself. Can you send me a link that supports what you are saying with more details?

  191. Loel Says:


    A lot of negative comments on the internet has hurt Charice already. What Charice has accomplished as a Filipino at the pre-inaugural was unprecedented. We should be greatful to her for that instead.

    I understand your frustration. I too was hoping Charice would be on national TV singing for Obama, but, it was not the case. Charice said, if you watched the YouTube video, that she would be singing in the pre-inaugural ball for Obama, not mentioning which one. I’m sure she was very excited at the prospect of singing for the US President, but, I don’t think she knew that there were more than 30 pre-inaugural balls all vying for Obama’s prescence. I think Obama attneded only two or three of them. The problem was that people set their expectations too high.

  192. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the insights, Loel. I think the problem was that nobody seemed to know exactly when and where Charice would perform so everybody assumed that she would be at the largest, most prominent events. Personally, I think she did pretty well for herself!

  193. sheldonbuzz Says:

    Hello Phil. Thank you for your effort to please Charice’s fans by updating her past performances. I don’t think you’re giving inaccurate report. Different reports and blogs are saying this and that. I know there are lot of confusions going on. But honestly, I don’t care at all. Knowing Charice graced those occassions and touched the hearts of the American people when she sang GBA is indeed truly an honour and gave pride to the Philippines. All the best to you.

  194. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, sheldonbuzz. This is the best information I could find. I’m pretty sure it’s accurate but I always like to update and correct things when I can.

  195. justcharrie Says:

    The problem with these people who write negative comments on Charice just because she did not sing in the main events is that they themselves were the one who set those high expectations, made those presumptions of Charice singing in the presence of Obama and after feeling frustrated for not meeting what their mind was set to accept, the wonderful and ever humble Charice became the outlet of their disappoinment believing that they were misled wherein in the first place Charice just did exactly what she had said.

    Now, why disregard her participation in some of the pre-inaugural balls? Hello, this is something…not everybody was invited to participate…but Charice, not only made it there, but made a mark by singing GBA in front of Americans that were not only amazed but shed tears in disbelief of her talent. Does that mean nothing to you?

    I believe a lot of fans wished and expected her to be in the biggest one, I was one of them. I wished that Obama would be hearing our Charice. I believe Charice wished that, too and I think that’s natural. But after all what’s happened, I wish people will see the greater side…and to sum it all, CHARICE did GREAT!

  196. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, justcharrie! There is no place for negativity, there should only be joy and gratitude that Charice was a part of the festivities and blew the roof off the joint wherever she went!

  197. Ventura Says:

    Hello Phil. You’re doing a great job with this blog site. Your efforts to keep us informed about Charice is VERY much appreciated. If you’re not aware yet, there is a recently uploaded UTube video of Charice’s complete performance of God Bless America @ the MLK ball. It was an amazing performance!!
    It’s titled “Filipina Singer with an Amazing Voice sings God Bless America”.

  198. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You are a godsend, Ventura! Thank you so much for letting me know about the MLK video. I was losing hope that such a video existed!

  199. justcharrie Says:

    Phil, here’s another video of Charice singing GBA with Maya Soetero.

  200. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for the link, justcharrie. Can’t wait to check it out!

  201. rey Says:

    Thanks again Phil and Ventura for the GBA video of Charice. Ive, been monitoring the you tube since the pre-inaugural ball. I really had goose bumps again seeing her full performance. Charice doesnt have to sing infront of Pres Obama. Knowing how many professional singers they have in the US, it would have been so presumptous for us fans to expect Charice to take the front slot. But that doesnt mean that her singing at the MLK jr. is of lesser import. MLK jr is one of the greatest Civil rights advocates and a well respected hero unafraid to die for his cause. Just watch his video in you tube specially the ” I have a Dream”. Pres Obama is known to be a fan of MLK jr. We are so proud that out of so many, Charice was chosen to sing in that very important event during the pre-inaugural activities. And wow, she gave justice to her being there with the standing ovation even while she was still singing. To me, that was great!!! Congrats Charice! But then, you must have really sang that by heart specially that part that goes “God Bless America My Home Sweet Home” because news came out later that you wanted to stay in the US and make it your home. Well, for me personally, go where you could exhaust all your potentials to the fullest. I trust that you will always remain a filipino by heart. We will miss you though really… ngayon pa lang..Thanks again Phil. and warm regards.

  202. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Very eloquently said, rey. Thank you so much for adding so much sunshine to the discussion!

  203. CherBear Says:

    thank you Phil for keeping your blog up to date. :)
    you are a great contributor to Charice’s worldwide fans :)
    I hope she can take the time to look at your blog.


  204. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, CherBear! I imagine Charice’s schedule is pretty full right now, what with her first album in the works!

  205. justcharrie Says:

    Phil, another one from Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala…GBA and OMIT included. Another wower…!!!

  206. justcharrie Says:

    forgot the link…here it is…

  207. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, I just became aware of this. This is the Inaugural Ball Holy Grail video we’ve all been waiting for! Thanks, justcharrie!

  208. Perry pc Says:

    Rey says wow to Charice performance, but I must also say wow to this site. It is the best in the world. Everything is in it. I am so happy that you made this website for everyone to see and feel the magic of Charice. Phil, thank you again for this work of art.

  209. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *blushes, humbly bows*

  210. lou Says:

    Phil, i cant thank you enough for this blog. What a magical moment, I’m so happy to see Charice bringing joy to everyone in this historical event. GOD Bless the USA, Thanks again.

  211. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s my pleasure, Lou!

  212. henri_v Says:

    woke up early today and immediately did what i always do… check for any new updates on your blog. whew! what can i say? was so glad to watch the new uploads…. thanks so much for your untiring efforts for charice! in my book, you’re more filipino than most people i know… how can anyone be not proud of these achievements of Charice so far?

    i’d like to add something on what justcharrie commented on about negative comments re:charice not singing in the main pre-inaugural balls… do you think Obama would even remember or even hear who performed in those? the first couple had to shuttle across 10 of those the whole night so it was just in and out for them… but God’s infinite wisdom put Charice in a more meaningful event… Realizing the Dream and more important… the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Ball where Obama’s sister herself, Maya Soetero-Ng held her hands while she was singing God Bless America… who better to whisper in the new president’s ear about this 16-year old singer from the Philippines who blew her off with the best rendition of that song so far? … and gathering from Charice’s own words about staying longer for Maya’s arrival… don’t you think that was also some sort of Godly whisper and advice for them to stay a wee bit longer?

    more power to you, Phil! … and all my gratitude to all who have contributed to your blog… keep up the good work!

  213. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, henri_v for your very kind words and wishes. It is a joy to chronicle Charice’s career like this. She is an inspiration to thousands . . . soon to be millions Im sure!

    I am honored by your comment about me being more filipino. Let’s see, I look forward to adding more performances on my blog so I guess you could say that “Philip pines for Charice videos.” Yep, my name lends itself well to that effort!

    I completely agree with your astute analysis of Charice’s inaugural week performances. She now has a big fan and advocate in Obama’s sister. Hello? I’m sure that will open some doors down the road. And, oh yes, God Blessed Charice as surely as she sang God Bless America.

    As for God’s infinite wisdom, you might enjoy checking out some of my other blog posts. Here are a couple:

    Thanks again for your thoughtful reply, henri_v!

  214. Mhiles Says:

    Phil there’s no day that I’ve never open charice home page, i’m always looking for another new news and videos of charice. Thank you so much for sharing all this info, news and videos of Charice. You’re such a nice Guy to do these things. God bless you Phil and God bless Charice. More power to both of you.

  215. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate your comment, Mhiles. It’s truly a joy to work on my Charice posts!

  216. melissa83 Says:

    hello… thank you for sharing this great blog. I do really love charice. She’s one of my inspiration. She do really have a awesome voice. I just want to share you one of her videos i’ve seen a while ago in youtube… it really made me cry seeing her what and where she is today… I guess this is the youngest charice i’ve seen.

  217. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Melissa. Yes, that video of lil’ Charice is on my THE EARLY YEARS chapter:—the-early-years/

    Wasn’t she a little cutie-pie?!?!

  218. francis Says:

    hey phl this is a really good site that i read about charice, some detail on his every song, i love this site very much

    btw can i spam your blog to other site so they can also learn see this, your blog is the best

  219. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Francis! I’m glad you like my blog posts on Charice! Sure, feel free to put this link on other sites:

    I’ll be updating all the posts in a couple weeks so be sure to check back soon and often!

  220. mpp2008 Says:


    This is my first time to write anything in any website or blog. You have opened my eyes to the joy of sharing your thoughts and feelings. You have given me courage to write this comment.

    I am an avid fan of charice. I always check the charice web sites (official and fans) and especially your web site every day. I have read most of the blogs you posted. They give inspiration and meaning to my life. Continue what you are doing, because you have touched my soul as Charice touched my soul.

    May God give you and your family many blessings.

  221. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, you just made my day, mpp2008! Thank you so much for investing the time to read my blog posts. It means a lot to me.

    I’ll be updating my Charice posts in a couple weeks with lots of good information and videos. I’m looking forward to it as soon as I finish up some other projects I’m working on.

    I am so glad to hear that you are finding my blog meaningful.

  222. coolsmart777 Says:

    I enjoy reading and watchin the whole blog. I’m a fan of her since she was 9 years old.I saw her singin in the noon time show. I’m very happy for Charice that She is well recognized as International Singin Sensation. Just follow your dreams and don’t loose hope: You may be next Super Star^_^.

    Charice Evolution



    Thanks a lot Phil: Job well done and keep up the good work ==>you’re the Man

  223. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment, coolmart777! I only became aware of Charice two months ago so I’ve got a ways to go to catch up with you!

    Yes, I’ve got those before and after videos on my post called CHARICE (THE EARLY YEARS). It’s wonderful to see how far she’s come!

  224. AmazingCP Says:

    Hi Phil

    For your additional link about latest performance of Charice at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Hope you like it

  225. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, AmazingCP! I’m a bit behind on my Charice updates. Been so busy lately. I’ll be updating the posts soon. Can you tell me any details about the Sony event?

  226. sandzclick Says:

    hi there phil!

    well,i really like your blog for charice. i”ll add your link to my personal blog are such and angel to charice. thanks a lot.more blessings and good health.

  227. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you very much, sandzclick! I appreciate the link to your blog!

  228. Max Says:


    CeePee had to remove the “Sony” from the title. He has re-uploaded the video. Here is the link:

    Many thanks to CeePee.

    I also wanted you to know I’m about halfway through your book and I am finding it very interesting reading.

  229. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Max! I’ve swapped out the videos.

    And I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! Thanks for letting me know!

  230. Reison Says:

    Thanks so much for this. You really did a great job. Thank you for supporting Charice. I’m a huge fan of Charice, she’s wonderful as a singer and as a person.

  231. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you like my Charice posts, Reison. I wanted there to be a resource where fans could go to get to know her better.

  232. Max Says:


    I just went to Charice’s new, re-worked website. Congratulations, my friend. I read your narrative on her bio in the site, and I am thrilled that she has honored you in this way. You must be very proud.

    For your readers who have never visited her site, it is

    By the way, your narrative just about brought tears to my eyes.

    Way to go!!!!!!

  233. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Max! I appreciate the kind words. Credit goes to FalseVoice. He asked me to write the bio. I’m glad you liked it!

  234. mojoe Says:

    Hey Phil,


    Hi One of the best blogs I’ve ever read in my life.

    Triumph of the Spirit
    Finding Peace and Purpose in a Chaotic World
    “The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco”
    By Phil Bolsta

    I rated it with endless stars.

    Great BIO…

    Great BLOG by one of the best writers in town PHIL BOLSTA.

    You’re incredible PHIL and CHARICE as well.

    Thanks to FalseVoice.

    It was quite a great story of HER (CHARICE) the name that says it all from CHER, CELINE, WHITNEY, MARIAH to CHARICE. One name that could be remembered throughout the years. She was down to earth, a family oriented individual, a loving and responsible daughter and the voice that gives us goosebumps all the time. I can’t get enough with her. Her voice and charisma keep running to my blood. She’s like a heroine to me, I’m addicted.


  235. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, MoJoe09. I appreciate your enthusiasm! It’s going to be exciting when Charice’s popularity explodes!

  236. ciada Says:

    Hi! It’s me again! I just would like to share with you this precious video of Charice in a very priceless moment in March 2006.

    It’s just funny how she sings a song “Sisikat Din Ako” which literally translates in english as “I’ll Be Famous Someday”. During that time, Charice had no idea what’s in store for her in the coming years. She had no idea!!! How amazing is this girl’s story?! Seriously!! She is Fate’s child!!!

  237. ciada Says:

    Oh! And I think this was after her run in Little Big Star.

  238. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, ciada! Yes, that’s a very ironic title! I appreciate you sending me the video!

    Little Big Star ended on April 8, 2006 so that video was right before that!

  239. fnis Says:

    Hi Phil,
    You know me as an avid Charice addict. You can now count me as a Phil Bolsta fan also. I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle II and the first book I downloaded was “60 Seconds, One Moment Changes Everything” I really enjoyed the book. All the stories were very uplifting and also excellently written and enjoyable. Being a Veterinarian, I particularly enjoyed Peter Russell’s encounter with a pod of dolphins.
    I enjoyed the book so much I went to Barnes and Noble today to buy a copy for a good friend who has a 14 year old daughter who is confined to a wheelchair due to having a brain tumor removed at 9 years of age.

    Keep up the good work.
    All the best to you,

  240. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, Fred. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

  241. cris Says:

    Hi Phil,
    I visited charice new site and i read an excellent bio of her and click this blog. Im too lazy to go to National Bookstore(Philippine leading bookstore) right now to inquire if your book/s are available.
    Do you have an information where i can buy your books here in the Philippines?
    Thanks and regards

  242. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hi, Cris! That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, I don’t know where my book is available in the Philippines. However, I would think that any bookstore could order it for you. I recommend calling one and asking them to do that. Or just order it through Let me know what works!

  243. Professor Says:

    Hi Phil!

    I have been a fan of Charice since she joined Little Big Star, in which she did not won. I am really glad that someone like you supporting Charice. Your words penned Charice milestone to something mind-moving and touching. You view everything objectively added by your superb penning. Thank you so much. You are one-of-a-kind.

    In fact my friends were infected by my CHARICE-SICKNESS, that they, too, are going gaga with Charice. They even update me when there are news in the papers for I am not used to read newspapers. These things surprise me, undoubtedly Charice is the NEXT BIG THING!

    I just don’t know what else to say, for this is fantastic! really!

    God bless in your endeavors and your family!


  244. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the nice message, Professor! It’s a good thing that you are infecting your friends with Charice-itis! I’m glad you enjoy my blog posts about her!

  245. Sam Says:

    Dear Phil,

    I thank you so much for this article, regarding how difficult their life during their early age, please check Charice performance when she was 9 yrs old, you can see that she was malnourished, and every time I watched that vid clip I couldnt help my self, I couldnt stop my self to sob, unfortunately that clip is one of my fav, by the way I am 59 yrs old man living here in US.
    Again, thanks Phil

  246. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Bless you, Sam. Yes, it’s wonderful to see Charice where she is today. Perhaps in her honor, we all can extend a little kindness to those who are still struggling and in need of a helping hand.

  247. charicemerised16 Says:

    elo again Phil!

    Im amazed that you have done such a wonderful piece on CHA!!! U have covered almost everything and left no stone unturned about the Phenom herself.. kudos!!

    btw do give a shoutout 2 evrione n i do mean evrione that Cha has her own official Youtube channel.. its charice.. u do have her say in her official channel so i do hope that u put up the link in e various websites..
    THX!!! fellow chaster!! even if u dun admit it haha

  248. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the nice message! I went to YouTube but don’t see a channel called CHARICE. I’m not an expert YouTube user so I’m probably missing something. Can you send me the link to her channel?

  249. charicemerised16 Says:

    here it is :-

  250. GLENN Says:


  251. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Glenn. You are a true fan! I’m sure Charice will not cross over to the dark side. She’s got too many wise and strong mentors who will make sure of that!

  252. jymzone Says:

    hey phil.. I love your blog.. keep it up… Hope you could add charice’s latest performance in the Celebrity Fight Night XV in Arizona … That was another testament that Charice is a force to reckon with… so i hope to see those next time i visit you blog…

  253. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hey, jymzone! The Fight Night performance is already up!

  254. ian Says:

    great story, and great blog ! The story of charice is very inspiring ! thanks for sharing

  255. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, Ian!

  256. agno Says:

    can i ask you sir… are you making a life story book about charice? well this blog is like a book… you can make this blog a book.. hehehe… very nice and very well explained article you made..

  257. Phil Bolsta Says:

    No plans right now for a book, agno, but I would certainly welcome that down the road!

  258. John Says:

    charice got a new video on youtube

    she sang Star Spangled banner at a baseball game…

  259. Eric Says:

    Hi Phil correctly me if I’m wrong. I think it was Daily 10 on E who was the first one that brought Charice to the attention of the US audience. They featured her twice and referred to her as A Star Is Born and A Queen Is Born respectively.

  260. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a good question, Eric. Ellen DeGeneres publicly invited Charice to be on her show on November 28, 2007. What’s the date of the E show, November 14? I don’t know of any other U.S. reference before then.

  261. rio Says:

    wow!, agno is right its already a book Phil. “great work, will done…”, Phil Bolsta

    i shared with u my vid clip; DF-“star per se”

  262. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, rio!

  263. Victor Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I am amazed that you’ve put in so much info on Charice here. It is certainly the best blog to visit for Charice fans.

    Keep up the good work & God Bless.

  264. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Victor! I appreciate your kind comment.

  265. rawsmj Says:


    My first time here . . . .
    Have you heard Charice’s new video on Utube.
    Charice sings Star Spangled Banner @ Dodger’s Home Opening game.

    Listen and enjoy plenty of goosebumps and numbing all over your body experience.

  266. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, you can find Charice’s performance of “Star-Spangled Banner” on this very post!

    Thanks for stopping by, rawsmj! I hope you visit again, soon and often.

  267. Charlene Says:

    Hi Phil! It’s me again…….getting addicted to your blog site. This is the best site that any Charice addict could find. She’s indeed very lucky to be surrounded and supported by such GREAT people namely David Foster, Oprah and Phil Bolsta. You already have brought success to this girl whose ambition was only to be known in her small country. Whatever comes next will be just icing on a cake. Thank you thank you Phil for your superb article about our dear Charice. I also enjoyed reading your book titled Sixty Seconds. Consider me as your fan now.

  268. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *humbly bows* I appreciate the kind words, Charlene. Thank you so much!

  269. Melchizedek Misuela Says:

    Hi phil, I loved the way you express your feelings about charice and your words is something to be felt about, humble, direct, heart warming and easy. The way you describe the girl with what she have been through is something we not just Filipinos will be crying about, but give us something to be proud of with all of her achievements with a little kindness of course.. Please dont stop following her. i have a link here might wannat check that this is what i listen to all the time if i feel and weak and sad.. hope you can add this video up to your blog she sang this as well.. Godbless you Phil

  270. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Melchizedek. I appreciate your taking the time to leave such a nice comment.

    Yes, that video can be found on this chapter in my blog:

    It is indeed a very nice performance by the Most Talented Girl in the World!

  271. jopet Says:

    Dear Phil,
    i just read the biography of charice that you wrote in her website and i must say that you have trully captured what i also think and feel deep in my heart about charice.
    I have to admit I got hooked with her singing ever since i saw her in youtube just this year. I was never been an avid fan of any singer but this time I got a kick watching her videos and I don’t know why I just keep watching them everyday!!! whew! I downloaded them in my computer so I can watch them even if I am not connected to internet. and whenever i am down or whenever i need a kick to start my day i would watch it and find myself singing her song throughout the day even if only in my mind because i cannot sing! Lately I have been trying to analyze why is this so; and I guess it is because she connected to me. she not only have an extraordinary voice but you sing from the depths of her soul and so connected to me and to many others who were touched by the gift of her person and her voice. By her singing, she has gifted us with the ability to express what we ourselves would like to express from the depths of our being: the passion for life and freedom to express what is true and beautiful in us. you said it very well Phil in the bio of Charice that you wrote. thats exactly what i feel too. thanks be to God! she is truly a blessing to us all. and thank you Phil for writing so well and expressing what we do not know how to express. you are truly a gifted writer yourself. God bless!

  272. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, jopet, you expressed yourself pretty darn well too! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad that you have gotten so much pleasure form Charice’s music!

  273. Charlene Says:

    Thanks for including this great blog in your “twitter” site. I’m sure lots of twitters specially Charise addicts will follow you to this new site. As for me I still have to learn how this works. I hope you’ll have a number of followers that will surpass the recent 1 million winner. You undoubtedly deserve it. More power to you Phil and God Bless.

  274. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Charlene!

  275. capacedilla2000 Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful website about charice pempengco!

    God bless you always too Phil and your family because you are a very Awesome Writer!

  276. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, capacedilla2000! I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment.

  277. jn Says:

    The official website of Charice is now under Warner Bros. And i found out that the bio of Cha there was written by you. You are a great and inspiring writer. Kudos and Good luck. Any new book you have?

  278. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, jn. I appreciate that. My latest book is:

  279. nequi Says:

    hi Phil,

    I like your blog. You’re a very prolific writer. Thank you for writing about Charice. I’ve never been an avid fan of any artist. I admire some. I listen to them but i’ve never been as addicted as with Charice. I’ve been through a difficult time in my life but Charice has helped me get through them just by listening to her sing. It seems that her life mission is to sing and she sings with so much abandon, so much freedom. I could feel it to my bones. She’s like an eagle soaring high and enjoying every minute of it. Whenever i listen to her sing, i let myself ride in her wings because that’s what her voice invites me to do. Her soaring voice makes me want to soar high too. And i ride with her.

    I can dream too like her. She’s young but she can influence people even people far older than her. She’s an inspiration.

    Thanks Phil for sharing her story. You did a very good job. I wish you and your family all the best in the world. God bless.

  280. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, nequi. You expressed your appreciation for Charice very eloquently. You have a gift with words. Best of luck to you!

  281. Alexandra Says:

    charice 6 fantastica .unika brava,brava,, hai una voce stupenda assolutamnete incredibbile in tutto il piaveta terra nn ce ne sono di migliori come te ….hai capito ……grande continua cosììì è….!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Translation: ” You have a stupendous voice, absolutely incredible. On all of
    planet Earth, there is no one better than you.”)

  282. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Charice’s performances, Alexandra!

  283. elsa from spain Says:

    It was thru charicemania, i got to visit your website and now at my golden age, i learned this tweeter and keeping up with high tech skills and gadgets and links, i just do not have patience to learn but i love reading like this, and when i introduce Charice to anybody, I MADE SURE PHIL BOSTA’S BLOG is no. 1…why? your love and appreciation for Charice will overflow to us too and that is the Spirit, that motivates other to know Charice thru your compilations and chasters contributions, you update us and your blog is one-stop information that any new fan would enjoy your write up and articles. More power to you!

    One thing is sure, if you make a book for Charice, it will be a best seller.

    Thanks Phil for your gift of writing..for sharing it to us for acknowledging my request as to follow you in the tweeter.

    Good health to you and your family and to all chasters globally and would be visitors of this site.

  284. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Elsa. I’m glad you like my blog and I sure do appreciate your support!

  285. jjeyc Says:

    Phil that was utterly beautiful and very touching!!! Your blog just brought me to tears, oh! I have loved Charice since her LBS days when I was still in the Philippines. I texted to vote her on LBS but unfortunately she didn’t win. I was so sad and even cried because of it. I’ve heard not much of her after the singing contest. Went to UK, and by accident I checked on YouTube and I saw her Star King performance…and everything was just history. So happy that finally she got her dreams back and now it’s a reality that cannot be denied. She is unstoppable coz a lot of people believe in her talent. And I know you are one of them Phil (including myself). Again, from the bottom of my heart I am very grateful for the support and love that you have for Cha.

  286. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, jjeyc! I love the way you supported and loved Charice from day one. And I love the way you describe Charice’s career: unstoppable! That is the perfect word for her because it won’t be long before the entire world recognizes and embraces her talent.

  287. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Hey, Phil. I am touched by your dedication on keeping this blog updated. I never expected a guy of your intellect and status to show so much enthusiasm for our own little diva. She is such a special girl. And I still see her as the little girl with the big voice scouring every local singing contest she could find. I was never a TV person and disliked all those local shows coz they’re too cheesy. But the first time I saw her appear on LBS (Little Big Star) marked the beginning of my eyes-glued-to-the-TV days. I was 14 years old at that time and a junior in high school. Charice was unpopular with my classmates and always threw snide comments about her looks, her wide face, height, skin tone, etc. I just gritted my teeth all through it. After she lost in the Grand Finals the TV set in my room remained unplugged for months and left to dust. Just imagine my delight in seeing her now rising to the top and gaining so many avid and wonderful fans like you all over the world. I’ve spent 3 weeks of this summer watching her vids from 10 am to 6 am (that’s like 20 hrs a day). I never get tired of them. It seems like they’re more energizing and refreshing than sleep itself. Seeing a fellow Filipina accepted and hailed by the world just makes me smile up to my ears. She’s such a talented girl. I’ve never idolized someone like this before. She’s very smart, too. Her English improved a great deal in just a span of a year or so. That’s very impressive, considering the poor education in public schools here in the Phil. Heck, I’m 17 now and in my 2nd yr in college in the BA English course and she speaks better English than me! Best of all, despite her super fame now, she still remains as the down-to-earth, girl-next-door sweet girl that I had always loved, the girl with the ethereal voice who used to sing for pizza.
    LOVE from Pilipinas Charice! MAHAL KA NAMIN!!
    Salamat (thank you) Phil Bolsta for this wonderful and informative blog. The best one in the Net. MABUHAY KA!

  288. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, Micchan! Twenty hours a day of Charice videos? I think we have a new inductee in the Chaster Hall of Fame!!! I can understand why you are so infatuated with Charice. You’re the same age and from the same country. That must be awfully inspiring.

    I can also understand your disgust at LBS and all the kids who criticized Charice. Wow, talk about searching for things to complain about. Here is a beautiful angel with a golden voice and they’re talking about her height or skin tone? What? That makes no sense. They are missing out on so much beauty and joy!

    With fans like you, Micchan, Charice is sure to become a superstar!

  289. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Thank you, Phil. That sure made my ears hot and my hands cold. hehe. I’m contracting the worst case of Chaddiction now. And I don’t want any cure. Hahaha. Too bad school’s going to start soon and I’ll be stuck in the dorm with no Internet. I won’t see my cute talented idol for a while. *sigh*. And I’m gonna see my Charice-hater roommate again. grrr.

  290. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Do you know what time it is, Micchan? Time to get a new roommate!

  291. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Whew. I still remember when the LBS hosts did their routine of interviewing the contestants. The questions were always like, “Why did you join Little Big Star?’ and “What will you do with the Grand Prize money in case you win?”. The rich cute-boy darling of the crowd Sam Concepcion’s (He won) answer was like, and in impeccable English, “I joined this contest so I could improve my singing and performing skills. And about the money, I guess I’ll put up a business or something.”
    While Charice answered in her polite soft-spoken tagalog, “Sumali po ako dito para tulungan ang Mommy ko. (I joined so I could help my mom). Kung baka sakaling manalo ako, gusto ko po sanang ipaayos ang bahay namin at mag-donate sa eskwelahan ko. (In case I win, I was hoping to make repairs on our house and donate to my school).”
    Whenever she went like that, I couldn’t help but feel like crying (I am not usually emotional).
    I’m so happy for her now. For someone so kind-hearted like her to be where she is now, it’s all just right. MORE POWER Charice!

  292. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Charice’s humility, groundedness and authenticity resonates with those who are in harmony with the natural and deep rhythms of life. Feeling like crying is a sign that you have your priorities in order, Micchan. That’s good to see!

  293. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Yeah. Haha. Anyway, I think she got kicked out of the dorm because she always stayed out beyond curfew time. But we’ll still see each other in classes. Well, at least I can play my downloaded charice vids without her spouting off rude commnents. ^_^

    Hm. I noticed that this blog doesn’t get any visits from Charice-haters or “crabs”. The youtube vids comments box are filled with crabs that you could feed a whole barangay with them. And the people who drop by here leave such wonderful insightful comments. Not at all like the jungle world youtube with swearing commentators and fans bashing at another artist’s fans. I enjoyed reading the comments here as much as I enjoyed watching the vids. And best of all, the author is always here to reply. Mr Phil, how many months are you at this? Don’t you ever sleep? ^_^

  294. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a good point, Micchan. Insightful analysis and constructive criticism is always welcome here but rude comments about Charice or anyone will not be tolerated on this blog.

    Sleep? Yes, I sleep more than most! I’m just committed to doing the work I feel called to do.

  295. charlene Says:

    Hats off to you Micchankawaii for this wonderful comments on this very friendly blog…free of haters, and judgmental commentators and most of all a very courteous host, Phil Bolsta. He always makes sure and find time to respond to every comment. I enjoyed reading your comments. Try to read Lovely Souls blog too who’s only a year older than u and Charice ….another very smart kid like you. Thank you Phil for keeping this blog open…..I agree with Micc and others that this is the best blog for Charice fans. I hope many more fans of charice find out about this site for they don’t know what they’ve been missing. More power and good health to you and your family. God Bless!

  296. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Your kind comments are very much appreciated, Charlene.

    *bows in gratitude*

  297. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Thank you, charlene. *blush*. That means a lot coming from a fellow fan. That makes me want to write more nice comments bout our angel Charice. This is really a great blog. I will visit all Charice vids I know and alert the Chasters about this blog. It’s a marvel the way the story and talent of Charice brings fans together. (Wow, just when I was almost through watching the vids and can finally get some sleep, this blog shows up and Chaddiction kicks in again! hahaha. Hm. Love Souls blog? I’ll surely check it out. ^_^

    And to Mr. Phil, wow, you’re unbelievable. Do you have a time-turner or something? You’ve got work and all but still you did a great job in putting together this blog. A summer bum like me who has all the time in the world can never manage to do 1/200 of what you did. Wow, you’re the THE Chaddict just like Charice is The Voice. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    PS: How did you keep the Crabs out? I’m curious. ^_^

  298. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You discovered my secret, Micchan! Hermione lent me her Time Turner! Shhhhhhhh.

    Actually, the secret is TMOPIT: The Magic Of Putting In Time. Stay glued to your keyboard long enough and good things happen!

    I don’t have to keep the critics out. I think they know they will not be welcomed.

  299. HotaruChan Says:

    Hi Phil I’m a big fan of Charice. I also got chaddiction. I need to go to rehab. Jaja.

    I’ve watched Charice’s life story in youtube before, and I say it really moved me. Now we can add acting to the long list of the girl’s talents. A few blogs mentioned some of her other talents like playing guitar, drums, and voice acting. And those drawings she made of Celine Dion and herself were good, too! Wow, what other treasures are you hiding, Charice? ^_^

    I don’t know if it is already in this blog, but there’s a music video wherein Charice’s sings the theme song of MMK (Maalaala mo Kaya).
    It’s reaally good. One of the few times that I heard her not singing live.

    the url:

    Nice blog by the way, Phil. Thanks for the effort and time.
    —Butchoy, from the Philippines

  300. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Butchoy! Yes, I think Charice will continue to surprise us with her many talents!

    I do have the MMK theme song on the blog but I haven’t seen this version. I will add it soon. Thanks!

  301. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hello! Im Mithi. Im 10 yrs old and a Pinay too. I always watch Little Big Star and I love Ate Ming (Charice). I saw her in Manila when we were in vacation. She’s so pretty. I Was so happy. I watch Ate Ming’s vids till 12 midnyt. Its way past my bedtime and my mom scolds me but I still open the laptop when she goes to her room.^_^
    I drink coffee so won’t sleep so I could watch Ate Ming vids. Mama says I’ll never grow coz i drink coffee and sleep late. But I love watching right now, I’ll do the growing later.
    Nice blog here, Phil-san. No one uses the F and D and S words. This also my first time to comment to blogs.

    Its 11 pm here now. My mama calling me “salbahe” already. School begin next week, will be in grade 5. No more internet. T_T

  302. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much for writing, Mithi! I think you are the youngest person to leave a comment on my blog, so congratulations on that impressive achievement!

    I’m glad you are such a big Charice fan. I know she would be happy to hear that. But I’m going to side with your mother here—you need your sleep, little one!

    I hope you enjoy fifth grade!

  303. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    I hope Ate Charice will come here to Philippines again and sing. Lots of tuna here in Gensan, she’ll like it for paksiw. hihihihi. I’m proud to be pinoy coz of her. The meztisos and meztisas at school always make fun of kids with dark brown skin. Now they can’t coz Ate Ming is brown, too and she’s great. I love her voice. I think she’s pretty but some classmates says ugly so I tell them they’re uglier. I’ll buy Ate Charice’s CD when I save my money. So no buying streetfood like banana-q and isaw (bb-q chicken intestine, me fave) after school. But I’ll do my best.

    I LOVE YOU ATE MING!!!!!!!

  304. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You couldn’t be more correct, Mithi. Charice is indeed very pretty! And I know that she would be proud that she makes you proud to be pinoy!

  305. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    あいしってる Ate Charice! LABYUU!

    And to the Boss, Phil-san: どもありがとございます!!!
    Thank you for this blog. Hoping for a reply soon. You mentioned you have a girl, give her regards from me. hahaha.

    To MicchanKawaii, I think I know you. Whatta long comment you wrote, like an essay. Hm. Di ko alam na mahilig ka magcomment, ate. jeje. If you are who I think you are, then I’m going to your house tommorow and i’ll copy all your Charice vids. Hehehe. Maghintay ka lang. Dapat my merienda. HAHAHA.


  306. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the well wishes, Mithi. My little girl just turned thirty so she’s all grown up!

    By the way, I tried to email you but the email address attached to your comment didn’t work. You can email me directly at

    Blue skies!

  307. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Thanx. Yeah, it was a fake email ad. I don’t have my own account yet. I changed it with a working email ad now (It’s Ate MicchanKawaii’s, actually). Id love to receive an email from you. Hmm, getting mail from an adult, and a writer too. Cool. :)
    Its 2:46 am now in Phil. Hope i still reach 5 ft. jeje. Stil watchin Charice vids. This blog is really great. Can’t believe grown-ups like you do this stuff, too. I thought all adult men want to do is sit in front of the TV when not working or take a nap. You’re different. :)
    I’m also surprised when I opened a Chaster vid and saw that most of Charice’s fans are adults, mostly men, too. Unbelievable.
    Oh, about your daughter, shes an adult? The way you wrote it, seems like shes seven yesterday.
    Bedtime for me now. Hope I dream bout Ate Charice. AGAIN. G’nyt.

  308. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Mithi, it’s four in the morning in the Philippines! You are a little night owl! Better lay off the coffee tomorrow!

    I’m glad I can expand your view of grown-up men! There’s certainly more to life than TV and naps!

    Yes, the story I told about my daughter on Charice’s blog post happened when she was seven. Here’s a post I wrote about her thirtieth birthday:

    Sleep well, little one!

  309. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Oh no! Mum walked in the room! Busted!
    Mom: Matulog ka na! Pasaway na bata ka!
    Me: O-o-opo, mama.

    Goodbye for a while Ate Charice! But I will see you again. Definitely. Once I’m out of the dungeon.

    Hehehe. Im sorry Mr. Phil. I’m eating up space and using your blog for my monologues. Can’t help it. Cold coffee. WEEE.

    Ok, Good night (or good morning) to all Chasters and fans out there and especially to you Mr. Phil. KUDOS!

  310. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You sure you’re only ten, Mithi? You have quite the vocabulary!

  311. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    I read quite a lot. I love the Narnia series. And I have someone older here (an owl, too) to correct the grammar and suggest some biggie words. I looked up “monologue” in the dictio. Wow, you really think so? Thanks. Im really ten. I climb to bed with my parents when scared. Jejeje.

    Oh no! I said I’d sleep already. G’nyt Mr. Phil! I really enjoyed the chat.

  312. Phil Bolsta Says:

    G’nyt, Mithi. I hope you don’t stay up until nearly five in the morning on school nights!

  313. charlene Says:

    This Mithi is such a delight Phil…I could hug and squeeze her like a teddy bear. I enjoyed reading her funny comments. She and her sister are so Americanize when it comes to their vocabularies and use of words that are commonly spoken by Americans here in the USA…smart and witty too. Charice always gets the best….die hard fans, mentors, manager and the best blog site of course. Thanks Phil for your patience and understanding in accommodating people from all walks of life without regard to age specially. You just showed how great dad you are. God Bless!

  314. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Charlene. One of the best things about having a blog is getting to connect with so many wonderful people of all ages. Everyone has something to say and something to contribute!

  315. Rachielle Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for a writing a mini bioblog of Charice, im proud of her success too. Cant wait her CD… Yupeee Hi Mithi be a good girl.

    God bless all the bloggers.


  316. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re quite welcome, Rachielle! Please stop by again!

  317. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Yehey! June 12, Philippine Independence Day! Meaning no classes. Yipeee. Back on the net again. Glad we don’t have assignments in school yet. Ate Charlene, you wanna hug me? I’m afraid there’s nothing for you to hug coz im so thin and short. I’m one of the smallest kids in the class. Waaa. hehe, Thanks anyway. :)

    I really enjoy typing “charice” in the youtube searchbox. Even if there’s school already, I will still have time for my idol, Ate Charice. WEEEEEE.

    Pacquiao’s next fight is coming. I hope he finally hires Charice to sing Lupang Hinirang (the national anthem) for his fight. Heard he is planning to hire someone from the Pussy Cat Dolls. But I hope he changes his mind. It would be great if Charice sings Lupang Hinirang. It might even inspire Pacquiao to punch harder. hahahaha.

    Hello, Mr. Phil. I’m back again. Still wonderful blog. Just wanna tell you, my fave subject now is English coz of this blog. hahaha. I also like your blog coz whenever I type a word with wrong spelling the word is underlined red so I could correct the mistake and learn. :)

    (PS: Since you are a writer, can you recommend some good children’s book? I might find them on the secondhand bookshop. They sell books there for 20 pesos only!!! Whoooooo.)

  318. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hello again, Mithi! There’s nothing so exuberant as a ten-year-old who gets a day off from school! Yes, it would be great if Charice could sing the national anthem before Pacquiao’s fight. A lot of people were hoping she would sing it for his last fight. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time. Actually, it’s good that it hasn’t happened yet because Pacquiao’s getting bigger and bigger so he doesn’t deserve Charice yet!

    Children’s books? Sure, I wrote five poems for a really fun book called “Kids Pick The Funniest Poems.” Kids really love it. Here’s my post about it:
    I don’t get any royalties from sales. I just think it’s an awesome book that every kid should have.

    Enjoy your day, Mithi!

  319. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    I want to be a computer hacker when I grow up. So I could delete all the youtube accounts of those Charice-hating crabs. Then I’ll have my mother cook them in a pot with Sprite. (I’ll eat them even tho I’m allergic to crabs!)

    It’s sad that most of the haters are Filipinos. The worst comments in youtube are mostly in Tagalog or Taglish (Tagalog-English)
    We learned about Crab Mentality in grade 2, and all those Charice haters are the best examples of it! Maybe they’re just jealous? What’s wrong with you Pinoys? Aren’t you happy for her? GUMISING NGA KAYO, MGA TALANGKA!

    “ahayyyy”. Anyway, Mr. Phil, I checked the site you gave and I really liked the poem “I’m Glad I’m Me”. I also did those crazy things. Even now, except for the stairs part coz our house has only one floor. hahahaha. The drawings are cute, too.

  320. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Mithi, I didn’t know Sprite was an alternative to canola oil. Thank you for enlightening me!

  321. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Mr. Phil, if a crab crawled into this blog, what are you going to do about it? So far I haven’t seen any here. But they are already all over youtube, so they might find out about this blog soon.

  322. Phil Bolsta Says:

    If anyone leaves a hateful comment about anything on this blog, Mithi, it will be deleted at once. This blog is a celebration of life and there is no room for mean-spiritedness.

  323. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hello. Wanna hear something exciting? A new full studio version of Fingerprint appeared in youtube a day ago. I don’t how the uploader got it, but its really cool! Here’s the link:


  324. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Very cool. Thanks for the heads up, Mithi!

  325. jjeyc Says:

    I felt the perfect love of fans for Cha in this blog, Phil. I couldn’t agree more that people came to visit here to pay tribute to Ming and only kind and loving words from her followers. Tagpi and Micc you are both so young but your adoration for Charice is unwaivering, my gratitude for your unending support since the first time you set your eyes on her and heard her sing. And thanks also to all the fans that never grew tired of waching her videos and defending her as well. Thumbs up to all of you and Phil, again, maraming salamat and mabuhay ka!!!

  326. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you very much, jjeyc! I appreciate your kind words and support!

  327. Laila Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Glad you have this site.

    I’m a fan of Charice since Little Big Star, sad to say after the show she has fewer appearances on local TV in the Philippines. When I heard of her performance on Star King from my brother which in my surprise is also her fan, I’m really happy. Since then, I followed her performances, I really prayed for her performance in Ellen’s, and cried also for her success performance on that show (as if I was the one who sing, lol!) I am always nervous everytime I saw her performing and climbing the stairs of Fame.

    I even send a message to OPRAH (I dont know if she receive it?) for giving Charice a chance to show the world her talent on her first appearance on her show. I saw Oprah’s good heart when she help Charice to follow her dreams. I know she and David makes it easier for Charice to climb the stairs of success. Without them, it will be difficult for Charice (Proof: her videos singing on Filipino Gatherings only before her second appearance and after David Foster show in Las Vegas etc.)

    This is my first time to blog about how I admire a person. If I could meet David Foster, I will personally thank him for guiding Charice career. I know he also earn from Charice appearances but the opportunity they give to Charice is enough.

    My simple request to David Foster and Charice…Pls. sing “You raised me Up popularized by Josh Groban on one of her shows, the song is included in her local album but she haven’t sing it on her international appearance. To David, pls. compose a love song for Charice, that can prove the high pitch and tenderness (cannot find the right term) of Charice voice.

    Thank you sir for this space.

  328. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write, Laila. This world is in need of heroes who inspire and bring happiness to others. Charice is truly a gift to the world!

  329. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hm. Looks like the leaked version of Fingerprint is already removed from youtube. The copyrights people are really fast.

    Luck for me, I downloaded it before it was taken away. But, i’m not sure. Should I delete it? Coz if I don’t that will make me a pirate, right? Is it like stealing from Charice herself? Oh nooo…. Okay, DELETE! *_*

    By the way, Charice’s big concert in Araneta, Manila June 27, 2009. I really want to go!!! But no money and it’s night so I’ll just have to be contented with the TV and youtube.

    God bless to Ate Charice. Soar higher!!!! As my older older sister said, “She might not be the tallest person around, but she flies the highest. Who needs long legs when you have wings?” WEEEEEEE.

  330. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I like that, Mithi. Charice is indeed a high-flying presence in our lives!

  331. charlene Says:

    Mithi, you’re such a darling, i wish i could adopt! I also liked what your sister said about charice…what a “metaphor”. If I were there in PI I would take you and your sister to Charice concert without hesitation…I’ll even buy you popcorn and drinks. too bad we’re 10,000 miles apart.

    Thanks Phil for keeping this blog about Charice alive….one of the few favorite sites that I hang around and the best, for this is the only one that responds to all comments and makes everybody feel IMPORTANT!!

  332. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is my pleasure, Charlene. After all, you ARE important!

    By the way, I wouldn’t advise shipping popcorn and drinks to Mithi. That package would be pretty messy by the time it arrived in the Philippines!

  333. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    “Pag kasama ko si Kokey, everything is okay.”
    When Cha do the cha-cha, she will amaze all of ‘cha. ^_^

    Bestfriends do the Kokey dance. from Neve on Vimeo.

  334. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi! Neve has been kind enough to allow me to use some of her videos and I hope she will give me permission to use even more. She has some wonderful ones!

  335. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Maalaala Mo Kaya. *SNIFF*

    This little girl is so lucky. She got to play with Ate Charice!!! Hey, I’m little, too!! Play with me! @_@

    Munting Tula para kay Charice ( A Little Poem for Charice ):)

    Here comes Charice
    Even if you have no ears
    Her voice you wouldn’t miss
    For sure, she has no peers
    Haters, beat it
    Crabs will bow when she goes “birit”
    Charice, I will forever admire
    Charice, ICE ON FIRE

  336. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Mithi, if you’re aiming to be Charice’s number one fan, you’re doing a pretty good job!

  337. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    OOOPS sorry, I DOUBLE posted again. Just delete the “TagpiMyDog” entry (the first one). It’s just the eng. trans of my name “TagpiAkingAso”.

    Again and again, thanks for always replying to my posts, Mr. Phil!!! Your blog is one my favorite places in the Internet. Next to youtube, of course!! hehehehe.


  338. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You got it, Mithi!

  339. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    “Mithi, even if we disconnect the internet for a month or two, you still won’t have enough money for that Charice concert!”

    Ate charlene, you can adopt me! Take my 16 yr old big sis too even tho she’s old. JOKE JOKE JOKE! ^_^

    Well, since I’m a very big fan of Charice, I should take some lessons from her. Lesson 1: She’s respectful and courteous. She’s always using “po” and “opo” when talking to older people or a crowd of fans. She loves her mother so much. She bought a house for her! WHEEEW.

    Awww, that’s hard. I always forget my “po’s” and “opo’s”. Well, coz maybe im not Tagalog, I’m Bisaya. Bisayans don’t use “po’s” and sound a little rude.
    Charice came from Laguna. So that’s why. They speak the deepest, softest and politest Tagalog in Laguna. (I think?)
    Maybe that’s also why Charice’s voice is so smooth and beautiful. I read in youtube that when she was young she sings “MacArthur Park” perfectly while climbing a guava tree. You think that’s true? I’m not surprised if it is! hehehehehe.

    “Charice keeps singing the song “I Have Nothing”, which is ironic because she has Everything.”
    –Ate (Big Sis)

  340. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Mithi, when you’re a little older, I’m sure you will be able to go to a Charice concert. It’s fun to have something to look forward to!

  341. agno Says:

    hmmm.. i guess you did not post this video.. her 2nd album in the Phillipines with her ORIGINAL song ALWAYS YOU.

    here is the video

    you can add also this.. singing with zsa zsa padilla and ralph (her best friend)

  342. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Agno! I’m always looking for videos I don’t have. Can you give me the exact dates of both of these?

  343. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Wow! Charice played Bingo at Pinoy Bingo Night tonight. Sadly, I missed the show on TV coz…long story. hehehe

    I wonder if she won the 1 million pesos? Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter coz she’s so rich now. She will probably give it to charity and donations.
    Ate Cha, me too!! Balato ko!! ^_^

  344. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on Charice’s every move, Mithi! You are one devoted fan!

  345. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Here’s the longest and…and…and…..nakakaiyak…(Sorry I don’t know how to say that in English) Interview of Charice. It’s the very latest. *sniff*
    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

    PART 4

    PART 5

    PART 6

    PART 7

    huhuuhuhu. Prepare rolls of tissue paper. Sorry, no subtitle. If I am smart enough, I’ll translate it myself. But I think I’m not that good in English yet. Hope someone translates it for those who can’t understand tagalog.

  346. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    ooops, forgot Part 8. hehehhee. Here:

    The Pinoy Bingo Night episode of Charice is available in youtube NOW. ^_^

  347. TagpiAkingAso Says:



  348. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi. I’d love to put the interview on my blog but I hesitate to do so because it’s not in English. Hmm, maybe I’ll put it on and ask if anybody has translated it.

  349. charlene Says:

    Many thanks Phil for these new postings, specially the long interview. Wow, this is a very special treat Mitzi for all Charice fans here in the US who haven’t seen the complete segment of this interview yet, I saw only part one on this morning episode of SNN on TFC. This is indeed very touching and I was a paddle when Charice recollected the hardship and sad part of her young life. Mitzi…you’re the best kid in the web. Thanks!!!

  350. Phil Bolsta Says:

    The fact that you enjoyed the SNN interview, Charlene, tells me I should post it even if it’s not in English. At least Filipinos can enjoy it, and hopefully someone will translate it down the road. Thanks!

  351. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hi Phil. I could ask Ate MicchanKawaii to translate the interview. But I think it will take a while. Ate Charice did say lots of things and details here in the interview, so it will be hard. Ate Micc is still a student, after all. I would like to help with the trans but I think I better not coz I might just mess it up. Meehhhh. :-P
    All I can say, we’ll try our best, and ASAP. Weeeeeee.

  352. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi. If anyone else out there knows of a translation or is willing to translate this interview, please let me know!

  353. charlene Says:

    Phil, I think charicemania is now working on the translation of Charice interview (the whole episode). The video clips are also available now on this website…already swarmed with positive comments in a few hours that these were uploaded. I’m glad I watched these ahead of others last night when I had more time to watch the entire segment. Thanks to you Phil. I hope you’ll receive the translation soon so you and other non-Filipino speaking people will also feel the emotions that this real life story brings. I wish I have your writing expertise to be able to do the translation eloquently myself. Thanks again for your patience and again I wish you all the best.

  354. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    It’s time for our “pasikat” (show-off) moment in the Net! Weeee! (Hey, I was the one who translated the first few lines (I really wanted to try!). And the rest is history. Hahahahaha.
    PART 1
    BOY (the baldie host ^_^): Charice, thank you very much for letting us in your beautiful house here in Tagaytay
    Charice: Thank you (po).
    Boy: Congratulations.
    Charice: Thank you (po).
    Boy: I seem very happy.
    Charice: (laughs) Boy: That’s true.
    Charice: I’m very happy, too.
    Boy: I’m happy that your journey still continues, and I’m very happy for all the things that are coming your way and for all the things that did not only came to you but also for the things you, your mommy, and your loved ones worked hard for. Congratulations.
    Charice: Thank you (po).
    Boy: And this is a wonderful wonderful, beautiful beautiful house. (Charice chuckles)
    Boy: Okay, but before we talk about the house, let’s look back and talk about, Charice, let’s look back and talk about the times before all of these, before Little Big Star. Tell me about it. Let’s start when you were, let’s say, from what age do you first remember?
    Charice: Um, let’s see, I could remember when I was joining singing contests. I was like 7 yrs old, (Boy: 7 yrs old, you could remember that already?) 8…9 yrs old..
    Boy: Really? But before that, you were just having fun and playing around?
    Charice: Um, of course, I was just an ordinary student. I would just play with my brother. That’s because since when I was young, I don’t really like going out of the house. So now, people ask whether I really don’t go out or go malling at all. I really don’t like to go malling since back then. So I was really a home buddy.
    Boy: So your first memories are of those times when you were just playing around, playing with Carl?
    Charice: Yes, just playing.
    Boy: What did you play?
    Charice: Um, my brother was fond of robots, so I never had Barbie dolls in the house because whatever toys he had, we always had to have the same toys. So all my toys were toys for boys (laughs). If I were to play with dolls, he wouldn’t play with me. I would sulk whenever he didn’t want to play with me. So I let him have his way, that’s why we had to have the same toys.
    Boy: Yes, so you two could be bestfriends. You let him have his way, so all of your toys were robots. Okay so that was before you started joining singing contests?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: But before you started joining singing contests, you and your mommy—um, I know mommy was and still is a singer—but since you were young, she was already teaching you to sing then?
    Charice: I guess when she discovered me singing when I was 4 yrs old that’s when she really started to train me seriously, probably back when I started joining singing contests, when I was six or seven.
    Boy: But when you were 4 yrs old, how did your mother discover that you could sing?
    Charice: Well, I always listened to them (the band) practice songs by Tina Turner, Whitney Houston.
    Boy: You listened to the band?
    Charice: Yes.
    Charice: I didn’t want them to hear me sing because I was a (bulol) stutterer, they might laugh at me because my lyrics to the songs were wrong. But then they always sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, they kept singing it. After listening to the song repeatedly, I was able to memorize it. When they (the band) left, I sang the song by myself. When they were practicing, I watched how they operate the Karaoke, how they made it play, how to rewind, so I studied all of those. So when they left, I started to sing. Only my brother was there with me, and he didn’t care about what I’m doing that much coz he was just 2 yrs old then (laughs).
    Boy: (jokingly) You should have told him to sit there and asked him whether he thinks you’re good.
    Charice: So when mommy came back, she thought at first it was just the Multiplex playing. She just walked past me and pretended that she didn’t notice me because if she paid attention to me, I would be too shy to sing again.
    Boy: Oh, so when your mom came home, she saw you singing?
    Charice: Yes, they caught me singing. When I looked at mom, she didn’t say anything. So I thought, oh, she didn’t notice me, so I just continued singing.
    Boy: That’s because she thought the Multiplex is singing.
    Charice: Yes, the Multiplex.
    Charice: I wasn’t aware that they were already talking about me in the kitchen. They were saying, “oh, so Charice can sing,” So, that’s how it was, before they entered the house, they must have thought it was the Multiplex singing. She must have been surprised to see that I was actually the one singing. She just didn’t call my attention because I’ll just get distracted.
    Boy: You were watching the band’s pratice. That explains your choice of songs: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey…
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: Your mommy is the band’s vocalist?
    Charice: Yes, she and my aunt.
    Boy: So they praticed in the house, in the sala (living room)?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: Where did they practice? In Cabuyao?
    Charice: No, in Santa Rosa. That’s where we lived before.
    Boy: So that’s how it was for you then, just listening to your mommy singing, etc?
    Charice: Yes, just listening. Just sitting there in the sala and listening.
    Boy: Okay. You knew your mother was a singer? Since aside from the rehearsals, of course, there were pictures.
    Charice. Yes, because whenever they had a gig, there would be pictures of the band singing…
    Boy: Okay.
    Charice: And sometimes, they take me with them to their gigs.
    Boy: Oh, okay…
    Charice: So that’s how I learned about self confidence because they made me jam with the audience,
    Boy. So how old were you then?
    Charice: I was just probably 5 or 6.
    Boy: (laughs) So you were quite older then.
    Charice: (laughs) Yes, a little.
    Charice: So after “My Heart Will Go On”, I listened to more of their songs. I learned a french song by Kaye Larrousso (AN: spelling?????) (Charice sings the song and snaps her fingers to the beat). Then when they had a gig here in Tagaytay, my aunt was singing this song when she noticed that I was singing along, and I know all the lyrics.

    (will be continued in Part 2) Hope so. Whew. ^_^
    Wow. This is only part 1. And its so loooooooong already.
    Pls. check and correct grammar errors, if any.

  355. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Charlene. I look forward to posting the translated videos soon!

  356. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, thanks, Mithi. It will be a little while before I can get to this but it’s great to have it now!

  357. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Wenk, look at this.

    That’s part 1 with subtitle. Just found it minutes ago. Waaak. So Ate Micchan is grumbling something about “eyebags and brats” now. (Am I the brat?) hahahaha.
    Toldja, Ate Micchan, you should’ve translated part 2 or 6 or 8 first so nobody would beat us to it. hihihihihihihihi.

  358. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s terrific, Mithi! Thank you!

  359. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    There! Tiaro Maunahan pa tayo nyan! Hehehehehe.

    PART 3

    Boy: How many contests did you join, all in all?
    Charice: Around 80+, probably.
    Boy: Where are the trophies, did you put them away?
    Charice: They’re in Batangas. Some of them are super old, they just accumulated there. In some contests, there are only cash prizes so it’s seldom that the prizes are trophies. For me, the most memorable of it all was when I won a trophy that was taller than me. Oh well, I’m taller than the trophy now, thank God! (laughs).
    Boy: (laughs) Thank God, you’re taller than the trophy now. But at that time, when you won it, it was taller than you?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: What’s the story here? Where was this?
    Charice: This was also in Laguna, in Calamba. So I’m done with Cabuyao, Santo Rosa (laughs). So this time it’s Calamba. It was my first time to see a trophy that big. So I told mom, “mommy, let’s get that trophy”. She said, “Go, just do your best, if you want it, just do your best”. You know, when I really want to have something bad, that’s when the very best of me comes out.
    Boy: So you tell yourself, “I really WILL have that”?
    Charice: Yes, “I REALLY WILL HAVE THAT”. It seems like I forgot about the cash prize and set my mind on the trophy. I really wanted to have that trophy coz it’s taller than me.
    Boy: (laughs) So what did you wear for this contest? A backless (dress)?
    Charice: (LAUGHS) Actually, my mom was also the one who made my outfits for me.
    Boy: Oh, she really did all the jobs. Choreographer, vocal coach. She even made costumes.
    Charice: She even started a trend in costumes in the singing contests. That’s what the other contestants imitated. It was these shiny, sparkly, sometimes backless outfits with equally sparkly pants that widens at the bottom. So the people were amazed.
    Boy: Oh, so you had a trademark?
    Charice: That’s right. That’s why the people in the contests know me. They would say, “oh, Charice is here”. It was like showbiz, there are familiarities among the people and all.
    Boy: You know, I have an experience with that. I used to judge in contests. I didn’t realize that the people, the contestants, help out each other in ways like lending shoes, swapping dresses, etc. This is usually in the elimination rounds. So that’s how it really is?
    Charice: Yes, I was really amazed with the other contestants. They were all so young. Some of them even put on make-up all by themselves. Everyone had their own niche. It was like, “you, you stay over there.” or “you, stay here in a corner.”
    Boy: And there are also the “kinatatakutan”(kinatatakutan= literally means, “the scares”. They are probably the best contestants that have the most potential to win). Charice, was there a point when people say, “Charice is here”, and the other contestants would go, “oh no.”? Were they threatened by you?
    Charice: Well, I really don’t want to talk about it. But in those singing contests, there were what we call the “bato’s”. These were the veteran contestants that are really good. Their alias for me was buhangin (sand).
    Boy: Buhangin?
    Charice: (laughs) It’s because I was so small. I was so small I sting their eyes (like sand).
    Boy: Oh really? Wow, we haven’t known this till now. Buhangin… So that was one experience, that time when the trophy was taller than you. What other unforgettable experience you had?
    Charice: Ummm…
    Boy: Okay, how about this: Was there a time you joined a contest when you were really, really in need of money, and you really really need to Win?
    Charice: There was. That was the time when mommy got robbed. 4,000 pesos (80$?) was stolen. So that’s what happened. We don’t have fare money so even if we want to join singing contests we don’t have fare to get there. But we borrowed some money so after Calamba, we went to Batangas.
    Boy: That was when you just moved into your new place, right?
    Charice: Yes, we just moved in.
    Boy: And you didn’t have a bed?
    Charice: We only had a mattress for a bed. We borrowed some platic monoblock chairs, and a table.
    Boy: From whom did you borrow? The neighbor?
    Charice: Yes, it was good that the neighbors were kind.
    Boy: How about a mat?
    Charice: Yes, because all three of us couldn’t fit in the mattress. So yes, the money was gone so I
    suggested to mommy that we could just borrow money and join a singing contest. So I joined a singing contest in Batangas. It’s far, so if I had lost the contest, we really wouldn’t able to go back home.
    Boy: Oh my God…
    Charice: So when when we were walking (in Batangas) along rows of stores, (these stores are common during fiestas) I saw a little radio. Of course at that time, I was easily amazed by little things like that. So mommy said, “sige, you should win that contest so you could have that radio.” So there I go again (laughs) I went, “I will get it, I will get it” again. The contest probably ended around 4 am.
    Boy: That’s how it is in the province, neh?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: And the people don’t leave until the contest is over? They really watch and listen throughout the event.
    Charice: Yes, yes.
    Boy: And do you remember, in that particular contest, how many contestants? There were lot, right?
    Charice: Oh, there was a time when there were 100 contestants. I was number 10. I was there very early. I didn’t expect anymore that I would win. I was just about to get in a jeep headed home when they announced the winner, and it was me! And so I was like, “That’s my name!”. We got off the jeep again quickly. There was also a contest where there were so many contestants that the contest ended at 7 am. That’s what hurts the most. The contest ended at 7 am, I was having a hard time, yet at the end, I got nothing.
    Boy: You didn’t win?
    Charice: I didn’t win because there really were lots of contestants.

    Will be continued in part 4. ^_^

  360. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Note: We didn’t write part 2 coz I read in Charicemania that someones already working on it. So, yeah. ^_^

  361. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi! You are a hardworking girl!

  362. antnoy Says:

    God answered your prayers Charice you inspire us all. We should start a campaign for you to sing at World Youth day in 2011 Madrid because you’re a perfect role model and inspiration to many people that follow you. What a perfect setting to sing NTG and inspire more people.

  363. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a nice thought, Antnoy. Thanks!

  364. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Oh, heto po. To the non-tagalog pipz out there, presenting…..drum rolls……………….

    PART 7 SNN Interview

    Boy: This I can say, all these things you’ve gone through, everyone is bound to experience this kind of things one way or another at some point in their lives.
    Charice: (nods)
    Boy: This is a very difficult question: To all the people who put you down, who threw hurtful words at you, have you, in your heart and in your mommy’s heart, already forgiven them?
    Charice: We never let them feel that we were angry at them because we never wanted to have enemies. That’s what really hurt, that I kept forgiving them yet they still came back at me and hurt me more. Me, and mommy, we never kept grudges. They were always pulling me down but at the end, forgiveness still prevails. We really don’t want enemies.
    Boy: What I’m getting here is, you took all the hardship you’ve gone through and used it as motivation to fight, to strive, and to improve.
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: You said earlier that you put all the anger, the hurt, the sadness into your singing. Right?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: Wow……
    Charice: (smiles)
    Boy: Before, when I always said, “this kid is really brave”. It seems…I don’t know if I told you this before in BoynKris, but you’re really really brave. It seems like you don’t have any fears and jitters at all. So that’s where all this (strenght) is coming from. If had known this story before, I would’ve understand…yes, of course, you could really do it.
    Charice: (nods)
    Boy: So when Sweden came into your life, what was your reaction?
    Charice: Well, they said that it was still a demo recording. But of course, I was very delighted. First of all, I was able to come to Sweden. But mommy warned me beforehand, “remember, this is stil a demo, better not expect too much.” But despite that I was already happy. So we waited to see what will happen next. While we were waiting for a response, we never expected that more and more blessings would come after that. After 4 months, Starking Korea came.
    Boy: Yes, but before that, how are you as a daughter?
    Charice: Um, me? I’m naughty (laughs). I’m naughty (in a playful, childish way). It seems like the youngest (Carl) turns out to be more like the Kuya (big brother) than me. I am really naughty, my brother is the one who had to give in and let me have my way. I am my brother’s “baby”.
    Boy: How about you and mommy? How’s your relationship with each other? How about the times times you argue? Of course, that happens too, right?
    Charice: Yes, of course.
    Boy: You argue about choice of songs, the outfits, chocolates—when you are tempted to eat them when you are not supposed to. So what happens?
    Charice: Um, the three of us (Charice, mommy, Carl), we are “all in one”, we are like friends. We are really open with each other.
    Boy: Correct. Like a clique, neh?
    Charice: Oh yes, when we have crushes, we tell each other. When someone has a crush he/she tells another. So we are happy….
    Boy: Wait, who has crushes? Carl and mommy?
    Charice: ALL of us (LAUGHS out loud).
    Boy: (laughs)
    Charice: (laughs) Of course, to make things fair, ALL of us SHOULD have crushes!
    Boy: So you’re really open with each other?
    Charice: Yes. But sometimes we also fight. Especially with Carl. Believe it or not, even at our current ages, we still fight because of toys (laughs).
    Boy: Still robots?
    Charice: No, this time, it’s toy cars.
    Boy: Oh, cars…(laughs)
    Charice: Yes, miniature sports cars.
    Boy: How do you fight? You won’t talk to each other?
    Charice: How we fight? Um, we ignore each other for a while. For a few hours we won’t talk and just ignore each other. We are like nutcases coz after a while we will just laugh and everything will be okay between us again.
    Boy: How about mommy? Whenever either mommy or you are in a bad mood, or tired, how do you deal with it?
    Charice: Well, when mommy is in a bad mood, all of us just keep quiet. As in, EVERYTHING should be quiet. It’s like, you won’t hear anything. Even a single needle is not allowed to be dropped on the floor. We really just keep quiet. We do understand that sometimes, mommy gets tired. If its tiring for me, how much more for mommy? Of course, she’s the one who prepares my costumes, she organizes…
    Boy: Charice, I’ll tell you something. Do you know what your mom goes through, whenever you are singing, when you are on stage, that is a different level of weariness.
    Charice: YES…
    Boy: That’s true. If..if only your mom could afford to, she would have gratefully fainted of fatigue.
    Charice: YES…
    Boy: What the mother goes through…What the manager goes through, it is a big whole different experience. For example, when the talent is on stage, if only she could she would gladly take her place. All she could do is watch nervously and pray, “please, Lord, I hope she wouldn’t make any mistakes. Please, let her hit the right notes”. That’s what your mom goes through.
    Charice: Yes, I know.
    Boy: The weariness that you talk about, I understand that.
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: What changed about your relationship with each other, with Carl, mommy, with the “CLIQUE”, (laughs)? Let’s compare now and then.
    Charice: Well…
    Boy: Aside from the cars and the robots (laughs).
    Charice: (laughs) Well, before, we were not that happy. You know, because of the hardships and poverty in our lives. We were always worrying about bills, “how do we pay this and that”.
    Boy: The debts?
    Charice: Yes. Now, we are much happier. Even if there’s only us three. I can buy them (family) what they want. I love the feeling whenever I buy them something they really want, I really see in their faces that they really deserved to have those things.
    Boy: And Charice, success is sweet. I mean, after all what you’ve gone through. Were you this brave because when you were growing up……well, you’re really grown up now. You’re growing….
    Charice: But not growing taller (laughs).
    Boy: (laughs) But while growing up, all your life, you saw how brave mommy is?
    Charice: Yes, yes. Sometimes, we even chance upon her crying by herself.
    Boy: You feel down and weak whenever you see your mom crying?
    Charice: When mommy cries, we (Charice and Carl) feel like crying, too. So whenever she cries, we cry with her, too. So it would be “share-share” (laughs).
    Boy: (LAUGHS) Before, mommy was the one who chooses your songs, “You’re My World”, “I Have Nothing”, how bout now? Does she still chooses the songs?
    Charice: Of course, still my mom.
    Boy: Your mom still chooses the songs?
    Charice: Yes, she still chooses them. Like now, for my upcoming concert. We already talked about it. She said, “Ming, why don’t you sing a new song for your concert, for a change?” So I asked, “So, what song?” Mommy said she wants a Beyonce song. All right, a new song, go! (laughs)
    Boy: (laughs)
    Charice: Of course, what mommy likes, I like, too! I didn’t even think about first what mom thought. So there…
    Boy: Talk about your concert, let’s hear.
    Charice: Well, it’s my first major concert. So this is another achievement for me.
    Boy: First Major concert here in the Philippines…
    Charice: Yes, in the’s in the…
    Boy: Don’t forget because you’re international now (laughs).
    Charice: (laughs)
    Boy: So where is this?
    Charice: Um, it’s in SMX Convention Center, and…
    Boy: A beautiful place.
    Charice: I..I just can’t imagine…I’m super excited because Miss Regine Velasquez is our special guest.
    Boy: Wow…
    Charice: (claps and raises hands upward)
    :Boy: Okay…
    Charice: I’ll really…I could really say there are lot to look forward to in this concert. Because this concert, this is the music of my life.
    Boy: Right—
    Charice: From the start, up to the present.
    Boy: Okay…
    Charice: This will really be different, sensational. The concept… We really prepared and put hard work in this. It’s on June 27, that’s 8:00 pm. And for the tickets, just call 911-5555.
    Boy: Okay. I always said this when you were just starting to perform in America: YOU MAKE US PROUD, we pinoys. You have done so much for us. You make us proud, you make us feel good, about ourselves and about being a Filipino, about being artists. The story of your life is so beautiful. There is so much we can talk about your life. But as an expression of our support for you, it should be a must that every Filipino, have a copy of your album. Yes, it’s true.
    Charice: (laughs) Thank you.
    Boy: What you achieved, what we achieved, it’s all because of you. All of us should buy tickets because this not only the story of your life, it’s ours, too. So, let’s talk about Charice’s story, let’s talk about what you’ve gone through. But let’s not forget that the core of this story is your gift of a beautiful voice from God. You know, your musicality, your music, your gift, all of these, along with your story, this is what we hear. You’re a big part of the Filipino Story. You make us proud. You really make us proud. Regine Velasquez is my friend. I saw your reaction, I saw how happy you are that Regine is part of your concert. I mean she’s also part of my life…All of our dreams, you made them all come true for us. All of the doors that we want to open, you started to open them for us. That’s true. And I…we will never get tired of following you. Even if it’s in Baguio, I’ll come for you. (Charice laughs). That’s true, because your story is also our story. Your story is also the Philippine’s story.

  365. charlene Says:

    applause! applause! to you Mithi…you and your sister deserve standing ovation for the excellent English translations of this marathon interview. There’s only one more part missing (#8). In the meantime you need to sleep and get some rest, we don’t want to be accused of child labor here, allowing underage (10 & s16) work this hard (lol). Thanks Phil for your continuous support. God Bless always, have a great day.

  366. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Charlene, I don’t think Mithi requires sleep. She works around the clock. I think she is a Charicebot, constructed to promote Charice 24 hours a day!

  367. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Hello Mr. Phil. It was fun translating Charice’s interview. With Mithi jumping at me all the time, who wouldn’t want the job to be done ASAP? lol. I will work on Part 8 as soon as I collect my eyeballs from the floor. :). It’s a good thing I’ll be at home for a couple of days before returning to the university (ugh). With the help of coffee and a few clothesline clips (guess what they are for?), I’ll be able to finish Part 8 before the sun rises. (here in the phil.)

    Someone commented in Charicemania regarding this interview: “I almost cried. And I didn’t even uderstand what was being said and sung.”
    That’s how powerful Charice is. PAWAA

    Charice, at an early age, have gone through pains that would crush even an adult. From those merciless insults and bashings of her opponents’ fans to those ridiculous absurd issues about almost everything they could find wrong about her. That issue about her age, that’s the most ridiculous of all. When she joined LBS ,people claimed that she was 14 instead of 12. When she turned 16, people accused her of actually being 22! Wow, the nerve of ppl… It’s ironic that in the States, she could easily be mistaken as 11 yrs old! lol

    I hope my translations were able to give justice to Charice’s beautiful and tear-jerking story. I am proud to say that I did my first ever translating job for Charice. And I was able to keep Mithi in the house because of Charice. lol.


  368. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for your heroic efforts, Micchan. I will post your translations soon. I don’t have the time to go through and meticulously edit them yet but that’s okay. The sooner I post them, the sooner people can enjoy them!

  369. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    ATE CHA’s new house is sooo nice!
    Compare the two videos.
    DYNAMIC difference. weeeeeeeew.

    And this one:

  370. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi! You’ve given me a lot of work to do. I like that! As soon as I finish a couple of assignments, I’ll get to it!

  371. Bakero Says:

    Thank you so much for the translation! I’m a Charice fan from Portugal, and of course i was dying to understand the interview, but didn’t understand a word (well, maybe 2 or 3 because sometimes you speak in english eheh).

    If i already was a big fan of Charice, the singer, now i profoundly admire and love Charice, the person.

  372. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you are benefitting from the fruits of Mithi’s and Micchan’s labor of love, Bakero!

  373. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Here’s the last part of the SNN interview. Enjoy.
    —Now I lay me down to sleep—-
    PART 8 SNN Interview

    Boy: This, this was only a wild wish, this was only a joke…but do you remember when you were guesting in BoynKris, and I was always telling you, “Say hi to Oprah for me”? (laughs)
    Charice: (laughs) Yes..
    Boy: You remember that?
    Charice: (still laughing) Yes, yes..
    Boy: Just a joke…but who would have thought that…I mean, this is the most powerful woman (Oprah)…this is the most powerful woman in global television..and YOU impressed her..who would have thought, right?
    Boy: How is she? I mean, what’s she like?
    Charice: Um, well, Miss Oprah…
    Boy: You call her mommy? Miss Oprah? What do you call her?
    Charice: Well, I feel shy about calling her just “Oprah”. But she doesn’t want to be called Miss Oprah. She just wants plain “Oprah”. There was even a time when I accidentally called her “tita” (aunt). (laughs)
    Charice: (laughs) And when she asked, “what does that mean?”, I had a nose bleed (In Filipino context, this means that she was having difficulty in speaking English and was fumbling for words). Yes, so Oprah asked, “what is that?”. I was caught off guard, so that “tita” just slipped out! I was hoping to get a picture with her, so I called, “tita!”. Well, she glanced at me anyway and asked, “what’s that?” So I said, “It means ‘auntie’.” She was amused by that. But she doesn’t want to be called like that, she just wants plain “Oprah”. You know, just casual, (Boy: Yeah, like cool) like friends.
    Charice: She’s really kind. When you look at her, you would normally think, “ah, Oprah Winfrey.”…I thought she just isolates herself in her dressing room, you know she’s the most powerful….But when you’re with her, in the backstage…She is where the guests, the staff, and the people are. Sometimes she jokes around with the people..Sometimes she teases me, “no pressure, no pressure.” Maybe because she saw how nervous I am whenever I appear in the show.
    Boy: How many times did you guest in her show?
    Charice: 3 times..
    Boy: Wow, oh my God.. So everytime you go to the states, do you get in touch (with Oprah)? Do you call her?
    Charice: Um, I’m always in touch with her assistant…so, I got used to sending her letters. I always send her letters…I would ask how she is doing and that…They’re real letters (not email).
    Boy: So she appreciates them?
    Charice. Yes. I really buy the letters, (cards, etc. (the whole works)) write, and send them to Harpo.
    I send each of them letters: David Foster and my manager. In my letters, I thank them, etc… And they would say, “this is just the sweetest”…
    Boy: Amazing…amazing… So before Oprah, you’ve been to Sweden, Korea, and then Ellen DeGeneres…
    Charice: Paul O’Grady.
    Boy:…Paul O’Grady, London. Then Oprah..then…
    Charice: David Foster.
    Boy: Yes, David Foster, right? So with David Foster, you were able to perform in many places, right?
    Boy: Las Vegas?
    Charice:…In Sir David Foster’s charity events. It feels good… I was surprised that I was already with lots of celebrities.
    Boy: Who are these celebrities?
    Charice: Um, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus…
    Boy: They’re really popular in America (Jonas Brothers), right?
    Charice: Oh yes! Really, the girls are crazy for them.
    Boy: So Jonas Brothers…okay….
    Charice:…Miley Cyrus, David Archuleta. Um…
    Boy: Did David wink at you?
    Charice: Oh! No, no, no! (laughs)
    Boy: (laughs) David…this is in Macy’s Parade, right?
    Charice: Yes, this is in Macy’s Parade.
    Boy: And….?
    Charice:..and then, Miley Cyrus, she’s Hannah Montana.
    Boy: Right, right…
    Charice:…then Paris Hilton.
    Boy: How was it? She (Paris) likes you, right?
    Charice: (laughs) Yes…
    Boy: Charice, you’re really something, you know.
    She likes you, right? Paris Hilton?
    Charice: Um…
    Boy: Is she pretty? Skinny?
    Charice: Oh, she’s like a mannequin. Her face is so smooth… And you wouldn’t expect her to be that good-natured. I mean, there were all these controversies, scandals about her, right? I really can’t believe it’s her. She was very excited to take a picture with me. She went, “Wait! Let me have a picture with you!” I was thinking, “Is this really Paris Hilton?” (laughs)
    Boy: Yes, Paris Hilton WANTED to take a picure with YOU! Wow…
    Charice: She is really very kind. That’s what most people misinterpret, some say that she has a bad attitude. And—
    Boy: That’s familiar teritory to you. You know what it’s like, the bashings, the issues. You know all about those, right?
    Charice: (LAUGHS).
    Boy: Right? What could hurt more than what you’ve been through?
    Charice: (nods and laughs)
    Boy: So aside from Paris, there’s Celine Dion, of course.
    Charice: Yes, Celine Dion.
    Boy: How was that moment? When Oprah Winfrey surprised you with…(Celine)? You remember when you sang that song (My Heart Will go on)?
    Charice: Yes. I was supposed to sing to sing “Listen” by Beyonce…
    Boy: Okay…
    Charice: But I was wondering why they really insisted on “My Heart Will Go On”. It MUST be a Celine Dion song. So I was wondering, “Why?” You know, they told me that it was only the rehearsal, only to find out that it was the ACTUAL taping already. So mom had to go back to the hotel and get my outfits. So they chose an outfit We were really hasty about it. So I performed “My Heart Will Go On.”…then Oprah mentioned a working mother, with 7 yr old son. I thought it was a fan coz there were two other girls (fans) on the screen, too… So I wondered, “what was that box?…
    I thought it was a box (LAUGHS) behind me. So they made me look and whoa! There was Celine Dion on the screen! My reaction then, that was super real. I was really shocked….They did it via satellite…She’s watching from Washington DC. Oprah said she felt like crying even though it was planned and she knew what was going to happen beforehand. That was really the most memorable…
    Boy: It was what Oprah called a “WOW” moment..
    Charice: Yes. For that whole episode I was the guest…
    Boy: So that’s when you were invited to guest in Madison Square Garden?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: I remember what Celine Dion said when you guested there ( Madison Square Garden), she said that she is also willing to guest in Your concert someday in Madison Square Garden.
    Charice: She asked me, “When you do Madison Square Garden, are you gonna invite me?” I really couldn’t believe it….(laughs)
    Boy: Wow. And like many things that you had only dreamed before, THAT would also come true someday.
    Charice: (laughs)
    Boy: It will come that when you plan for a concert, you would say, “mommy, the Madison Square Garden.”
    Charice: (laughs)
    Boy: So Oprah is now your mentor.
    Charice: David Foster is my mentor. Oprah is my advisor.
    Boy: Oh, advisor. Who introduced you to David?
    Charice: It was Oprah who called David…told him to work with me..
    Boy: Wow. Amazing…
    Charice:…that’s the story of David Foster and Friends. That’s when she called Sir—I mean, David. He prefers plain “David”.
    Boy: He doesn’t like to be called “Sir”?
    Charice: Yes.. So Oprah asked David if I could be included in his concert. David agreed and said, “Well, anything Oprah says…” The audience (in the concert) seemed to approve and delighted. Seeing that (the audience’s reaction), Sir David seemed amazed. So it really…
    Boy: That started it, that started it.
    Charice: Yes, that’s where it really started. From then on, he is my mentor. They also got me a voice coach.
    Boy: Right. And now you’re recording your first US album?
    Charice: Yes, US album.
    Boy: So what’s the progress of you’re new album recording?
    Charice: Um, it will be probably finished around Septenber or October. But the single is already realeased.
    Boy: In America.
    Charice: (nods) It’s released in Oprah..
    Boy: Right…it’s uh..
    Charice: “Note to God”.
    Boy: Right, “Note to God”…wherein you made Oprah tear up.
    Charice: (laughs)
    Boy: She did, right? In that episode? Well, aside from that, you met Josh Groban, Bocelli…
    Charice: I also met my classmates in the voice lessons. Jessica Alba…(Boy: Wow!) and Josh—you know, the one from ——— (AN: Sorry, didn’t catch that. Though I think she said “Eight Hours”).. I forgot his name (laughs).
    Charice: Then (AN: I didn’t catch the other name. Camille something—sorry)…um.,
    Boy: These are all your classmates in voice lessons?
    Charice: Yes, they are also taking lessons.
    Boy: Whoaa..
    Charice: Yeah, I was also surprised. Eric Vetro, my trainor, is also very kind. I was very amazed by his studio. It’s covered with pictures of Anne Hathaway, and the High School Musical. When I saw the studio, I was like, “this is the guy who is supposed to train me?” I was kinda intimidated at first…so I really told mommy all about it.
    Boy: Zac..Vanessa—you already met her?
    Charice: Vanessa Hudgens? Um, not yet. But I’d like to someday.
    Boy: She’s half Filipina, right?
    Charice: Yes.
    Boy: Half Filipina…Vanessa..what’s her. (last name)..Hudgens?
    Charice: Yes, It’s Hudgens.
    Boy: (jokingly) And Zac, he’s my friend.
    (Both Charice and Boy laugh)

  374. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re the best, Mithi! I look forward to posting your translations as soon as I finish up a big project I’m working on!

  375. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    I read this in
    Here are some trivia about CHARICE:

    1. She absolutely loves paksiw na bangus especially cooked by her Mommy Raquel. “Fave ko super, grabe to the max” as she told me.
    2. She is often elected as class president.
    3. She has numerous medals in joining journalism contests.
    4. She’s very good in drawing.
    5. She plays the guitar (very well), plays the drums (self-taught), plays piano by ear (she can’t read notes yet)
    6. Cha wears her watch on her right hand because she’s used to it. Even her ring.
    7. Cha also loves sinigang, barbeque, chicken and spaghetti.
    8. Cha loves Theodore (from Alvin and the Chipmunks).
    9. Cha’s idol – Chiaki!
    10. Cha started homeschool – year 2007.
    11. Cha’s favorite movies are Kill Bill series, Resident Evil series, Saw series, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Enchanted.
    12. Cha’s favorite types of music are – RnB, Ballad and Rock
    13. Cha loves Mr. Bean (she can even imitate his voice, it was so funny!).
    14. Cha is not ticklish (yep, i tried tickling her).
    15. Cha is currently reading “In Search of Eden” from Oprah’s Book Club.

  376. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    This is a bit from the trivia thread above. Charice herself posted it as an answer:

    CharicePempengco wrote:

    Ok.. ganito kasi yan.

    i was in 5th grade (elementary) that time. They had 8 students to join the jornalism. And they needed 1 more student to be part of it. I’m not qualified cuz i’m only grade 5.. So, it has to be a high school student. Too bad for them, they didn’t find any students. lol. So, i tried to get some exam. They told me that i’m too young to join there. But i just replied,

    “Why don’t you try Ma’am?”

    so yeah! they said “ok”.. haha!

    I passed the exam. :)
    That’s why when i was there, i was the youngest! haha!

    (I’m in Broadcasting that time.. so i just explain to all the students there what Pres.Gloria Arroyo will gonna do if she’s elected as the President of the Philippines.. That’s why i won.. ahaha! (anti-gloria me!! sorry!) haha!)

    I won 5 medals in each category. :D weeeeeee

    NAKAKADUGO NG ILONG! haha! (trans: Made my nose bleed!)


    WOW! 5 medals! And she competed among those high schoolers, too! Isn’t that Amazing or what??!

  377. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Mithi, I think you are now the answer to a Charice trivia question: Who is Charice’s youngest, most devoted fan???

  378. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Funny!! Kakatawa! hahahahaha!

    What imagination people have! They should write books! hahahahaha

  379. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Anyway, the title of the video I posted is,

    Yeah, that’s why funny!!! hahahahaahahha

  380. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Mithi, some people have way too much time on their hands and have nothing to do but come up with wacky conspiracy theories!

  381. elsa from spain Says:

    Phil, i recvd copies of all who gave opinions and comments here regularly from this site and i was fascinated with TagpiAkingAso…mithi you did a good job translating all the uncut interview of Charice at SNN and i told charicemania translation is available at

    To Mithi, OMG, i am a charicediva member too but i stayed more at charicemania site…i enjoyed those trivias, you did read almost all the threads at charicediva which i failed to do so and you make things easy for me…MITHI…thanks and i enjoy your constant update with Phil…BRAVOOOO kid.

    I am in my 50’s already and found here the youngest fan of Charice…Charice is in good hands for the next generation…Mithi or TagpiAkingAso and her sister are there for her.

    Good health to all chasters globally and to great Phil Bolsta.


  382. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Elsa! Mithi is indeed a hardworking girl!

  383. miyi Says:

    TagpiAkingAso, aka Mithi, Hi!

    I really appreciate all your hard work translating all of Charice’ SNN interview.

    I’m setting up a team to do subtitles for Charice videos. Would you be interested in becoming a translator? You would be a welcome addition to our team.

    you can contact me at if you’re interested. Thanks.

  384. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Charice: Pre-concert Interview with Regine Velasquez
    TRANSLATIONS BELOW: from Charicemania

    Regine: She’s still a bit shy, but, well, ah, I’m really looking forward to the concert, of course, and, ah, finally, all of us here in the Philippines will get to really see how talented she is because we’ve just been watching her on Oprah, right? And in shows abroad, but now we’ll get to really see how talented she is.

    She can also see how proud we all are.

    Q: And how about you, Charice? She says that you are a little shy…

    Charice: Uhm…just a min…

    Q: You are a little shy with Ms. Reg…

    R: Well, no, she really is shy…

    C: Well…

    R: But not when she’s on stage…

    Q: That’s right…

    C: Ah, well, you see, I always say to those who ask: it is only Ms Regine whom I had not sang a duet with of all my favorite singers…

    Q: Oh. So this is a dream come true

    R: So, I’m the only one she hasn’t floored yet

    C: No, no, that’s not it…

    Q: So this is your dream come true?

    C: Yes. Of course it is…

    Q: Hmm…so we’re looking forward to the concert on Saturday?

    R: Yes, yes.

    C: Yes, that’s correct. I’m speechless…

    Q: You’re nervous…

    R: Well, congratulations in advance. I mean, you know, it’s good for Charice to finally have her concert here now, before she does her concerts in the States as I heard she’s already recording her first album; her international album.

    We are very proud of her and her achievements, so [to Charice] just keep doing it. There.

    I’m sure she’s going to give us a really, really great show. So, let’s al see each other there.

    Q: Thank you, Ms Regine

    C: Thank you

    R: She’s a little under the weather…

    Q: Yes…

    In behalf of Charicemania team, we would like to thank you java and Zero-Gravity. We highly appreciate your contributions.

  385. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi! You are a good taskmaster!

  386. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Charice’s Interview regarding Michael Jackson: SECRET REVEALED

    Newscaster: One of the many people who was saddened by the death of Michael Jackson is the Pinay International Singer Charice Pempengco. Charice revealed her long-kept secret: her planned showdown with Michael Jackson.
    Charice has been practicing for days her favorite dance, the moonwalk from the song Billie Jean. She was scheduled to rehearse with Michael Jackson the following week for his comeback tour this July. So she was shocked to see the news of the pop icon’s death on TV.

    Charice: I just saw the news earlier: Jackson: Dead. First, I was like, “Jackson? No way. It might be a different Jackson.” But afterwards, when I saw the news segment showing clips of Jackson dancing…. I felt numb, weak… Michael Jackson, even though I never met him, the fact that he chose me shows how kind-hearted he was. I mean, me, I’m still a newbie. Yet he, a legendary singer, chose me.

    Newscaster: According to Charice, she was in a private party of Warner Bros. when Michael Jackson’s lawyer approached her.
    Charice: He introduced himself: “I’m the lawyer of Michael Jackson.” So I went, “Huhh, Sir??” (shocked). He said Michael Jackson chose me to guest on his tour, world tour. I was stunned.

    Newscaster: Michael has been watching Charice on Oprah. But Jackson decided to choose her when he saw her on Youtube doing the moonwalk in the song Billie Jean.
    Newscaster: What song were you supposed to sing in the duet?

    Charice: It was supposed to be Billie Jean. It would have been like a dance showdown.

    Newscaster: So what did Michael said about you?

    Charice: When he saw the video, He said right away, “I want this kid”.

    Newscaster: After her duet with Celine, Michael would have been the biggest star she would share a stage with yet. Even though this would never happen now, Charice is still most grateful that he chose her as a guest, For her first solo concert tomorrow, she will offer a tribute to the King of Pop.

    Charice: *singing “You Are Not Alone”*

    Newscaster: Watch the full version of Charice’s interview tomorrow, on Wonder Mom.

  387. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about the Michael Jackson connection, Mithi. That would have been incredible to see Charice perform with him. That would have launched her into superstardom that much sooner. Such a shame.

  388. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Anyway, I guess I forgot to tell you, but the translations for the SNN interview has long been completed. No need for Ate Micc to translate Part 2, 4, 5, 6 coz they already have either subtitles or translations in Charicemania. Ima send you the links and Trans. ^_^

    PART 2 English Transcript

    Charice: They had a gig here in Tagaytay, uhm, my aunt was singing that (song)…She saw
    me singing along to it; that I had memorized the song.

    Boy: And then…

    C: So she called me to go on stage; I was nearly in tears because I never really liked being (in front of) people, but she
    told me it was just to jam with them…
    So I sang..It was only then I saw the people (natuwa***) with me…
    That’s why it seems, it felt like…I was really taught then by Mommy…

    B: And your love, ah, and your lave affair with the audience started there…

    C: Yes

    B: Earlier when you said you jammed with them, and you started to gain self confidence

    C: Yes

    B: …even when you were joining contents, where you nervous?

    C: Always..

    B: Really?!

    C: Yes…

    If you only saw my co-competitors in singing contests, their voices were amazing. We did not expect too much,
    sometimes, because they were all super good, really…

    B: Let’s go to the first contest that you remember joining…

    C: The first contest I ever joined

    B: …where, what you sang…yes..

    C: was in Laguna, at the Pavilion Mall.

    The first competition song I did was the Tagalog version of (sings:)
    You’re my world, nananana…Ikaw Ang Aking Daigdig
    (You’re My World)

    B: Ok. You know this song because it, too, was one of the songs of Mommy?

    C: Yes. She also taught me that because the (song’s) meaning was for her, too.
    When I sang that, I won second place. So, I felt happy because I placed second on my very first contest.

    B: You won right away…

    C: Yes

    B: Ok, what was the prize? Where there trophies?

    C: There was a trophy, and as far as I know, it was something like 7,000 in cash, I believe

    B: Wow, first time, huh?

    C: …Yes.
    Then, there also was 10,000 worth of gift certificates from the Mall…

    B: You must have been super happy…

    C: I was very, very happy then. My uncle raised me up to his shoulders; my feeling then was, my first ever contest, and I
    was holding a trophy (giggles)

    B: That’s great. So first contest, You’re My World, second prize, 7,000, with a trophy [Yes], with 10,000 worth of
    gift certificates, right?

    C: Yes

    B: So, next, where did you go?

    C: Oh, the next one, after I won, I lost.

    B: And where was this?

    C: In Laguna, too, in Balibago. That one was…of course I gave the…I was waiting for…

    B: And of course you had the confidence because you won previously…

    C: Yes (giggles) And, of course, because I was just a kid then, I thought “Will I win in this again?
    B: How old were you? How old were you when you joined your first contest?

    C: I was seven years old already

    B: Seven. So ok

    C: Yes…

    B: So, in the second contest, you know, there’s a little…

    C: Yes…

    B: So, Balibago…what happened?

    C: So, they announced the third (winner). So, it wasn’t me (laughs)

    B: Were you hoping? Were you hoping?

    C: Yes…so, second, second…
    They called out the second (winner), and still, nothing!

    B: Hold on a second, what did you sing there?

    C: The same song. The same song

    B: The same song?

    C: So, then…uhm…

    B: First. “And the first prize winner!”…

    C: Then they announced it, but they called out (a different name)!
    There was a puddle of water beneath me… I stomped by feet and splashed water onto myself, and onto Mommy’s pants.
    She told me “What are you doing?”
    She scolded me, she saw how I felt like. Of course…

    B: Disappointed, of course?

    C: yes, that I was depressed…
    It was then, I think, that Mommy thought I needed to learn another song…

    B: (laughs) because “You’re My World” lost…

    C: Well, because the songs they sang were, like, (sings:) Through the fire, really mean, so

    B: Chaka Khan

    C: …yes…
    So, after Ikaw ang Aking Daigdig (You are my world), Mommy taught me (sings)
    I, I who have nothing…

    (claps) Complete with (moves shoulders. laughs) this and that…

    B: (laughs)

    C: This and that…(moves shoulders)

    B: How’s that again? how’s that?

    C: (Like) this and that (moves shoulders)
    After that, I joined several other singing contests. That was when it was almost one after the other…

    B: …and you’re piece was…?

    C: I Who Have Nothing

    B: I Who Have Nothing

    C: …It was then when

    B: …there you already had *unintelligible*

    C: …second prize, first prize already, third prize. So it was like, I lost in something like 4 out of 10, something like that.

    B: Wow. Ok…

    C: Then, Mommy told me, it can’t be I Who Have Nothing all the time, so the next time, it became I Will Always Love You,
    or One Moment In Time”…

    B: Hold one a second, Charice. Let’s go back to the “You’re My World” and “I Who Have Nothing”

    C: Yes

    B: Let’s stand up [giggles] How was it…
    Isn’t there a..a…there’s a style (to that)…

    C: Ah, yes…Oh no!…how weird…!

    B: Isn’t there a…

    C: Oh no…I am amused…Oh, no…I think I’ll make a mistake…(giggles)

    B: Isn’t there a style to that…?

    C: You see, Mommy taught me before to stand this way…

    B: That’s how it starts?

    C: …Yes, with my back to the audience…
    Yes, on I Who Have Nothing…

    Then–I was even in backless (laughs)–then, of course, teeeeennnn, teeenn-teenn (dances) Then, of course, the people in
    the audience would be screaming

    B: (laughs, claps)

    C: So, it was like (sings:)
    I, I who have nothing — with my feet doing this —
    Adore you and want you so…I’m just a no one with nothing to give you but all…I love you!…

    B: (Laughs, claps)
    And In You Are My World, doesn’t it have steps?

    C: It’s with sweet gestures, that song…so, Mommy just taught me, like (sings)
    Ang bawat sandali ng buhay ko…
    (Every minute of my life)…

    And, really, it had to go with motion like this…Those were what Mommy taught me…

    B: And you really were in backless on I Who Have Nothing…

    C: Yes, really had to be backless, and at the start (dances) and (moves shoulders) like this…that’s what really draws the
    audience in (laughs)

    B: (Laughs) That’s beautiful!

    C: (Laughs)

    [Both take a seat]

    B: When it comes to choreography, really, it’s Mommy, huh?

    C: Yes, it’s Mommy…

    PART 5

    Boy: so did you have money for transportation going to ABS(CBN) … was life ok?

    Charice: we still had to borrow money, since the money I won from the singing contests was still not enough, since we have to spend for food, education for myself and Carl (her brother), and things around the house. With my winnings I can buy things for the house … and we just ride the tricycle (to the singing contests) and sometimes we hire a vehicle for us and my “fans” who carry banners and applaud for me, since it is unfair that the others have “fans”

    those were the times that even though I did not stay up all night, I experienced real difficulty since I was so nervous since this was the first time I joined a real singing contest on TV where people got to know about me, and where the competition was really stiff. I was glad that I was consistently first honor, but I was really hurt when they called me for third place

    B: but even before that, you got eliminated, right?

    C: I got eliminated, when I sang the song “Shine” by Regine V. .. I got 90 and the winner got 92, and I felt like fainting because there are only 2 left (?), so when I arrived back to our house, I was just shocked and blank-faced …

    B: so with all that you experienced, you won, you lost, you don’t really get used to either winning or losing, right? Every experience is new

    C: yes, everytime it is different

    B: so you really got shocked when you got eliminated?

    C: it was probably one or two weeks that I just stayed in my room … because I really gave my best (for that contest) … and my mom could not even talk to me, and I would just play the guitar, and after that they called (interrupted)

    B: what was playing in your mind?

    C: I really could not tell, since my mind was really blank and I would just play the guitar … and since that contest was taped and they would show that as a commercial (on TV) and they would show me and it would remind me of my loss again … and I don’t want to watch it anymore

    B: at that point, did it ever enter your mind to quit and never again join singing contests?

    C: that was the time that I said that I did not want to return as a wildcard … I told my mom that although it is just starting (for me), that experience was just too painful for me … I told my mom that let’s not even try, since the other singers are so talented …

    B: so what convinced you to go back as a wildcard?

    C: my mom said that just let it be – even if you lose, at least we went through with it … so we did

    B: so when you returned as a wildcard, did you still have expectations?

    C: no more – we planned to use the “I Will Always Love You” for the last, but I decided to use our real contest pieces then, so I sang “I Will Always Love you”, “Lipad Ng Pangarap” … and I did not expect to win because the others were really good … so when my name was called for the second phase where I would compete against the first honor, although I was glad, I feared that if I lost, it would be even more painful, since it would be just one more round, and I would be Star of the Month … so I just told myself just to push through with it, come what may … so that was the time of my monthly finals when I competed with the first honor when I sang “Run to You” when I almost cried and I just forced myself … because that song reminded me of my audition when I had a difficult time, and when I think of it now, it is difficult to remember those times when there were so many issues ..

    B: what issues?

    C: they were contesting my age – I was 12 and many were saying that I was 14-15, and I felt that we are all contestants, and we should compete fairly …

    B: so you really felt hurt, like, why are they doing this to me …

    C: yes, since we are all the same – contestants …

    B: did you feel that they were ganging up on you?

    C: my feeling was that I had a lot of competitors, not only the contestants, and I feel like crying and tell my mom that I feel like giving up but my mom said that we should push through with it. What they were doing to me really hurt me, like when I once lost, I could see some of them laughing at me and making fun of me that I lost (starting to cry)

    B: they were making fun of you?

    C: yes (crying) that was so painful … I don’t want to say anything (bad), but (really crying now) I hope they see what I’ve accomplished now … they were putting me down before … I hope they see what I’ve accomplished now … (me crying now!)

    B: (???) … and you did not give up … your mom was always there … when they were saying bad things about you, what did your mom say?

    C: my mom said to ignore them …

    B: did your mom fight for you? especially if they make fun of you in front of you and you hear bad things – do you put up a fight with them?

    C: my mom is of course protective, and she showed them my birth certificate showing I’m 12 yrs old since the age limit is 12 yrs

    B: so your mom showed them your birth certificate … so what were the other issues?

    C: that (age issue) was the one that they really used against me all throughout the singing contest

    B: but aren’t you distracted by all these bad things they say about you when you sing?

    C: when I sing, I experience a mixture of different emotions … sometimes I feel anger, and it comes out in my song … sometimes I think about my mom’s help and care for me, and that comes out as well, everytime I perform

    B: you cannot imagine a life without mommy right …

    C: yes

    B: she’s always there … I mean, this is a journey that you are taking with your mom

    C: yes

    B: you were mentioning before that you hope that those people who were putting me down and oppressing me before, you hope they see what you’ve accomplished so far – what do you mean by this?

  389. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Mithi. I won’t be able to update my Charice posts until I finish a big project I’m working on. But I’m looking forward to doing so! Thanks for all your help!

  390. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Wow! It’s already June 27 here in Phil!. The concert is only a few hours away! Even though I can’t attend the concert for the following reasons: 1. Underage: can’t go out past 6:00 pm. 2. I live in Mindanao, the most Southern part of the Philippines, and the concert is way up north!! 3. OBVIOUSLY, no MONEY. An elementary kid’s year allowance is not enough. T_T

    So I’ll just watch the concert on TV. I think they’re gonna show it LIVE. Hope so! ^_^

  391. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I bet that’s the biggest event to hit the Philippines for quite some time, Mithi! I have a hunch that you’ll enjoy it!

  392. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hi Phil. I pray that your big project will be completed soon so you could update your Charice posts. I really enjoyed updating you and commenting on this blog. Helping Ate Micc with the translations was the cherry on top of the big cake (Is this some kinda idiom? I read it somewhere. ^_^). Ate Micc is getting busier day by day with her college life, so someday, I hope I could do the translations myself.

    But I still have a lot to learn about English. As Filipinos say, “Marami ka pang bigas na kakainin.” (“You still need to eat lots of rice.”)

  393. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hope you enjoy your rice with a cherry on top, Mithi!

  394. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hey Phil. I read miyi’s invitation here and we’re really interested in joining the translation team. The only problem here, I don’t know how to contact him. I don’t know how to send msg through what’s that–gmail? Yahoo is the only email thingy I know. Ate Micc doesn’t seem to know either. Yes, we’re kinda behind when it comes to these kinda things.
    I received your email too, Phil. Maybe you could just give miyi my email address so he could contact me?
    Coz you know, Ate Micc and I became internet junkies only recently because of Charice, so we’re not that familiar yet with those stuff.
    So help us, please. ^_^ THANKS!

  395. miyi Says:

    Hi Mithi,

    I’m so glad you noticed my comment.

    if all you have is yahoo, here’s my yahoo email:, which is also my Yahoo Messenger ID.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

  396. TagpiAkingAso & Micchan Says:

    toinkk. Irasshai!

    I wonder though, why is the title “House Raid”? At first, I thought someone broke into their new house! Oh no, no, no, no way! jejejeje.

  397. TagpiAkingAso & Micchan Says:

    Only 2 hours away from the Big Concert. Thing is, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna show it on TV live. meeeeh. -_0
    OKAY, the latest:

  398. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for all the vids, Mithi and Micchan! You are a great research team!

    Looking forward to hearing your report on the big concert!

  399. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Awww. They didn’t show the concert live on TV. Maannnn.
    The concert started 8:00 pm. It’s now 10:00 in Phil. It’s a 2 hour concert so guess it’ll be over by now. Mybe they’ll show the recorded concert tomorrow? I really hope they do. But for now, Youtube is all we’ve got.

    Anyway, Wonder Mom is complete:

  400. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the Wonder Mom vids, Mithi! Much appreciated!

  401. TagpiAkingAso and Micchan Says:

    We would like to translate the “House Raid” segment. Charice is so funny! I bet even non-Tagalog speakers would laugh even if they can’t understand a word. ^_^

  402. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Charice has a really great sense of humor. I’m sure that will become more apparent as she gets more public exposure.

  403. MicchanKawaii Says:

    The concert’s being discussed in the Charicemania chat room right now. From what picked I out from the stream, it seems like Regine Velasquez didn’t make it to the concert. She had a fever for two days and is now in the hospital. That’s too bad for Charice. Another missed oppurtunity. First MJ, now Regine. Tsk Tsk.

  404. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well, at least Regine will recover. It’s true what they say in show business: “The show must go on.” Charice is a real trouper.

  405. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Then again, this rumor is from a chat room, so we can’t be sure whether the news we pick up from there is reliable. We will just have to wait for official reports. And youtube videos. ^_^

  406. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *nods* YouTube makes the world a better place!

  407. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Wow. Everyone’s getting sick out there. Even Charice herself was reported to have a cough during the concert. In the pre-concert interview, Regine mentioned that Charice was sick at that time. It must be the weather. The rainy season has arrived. The June rains really pour in sheets and the drops are as big as marbles. Charice seem to be always sick these days. First in Italy, now in the Phil. I hope they’re not overworking the kid. All that traveling is really exhausting for someone her age. I hope Charice and Regine will get well soon.

  408. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I sure hope Charice gets back to radiant good health again soon. What a trouper indeed—going out on stage for two hours when you feel crummy. Wow.

  409. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Hahahha. From I read from the chat room, it sounds like the concert is still going on or is only about to end. It’s like 11:25 now. And it’s supposed to be a 2 hour concert only! What happened? 1 hour of encores? haahhaha. Really…Pinoys. jejejejeje.

  410. MicchanKawaii Says:

    I think by now Chasters are trudging home toting their cameras. And the first thing they’ll do upon arriving home is to sit in front of the computer and upload the videos they ripped off from the concert on Youtube. Go Chasters!! We’re counting on you!! Onegaishimasu!!

  411. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You know Charice. Once she starts singing, she doesn’t want to stop! Go Charice! Go Chasters!

  412. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Bwahahahahaha. ^_^
    Check it out. Very first concert vid uploaded!

    NOTE: The link Mithi posted is no longer valid. To see Charice singing “My Heart Will Go On” at her SMX concert, go to:

  413. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mithi! You’re the best!

  414. miyi Says:

    TagpiAkingAso, here’s another way you can reach me:

    Register and sign up for this Charice fansite (it’s free):

    your contact information will then be visible to the website admin, whom I personally know. He’ll give it to me, that way I can contact you directly.

    Unless you’re comfortable typing your email here (at Phil’s blog), that’s also another way.


    – miyi

  415. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Miyi, I sent you the e-mail address you’re looking for just a few minutes ago. You’re good to go!

  416. MicchanKawaii Says:

    Concert report: The concert started on Filipino time: 1 hour late. Spectators were fighting for seats and places. jeje. They’re Chamazed. ;)

  417. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the on-the-spot reporting, Micchan!

    Umm, this is Micchan, right, and not Mithi? Are you two sisters?

  418. TagpiAkingAso and Micchan Says:

    We’re cousins. This is Mithi here now. Ate Micc just went out. Anyway, someone already uploaded vids of the entire concert. Hm, with mybe 1 or 2 parts missing. But they’re gonna come out eventually. ^_^


  419. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Awesome! FalseVoice just sent me his playlist, too!

  420. TagpiAkingAso and Micchan Says:

    Yehey. We’re now in the trans. team. And Mr. Phil, when you finish your big project, I strongly recommend that you watch the Uncut SNN interviews first. It’ll tell you LOADS more about Charice. It’s even more tear-jerking than the MMK episode. I watched part 6 again and it made me tear up again!. Better have some tissues ready. ^_^

  421. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Count on it! Thanks, M & M !

  422. Micchan Says:

    Hi Phil. The SMX would be our top priority for now. Yeah, seems like the translations are in demand in all Charice sites . We’ll work on it first thing in the morning. It would be a tough job deciphering all the spiels considering the length and the not-so-good quality of the videos . But we’ll try our best. Especially since you personally requested it and even emailed us for it. ^_^

  423. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *bows in gratitude*

  424. Micchan Says:

    Just wanna ask: Do you want us to include some of what the audience is saying in the translation? Sometimes we could faintly hear someone from the audience dropping comments here and there. I still haven’t watched all the concert vids, but word from those who attended the concert is going around in CM that a few spectators said some “interesting things” when it was announced that Regine couldn’t make it to the concert. I still don’t know if these were captured in the vids…But still interesting…

  425. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a good question, Micchan. The only way I’d want to include a comment from the audience is if it was really, really noteworthy. Thanks.

  426. Gary Says:

    Have you heard if there will be a good quality CD or DVD released from her recent concert at SMX? I saw several camera on the floor. Hopefully they were doing more than just shooting it for the big screen.

    P.S. Feel free to place me on your mailing list for updates.

    Best Regards,

  427. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a very good question, Gary. I’ll see what I can find out. And maybe a Chaster who reads this might know.

  428. Micchan Says:

    Hey Phil. Sorry, I still couldn’t come up with the translations due to tight schedules and stressful schoolwork. Maybe by Saturday I could pick up my brain from the ground and start working on the trans in the comfort of my home. The dorm isn’t just a place to do something very important like this. Well, I do my schoolwork at the dorm… Well, I guess that speaks out my priorities. lol. CHARICE is just different. jejejejeje.

  429. Phil Bolsta Says:

    By all means, take your time, Micchan. I appreciate whatever you give me whenever you give it to me!

  430. miyi Says:

    Hi Phil, SNN Interview UNCUT Parts 1-8, with Subtitles, now available.

    Subtitles by NuWave, video by Nighthawk, courtesy of SNN Online.

    We will include our newest recruits, Micchan and Mithi, in our next projects, hehe XD.

  431. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *bows humbly in gratitude*

  432. Lyza Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been reading this blog, but never bothered to post a message since everything I want to say about Charice has all been said/expressed. But I’ve been searching for this one video and finally found it and noticed that it was only viewed about 400x (this one anyway). This is not one of her latest performance, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

    One thing I want to say though. I cannot wait ’til her US Album gets released. Does anyone know the specific date yet.

  433. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, Lyza, I thought Charice just sang Fingerprint at the Kodak. Thanks!

    Don’t know when the album is coming out. All I know is that it’s gonna be huge!

  434. Lyza Says:

    Hi Phil,

    You’re welcome!

    One of my many favorite part about Charice’s performances is when I see the audience looking like they’ve forgotten to breathe. Her performances take our breath away!

  435. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, Lyza! Thanks again for the Kodak video. I added it right away!

  436. Micchan Says:

    I know this is old news. But still, wonderful article. :)

    The rise and rise of Charice Pempengco
    NEW BEGINNINGS By Büm D. Tenorio, Jr.
    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Even with my eyes closed — by saying this I risk myself sounding like a braggart — I am a hundred percent sure I can write a thousand and one beautiful things about Charice Pempengco. After all, we were once neighbors in Gulod (a barrio in Cabuyao, Laguna) until fate brought her to places she herself had never imagined she would see, let alone perform at. But the 15-year-old singing sensation always had the conscious effort to look back. So recently, Charice and I sat down for an intimate dinner with her family and my friends. You guessed it right, the night was filled with singing and reminiscing. Her singing was electrifying. The reminiscing part was warm and touching.

    She was only seven years old when I first saw her — looking all the more diminutive in her little skirt that she wore on the night of an amateur singing contest in Gulod. She sang “Dakilang Lahi” and won the grand prize, besting other seasoned contestants much older than her. I snaked my way to the backstage to congratulate the little girl in a ponytail. A voice in my head told me she would be big someday, as big as her voice. Perhaps bigger than that. I was not wrong.

    Charice says she started singing when she was four. Her first piece was Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” She sang it at home, on top of a table, after cuing the Minus One she herself played on a karaoke stereo. She learned to sing by listening to her mom and her aunts who had a band before.

    Barely two years after that amateur singing contest in Gulod, we saw each other again when Charice, her mother Raquel and younger brother Carl transferred to our neighborhood from Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Raquel’s kids were still very young when she separated from their father. Charice and Carl grew up with the strong yet loving presence of their mother.

    One day, a thief entered their house and stole Raquel’s savings of P4,000. Charice’s instinct when she found out that their only “fortune” was missing was to search for an amateur singing contest. In the middle of the night, Raquel, Charice and Carl went to Calaca, Batangas where an amateur singing contest was being held. They traveled by bus, confident that they would be able to go home even if Raquel only had exact money for one-way fare. After three rounds of singing that lasted until four in the morning the following day, Charice won first prize with her final piece “Ako ang Nagwagi.” That song won for Charice P8,000.

    Raquel eventually resigned from her job as a supervisor in an apparel factory to give support to her daughter’s growing penchant for joining singing contests all over the Philippines.

    Indeed, God has been so good to Charice that doors to international fame have been opened up for her. Thanks also to modern technology, she has become a phenomenal singing sensation.

    Charice admits the turning point of her career as a singer happened when someone uploaded her video on YouTube. She was able to do a recording in Sweden in June 2007 because she was discovered via Internet. It was also through YouTube that she became a guest in the talent search “Star King” in South Korea in October 2007. In December 2007, she hit it big time when she guested on Ellen DeGeneres show. Early this month, Charice made Filipinos proud again when she made it to the Paul O’Grady Show in London. And this coming May 12, as Charice reveals, her guesting on Oprah will be shown in the Philippines.

    Charice is tight-lipped about the songs she sang on Oprah. “When I was singing, I could see Oprah, almost teary-eyed. She hugged me tight after I sang and asked: ‘Where are you from?’ I simply said I was from the Philippines,” she recalls.

    “I owe all my international guestings to ‘false voice.’ We didn’t know each other before but he was the reason why I’m now known even abroad,” Charice humbly says in the vernacular, giving due recognition to the person who uploaded her videos on YouTube.

    The “false voice” Charice is talking about is Dave Dueñas, a 22-year-old BS Nursing graduate from Bacoor, Cavite. He called his YouTube account “false voce” because “it is the other term for falsetto. I am a music lover that’s why I named it that way.”

    Dave, he confesses, got challenged when he saw how many people viewed the YouTube videos of Bianca Ryan, a young singer made famous by the talent search “America’s Got Talent.”

    “I really thought hard who I could match with Bianca Ryan. Then I remembered the ‘I Will Always Love You’ performance of Charice in a TV show. I uploaded it on YouTube. That started it,” Dave says.

    “I first noticed Charice in 2005 in Little Big Star (a singing contest on ABS-CBN where Charice won third prize) as a wild card entry. But I believe I really first saw her when she won in Magandang Tanghali Bayan’s Junior Star Quest when she was only eight years old,” Dave tells me in a separate interview, adding that he is indeed a proud fan of Charice.

    Charice and Dave are now the best of friends, calling each other “sfexial,” to denote how special truly they are for each other. They are so close that Charice put everything aside when she recently attended Dave’s graduation in Cavite. “She even gave me a laptop as a graduation gift,” Dave happily shares.

    Dave says he will continue to upload videos of Charice on YouTube as he believes more things are in store for his newfound friend.

    From their simple apartment in Gulod, Charice (who now goes to a home study program with her brother Carl) has gone a long way. She now has her upcoming album under Star Records. She also relishes on the fact that she has her own dressing room now every time she has TV guestings on ABS-CBN. (She says she used to change clothes in the toilet with other budding singers).

    With all the international guestings Charice engages herself in, the mark of David Foster — the Canadian musician and producer who has worked with the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand — is felt and seen. Truth is, Foster flew Charice to Las Vegas last December to watch the farewell concert of Celine Dion. The bigshot producer also went around with Charice in tow, introducing her as “my newest baby” which also means, according to industry observers, “my newest talent.”

    Charice is indeed one young gun who, with her singing prowess, never fails to blow us away. And she’s just starting.

    “Kilala nyo ako, (You know me) Tito Büm,” she says, “kahit paano nakita nyo kung paano ako lumaki, saan ako nanggaling. Siguro yung achievements ko ngayon ay bigay ng Diyos sa maraming hirap na sinapit namin noon (You know where I came from and you have somehow seen me grow. My achievements now are rewards from God for the hardships my family and I have been through),” says Charice, who will be sweet 16 on May 10.

    Charice says her past experiences have made her stronger. And they will continue to inspire her to better her craft. She will keep on dreaming, she says, “for dreams really do come true.”

    And like the lyrics of the first song Charice mastered when she was only four years old, her heart will go on.

  437. Phil Bolsta Says:

    As long as old news is good news, that works, Micchan!

  438. idolming Says:

    I LOVE CHARICE SO MUCH!!! can’t get tired reading anything ’bout Charice!!! I downloaded all this vids, to make sure can watch anytime/anywhere… TY for this article & 4d uploads, appreciated so much!!!

  439. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is my great pleasure, idolming!

  440. idolming Says:

    Welcome!!! Hope more article Phil

  441. Micchan Says:

    have you seen this vid? I think it was taken before Charice’s “America” days. I think even before sweden and korea. It looks like she’s just sitting down for breakfast and suddenly felt like singing. lol Enjoy!

  442. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Micchan! I hadn’t seen this clip before!

  443. Micchan Says:

    how bout this? one of her old vids. She’s probably 11 or 12 yrs old.

  444. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yep, that performance was from Little Big Star. It’s on my LBS post:

    Pretty big voice for such a small girl!

  445. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Hehehe. Look Mr. Phil, the uploader of the vid quoted you. Actually, you’re being quoted all over youtube these days. ahahaha.
    This is a compilation of interviews. You’re quoted at the end of the vid. VOila!

  446. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Micchan, Loel is a friend of mine who’s sent me some Charice videos for my blog. I appreciated his kind gesture!

  447. niel Says:

    i came upon this blog of yours when ive seen with the link in the web of charice…
    its good of you to write such a good thing about that girl… ive seen her videos and its really good…
    by the way, is it true that she is included in the cristmas album of david archuleta ?

  448. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hi, Niel! Yes, according to

    Very interesting tweets coming from Charice — A couple of hours after midnight (July 29 California time), Charice tweeted that she finished recording for David Archuleta’s Christmas album.
    In spite of the rise of interest by both Charice and David Archuleta’s fans/followers who tweeted for further details regarding the song, Charice just said that it’s a duet but did not disclose anything more about the song.
    Charice further tweeted to David Archuleta a thank you and that it’s such a pleasure to do the recording.
    As of posting date, no tweets from David Archuleta yet.

  449. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Just found this. I think its cute. Very poor video quality though. But stll, priceless!!

    Have you seen Cha’s rap vid? If not, here it is.
    PEACE OUT, YO! nyahaha.

  450. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hi, Micchan! Yes, I actually added Charice’s rap to this post yesterday! Hilarious!

  451. TagpiAkingAso Says:

    Haha. I love the rap. Anyway, I’m Mithi, not Micchan. Hihihihi. ;D

  452. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My humble apologies, Mithi. You and Micchan both use the same e-mail address so it’s hard to tell! WHy don’t you both sign your name each time? That would be helpful!

  453. dothinkkfeelgood Says:

    Hi Phil.
    I never expected to to see this blog.This is so great for Charice fans like me.
    This is the longest exciting article i ever read.
    So inspiring !!!!!!!
    Thanks for everything.

  454. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, dothinkfeelgood! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Say, I e-mailed you but didn’t hear back. You can e-mail me directly at Let me know if you’d like to be on my e-mail list for updates on my blog!

  455. dothinkfeelgood Says:

    It is so nice to read all the beautiful comments here.
    I believe all of these are music lovers with good taste.
    To you : Tagpiakingaso and sis, Micchan, Charlene, Phil and others….you are all oustanding.
    You deserve to be serenaded by Charice personally for your dedication and sacrifice for her. Hope to see that time.

  456. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed all the contributions of all the dedicated Chasters, dothinkfeelgood! Charice sure has her loyal fans!

  457. siane Says:

    wow indeed! such a great blogs/articles good thing i check one of following twitter of abs-cbn, so i saw you there, sure phil bolsta you can add my eamil on your email list. it’s my pleasure to receive the news about charice. thank you so much.. by the way i am charice fans super fans. my happiness to read news articles, watching video of our dear cutie princess charice…

  458. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my Charice posts, siane!

  459. 18wheeleredy Says:

    Hey Phil….magnificent story telling…heheh
    i’m pretty much speechless is all i can say.

    Anyways….hope u dont mind me postin this link to chariceworld blog section. i cant help myself……heheh. its your decision if u want it ther or not. Just e-mail me back….


  460. Phil Bolsta Says:

    By all means, 18wheeleredy. Post the link wherever you’d like. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  461. Noellen Says:

    Hello Phil,,,, heheh,,, just love reading everything in here,,, but wait,,, hmmmnn ,, where are TAGPI and Micchan,,, am missing them in the chatroom too,,,, hhehehe

    Thank you,,..

    Noellen Dines

  462. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you like my Charice posts, Noellen! I haven’t had much time to do updates lately so Micchan and others might be a little upset with me!

  463. JonRes20 Says:

    Hi Phil. I am one of Charice’s millions of fans. I sometimes came here and take a peek in your blog from time to time. This is my first time to post a comment. All I can say is congratulations for this very wonderful and informative blog site dedicated to Charice. The comments and article/translation contributions of Mithi and Micc are amazing. I have never seen such a loyal and dedicated Charice fans.:)

  464. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment, JonRes20. I agree that Mithi and Micc are amazing!

  465. kingkong98270 Says:

    Hi Phil, I’m so glad you are a dedicated fan as I am. I love reading your blog. I can’t get enough!! I will be seeing Charice this Sunday in Tacoma at WOWOWEE! I hope she gets to sing more songs than in Lake Tahoe. Will post vids. Love you Charice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  466. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome, kingkong98270! Enjoy the live performance! Wish I could be there too!

  467. frankahilario Says:

    While I’m only starting to blog on her, Phil, you should be writing a book now, on Charice!

  468. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for he vote of confidence, frankahilario!

  469. busays12 Says:

    thank u phil for u blog good job and pls visit Charice world forum section under video charice has many new video more power to you. busays12

  470. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you enjoyed my Charice posts, busays!

  471. agno Says:

    wow.. you really keep on updating charice… you’re great!

  472. agno Says:

    looks like you did not update your blog phil.. here are some new videos of charice… new songs coming..



    and i hope you already seen this video NOTE TO GOD

    3. NOTE TO GOD

    This was taken during her appearance @ SKATE FOR THE HEART last September 19, 2009

  473. agno Says:

    here is a new video poster by charice from her latest gig @ BEST BUDDIES GALA October 9, 2009

  474. Phil Bolsta Says:

    THank you for the updates, agno! I’m waaaaay behind in my Charice updates. I have to finish a huge project before I can catch up. Can’t wait! It’s messages like this that will help me catch up again!

  475. charlene Says:

    Indeed “unbelievable” as one of the guests in the audience commented. I believe this is the most moving rendition of NTG, Lisa Smith made it more poignant with her astonishing accompaniment in sign language. Charice is awesome as usual. Thanks agno for these latest postings and thanks Phil for including these video updates in your blog site. God Bless!

  476. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Charlene! Charice really pours her heart and soul into NTG. Then again, she does that with every song!

  477. elrem27 Says:

    beautiful phil. you can write a book about her now, very descriptive.

  478. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, elrem27! Charice is a joy to write about!

  479. Jing Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I am also a charice fan and really love her every performance. I am looking forward to tons of videos of her tour with DF. Thank you for this nice blog, haven’t really gone through its entirety. Will do when I get home from work later. It is nice to know that from when you wrote this blog until now, you still like and support Charice!

  480. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Nice to hear from you, Jing! Glad you’ll be making your way through my Charice blog posts. Yes, I can’t imagine NOT liking and supporting Charice. She’s terrific!

  481. agno Says:

    Charice sings NOTE TO GOD dedicated to the affected TYPHOON ONDOY in manila.

    MANILA – International singing sensation Charice is keeping mum on her love life. The 17-year-old singer, who is now sporting a new sexy look, shyly admitted that she has an American suitor when prodded by “The Buzz” host Kris Aquino about her love life. She shared: “Kapag minsan tinutukso ako ni mommy, ‘Yan ang gwapo, gwapo. “Sabi ko, ‘Ayoko naman na ako ang bubuhay sa kanya.” Charice admitted once that she has a crush on American singer Josh Groban.

    Meanwhile, the Filipino singer is set to go back to the United States on Thursday for a series of shows there. She will promote an all-star Christmas album, be part of “David Foster and Friends” tour, attend the premiere of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” film, and finish her first international album.
    Her album produced by Foster will be released January of next year.


  482. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the update, agno! What show is this Note To God video from?

  483. agno Says:

    @ ASAP (ABS-CBN) philippines phil..

  484. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, agno!

  485. AmazingCP Says:

    Hi Phil

    Vidoes update. Charice on Ruffa & Ai.. Oct 13.. Enjoy

  486. AmazingCP Says:

    Hi Phil

    X’mas mood now..This video taken last 27 Dec 2008 in Manila, Canyon Woods -Charice was just passing by and she agreed to sing for the mass. OMG….Its very goosebumps! I dont think u seen this video yet.

  487. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, AmazingCP! Yes, I did have Charice’s “O Holy Night” performance on this post:

    Keep the vids coming! They’re a big help!

  488. agno Says:

    hi phil.. this is also part of RUFA & AI
    this was so emotional because her mom gave her a ROSARY and she want charice have it where ever she go and performs..

    hmmmm i hope someon will tranalate every words they saying in the video hehehe, it so have to me to do it..

  489. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Agno! Do you know what date this video was filmed?

  490. agno Says:

    i think you dont have this charice life story with english subs.

  491. miCALI Says:

    Hello Mr. Phil Bolsta.. I love your blog and I am a huge fan of charice too. I am very glad to have stumbled upon your wonderful blog. I also love the following videos of charice:

    Charice singing “Taking Chances” by Ms. Celine Dion where Charice sang this impromptu based on the TV shows host’s request.

    Michael Jackson Medley sang by Charice in a Philippine TV Show

    Charice singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at Big E, Charice First Solo Concert:

    Keep em coming Mr. Phil Bolsta. Thank you for supporting Charice.

  492. agno Says:

    it was taped october 14, 2009 sorry for late reply.

  493. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Agno!

  494. AmazingCP Says:

    Hi Phil,
    Charice wants to say Haloooooo to U….CHARICE singing ‘Halo’ @ Pilipinas, Game KNB? (10/19/2009)…Hehe

  495. AmazingCP Says:

    A Reminder. LOL ;)

  496. AmazingCP Says:

    A Reminder. LOL ;)

  497. AmazingCP Says:

    With English translation…thanks
    Charice Rap [HD] – “S2pid Love” by Salbakuta (English Subtitles)

  498. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for all the good stuff, AmazingCP! I couldn’t do this blog without fans like you!

  499. AmazingCP Says:

    U r most welcome Phil…Remember we are all CHASTERS Chaddicts…So we have to keep up and post latest news on her…Thanks a million for this blog…God bless.

  500. agno Says:

    Hi Phil,

    here’s another video: Charice and David Foster performs Note To God live at Chicago’s WGN9

  501. AmazingCP Says:

    Concert at Rosemont 21 Oct..

  502. AmazingCP Says:

  503. AmazingCP Says:

    Rosemont Concert….Enjoys….

  504. AmazingCP Says:

  505. AmazingCP Says:

    Kudo to Lovelybug & Jannie and other uploaders….!!!

  506. AmazingCP Says:

    Power of love…

  507. AmazingCP Says:

    Last one upload by lovebugg…..

  508. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for all the vids, AmazingCP! I’ve got my work cut out for me!

  509. Translation Chicago Says:

    Charice, I just hope you still read this comment. A lot of people are so proud of you and has been mesmerized by your singing. You are one great talent! I hope you can be one of the guests in BGT or AI perhaps… Go for it girl!

  510. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Translation Chicago! Charice is lucky to have so many enthusiastic fans!

  511. AmazingCP Says:

    Chasters Enjoy watching the concert at
    WaMu Theater, Madison Square Garden…GBU is sure goosebumps, get ready ur box of tissues

    Note To God by Charice –

    GBU –

    Bodyguard –

    Power of love –

    America songs

  512. AmazingCP Says:

    God bless America….

  513. AmazingCP Says:

    Deborah Cox, Charice and Ruben Studdard

    Deborah & Charice

  514. AmazingCP Says:

    Charice – Boston 10/25/09
    Can you hear the audience shouting for charice?? They said that 90% are non-flipino..

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  515. AmazingCP Says:

    This one is very cuteeee!

  516. AmazingCP Says:

    Her rendition of Bodyguard medley was awesome….Same songs again n again…But hey Charice owns this song…This is one of the best Bodyguard medley that she ever did.
    Dont forget to thanks the uploader and rate them….

  517. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for all the work you do on behalf of Charice, AmazingCP! These are great!

  518. AmazingCP Says:

    U can see and hear the audience reactions….They are very appreciative of her performance…

  519. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Charice has an amazing ability to establish intimacy with an audience and make them feel like friends instead of fans. She’s the best! Thanks, AmazingCP!

  520. dothinkfeelgood Says:

    Hi Phil.
    It is so nice to see again the comments and updates pouring here.
    At first i thought i will be the last guy to see this blog last Aug 25.
    Just as i expected ,many will be surprised and amazed to see so many great things about Charice here.
    Simply amazing, the Charice magic keeps on going strong.

  521. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I must correct you, dothinkfeelgood. The Charice magic is just beginning!

  522. AmazingCP Says:

    A message from Charice – Oct 27 2009

  523. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Excellent! Thanks so much, AmazingCP!

  524. Guitar Lessons For Children Says:

    Yes, Charice has an amazing ability to establish intimacy with an audience and make them feel like friends instead of fans. She’s the best! Thanks, AmazingCP!

  525. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yep, there’s no question that Charice will have a long and wonderful career! Thanks, Guitar!

  526. ganie1231 Says:

    i enjoyed reading your blog… thank you so much for loving charice!

  527. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s my pleasure, ganie1231! Charice is easy to love!

  528. micchan Says:

    Hi Phil! Thank you for keeping this wonderful blog going on. Soon when Charice’s album hits the market, expect a lot of new comments flooding this site. :D. I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. Spread the Charice love!

  529. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wonderful to hear from you, Micchan! I’ve missed you! And I’ve missed updating Charice’s posts. I’m still working on finishing my next book and need to focus on that until it’s done.

    Thank your for the warm wishes. The same to you!

  530. Max Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just a note to let you know has restored the link to your site. I do not know how or why it was removed, But we restored it. I apologize for the error.

  531. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Max. I appreciate that!

  532. niel Says:

    i saw charice on TV, singing in Mandalay and how proud i am to see a filipino who is not that famous here in the Philippines back then… my sister and i jump with happiness to hear such a beautiful song…
    I saw first saw her once in the singing competition and the finals and we didnt notice her at all…
    but now,she’s out there, living her dreams… she did a great job… and i just cant stop reading articles concerning her.. and you phil write with word that fully comprehend what she really is…she’s a long way of and may God bless all the people who embodies and trust her
    I see that you are replying to the comment… that is really great, thanks for writing this wonderful word…

  533. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Niel. It’s a joy to connect with other Charice fans who find joy in her performances and life story!

  534. luvkcha09 Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Wheww.. I have just had a massive dose of Charicetamines (vitamins :) even from reading last year’s postings. Charice is my therapy, you know – her songs and her goings on and her fans, fellow Chasters and Chaddicts makes my day. I want to say Hi to you Phil, and to the young girl Mithi and her sister – wonderful writers! This is good practice for students to polish their writing. I worry sometimes that with text messaging that students are not learning proper grammar. Some of the youtube commentators give English Grammar teachers high blood pressure :)

  535. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Ha! Yes, luvkcha09, the younger generation is certainly growing up under different circumstances than what we had! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a note!

  536. Loel Says:


    I still come and visit your blog once in a while. Again, I’d like to express my appreciation for keeping your blog about Charice.

    More than a year back, we had some worries about how Charice would handle fame. Charice has been on many events lately and I would like to share with you this one – Charice’s life story in her own words.
    Now, she’s planning to celebrate her most important day, her 18th birthday, with oprhans. If I’m not mistaken, 3,000 of them.

  537. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the update, Loel. I appreciate it very much. I am so glad to hear all that and I look forward to updating my posts about Charice when my schedule frees up.

  538. mdsjr Says:

    I love the youtube of Charice at GMA behind the scene. The short song with “Afraid of pizza pie” portion in that scene actually came from a novelty song written by a local band the “Parokya ni Edgar” titled Picha Pie written in tagalog and english with the tune of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. She sang that song probably to loosen up.

    There are so many Filipinos that can easily match the high notes of Charice. That is why she once said, Filipinos are hard to please. Charice is just one of the thousands of those talented Filipinos but nothing compares to her big, sweet voice and charisma. Too bad, we don’t have good people with the calibre of Oprah and David Foster.

    To anyone who wants to know more about Charice, I recommend this site. You’ll find everything here. Superb job, Phil Bolsta. Thanks for sharing.

  539. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I did not know the origin of the pizza pie song, mdsjr. Thank you for letting me know that! Thanks, too, for your kind words. I’m glad you stopped by!

  540. mingsfan Says:

    I’m old enough to have seen the Beatles’ next-to-last performance in Dodger Stadium on Aug 28, 1966. I never thought that I would ever get as excited about any other musical artist(s), but Charice proved me wrong. I never thought that I would belong to a fan club, but Charice proved me wrong. The first time I saw her Star King (Korea) video (before her appearance on Ellen), my reactions were, “Who is this girl?”,”Why haven’t I heard of her before?”, and “She’s going to be a star.” That first experience forever converted me to a Charice fanatic (Chaster). Not a day has gone by that I haven’t checked YouTube for new videos. I’ve seen her perform in two David Foster & Friends concerts: Las Vegas (May 9, 2009) and San Jose (Nov 6, 2009). I attended her 17th birthday party the day after her Las Vegas show & had the unforgettable opportunity to “meet & greet” her after the San Jose show. It’s been such joy to watch Charice grow from an exceptionally talented girl to a young lady who is on the verge of super-stardom — for all of her dreams to come true. Nothing can stop her now.

  541. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, mingsfan. I share your excitement and joy for this exceptionally talented girl. She is truly a gift to the world!

  542. mel Says:


    Thanks a lot for featuring Charice in your blogs. I really admire her talent and generous heart as well.

    I remember when I was in my grade school, during our graduation song rehearsal, our music teacher stopped our singing to ask who’s the one singing off-key and I raised my hand because I knew I was the guilty one and she kindly advice me to lower down the volume of my voice.

    After several years, way back 2005 my first cousin recruited me to become a choir singer in our Church and I was like, “Are you out of your mind? you know that I coul not carry a tune.” She said,”If you didn’t pass the audition by the district organist then you wouldn’t be one.”
    I remember praying to God that if He thinks I’m not qualified to be one then don’t let me pass the audition. I also remember shaking from head to toe due to nervousness but thankfully I was able to finish the audition song in front of the tired and sleepy district organist. Surprisingly, I passed. Now, I am currently a second soprano at our choir and I can now truly say that I can sing because God made me qualify to serve him through musical praises.

    God bless.


  543. Phil Bolsta Says:

    That’s a good story, Mel. It would be a real miracle if I passed an audition. When I was in grade school, everyone in the class had to audition for choir, three students at a time. The first two students I was with sang for 30 seconds or so and each passed. Then it was my turn. The teacher played one note on the piano and asked me to sing it. I did. And the audition was over!

    Also, in sixth grade, as we were all singing from our class music book, the teacher came over and stood by me and smiled. When we were all done, she asked me, “Did you know you were singing a different verse than everybody else?”

    *sighs heavily* I guess it is not my lot in life to be a songbird!

  544. joan Says:

    A complete compilation! thanks for posting and i really enjoy it until to its last video…Thanks for suporting Charice and it’s really touching. I watched her when she joined one of the singing contest in ABS-CBN.And its really hard for her to accept the decision knowing that she really deserve the tittle and her story of that was really inspiring…

  545. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Joan. I hope you come back again soon!

  546. robee Says:

    it’s the most comprehensive compilation of cha’s journey to stardom…. i really like your site.

  547. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, robee! Hope to see you here often!

  548. ChaCha23 Says:

    You Forgot something

  549. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, ChaCha23, but “Note to God” is on this post already—on Oprah when Charice premiered it.

  550. noellen Says:

    awww,,, I am missing tagpiakingso here ,, so with her cousin,,,

  551. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Let’s hope Mithi and her cousin return to leave more comments, noellen!

  552. Vee Says:

    My first time to visit here, tho I’ve see your name somewhere. Thanks for compiling the videos n making charice’s bio; as if I traveled with her these past two years. Very descriptive, detailed n I think accurate like a thesis. I hope there’s a Japanese translation for cuz she’s still quite unknown here. Only featured once with her 9-year old video in a contest. N Filipinos don’t have a good reputation here due to the ‘night club industry’ ESP back in the 80’s. Anyway, Ill check your book cuz it sounds inspiring. Please keep on supporting charice n all people who continue to soar high with their abilities n determination. In essence, you’re also helping the depressed by getting knowledge from those who succeeded. Thank you very much.

  553. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Very glad you stopped by and left a comment, Vee. Charice is coming to Japan to perform soon so that will get her known in a big hurry there! Thanks much for checking out my book. I appreciate it!

  554. Gary Says:


    I listened to you tonight on Fan Talk Radio. Your stories are always so amazing. I know from reading your Charice Blog how well you craft the written word and am now equally impressed with your ability to inform and entertain with the spoken word. Job well done!
    I discovered Charice a little over a year ago and just like so many other Chasters I started searching the internet and quickly found your site. My experience during that time was somewhat typical, hours and hours (weeks and weeks) of watching videos. Fortunately, I was able to bring my wife into the journey so we were able to enjoy it together. It was time well spent. We love listening to Charice and have enjoyed the information on you blog and in your email updates. Thanks Phil…we will be looking for more from you.


  555. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Gary! I’m very glad that you are able to share the Charice experience with your wife. That makes it even more special!

  556. bei2x Says:

    hi Phil.

    Im glad that you know about Charice and the fact that you like her. your blog makes me proud of being a Filipino. i know that most people from other country have a bad impression about our raise but thanks to Charice, who opened a lot of doors for the world to know us better. unlike you see on televisions,it really isn’t so bad living here in our country. i hope people could visit philippines. you know,just so they could see the other side of the coin..
    that’s all. thank you for writing this phil. God bless.

  557. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you stopped by and left a comment, bei2x! From what I hear, the Philippines is a wonderful country. DJ Drake, who hosts the Charicemania Charice Fan Talk radio show, says he goes to the Philippines two months out of the year because it;s so beautiful!

  558. kingkong98270 Says:

    Hi Phil. Here’s my story of finding Charice, and how she affected my life.

    I am not a professional writer, or come even close to the talents of some of the article writers on this site, but I feel compelled to tell my story. Charice has helped me to make big changes in my life. I am no one special, just an ordinary person who lives alone and works hard. I can’t seem to get into a relationship that can last, so I gave up.

    I’m 55 years old, and have been alone for 16 years. You get used to being alone, but sometimes, it’s very depressing. Last January, I lost my job of 20 years, a job that I absolutely loved, and suddenly, I found myself alone, unemployed, and sinking deeply into a depression like no other. Jobs were very scarce as everybody knows. I had no income, and my savings were going fast. I was afraid I might find my self homeless, standing on a street corner, holding a cardboard sign begging for money. I was so depressed, I only left my house for food and booze. Yes, I turned to drinking for comfort. Beer turned into my best friend. My days were spent wondering how I was going to pay for my next case of beer.

    I wasn’t looking for work, just drinking and feeling sorry for myself. It was not pretty. I didn’t care anymore. The thought of doing myself in was sounding better and better, and I actually had the gun to my head. It turns out that I’m too big of a coward to pull the trigger. So, I just decided to drink myself to death.

    It started on a Sunday late last February. I was drinking all day, and had the tv on while I was almost passed out laying on the couch. I didn’t know what was playing on the tv, but it was a little louder than normal. I remember hearing something about David Foster and Friends. The artists singing were from my era. I was hearing a little of it in my drunkin haze. I was always a big Whitney Houston fan, and I remember hearing her singing the Bodyguard movie songs while I lay there. I remember thinking to myself as the songs were playing that “WOW, after being gone for 14 years, Whitney really sounds good. In fact, she sounds better than she did years ago. I had to see her. I forced myself to open my eyes. I didn’t see Whitney. I saw this little girl belting out Whitney’s songs. I was in disbelief.

    This girl was astonishing. Had I accomplished my goal and died. Is this an angel singing to me.

    No, this is all real. I forced myself to sit up and watch this little one. My head was pounding, but I had to watch. Who is this wonderful young singer?

    OMG!!! Suddenly chills were shooting down my spine. The hairs were standing on my arms. What is happening? No one has ever affected me like this. Then the tears started rolling down my cheek. I had to learn more about her. WHAT IS HER NAME I screamed at the tv. Finally, David yelled “CHARICE”!!

    I forced myself to my feet and stumbled down the hall to my office. The computer was on, and I googled the name Charice. OMG!!! She was all over the place. Why have I never heard of her before?

    For the next 12 hours, I spent searching for everything I could find on her. I couldn’t get enough.

    The tissue box was empty. My emotions were drained. All my questions were answered thanks to all the wonderful chasters. This site ( is a godsend for me. At 8 o’clock the next morning, I was totally exhausted from being up all night, but it was worth it all. I fell onto my bed to sleep, and guess what? I felt whole again. I was smiling. Charice, you made me smile. I felt like living. My life is nothing to what Charice had to absorb to live and be successful. Bravo to you Charice. You made me smile!!!

    I found a job soon after, have quit drinking, and want to live to the max. All day at work, if I feel down, I think of Charice, and guess what, I smile!!! That’s all you have to do, and you will smile too!! After work each day, I rush home to hopefully find new articles and videos of Charice, When I find them, I get giddy like a child at Christmas. I so hope I get to meet Charice at the gathering in Vancouver. Maybe a hug?

    All I can say is, thankyou Charice!!! You saved my life!!! You made me smile!!!

    by Kingkong98270

    I wrote this last Fall.

  559. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story here, kingkong98270. What a powerful testimonial to the life-changing charisma and talent of Charice. I’m happy to hear you have your life back on track!

  560. Moira_Inori Says:

    Thank you so, so much for this informative, well-written and inspiring enumeration of Charice’s life and career. Charice is an exquisitely divine work of art. To listen to her sing and to watch her perform is to know–in the most real, intimate sense–the power of music and the beauty of the soul. It washes away all your cynicism, jadedness and your disappointment in the world around you. In those few minutes she sings, you are compelled to believe that maybe, just maybe, all the things you’ve dismissed as childish, possibly dangerous, lies might actually be true. Things like the dreams coming true, the power of faith and trust, the joy in being true to yourself, and the possibility that your own, God-given gift might be all that’s needed to change someone’s life.

    Frankly, that’s scary. I think I can understand a little where Charice’s haters are coming from. They’re dwelling on what appears to be superficial things–her (lack of) looks, her diction, her “copycat” singing style–and man, can they be vicious about it. But that’s because seeing someone like Charice go out and prove that so many of the things we’ve been told were lies is frightening on a level that is too deep for words. We’ve been told that only beautiful people succeed. We’ve been told that only certain kinds of people–the rich, educated elite, those born with all kinds of silver cutlery sticking in their mouths–only they get to be the privileged ones. We’ve been told that childhood dreams are just fairy tales, and that the real world is an endless cycle of drudgery and struggle and for that we should all be grateful. We’ve been told that again and again and again until it’s sunk into our bones. We’ve built our lives upon it. But here’s this girl now, who is living her dream life, who is living her gift and sharing it with the world, and she has proven that every single one of those beliefs are WRONG.

    Oh dear. I can’t blame the haters for trying to tear down. And I think Charice herself understands that. After all, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow it casts.

    Besides being unbelievably long-winded, I’m also Filipino and the mother of a five-year-old girl who dreams of becoming an astrophysicist someday. We both love Charice’s album to bits. I told my daughter ber story, even down to the things the haters say about her. I showed her some of Charice’s performances on YouTube. And I tell her: “Look. This is what a person who is living her gift looks like. Remember how it feels to watch her. Someday, when you are struggling and feeling discouraged because people are bringing you down, and you think you’ve lost sight of your dream, remember that feeling. It’ll help you find your way.”

    If only for that, I owe Charice a tremendous debt.

    I owe you too, Phil, for the inspiration your blog has given me. (My boss might feel differently, though.) My next goal in life is to get a copy of your book and read it cover to cover. Then, I’m going to leave it on a prominent place at home so that when my daughter grows old enough, she’ll always have your book to read for a dose of inspiration.

    Again, thank you so much.

  561. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Wow, Moria, thank you so much for the detailed and passionate response. You opened my eyes about the way so many people are raised and the negative beliefs that are drummed into them. Frankly, I can’t relate to it, which I am thankful for. However, I know that you are saying is true for millions of people, and your outlook explains a lot about such people. I find it sad that so many people hate goodness and beauty, but I’ve come to accept that such people exist and that it is useless to try to change their mind through words alone. Only be experiencing beauty for themselves will they have a chance of changing.

    One more thing. I am baffled by the attacks on Chrice’s looks. I think she was an incredibly cute little girl who has grown up to be a stunningly beautiful young woman. Calling her unattractive makes no sense to me at all. It’s like calling George Clooney homely.

    Again, thanks so much, Moira. And thank you for your interest in my book. I hope you enjoy it. I will look forward to your feedback on it!

  562. Moira_Inori Says:

    Hello, it’s me again. The chatty one. I was so happy you responded to my comment that I had to write back. Please don’t worry; I won’t make a habit of it, I promise. ^_^

    I just had to explain about the beauty thing, and why so many Filipinos can’t appreciate Charice’s physical beauty. It’s the curse of a former colony. For over three hundred years, the Philippines was colonized first by Spain, then later by the US. During that period, we Filipinos were persuaded, instructed and often brutally forced to view our conquerors as the superior race in everything–beauty, intellect, talent, breeding, wealth, even character. This has resulted in a deeply ingrained, unconscious tendency among Filipinos to look up to people who look like our former colonizers, and look down on people who look like, well, us.

    This colonial mentality is practically genetic, and so terribly hard to shake off. It takes conscious, committed effort to even notice it at work, and precious few of us actually make that effort. As a result, our standards of beauty have narrowed down to this tiny, myopic, close-minded view: only white, Caucasian people can be truly beautiful. The more you look like a skinny, tall, pale-skinned supermodel with large eyes, an aquiline nose and a CNN-perfect command of the English language, the more beautiful you are in our eyes. Even a cursory scan of any Filipino celebrity magazine will reveal this. (These are often the same celebrities Charice is unfavorably compared to.) As will any trip to the supermarket, where bottles of skin-whitening lotion are pouring off the shelves.

    We’ve only just begun to learn to appreciate the beauty of our own Asian racial features and heritage, and we have a loooong way to go. Considering that, I think it’s a sweet, sweet idea that Charice–a proudly Filipino girl gifted with such pure and true beauty that it literally rings across the globe–would be the one to break that culture-deep blindness. To be honest, that’s a hell of a lot harder than winning over the international music scene, as Charice herself has said.

    But if anyone can do it, then she can. Because we’re all behind her, and she’s only just begun.

    Okay, that’s it. I’m done ranting. And this time I mean it.

    Again, thank you, and may you be guided, protected and blessed.

  563. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for responding again, Moira. I’ve heard some of this cultural bias explanation before but you articulated it very thoroughly and very powerfully, so thank you for that. I understand it better now, though at the same time I find it very difficult to accept. I too hope Charice can help her country break out of its inferiority complex and embrace its people as the beautiful beings they are.

  564. cathy Says:

    I like you a lot Phil, for doing this for Charice.

  565. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate your visiting my Charice post, cathy!

  566. Emma Says:

    I don’t know Phil, I’m one of those addicted to Charice, do you know of a treatment to stop this? I have a lot of paperworks to do including the preparation of my income tax that I applied for an extension. Everyday, I have to look at different sites about Charice and her performances. I’m a 54 year old and that was long time ago that I have some favorite singers, even Josh Groban but Charice is so addictive. The way she sing is so mesmerizing, amazing etc….etc… And she very, very charming and very respectful to everybody including her fans. I cannot stop loving this girl. I need to balance my time…Help.

  567. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Sorry, Emma, there is no cure for for Cha-addiction. You will just have to cheerfully suffer along with the rest of us!

  568. Andrew Says:

    Hi Phil! This is the first time I’ve ever commented on any site about charice. I’m quite embarrassed to admit it, but I am damn chaddicted too! She’s my guilty pleasure! She got me smitten! This is weird because the kind of music that I really dig is way way different – indie rock, punk, etc. But this girl is just special – not just the way she sings, but the way she performs and the way she conveys the emotion of the song.

    Kudos to you for making this blog. Learned about it from the charice fan talk I found in youtube. (Well, I’m bound to find everything bout her in YT coz damn I’d search the most recently uploaded vids of her everytime I get the chance. And if I may suggest, (I don’t know if someone else has already posted a link here) follow this link – an interview of charice by a veteran journalist in the Philippines. This will truly open your eyes on all the hardships she went through before making it big.

    The most inspiring part for me in the interview was when she told the story of when they woke up one morning to find out all her contest winnings (about Php 3,000 or $ 70) stolen. They needed that money so badly. Fortunately they learned of a local singing contest but this was in another province (Batangas if I’m not mistaken, which is about 2-3 hrs away from where she lives). They had to borrow about Php 1,000 just to get there (~$20). And if she lost, they wouldn’t have enough money to return home. But with God’s grace she was able to win the contest and take home the cash prize of Php 8,000 (~$ 170). Isn’t that just a testament of how the universe really conspires for your favor if you will it to happen?

    And oh, the tear-jerker part for me was when she was asked about her father. It’s just heart breaking seeing her cry, makes me wanna run to her, defend her and punch whoever is bullying her.

    Whoa, man I have got to stop now. It’s almost 4 in the morning! This is madness!

  569. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It is indeed madness, Andrew: sweet, delicious madness! Thanks for the link. Yes, I will be updating my Charice posts later this year and welcome all info and vids from fellow chaddicts.

    Love the story about borrowing money to compete in yet another singing contest. Charice has seen her share of hard times but there’s no denying that somebody up there loves her as much as we do.

  570. Andrew Says:

    Ok it’s me again. Not much update eh. Well I’ll do it. Here’s a video of her singing “All that I need” which I think is the most beautiful song in her album. It isn’t getting that many hits in YT, so I think the world is missing out on her equally beautiful and heartfelt performance in this vid. Enjoy.

  571. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Andrew!

  572. Tsenre Seresac Says:

    Hi Phil, I commented to you via Twitter back in June 23rd of this year about how much I enjoyed your Charice blog. I just want to make sure I get updates to this blog. Thanks again for writing such an informative and passionate blog on Charice. As I said before, what you have written about Charice has just made her more endearing to me!

  573. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Tsenre! Yes, I do hope to update my Charice posts in the near future. FInishing up my next book has consumed all of my time until now. Thanks for checking in!

  574. antonjuan Says:

    i believe that i’ve read this so many times, every once in a while. and it never fails to tear me up, the way you’ve told her incredibly beautiful story. maybe i’m just so happy for Charice. Thanks again, Phil, and more beautiful and inspiring stories to come

  575. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, antonjuan. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message. You made my day!

  576. Loel Says:


    It’s been a little while since I last visited your blog. I hope you did not have trouble moving.

    If you have noticed, I have uploaded some videos for you some time ago.

    I can’t stop thanking you for your blog about Charice. Your words have been prophetic. Charice continues to amaze and inspire people. Two years ago, we were wondering how she would handle fame and fortune. Turns out, she handled it very well.

    God bless you and your family.

  577. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s wonderful to hear from you, Loel! Yes, Charice is handling stardom well. And after all this time, it’s still only the beginning for her!

  578. inkheart Says:

    Thanks for this, a great post, has made me love and appreciate Charice more. So much that I’ve posted excerpts of this on my own blog – sorry for not asking your permission first, I just had the urge to do it right after reading this. I hope you don’t mind. Charice’s sincere desire to share her God-given gifts shows in her performances and makes such an impact on people’s lives. I hope more and more persons will continue to witness the gift that she herself is. She wrote her own article, in case you haven’t read it:

  579. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Im glad you like the post, inkheart. Excerpting it on your own blog is fine, but I’d appreciate it if you mentioned the source and linked back to this post.

  580. inkheart Says:

    Yes, I quoted your post title along with the excerpt and linked it to this. Thanks! In case you want to see it

  581. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Your post looks wonderful, inkheart! If we all do our part to support Charice, we can help her in some small way to become the superstar she was born to be!

  582. Perry pc Says:

    This is a very long biography of the life story of Charice.
    I think it is time to make this into two or three books.

  583. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Maybe three or four books, Perry!

  584. Stevo Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this very detailed recount of the story of Charice.

    It’s amazing, looking at the date of the first comment here dated over 3 years ago, and a new Chaster like me stumbling in here, and our passion & love for Charice hasn’t waned. She really is a gift from above.

    I had pegged myself as a 51-year old, 70’s & 80’s rocker type of guy, and I still enjoy rocking out with the guys on Van Halen, Kansas, Boston. But I also enjoyed a good ballad and good voices – Whitney, Celine, Barry Manilow even. But I have never thought I would become so passionate about a music group or a singer like Charice. I will say I am not much of a pop music fan, so I have no strong feelings about many songs in her albums, except for the few ballads that are in them. But it goes beyond her music.

    What first attracted me to Charice were her powerful ballads on Youtube, of course, started about only 3 months ago. But then I fell hard for this beautiful angel from the Philippines. There’s something about her that just hooked some of us hard. Maybe for me because she’s Asian – I’m Chinese American, but I still feel so proud of her when we see other Asians, such as William Hung, put on TV to be made fun of. Maybe it’s Charice’s life story of struggle. Whatever it is, I feel like a… 15-year old rabid female fan or something. :D

    Like other Chasters, this Chaddiction is affecting my daily life – staying up late searching the Youtube endlessly, looking for news articles about Charice, watching movie trailer sites to see when “Here Comes the Boom” first teaser trailer will be out.

    I found a more obscure video that included a short interview with Charice. I cut out all the other “extraneous stuff,” shortened it and put it back up on Youtube. I will share it with you here. But a couple of things that grabbed me in the interview were, 1. Charice had another brother, and 2. she was supposedly featured on Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” Tour that I haven’t been able to confirm.

    Sorry for the long comment, and thanks again for the very nice multimedia “unauthorized” biography of Charice. :D

    Charice & Chaster Power, activate!

  585. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Activate indeed, Steve! Welcome aboard the Chaster train! Any rabid fan of Charice is a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy my other Charice posts a well!

  586. Moira Says:

    Hello, Phil. I know it’s been a while, but your reply to Stevo up there kind of touched me especially. “Any rabid fan of Charice is a friend of mine.” For some strange reason, that’s exactly how I feel about other Chasters. Anyone who loves Charice–no matter which country, ethnic or linguistic group, culture, continent, age group, economic status or whatever they are–is somebody I can bond with, because he/she shares something that’s just as valuable and important to me…or something. The first time I hung out with a group of Chasters, none of whom I’d ever met before, turned out to be one of the most fun events I’d ever had, with everybody treating everybody like good friends, even me, a complete first-timer and stranger. And even Chasters from other parts of the world, like you, PJ in Australia, the All-Japan Chasters, the man I just call “Sir” who lives in Washington whose videoblogs on Charice I keep favoriting, all the familiar names on Charicemania and Youtube, and all the people in your blog whose Charice stories sound almost exactly like mine–well, all I’m saying is I’m so proud to be part of such a huge, warmhearted community who know a God-sent soul when they see one.

    So I guess, I just want to say thank you for putting it better than I ever could. Truly, any fan of Charice is a friend of mine, And it makes me happy to think that for other Chasters, the sentiment is likewise.

  587. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the nice message, Moira. The way I see it, it’s not that we share a love of Charice that is the common bond, it’s that we are the type of people who can love and admire someone like Charice (as if there’s anyone else like her!). In other words, we share an appreciation for a certain expression of the human spirit that Charice so perfectly embodies. What is this expression? It’s an amalgam of traits and values we hold dear—like innocence, purity, courage, boldness, tenacity, heart, mettle, determination, perseverance, compassion, empathy, a rare blend of inner and outer beauty, and a quiet yet purposeful resolve to share one’s gifts with the world that is at once humble and heroic.

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