Charice—My Interview With FalseVoice

Ever wonder how Charice got discovered? Here is the equation that answers that question:

FalseVoice + YouTube = Stardom for Charice!


Charice and FalseVoice

FalseVoice, a twenty-three-year-old registered nurse, whose real name is Dave,  lives in Bacoor in the Philippine province of Cavite, thirty kilometers south of Manila. I began our interview by asking Dave why he chose the name FalseVoice.

False voice is a musical term. In singing, there’s chest voice, mixed voice, head voice, whistle voice, and false voice. False voice means falsetto. I’m a music lover and that’s why I chose that name.

In 2006, FalseVoice noticed that a video in YouTube’s “Most Viewed” section was the June 28, 2006 audition of eleven-year-old Bianca Ryan for America’s Got Talent. Ryan had been declared the winner of the competition on August 17, 2006.

I didn’t plan to upload Charice’s videos on YouTube. It’s just that I saw Bianca Ryan’s video after she had just won America’s Got Talent. I was fairly new to YouTube back then and I told myself, I’d like to post an amazing video that would generate a lot of  hits.

FalseVoice knew right away which video to use. He had recorded Charice’s performances on Little Big Star the previous fall.

Charice’s name popped into my head because I had gotten goose bumps all over my body when I first saw her singing on TV. So in August 2006 I posted a video of her singing I Will Always Love You from Little Big Star.


Charice ended up placing third in the Little Big Star competition, largely due to her low total of audience text votes.

She was undeniably the best among the three finalists. She was really discouraged when she lost because the grand prize was a million pesos, which is about $21,000 in U.S. money. She really wanted to win that million pesos for her mother.

Indeed, Charice thought her career was over before it started. She accepted her fate, and  thought from then on that she would only be singing for her own enjoyment. In a later interview, she said:

Even though I thought back then that I would not be able to continue singing on television, my love for singing did not fade away. I would sing everywhere, on every occasion, for anyone who wanted to hear.

Did Charice’s Little Big Star video become an overnight sensation? Not so much. FalseVoice had to invest a lot of time and energy into getting the word out and building awareness.

I remember posting comments to every video that I viewed, telling people to go check out Charice’s video. It took some time, but eventually the video generated a lot of hits.

Now that’s an understatement! That video of Charice generated more than a million hits before FalseVoice’s YouTube channel was deleted on January 4, 2008. (More on that later!)

Before long, FalseVoice noticed that many comments on his Little Big Star video were comparing Charice with Bianca Ryan. So in January 2007, fIve months after he posted the first Charice video, he put together a Face Off: Bianca Vs. Charice video. It starts off with Bianca’s America’s Got Talent audition of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going and ends with Charice’s Little Big Star performance of I Will Always Love You.


They thought they had seen the best in Bianca, but the world didn’t know about Charice. The video became a hit right away, receiving more than a million hits before my YouTube channel was deleted.

FalseVoice got a kick out of many of the comments left on his videos by YouTube watchers.

The usual comments about Charice were “Oh, she’s just lip-synching,” and “It’s impossible that it’s her voice.” But that kind of reaction actually had its advantages, because people would then usually search for more of her videos to see if it really was her voice.

FalseVoice even put together a video to prove once and for all that The Little Girl With The Big Voice did indeed have a big, big voice!

Why did FalseVoice work so tirelessly to promote Charice?

I believed in her talent. After her stint on Little Big Star, she was suddenly left out and gone. That kind of talent is rare and should not be forgotten. Also, I wanted people all over the world to know that we exist and that we have great talents in our country.

The Face Off video was the one seen by Ten Songs Productions, a music publishing company in Sweden. Ten Songs contacted Charice and flew her to Stockholm to record seven songs for demos: I Will Always Love YouIt Can Only Get BetterBorn to Love You ForeverAmazingStayAll the Money in the World, and Running Up That Hill.

Charice recorded several songs of different genres so Ten Songs would know how versatile her voice was. The plan, I think, was for Ten Songs to look for a record label who could help Charice land a record deal.

The first three songs listed above are featured on Charice’s debut album, Charice, which was produced by Star Records, the recording outfit of ABS-CBN, the largest television network in the Philippines.

Here is an impressive music video Charice made in conjunction with her Swedish recordings.


And here are rare audio highlights from all seven songs that Charice recorded in Sweden, courtesy of FalseVoice.

Four of the songs Charice recorded—It Can Only Get BetterAll the Money in the World,  Born to Love You Forever, and Amazing—were written by the producers who invited her to Sweden. The first three songs were recorded by other artists: It Can Only Get Better and All the Money in the World were  sung by a Swedish teen singer named Amy Diamond who is 25 days older than Charice, and Born to Love You Forever was sung by The Preluders, an all-girl band from Germany. These Swedish producers wrote Amazing especially for Charice and gave it to her as a gift for coming to Sweden.

Right after she got back from Sweden in June 2007, Charice contacted me through YouTube to thank me. We started chatting and became friends. I told her that I was going to help her so she would be continuously noticed by the world. Eventually, I asked her to record a video of her singing And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, which she did.


I only asked her to sing And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, but since I also sent her the backing track of Listen, she sang it as well.


The And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going “pajamas” video is the one that tipped over the next domino, the one that would elevate Charice from YouTube phenom into an international singing sensation.

The video became a huge hit on UCC, Korea’s version of YouTube, which led to an invitation for Charice to perform on Star King, a South Korean talent show, on October 13, 2007. It was a performance for the ages. Her electrifying performance took our breath away, captured our hearts, and covered us in goose bumps.


Charice’s career was back on track. And she made a point in future interviews to give credit where credit was due. “I owe everything to FalseVoice,” she later said. “Because of FalseVoice, I was invited to Sweden to do a recording there. And it’s also because of him that I got invited to the Star King talent show in Korea. Because of FalseVoice, I gained back my confidence in singing.”

After returning to the Philippines from Korea, Charice texted FalseVoice, saying “Kuya, I’d like to meet you.” (In the Filipino dialect of Tagalog, “kuya” means “older brother.”)

We finally decided to meet up in a mall on a Saturday afternoon in November. That night, Charice’s mother let me sleep over at  their house because it was already late and I lived two hours away.

As Charice recalled during her October 6, 2008 appearance on Boy and Kris, a daily Philippine morning show, meeting FalseVoice in the Target Mall in Santa Rosa in the province of Laguna was a shock. “I didn’t recognize him right away because I expected him to be small and scrawny,” Charice said, laughing. “We were shy around each other.”

The morning after their first meeting, Dave recorded Charice singing a number of songs. Here are three of them. Let’s start with a soulful rendition of a Sammy Davis, Jr. 1962 hit.


Here is a power ballad written and performed by Eric Carmen in 1975.


Here she is belting out a song from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Carousel.


That October 6, 2008 Boy and Kris program also includes FalseVoice’s first, and probably last, live TV interview. He had accompanied Charice to the set, never expecting to join her in front of the camera. But when a crew member asked if he was FalseVoice, his cover was blown.

I’ve turned down lots of TV interview requests because I like to keep in the background and not call attention to myself. So I told them I wasn’t interested in being interviewed.

After being asked repeatedly to come on stage with Charice, FalseVoice reluctantly agreed, asking only that he be allowed to keep his sunglasses on. Of course, the first thing Kris asked him on the show was to take his sunglasses off. Don’t expect to see FalseVoice in any more interviews any time soon! Here is that interview, which starts at 4:25 on the following video, after Charice’s performance of Try It On My Own.

After FalseVoice and others posted Charice’s jaw-dropping Star King performance on YouTube, it caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who publicly invited Charice to come on her show during this November 28, 2007 broadcast.


Ellen’s representatives then contacted FalseVoice through his YouTube channel. After FalseVoice passed along the request to Charice’s attorney (see FalseVoice’s quote below), Ellen personally called Charice at home in the Philippines to invite her to come on her show. Charice’s star-making appearance on the December 19, 2007 episode of Ellen was her first visit to the United States. It would certainly not be her last.


Charice was deeply touched by the audience reaction on Ellen.

Charice cried on Ellen because even though she had been singing in the Philippines for quite some time, she had never received a standing ovation before. She was interviewed right after Ellen on the Filipino news. She was crying and said that she couldn’t believe that it would be the Americans who would first recognize her instead of her own countrymen. She was just so surprised.

When Charice returned home, she found that her life had changed virtually overnight.

As soon as Charice got back to the Philippines after her Star King and Ellen guestings, she became an instant celebrity and did several guestings on different TV shows on the ABS-CBN network, becoming one of the most sought-after young singers in the country.

Life became a whirlwind for Charice. Following her first appearance on Oprah, which was taped in Chicago on April 3, 2008 (and later aired on May 12), she took a trip across the pond.

From Chicago, she flew directly to London for The Paul O’Grady Show. She received the first standing ovation in the show’s history. She was just blown away. When you watch the video, after she performs, you can see the surprised look on her face at the standing ovation after her first song. She should be used to it by now.

FalseVoice’s videos of Charice opened up all sorts of opportunities for her. His video of Charice singing You’ll Never Walk Alone on the February 2, 2008 edition of Wowowee, a Philippine  noontime variety and game show, caught the attention of Feyenoord Rotterdam, a football (soccer) club in the Netherlands.

You’ll Never Walk Alone is the theme song for their football team, and they were blown away by her rendition because it’s never been sung that way before. So they invited her to sing at the club’s 100th anniversary for more than 50,000 football fans.

Here is that September 6, 2008 performance in the Netherlands.


FalseVoice did far more for Charice than simply post her videos on YouTube. He helped assemble the team of professionals who would assist Charcie in managing the demands and the details of stardom.

Ed Shapiro, a U.S. entertainment lawyer for many big stars, contacted me in mid-November 2007. After a few days, we all agreed that he and his company, Grubman, Indursky & Shire in New York City, would represent Charice. A few days later, I received an email from the Ellen show saying that they were interested in having Charice as a guest. I forwarded the email to Ed since I know nothing about the business.

When Shapiro asked FalseVoice if he could recommend a good immigration lawyer to speed up Charice’s visa application, FalseVoice recommended Michael Gurfinkel, who discusses immigration issues on the TV show, Citizen Pinoy, which airs every Sunday on The Filipino Channel (TFC). (Click here to watch Gurfinkel’s interview with Charice’s family.) Shapiro and Gurfinkel continue to work with Charice to this day.

It was actually surreal exchanging correspondence with these people—producers from Oprah’s show, Ellen’s show, Paul O’Grady’s show. Before all this, I had just been exchanging emails with friends, and here I was getting lots of emails from all of these important people because I was the one who was forwarding Charice’s videos and pictures and anything else they needed for the show. But more importantly, I did the backing tracks that Charice used for the shows.

The year 2008 did not get off to a great start for FalseVoice.

After Charice’s appearance on Ellen, she became a household name in the Philippines. Soon after, on January 4, 2008, my YouTube channel, which had generated over 5 million hits, was deleted, supposedly for copyright infringement.

FalseVoice wasted no time putting up another YouTube channel, FalseVoice2. Here is the first video he posted, which features clips of Charice thanking him for his help. At the end of the video, FalseVoice vows to continue to provide Charice the international exposure she deserves.

Incredibly, FalseVoice’s second channel, which garnered about 2 million hits, was itself deleted in May 2008.

FalseVoice is proof positive that you can’t keep a good man down. He started up a third channel, which has generated 2.5 million hits and counting. All told, he’s posted at least a hundred Charice videos and has no intention of slowing down.

Thanks to FalseVoice’s behind-the-scenes assistance, Charice’s rise has been meteoric.

I just want to add that Charice’s success is certainly not only because of me, but also because of the hundreds of YouTubers who uploaded Charice’s videos, and most importantly all the people around the world who watched them and became fans.

In early December, uber-producer David Foster saw Charice’s Star King performance on YouTube after his sister, Jaymes, and friend, Perry, at Warner Brothers Records both e-mailed him the video within ten minutes of each other. He was so impressed he tracked down the law firm representing Charice, called Ed Shapiro and asked to hear Charice sing in person. Foster also told Shapiro that he would like to take Charice to Celine Dion‘s final performance of her Las Vegas show, A New Day, which had enjoyed a run of nearly five years at Caesars Palace.

Later that month, Charice arrived in the United States for the very first time. (Watch her interview by reporter Joseph Pimentel after she landed on U.S. soil.) She had no idea that Foster was waiting to meet her or that he would be taking her to see Celine’s show. On Friday, December 14, 2007, Foster and Charice flew to Las Vegas on his private jet. On Saturday, Charice realized a dream by watching her idol perform live.

In an interview on January 12, 2008 on the MYX Channel, a music and lifestyle channel for the Asian American community, Charice said:

I cried when i watched Celine Dion live, especially when she sang To Love You More because that was my winning piece when I was young.

Foster could not take Charice to Celine’s after-show party because she was a minor, and it would have been too hectic on the show’s closing night to take Charice backstage for a quick meet-and-greet with Ceilne. Charice’s first meeting with Celine would have to wait for another day.

Foster, by the way, was the producer for the original 1981 Broadway smash, Dreamgirls, which introduced Charice’s signature song, And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. Here is David, who will be producing Charice’s debut U.S. album, accompanying her on September 9, 2008, Charice’s second appearance on Oprah.


Charice and David Foster are both managed by Marc Johnston of Align Entertainment Group, the same firm that represents Andrea Bocelli, Charice’s duet partner in Tuscany, Italy, on July 20, 2008.

WIth David Foster and Oprah mentoring her, a high-powered team of professionals managing the details of her career, and her growing legion of loyal and passionate fans around the world, Charice is surrounded by so much love, prayers and wisdom that she can’t help but stay grounded and genuine even as success threatens to sweep her off her feet. FlaseVoice agrees:

I don’t think she will change. If she did, she would change for the better. I just saw her before Christmas (2008) and she is still the same Charice I’ve known for a while. No airs, still bubbly. She still acts like a child, in a good way.

A humorous note: As a tribute to David Foster, FalseVoice cleverly glossed himself David Poster. Or, to be more accurate, Dave Vid Poster. After all, FalseVoice’s real name is Dave and he posts videos of Charice. Well played, Dave!

I asked FalseVoice an impossible question: Which Charice performance is your favorite?

It’s hard to pick just one!  So I’ll say, I Believe, And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going and One Moment In Time.

I then asked him what impresses him the most about Charice.

I think what sets Charice apart from other singers is that she sings with so much passion and soul. She has the ability to capture an audience and move them with her vocal prowess. Every time she performs, she sings like she’s telling a story, only with notes. She always sings like it was her last performance. She always gives it her all, regardless of whether she’s on a big stage or just a small one.

Charice reaches a wide range of audience—from toddlers to teens to middle-age fans to senior citizens.

She caters not only to girls but also to grown men. Funny, I receive a lot of messages from men saying that they are death metal fanatics but have high regard for Charice. Some say that they are hardcore music fans but when they hear Charice, they are surprised to find tears in their eyes. That’s how powerful her singing is—pure and emotional.

FInally, I asked FalseVoice how it feels to know that he’s played an instrumental role in Charice’s career.

Although I never in my wildest dreams expected to have such a profound impact on Charice’s career, I’m very happy that she is now getting the recognition she truly deserves. Of course, it’s very rewarding that people credit me for being the one who opened the doors for her. Being recognized for what I’ve done is really a great feeling.

Thank you, FalseVoice, for sharing your story and, more importantly, for sharing Charice with the world!

An even bigger thank you to FalseVoice for surprising me with the following video, which he shot in June 2009 while spending some time with Charice. Filming this was very kind and thoughtful of him, and I can assure you that it made my day!

As a bonus, here is a feature article on Charice in the March 22, 2009 edition of The Manila Times that quotes FalseVoice from this very blog post! The Manila Times is the oldest existing English-language newspaper in the Philippines.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you know of any information and/or videos that should be added, please e-mail me at And please let me know if there are any errors that should be corrected, no matter how minor (like incorrect dates, bad links or disabled videos). Thank you! I’m counting on all the Charice Police out there to help me keep improving these posts!

Click here to view all my posts about Charice.


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    I love your enthusiasm, dark_angst! And I appreciate your comments very much. I’ll be updating this post pretty consistently so check back in!

  43. Allen Says:

    Good stuff!

  44. Phil Bolsta Says:

    THanks for stopping by, Allen!

  45. ciada Says:

    hey, Phil, it’s me again! So you’re a professional writer? hehe, can I make a suggestion? If you are not busy, or if conditions would permit, could you maybe write Charice’s Wikipedia for her? Well, this is just an idea I have. In my opinion, her page needs some serious work to make it more professional. Just a suggestion.

  46. ciada Says:

    If not then it’s ok. :) Her page would be fixed once she’s officially launched as a recording artist.

  47. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Funny you should say that, ciada. I am in the middle of writing Charice’s bio for her official website! I’ll also be updating my posts very soon with lots of new information. I’ve never written for Wikipedia but perhaps somebody can take the information I’ve put together and do that. I’d be happy to help.

  48. Israel Nicolas Says:

    Hey Philbolsta. Charice just confiremd that she will sing in one of the balls for Obama’s inauguration!

  49. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Israel! I just added the info to the top of my main Charice post! Woo hoo!

  50. mhiles Says:

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for your effort of doing this kind of stuff. I loved it and i’m looking forward for more info about charice. I’m a big fan of her.
    More power to you Phil and of course to my idol CHARICE.

  51. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, mhiles! I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

  52. dark_angst Says:

    hey phil great work updating ur blog. am not making any suggestion coz i know ur great at what u do. just wanna ask u if u already watched the black & white home made vid of WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I? that’s really hardcore. soulful 2 the superlative degree. unfortunately, that went down w/ FALSEVOICE’S 2nd account. can u ask dave 2 upload it again? hehehe.

  53. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’ll check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

  54. dark_angst Says:

    wow phil!!! thanks 4 adding the vid. what a stirring rendition. her soul is what really sets her apart from other singers.

  55. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Agreed! You can thank FalseVoice for the video!

  56. Budzhot Says:

    Hi Phil!

    Thank you very much for giving Charice a space in your blog. You’re such a kindhearted man.. Keep it up! Maraming salamat.

  57. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Budzhot. I will certainly keep it up!

  58. Marx Says:

    Hi Phil!

    wow very nice compilation of Charice in your blog. you’re really a kindhearted man. More power to you! God Bless!

  59. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate the kind words, Marx. I’m glad you like my blog!

  60. jeanski Says:

    I love what you’ve done here Phil, thank you very much. Your blog is my “one-stop-shop” of Charice updates and videos. I beg you not to sue me for copyright infringement….i printed out this blog… to let my 73-year old mother read it coz we dont have internet connection at home. Am afraid I am the most “Chariceaddict” at home. Am a working mother of 3 and watching her videos and reading about her is keeping me from getting burned out with my desk job. More power to you Phil. I wish u all the best.

  61. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you enjoy my Charice posts, jeanski! By all means, share the Charice info with anyone you’d like!

  62. francis Says:

    hello again phil, is the video where there is a evidence that charice is not lypsynching still available in youtube?

    i like reading comments and i want to read what those people said when falsevoice make that evidence

  63. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Sorry, Francis. FalseVoice says that lip synching video is no longer on YouTube.

  64. sandzclick Says:

    hi there Phil! wow..such a great job for you..
    i’m one of an avid fan of Charice..and everyday i see to it that i’ll go online and watch her videos in you tube. like other people, she really inspires me in simple ways..i felt really good and cried whenever i saw her videos. all your information really true and i’m happy that you are one of her angel. someone that inspire is easy to track charice performance because of you..thanks a lot.. wish you all the best.looking forward to visit again your blog…god bless..again..maraming salamat po!

  65. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, sandzclick! I’m glad you like my posts about Charice! I’ll be updating them in the next couple of weeks so check back soon!

  66. nakngtikbalang Says:

    same like charice…bravura! tnx phil..more power too. GB.

  67. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, GB! Come back again!

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    Arigato ne! (Thank you)

  69. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, fremsite!

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  71. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, kyuricechoco!

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    Thank you so much Phil for this wonderful blog

  73. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You are quite welcome, motherdear! I’m glad you liked it!

  74. erwin Says:

    hi Phil! I just wanna thank you so much for doing this for Charice… So far your blog for her life story is the most comprehensive and very informative.. I already love you for that alone, hehe just kidding ;) and thank you also for interviewing falsevoice.. like him I also thought Charice was extraordinary when I first saw her in LBS contest but falsevoice took an extra mile to show his appreciation and i’m so glad that he did.. is your book available in the Philippines? I’m not a book fanatic but I will buy yours because I have a feeling that I will be inspired by it and I will surely recommend it to my “bookworm” friends.. take care always and if you have time you can visit my blog, I have an entry for charice’s latest mini concert here in the Philippines you can leave a comment there.. thanks again..

  75. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Erwin! I appreciate the kind words! Yes, my book should be available everywhere, including

  76. mkberlin Says:

    hi Phil,

    Wow! I had to to do a 3-part reading of this one alone. That was quite a read on my part, but what i really want to say is… that was definitely one BIG work you did (and still doing) writting about Charice in your Blog. Thank you so very much.

    When i started reading, I thought you´re just one of those kids or youngsters who writes just anything.. But no! You actually are a real writer, that means you have your own busy world, and yet you took time writing about her, and even going the extra mile (for which, I am most thankful) interviewing FalseVoice. -How did you do that, by the way.
    Needless to add… Thank you again.

  77. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice comment, mkberlin. I contacted FalseVoice through his YouTube channel and he has been tremendously helpful. I couldn’t have put these posts together without his help, as well as with the help of numerous other Charice fans.

  78. mel Says:

    Thanks somuch for this very informative blog and for letting the world know about Falsevoice. It’s just stressing a fact that every success in life is due to God-sent helpers just like Dave to Charice and now you as well.
    More power to you. I hope you would become as successful as Charice in every chosen field you would take, for now being a writer.

  79. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, mel! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that behind every successful person are many others who believed in them!

  80. umberto maresca Says:

    hi there Phil…

    ok now..these 2 angels beside their outstanding talents,
    within few months of a total change in their lives…from
    a homeless struggling surviving to the stardom they deeply
    deserve, are already very busy in charity…ok I can understand
    Arnel is 40..but what about Charice at only 16 is going to realize one of her dreams about tthe future of children…I’m speechless…how come to even far think she can lose her wonderful behaviour…I guess she knows what she want since years ago…
    ok..Phil Thanks sooo much….we feel your heartful personality…
    sorry only now I discover yr excellent blog…I’ll buy soonest yr books..
    best of all to you and family…pretty sure of your success.
    Umberto(italy) and his sweet wife Jessel(Philippines)

  81. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate the comments, Umberto! Yes, it’s wonderful to see Charice and Arnel enjoy such success after struggling for so long. Like you, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them!

  82. coolsmart777 Says:

    just dropin by and before I read your blogs, I have to make sure that I have box of tissue with me..well done..!keep up the good work.

  83. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, coolsmart777. A little emotion is a good thing!

  84. Arbourlakerman Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Your interview with FalseVoice was very informative as to the real behind the scene story of his role in the success and popularity of the Teenage Dynamite from the Far East Philippines, Charice.

    Thank you very much.

    I wish you all the very best.

  85. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Arbourlakerman. I am grateful to FalseVoice for his willingness to help.

  86. tony Says:

    hi phil..thanx for this very informative blog bout charice..good to know that people are starting to recognize filipino talents..this country is a gold mine of talents in this part of the world and its just about time that the world knows bout this starting with charice!
    more power phils..God bless you!

  87. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Tony!

  88. Dolly Says:

    Hi Phil…this is very informative, we were all wondering how, what, where it happened for Charice. You provided it all through false voice. I think God will always put together eveything for good, well now you’re one of those everytning that God put together for Charise’s good. More power!

  89. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Dolly. Hope you like my other Charice posts as well!

  90. Fernando from Riyadh Says:

    Nice and inspiring write up for Charice and False Voice. I like it very much. God bless you all.

  91. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Fernando! Hope you stop by again soon and often!

  92. agno Says:

    you can be rich with this article.. if i were you make this a book with CD of the videos… im sure this will inspire many people around the world..

    great article it was so detailed.. ^.^

  93. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, agno. Charice is indeed inspiring people across the gobe. I enjoy writing about her but I do not have rights to her videos. A nice thought, though!

  94. Gerard Says:

    kudos phil for a job well done…truly a triumph of the spirit…through your blog and falsevoice determination and of course through charice music there is still hope in finding peace and purpose in a chaotic world we call earth…my two thumbs up!

  95. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Gerard! I appreciate that!

  96. jo villa Says:

    Great job phil,all the words i would have expressed about ,are all written and said above, still it’s the best detailed information about charice to be noticed by the world thru falsevoice. By the way how did you come to know about charice ? and what makes you write about her?

  97. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, jo. I just ran across Charice videos in December and was blown away by her voice and heartfelt performances. I never expected to write so much about her but it just unfolded that way!

  98. Virgil Says:


    I read the bio you wrote on Charice last week and found myself reviewing the performances to verify the experience that you described were the effects of the songs and the singer on you. Its been said, de gustatibus non valet disputandum, but here, there is total agreement. I must say that you managed to set a high standard for art appreciation.

    I was told [that the above Latin phrase] meant “you cannot make an argument based on what is pleasing to you.” I’ve seen it written ‘de gustibus non est disputandum’ and, when applied to musical tastes, all too often it is an excuse to lower standards.

    When you attach to good art the power to lift the human spirit, that to me is a high standard. Obviously these are all loaded words: power, lift, human, spirit. They deserve further elaboration and it helps when there is a shared experience, like the joy that exudes off Charice’ performances.

    I learned about your blog from the footnotes of Wikipedia. I couldn’t stop reading till your reply to jo and there’s no more to read.

    It was only three weeks ago that Charice entered my world when my brother fowarded the caricemania site a day after she sang Note to God on Oprah. Thanks to you and David Poster, I now know where to keep posted on Charice.

    Till the next visit.


    Note from Phil: As a tribute to David Foster, FalseVoice cleverly glossed himself David Poster. Or, to be more accurate, Dave Vid Poster. After all, FalseVoice’s real name is Dave and he posts videos of Charice.

  99. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Virgil. Welcome to ChariceVille, where every day is sunny!

    Please stop by again, and be sure to check out all the other Charice chapters on this blog.

  100. Reginald B. Paredes Says:

    Thanks Phil for creating a blog like this for Charice. This is informative for us “Chasters”…name called for charice fans. I was moved and my eyes stream down with tears while reading your blog specially the interview with FalseVoice.I’ve learned the real score about who charice is and who she was then. Charice rise to stardom is really a phenomenon and her fans has inflated in numbers worldwide. Truly, a rare occurence for a filipino artist like her and for a foreign man like you; not a filipino, but able to give so much time and credit for a filipina star and now an international star like Charice. Amazing job sir! You are one of those persons who have the heart to promote Charice at all your expense. God bless you more! Thank you so much phil for your help and please continue supporting her so that others would see our filipina pride!

    Our long drought of waiting for someone like Charice to place the Philippines on the map once again has been concluded. Thanks also for a filipino guy “Falsevoice” to be an instrument for charice’s brilliant life nowadays. We all know that others misjudge filipinos; thereby, discriminating us and setting us aside. Now that charice is on the spotlight, everything is now starting to change. Thanks Cha!!!:-)

  101. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, Reginald! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. It’s a joy to introduce others to Charice and to celebrate her amazing talent and spirit!

  102. napibooi Says:

    wow! nice blog.. very informative.. you and falsevoice deserve my standing ovation! (Applause) (Applause) (Applause), the world needs a singer like charice, a friend like falsevoice and a blogger like you.. peace dude! more power

  103. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, napibooi. I hope you come back and visit often!

  104. snow_rn Says:

    hi! Good job Phil! I’d like to read that book!

  105. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, snow_rn! I appreciate it!

  106. Mingcat Says:

    Hi Phil,

    FalseVoice got me curious and was painstakingly searching for Dave’s (a.k.a FalseVoice) biography of sort, and how he had gotten interested in Charice. All the while I thought he is Charice’s relative who got frustrated because of Charice’s losing stint at Little Big Star.

    I am very thankful to you ‘coz I can now rest and bookmark this page to always remind me of the true story behind both influential humble characters as Dave and Charice.

    It saddened me to realize that some Filipinos do not recognize true talents. FalseVoice move to campaign Charice to stardom is simply an eye opener for me. I know that FalseVoice does want to get the credit for Charice’s success, but just the same, he deserves at least my appreciation of him. I am his humbled fan :-).

  107. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Mingcat! I was curious about the whole FalseVoice connection too. So I am grateful that he consented to an interview to explain the history. He has also been extremely helpful with the rest of my blog posts about Charice. He’s a good guy!

  108. soocho Says:

    thank you for this interview of falsevoice now i know more how everthing has started for charice i would read anthing about her iam addicted to her voice it’s solid powerful and explosive she is a role model for our younger generation she is so proud of her mom she always tell her how much she love her in public that’s really nice of her

  109. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, soocho! I’m glad that you enjoyed the information you found here!

  110. h3nr1_x Says:

    i remember the name Phil Bolsta upon reading Charice Bio on her website, the last paragraph was very powerful and inspiring that I end up in tears,

    Ie: Millions of fans all over the world now sing her praises, but ultimately, it is not Charice’s voice that matters so much, it is how her jubilant spirit touches us, lifts us up, and makes us believe in not only her goodness but our own. That is why this diminutive, unassuming teenage girl from the Philippines is a hero to so many. Charice’s mere presence in this world blesses us, makes us strong, and rekindles our hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    Thank you so much and to all Charice supporters

  111. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Many thanks, h3nr1_x. I’m glad you found that paragraph so meaningful. I wrote it form the heart and figured that if that was what I felt, it would resonate with others as well. Charice truly is a gift to the world.

  112. dothinkkfeelgood Says:

    Reading this article just now completed my day.
    I admired a lot of great legendary singers/bands, but this is my first time to be really touched by a singer with a powerful voice. It is really a different feeling listening to her songs. As if it is an enjoyable suspenseful feeling which makes me feel satisfied and wanting to watch her sing over and over again.
    Thanks to you, Falsevoice and Phil.

  113. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You are very welcome, dothinkfeelgood. I’m glad you discovered Charice!

  114. dothinkkfeelgood Says:

    Just wandering….
    Have you met Charice already personally?
    I really think your heartfelt writings and Falsevoice’ dedication are doing a big impact on Charice’ success.
    More power to you and hope you wont get tired writing about her,so we will be having good items to read now and then.

  115. Phil Bolsta Says:

    No, I have not met Charice personally, but I hope to someday! Yes, I plan on updating these posts regularly. In fact, I can’t wait to do so! Right now, however, I’m swamped and have to wait until the day when I can get caught up with all my Charice postings!

  116. frankahilario Says:

    Phil, When you write ‘Charice reaches a wide range of audience—from toddlers to teens to middle-age fans,’ you are correct, but it doesn’t cover all the bases. You see, I’m 69 years old, and I just love Charice!

  117. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I stand corrected, frankahilario! And I just corrected that sentence as well! Thanks!

  118. momnbird/busays12 Says:

    Hi phil thank u so much for your blog u did a great job , everytime i check your site if there there is sometning especially for our princess, anyway i have new fansite for Charice you can visit there too if u have time once again thank u so much .. God bless

  119. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, momnbird! Charice’s star continues to rise! She’s got a long, long career in front of her!

  120. henzjyu Says:

    falsevoice or dave Thank you so much…

    Humahanga ako sa kakayahan mo sa paggawa sa mga bagay na ito para kay Charice. Pareho tau ng insight about her ang pinagkaiba lang malayo ang iyong nagawa kaysa sa akin para sa kanya …

    THe HOLY SPIRIT had Blessed you.

    Nang dahil sa ginawa mo araw araw ko na syang napapanood kahit kelan na gustuhin ko coz she already occupied the international stage.
    woooooooooow… woooooooooow… woooooooooooooooooow…

  121. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m sure FalseVoice appreciates your comment, henzjyu. If anyone can translate it for me, I’d appreciate it!

  122. Shannelle Says:

    Thank you for this informative blog. I’m a bit confused though about the timeline with Charice’s meetup with Ellen and David.

    Anyway, as a thank you, here’s a translation of the comment before yours:

    [Humahanga ako sa kakayahan mo sa paggawa sa mga bagay na ito para kay Charice. Pareho tau ng insight about her ang pinagkaiba lang malayo ang iyong nagawa kaysa sa akin para sa kanya …]

    Translation: I admire your abilities to do so much for Charice. We have the same insight about her talent. The only difference between us is you did so much more for her as opposed to what I did.

    [THe HOLY SPIRIT had Blessed you.]

    [Nang dahil sa ginawa mo araw araw ko na syang napapanood kahit kelan na gustuhin ko coz she already occupied the international stage.
    woooooooooow… woooooooooow… woooooooooooooooooow…]

    Translation: Because of what you did, everyday and anytime I want to, I am able to watch her because [she already occupied the international stage. woooooooooow… woooooooooow… woooooooooooooooooow…]

  123. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Shannelle! I really appreciate that!

  124. haynakuubosnanamanorasko Says:

    Happy New Year! I just got wind of your blog today through CM and I have to say this blog is, for me, the best chronicle of all the important events in Charice’s entertainment career in an orderly and comprehensive fashion. Thanks for the obvious admiration and support that you have for Charice. More power to you and good health this coming year and all the years to come.

  125. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate that very much, haynakuubosnanamanorasko. I did my best to lay out this information in an orderly and entertaining way that answered all my questions about Charice’s history.

  126. reynaldo wong Says:

    you are really nice phil for choosing charice to be included in your blog, it wasa a wonderful to see how youn help her

  127. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s my pleasure, reynaldo wong!

  128. victoria Says:

    Hi Phil,
    I am a Chaddict since 3 months ago. I just discovered your blog today from Charicemania website comment reference. I love you! because you put into words all that I have felt for Charice. I don’t have the gift of gab that you do so I will enjoy reading your blogs and I will follow your postings about Charice. It is amazing what this wonderkid can inspire in people. I am truly inspired by her life story, her character and her Voice and her personality… etc,etc. I love everything about Charice. I am in my 40’s and I was never a fan of any one singer before only now with Charice. I appreciate great music and excellence and good people!
    Thank you so much for this work you did… I will continue to read on. you made my day. Please excuse my grammar as I am in a hurry :)

    I am writing from Vancouver Canada!

  129. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Welcome to ChariceVille, Victoria! I’m glad you found my blog! For not having the gift of gab, you described Charice’s appeal awfully well. You’re right, it’s all those elements together—her life story, her character, her voice, her personality—that blend together to make her a truly special person and performer. Glad you discovered her!

  130. mcartie2001 Says:

    Hey Phil! You rock man! That’s all I can say. I am really busy at work and no time checkin out who’s who but I got hooked with Charice for sometime now, I don’t know why.. her voice relaxes me and put me in a good mood as always.. this girl really have something that other singers don’t have.. through your blog though, i was able to appreciate Charice much more and to Falsevoice, way to go man.. keep it up.

    Once again Phil, you’re the man. Thanks for the nice blog, I will be following your blogs from now on.. take care and regards to your family. God bless! :)

  131. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for making my day, mcartie2001! It’s great to hear that Charice affects so many people the way she affects those of us who make a point to get the word out about her amazing talent. Welcome to the club!

  132. Relanzo Says:

    A MILLION Thanks Phil. You are the Man! keep up the good work always. What a Wonderful blog! Cheers!

  133. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Relanzo!

  134. Anne Says:

    hi phil! very informative and touching article about charice! goodluck!

  135. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Anne!

  136. anita d. cruz Says:

    thanks for all the detailed compilations of charice’s singing career-from joining diff amateur contests at early age, her eagerness,patience learning songs and went to diff provinces,so she can win some money to help her mom-as a child who already knew about responsibility,like a mom has to put food on the table so her kids will eat,and charice has that heart. it didnt stop her even win or lose,or ridiculed if she lose,and got her strenght back,even she lose on that show LBSTAR , to tell the truth charice has the best voice on that finale,but lose coz of votes buying-well, if u have a lot of friends and relatives and lots of loads on the cp to text/vote for u to win,thats possible to win.i think,it went for the best for her,coz GOD is not sleeping on her, A GUARDIAN ANGEL was sent to her-that’s FALSEVOICE. IT’S LIKE A FANTASY STORY. some advice to charice, if u reach that stardom-coz u will have money-DON’T DO DRUGS, NOR ALCOHOL,NOT EVEN SMOKING, TAKE CARE OF URSELF,MOM AND BRO,and do ur part in helping the less fortunate children-like ur doing now.GOD BLESS U CHARICE,UR A GOOD IDEAL TO CHILDREN ASPIRING THEIR DREAMS, LIKE U HAVE NOW. THANKS TO PHILBOLSTA.

  137. Phil Bolsta Says:

    i have no doubt that Charice will use her fame wisely, Anita. She is surrounded by good people and she has a pure and wonderful heart.

  138. begoodenblues Says:

    Hi Phil,

    it was a pleasure talking to you on “Fantalk Radio”. Contact me so that we can see which videos you need or even if you need them all. I’ve got about 45 Gbs of Charice’s Vids, many of them are in very good quality. I have many of the Vids that have been deleted from YouTube. Also in case I would be missing some I’m sure that webscribes has many as well.

    Best regards,

    Antoine Clequin

  139. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Antonie, you are a godsend! As I mentioned, I’m devoting every minute I can to finishing up my next book. But as soon as I can, I will do an inventory of videos I need. I’ve been hoping that someone like you would turn up and could supply the missing vids! I also need videos from the point where I stopped updating the posts last summer. Believe me, I will get around to this soon and you will hear from me!

    You can upload videos to me at

  140. TT Says:

    I just recently discovered Charice when someone covered her new single on youtube. I looked her up and was amazed by her. Thanks for taking the time to put together all of this.

  141. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, TT. Glad you stopped by for a visit.

  142. deemortiz Says:

    Jason, my nephew who was in Korea with the Airforce at the time, told his Dad Rey, my brother, about Charice singing in Starking. I was told to check it out, but was reluctant because I didn’t want a destraction with my busy life. Few days later, I finally checked out her video belting out “I’m Telling You I’m not Going”. That fatefull move I made changed my life for the next 3 years and counting. I was so empressed. So mush so that I watched her videos on youtube day and night. Why I even made a prediction she would be appearing with Celine on stage someday within 5 years. Of cource I was laughed at. How can I be so stupid as to making a prediction like that. (9 months later, she did) But what’s amazing about this little girl, who seemed to be from a poor broken family, from a small town of Laguna, had the audacity to even think she could be a STAR. And what about the mother, who does she think she is, the nerve of her, thinking she could make her daughter, who is too small, too dark, and too native looking, to even appear on local TV. But look at her now. She turned out to be a beautifull young lady. A true “DEVA”, and a “POP PRiNCESS” at that, and she and her mom are on top of the world. I’m a 66 years old man, exmarine and a VietNam vet, but this little girls performance could reduce me to tears. Thank Phil

  143. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, deemoritz. What’s amazing about Charice is the diversity of her fans. People of all ages and walks of life feel an instant, very special connection with her. I’m glad you discovered Charice and have become such a big fan!

  144. zphenz Says:

    i love this..complete info. about our princess Charice..keep it up>! Thanks for Sharing…

  145. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, zphenz! I’m glad you stopped by. Please visit again!

  146. Chris22 Says:

    Hi Phil!

    I’m a fairly new fan of Charice and have just discovered your entries. She’s an inspiration for EVERYONE and a really, really good role model for the youth today. I’m so glad that someone with such talent and positive spirit wrote something like this for Charice. You’re an amazing writer and she truly deserves this wonderful effort. After absorbing so much negative energy everyday, your work is a breath of fresh air for people like me. I love your other entries as well and thanks to Charice, I got to discover another wonderful writer in you.

    Please don’t stop writing. Reading Charice in your list of entries is just a bonus for me. Hopefully, a lot more people discover you because the world would be a much better place if more people are touched with your energy.

    More power to you Phil!

  147. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Chris22! You made my day!

  148. spyke_spurs Says:

    worthy for recommendation to all charice fans who wants to know more about their idol, her early struggles in life and how she became now..just superb story teller

  149. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad you liked it, spyke_spurs! Thank you!

  150. tame Says:

    Hi Phil!

    At first I was hesitant to read this blog because it was really long, hehhehehe.. but when I started to read! wow! I was amazed! It was fantastic^_^!.. I’ve been a fan of Charice since she started to join in Little Big star!.. Keep up the good work! God Bless!..^_*

  151. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, tame! I’m glad you dove in and enjoyed it!

  152. Kelvin Says:

    Yeah tame…I started to like her when i saw her video on youtube When she was invited in Star king. I was really amazed with her BIG voice.. I like when she sang And I’m telling you am not going..

  153. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Charice singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” was what did it for me too, Kelvin. Amazing!!!

  154. victoria Says:

    Very nice and touching. Thank you for sharing this.

  155. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s my pleasure, Victoria! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  156. MNCyn Says:

    This is absolutely one of the most inspirational stories I’ve read in a very long time! I knew something of this young lady, but not the story of the man who believed in her so much that he gave his time and talents to share her voice with the world! One man. One voice. And the power of the net.

  157. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I like the way you put things, MNCyn. You have a way with words!

  158. panday's_wife Says:

    ‘bought Charice CD 2 weeks ago in Target, just to show a bit of support for a fellow Filipino, got hooked ever since, did not know how far she had gone and still going. Never been a fanatic, cannot fathom why people get crazy over something, now I am a devotee, my husband teases me relentlessly, my two boys think they’re being neglected, he he. My first time to to leave a reply,( i thought going online is for paying bills and booking reservations mainly) but yes charice changes people in a special way including doing things for the first time. Thank you for your blog and God bless !

  159. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Glad to hear you caught Charice Fever, panday’s_wife! I’m happy to report that there is no cure!

  160. sajerosa Says:

    What a wonderful work of words, an enlightening work of arts, full of compassion and faith to her soulful, artistic sound and interpretation of every word she sings. That every people of all races unite into one because of the goosebumps, the tears, and the special touch every time this young girl sings.

    Thank you Phil for you blog, you have answered the many questions that many would like to know.

  161. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re quite welcome, sajerose. You hit upon a key point: Charice unites people from all corners of the globe by reaching out to the best in people and calling upon us all to celebrate what is good ad right about what makes us human.

  162. airegin Says:

    Hi Phil. i keep coming back to your nice blogsite every once in a while. thank you for all the inspirational stories, so very nice of you for Charice. i only listen to jazz and classical music before but ever since i checked out Charice on YT, after wondering what all the buzz was all about almost three years ago, and ever since i have been an avid fan. Your site was one of the first websites I got most of the info about her. And i used to wonder why I keep re-viewing her videos, staying up to 3am. It was a relief to realize that it’s not only me :o) Thank you, nice day.

  163. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Trust me, airgein, you’re not the only one! Thanks for coming back and stopping to say hello!

  164. MNCyn Says:

    I read somewhere that Charice is going to be a part of the Glee cast next season. Have you heard that? If I remember correctly, she was going to play a foreign exchange student. If so, that could be pretty fun!

  165. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s true, MNCyn. ChariceNation is Gleeful to see our Pinoy Princess blow everyone away with her vocals!

  166. MNCyn Says:

    I did follow up on Youtube and yes, she certainly does shine! I think that’s a good career move for her. It’s a very popular show and within a very short time she will be a household name! Thanks Phil for this story, videos, and interviews!

  167. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, MNCyn, Glee is an incredible career coup. Awareness of Charice is going to skyrocket!

  168. 1stMusikLuvR Says:

    Phil, I caught that Charice bug too. I never cared much for singers in a deep spiritual way before Charice. I never was a fanatic about anyone or anything until Charice. I am a born-again Christian of predominantly black African decendancy with a bit of Caucasian and East Indian thrown in for flavor. I never thought that I could become so driven to view videos and write comments about anyone who sung primarily secular songs. Not even Beyoncé with her confessions of being a Christian has ever inspired me to follow her; listen to her songs religiously; write about her or do anything that has any connection to her or her music. For some reason, unknown to me I do not have a deep spiritual love for any artist except for Charice. Karen Carpenter is the only other artist who has made me cry when I listened to her songs, but I discovered her after she was already dead. Charice is a young living angel who has touched my very soul in a supernaturally spiritual way.

    Somehow the alignment of the stars in the universe caused the coming together of Charice and FalseVoice which resulted in her current success. Moreover, through FalseVoice she was presented to the world; a world that will continuously be blessed with her beautiful voice. And devotees like me will continue to support her.

    This is the best blog that I have seen about Charice; good job.

    P.S.: The Citizen Pinoy videos (part 1 and 2) do not work.

  169. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Beautifully stated, 1stMusikLuvR. I can completely relate to your attraction to Charice’s authenticity and spiritual power. It may sound hokey to people who don’t feel drawn to her but it’s real and it’s powerful. I can’t explain it either. All that matters is it’s there.

    Thanks for pointing out the Citizen Pinoy videos. I’ve had to take a break from updating the blog in order to finish a book but I hope to take care of such things very soon!

  170. Sunny Says:

    Wow this is awesome! Good job Phil!

  171. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Sunny! I love your name!

  172. kirkfranzs Says:

    Everything here is very interesting. I’m glad, happy and enjoy reading and watching all the stuff here. Phil Bolsta, you’re such a great and incredible person that nobody else to compare with. Sharing of charice life story to the nation is so amazing talent, skills, ability. Thanks Phil Bolsta. God bless you.

  173. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Kirk. I’m glad you enjoyed this post and that you appreciate Charice’s wonderful talent.

  174. jinXT Says:

    just when i thought i knew EVERYTHING there is to know about Charice, i guess i was wrong. LOL. thanks for the post, learned a lot!

  175. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, jinXT!

  176. dayliann Says:

    Hi, Phil!

    All I can say is BIG WOW!!!! Thanks so much!!!! I love what you’re doing here… God bless and more power to you. All of us are like in some kind of a trance … a Charice trance. Thanks to you and Dave!

  177. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, dayliann! Welcome to the wonderful world of Charice!

  178. moonwalk*ching*ching*ching* Says:

    Good job! ^_^ but i’m just wonderin coz i thought FalseVoice’s name was derived because he (FalseVoice/Dave) thought Charice is lipsynching.. ?? oops wait let me rephrase it again.. Because I thought FalseVoice’s name was derived because he (FalseVoice/Dave) thought that at one glance you would think she (Charice) is lipsynching..??

    ^_^ maybe both.. FalseVoice as Falsetto and FalseVoice because he knows that Charice voice doesnt match her age at that time.. ^_^ I have seen articles and videos that supports the latter but you already interviewed FalseVoice himself so the former is confirmed.. But maybe its both and is not emphasized during one interview since its not the main topic why the interview is conducted.

    You’ve done a great job! Amazing.. ^_^

    Now I started to think that, FalseVoice as Falsetto is really the reason.. But come to think of it… after he uploaded the video he would be bombarded by comments about lipsynching in which the meaning maybe associated with the name/word falsevoice.. Is that a “coincidence” or “destiny” in the making… Now that is creepy ^_^ You know what they should make a movie of charice.. Her story is really like a Cinderella story except that it has more drama and if you dig deeper its more than what you would expect.. It is an inspirational story.. but i guess its more appropriate when she reaches her peak or when she retires..

  179. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You know, moonwalk, I hadn’t heard the rumor that Falsevoice’s name came about because people thought Charice was using a false voice. But that’s completely false. He was using Falsevoice because of the musical term “falsetto” before he even knew about Charice.

  180. moonwalk*ching*ching*ching* Says: here is an interview of charice by clitzbeats.. thats why I am a lil bit confused.. so i am thinking the FalseVoice name has a double meaning when he created it.. I think Dave when he 1st saw charice, her 1st impression was her voice is not suited for her age.. I am not sure if he created his youtube channel FalseVoice because of charice or he have created it way before he knew charice..

    Your blog is really inspiring.. Thanks… ^_^

  181. Phil Bolsta Says:

    THanks, moonwalk. Dave created his YouTube channel before he discovered Charice. He and Charice came together thanks to perfect circumstances and opportunities.

  182. medel kent Says:

    thanks for the stories about charice. you have told us inspiring thoughts. you are a gift.

  183. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, medel. I’m glad you enjoyed my Charice posts!

  184. mel Says:

    Thanks Phil for this wonderful blog.

    It is so easy to take for granted the things that Falsevoice did for Charice now that she is “huge” and surrounded by “big” celebrities in the music world.

    Falsevoice was the first “Oprah” to Charice. He was like a prophet acting on behalf of God in 2006 to help Charice not to give up hope and singing.

    Thanks Dave for everything you did for Charice. You discovered Charice like Magellan discovered the Philippines.

  185. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m sure Dave appreciates your kind words, Mel. Many thanks.

  186. adeeksakanya Says:

    I’m one of her biggest fan! There’s something about her that’s magical..and of course..she’s the best vocal out ther hands down…;-)

    I spend at least 2 hours eveyday watching her videos..;-)

  187. Phil Bolsta Says:

    There are worse ways to spend two hours a day, adeeksakanya!

  188. adeeksakanya Says:

    BEST IDEA: David Foster to re-record all his popular ballad songs to be sang and secorded by Charice. I guess that would be a huge market, ie, Celine Dion’s IWALY, Whitney’s BGM, Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart, and many others.

  189. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It’s a GREAT idea, adeeksakanya! Can’t wait! But did you mean Whitney’s IWALY? Celine isn’t associated with that song.

  190. Gabriela Says:

    Hi Phil,

    thanx much for d compilations abt CHARICE & her laserbeam/soaring career…can’t get enough of Charice….i, like all of them, will not get bored reading and viewing all her yt vids over & over again…got addicted to Charice too hahaha…but this is d best addiction i have…


  191. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Welcome to Charice addiction, Gabriela. It’s the only addiction that people are encouraged to continue!

  192. jimg29 Says:


  193. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, jimgw9!

  194. sakhornkv Says:

    she deserves what she has today! she’s quite a good kid. after reading the article, i hope that all the haters will understand and churn their feeling back to love/support charice. i see that she deserved to win the contest, but unfortunately for her that she lost. love charice.

  195. sakhornkv Says:

    Oh my god! your blog is fulfill my eager to know about charice. you’re just amazing Phil.! i’ve read your blog most all sections. god blesses you!

  196. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, sakhornkv! Welcome to Chasterville!!!

  197. racky villalfores Says:

    thanks phil….. the world has to know everything that we got talents…this is an opening yes to the whole world…. we got talents too… such talents should be known… thanks again phil…

  198. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Racky. Charice has come a long, long way toward making a name for herself in the world. And she’s only getting started!

  199. MarkTheCode Says:

    Well-written. This is, so far, the most interesting article about FalseVoice with lots of details. I enjoyed reading it =) Now I’m going to read it again and again. Hahaha.

  200. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, MarkThe Code!

  201. elvie Says:

    thanks phil! your interview with falsevoice filled up my curiosity about him. i’m a great fan of charice too and once in a while, i too do blog about her. it’s really great to see her fans grow day by day.

  202. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, Elvie. Yes, it’s a joy to watch her popularity soar!

  203. Franco Says:

    Hi Phil Bolsta and FalseVoice… Wow! I just read this article by this time and year… Charice is now one of the top international singers because of God and you… THANK YOU!!! We know that more to come for charice in the stardom, hope in GRAMMY…..

  204. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Franco, with all she’s accomplished so far, the best is yet to come!

  205. Juan Says:

    such a kool article Phil.. I remember Charice was going to take Falsevoice to America if she made it big. He’s still never been there. Has Charice made it big yet?

  206. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Oh, yes, Juan. Super-duper big!

  207. Alex Says:

    Just to let you know … from France,
    ( forget english mistakes if any , please. I’m 44, never been abroad).
    Thanks Phil, Dave and many more or less hidden volunteers, for the amazingly informative work you achieved here together.
    I stumbled on a video starring Charice one day coming from Bianca Ryan’s performances on AGT. No regret so far, I stick to Charice videos now.
    Her perfs & interviews, are really encouraging self belief and earth-grounded behaviour.
    And I even found myself yesterday using Google to translate some Tagalog song titles and comments. Before hearing to Charice, I didn’t even know that Tagalog existed, shame on me !

  208. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Welcome aboard the Charice fan bandwagon, Alex! We’re happy to have you!

  209. Addie Says:

    Thank you so much, Phil, for supporting Charice. She’s the pride of our country, but a gift to the world. Her versatility added with her stage presence make her the complete package. Even now, she’s evolving into something greater.

    I only wish her happiness in the years to come, especially during her grieving period, which takes time to heal her heart. It saddens me that she has to go through some negative media from the Philippines, a country she put in the limelight. But, she’s strong and fearless.

    I wish you could do an updated interview for her, if fate permits. She does sincere interviews which are candid, heartwarming results. Here’s one a few years back:

    Again, thank you :)

  210. Addie Says:

    You’ll need to see the whole interview (part 1-7) and turn on the English caps, as well. If you’re not familiar with our language, whenever she says “Po” (and, she says it a lot), it’s a sign of respecting your elders. Enjoy!

  211. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much for the nice comment, Addie. Yes, Charice is truly a gift to the world. I agree that the Philippines should celebrate her unconditionally; this modern trend of criticizing celebrities just for the sake of being critical is unseemly and toxic.

  212. Lovella Schroder Says:

    Thanks Phil for all the info about Charice. She is truly a star and a wonderful person. She is very lucky girl to have FalseVoice spotted her exceptional singing talent. More power to your blog and your family.

  213. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, Lovella! Yes, Charice was born to be a star!

  214. Zaxx to Charice (Jake Zyrus): False Voice was your beginning. Will Fake Voice be your end? - Get Real Post Says:

    […] article touches on “False Voice”. If you recall, this was the YouTube channel/admirer/fan (Dave in real life) that ushered you into the international scene and catapulted your career on a laser-beam […]

  215. Dave Allen R. Manuel Says:

    -Am still happy we experienced All-Voice in 1Person, she covers Songs makes me like them All, better than Orignal…

    DF & Oprah mentoring her, a high-powered team managing details of her career Charice audience—from toddlers to teens to middle-age fans to senior citizens. -Well said -NCI

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