Charice—Her Inauguration Week Performances

Charice was thrilled to usher in 2009 by performing at three events in Washington D.C. in the days leading up to President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Here she performs a powerful rendition of God Bless America at the Realizing the Dream Awards Celebration on Sunday, January 18, 2009. It’s fun to see an audience that is unfamiliar with her start clapping and going crazy midway through her song!

Here is the Inaugural Ball Holy Grail video: Charice singing God Bless Americ and One Moment In Time at the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala. Videographer momarski added this commentary:

Took this video the first time Charice took the stage to perform before the Asian American and Pacific Islander community gala. She blew the audience away with her big voice. I was near the left side of the stage so I had a very good vantage point.

Here is a breakdown of the three events Charice performed at in the days leading up to Barack Obama’s inauguration:


Charice with Barack Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and her husband, Konrad, at the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala (courtesy of Asian Journal)

• On Sunday evening, she closed the show by singing God Bless America at the Realizing the Dream Awards Celebration at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Realizing the Dream is a nonprofit group that continues the humanitarian work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

• On Monday evening, she sang God Bless America and One Moment In Time at a reception at the Philippine embassy to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration.

• She then rushed over to belt out God Bless America and One Moment In Time at the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The event was attended by Asian-American and Pacific Islander leaders and celebrities.

As is her custom, Charice is always happy to keep on singing. She and her mother, Raquel, were set to leave the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala but decided to stay just a little bit longer in case Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s sister, showed up. In Charice’s own words, courtesy of charicamania:

Actually we were fixing to leave. We did not think that Ms. Maya will show up at the ball. However, we decided to stay a little bit longer just in case she will show up. Someone told us later on that Ms. Maya will be arriving soon. I had already peformed when she arrived. I sang God Bless America again and it brought her to tears. She picked me up. I cried too for her, she was really moved by the song.

Here is Charice singing for Maya Soetoro-Ng. You can’t get any more personal than singing to someone face to face while holding their hand. All Chasters should be so lucky!


Here are clips of Charice singing God Bless America and One Moment In Time, courtesy of ABS-CBN News. Although there are no subtitles, it’s easy to follow the action.


Charice wows the crowd at the Realizing the Dream Awards Celebration

Here is Charice briefly interacting with Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s sister, at the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala, courtesy of GMA, a leading Philippine network.

Here is an ABS-CBN News recap that offers more of Charice’s performance:


Charice had announced her Obama Inauguration trip to the U.S. live on Wowowee, a noon-time variety and game show broadcast by ABS-CBN, on Saturday, January 10.

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12 Responses to “Charice—Her Inauguration Week Performances”

  1. ciada Says:

    Hi!! I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s so nice to read a very detailed story on Charice’s rise to stardom. I spent about 3 hours reading. hahaha and I really enjoyed it! Great job!!!

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my Charice posts, ciada! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  3. elsa from spain Says:

    I am an Oveseas Filipino Worker or OFW who normally visit the charicemania site and though not often go on chatting with chasters, i normally look for any link and there i found your site…i thought you are a Filipino based in USA…you look a foreigner to me.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that i am so happy reading your blog. I had encountered you first write up when one of the charicemania fan recommended to read the biography you made for Charice and really i was so touched of the depthness of your writing, if Charice can do it to us of the goosebumps feeling, your writing is remarkable to me, i was teary-eyed then. I am an avid fan based here in Spain and in my 50´s already and loved Charice that much for she makes me feel young and hopeful…truly an inspiration. Charice is the only singer i admired most in the entire life i had…i would say i am an chaddict like others who look for an update from her…You are a great writer to me…you touch my heart too.

    Hope someday, you will be the one to write the autobiography of Charice. I intend to buy your inspiring book. God bless you and good health. Adios.

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for making my day, Elsa! Yes, I was born and raised in Minnesota so I guess that makes me a foreigner to Filipinos!

    Isn’t it wonderful the way Charice touches hearts and unites people from all over the world?

    Thanks again and please leave another comment whenever you drop by. It’s nice to meet you!

  5. bhoy Says:

    hi charice your so great and humble i like the way you are, im here in kuwait working as an ofw airlines staff one of your million fans everyday i always listen to your music thru your website i like the way you sing very hard song, keep it up and dont forget what ms oprah told you keep your feet in the ground even your having a better shoes, love you, and god bless you forever.

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m sure Charice appreciates your support, bhoy.

  7. josie Says:

    It is really amazing to note that a foreigner at that took the effort to write an in depth story about charice and her incredible talent. It might have taken only 60 seconds (or longer, but it does not matter) for you to recognize that this child has something unique to offer this chaotic world, hence the write ups and i thank you for this. I always go first thing in the morning to check out your blogs be it about charice or not.

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Josie. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

  9. anita d. cruz Says:

    hello mr philbolsta? as i’m reading ur blogs about char and watching the videos about the pre-inaugural balls char will attend, i happend to click on something, it was a video from gma7 the show with 2 visayan guys playing as boxers and like cant believe that time that char will be at the inauguration balls of pres-elect obama-coz their caption-charice may be at the inaugural ball and as said by those 2 acting boxers, but maybe now they believed char coz char was there and got standing ovations at the inaugural balls, and char was also criticized by other filipino reporters that char was lying telling the public that she will be in “THIS IS IT” tour of michael jackson , that she was requested to sing duet and perform billie jean (char and mike) but very sad to say it didnt happen coz he died untimely manner. and char paid tribute to mike’s in her 1st concert in smx. can u verify that news of her performing with mike to clear her name from lying? i think it was joey de leon fr gma who wrote that article that it was a lie. but abs-cbn believed charice coz they’ve announced it on their show like SNN and TV PATROL. charice is another superstar, her voice is like nora guy aunor that has a connection to people’s heart,it just hit a nerve and amazed of her voice, i’ve never admire singer in the phil, except for nora aunor, and now came charice. i go crazy reading articles about her, like during LA AUNOR i always buy magazines,tabloids newspapers to read news about her, now good there’s internet,u can get free newsletter. thanks philb.

  10. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Anita. I also heard that Charice was going to be in Michael Jackson’s tour and I absolutely believe it. It’s sad that Charice has been criticized so heavily and so unfairly by people who have their own reasons for trying to discredit her. I’ve never understood people who do things like that.

  11. Anne Guanlao Says:

    Hi Mr. Phil, thank you for your blogs. Indeed you helped a lot of people with your writing skills. I happened to drop by your video posts and and the stories here about Charice. I noticed that she had a good blend with the South Korean’s Super Junior in her first performance at King Star. And it had also earned remarkable credits and hits in You Tube. Suggest that another performance with that group. That was one of the performance that made her one of the favorites in SoKor.

  12. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, Anne, I LOVE that Star King performance. I’ve included Charice’s Star King videos on my main blog post about her. I’m not surprised she’s a big star in SoKor. Her star in the U.S. is only going to be glowing brighter as well!

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