Charice—Her Interviews

Charice sat down for an intimate one-on-one interview on June 22, 2009 with Boy Abunda of SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), the source for showbiz and celebrity news on ABS-CBN. The first video is the condensed, edited version that was aired the next day. The following eight videos (also complete with subtitles) comprise the full sit-down interview.










You’re in for another treat! Here is a long interview with Charice on The Buzz on January 25, 2009, in which Charice tells Boy Abunda from Boy and Kris about her experiences during inauguration week. Charice, who gets teary-eyed at times, also shares her thoughts about her career and the hardships she’s been through.

Here is a heartwarming two-part interview of Charice, her mother Raquel and her brother Carl, who they affectionately call Kuy-kuy. Conducting the interview is immigration attorney Michael Gurfinkel, host of the TV show, Citizen Pinoy, which airs every Sunday on The Filipino Channel (TFC). The program specializes in helping the Filipino community deal with immigration problems. Gurfinkel personally assisted the Pempengco family in obtaining visas so they could travel to the United States. This interview took place on December 28, 2008 in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.



In early October 2008, Charice and her mom, Raquel, were interviewed on Wonder Mom, a Saturday morning parenting show in the Philippines. Charice talked about her duet with Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany on July 20, 2008; her relationship with Oprah; and her duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden on September 15, 2008.

Here is a wonderful compilation of Charice interviews on Philippine TV. It’s very insightful and very touching, especially the segment from Boy and Kris featuring Charice and her beloved mom.

Here is Asian Journal and ABS-CBN Balitang America reporter Joseph Pimentel interviewing Charice after she arrives in Los Angeles from the Philippines in December 2007, days before she filmed her Ellen appearance. It’s Charice’s first day in the United States.

This January 12, 2008 interview on the MYX Channel, a music and lifestyle channel for the Asian American community, is translated below, courtesy of dphoenix on The interview also features Arnel Pineda, the Filipino lead singer of Journey.

Ellen‘s staff saw my performance in Star King in Korea, and the other videos posted by FalseVoice, so it’s really FalseVoice (who is responsible).

Ellen DeGeneres‘ staff and executive producers called me for an interview. Then after twenty minutes, Ellen called, then she’s very shocked that she’s talking to me. Then she said that she’s my number one fan and she’s so excited to see me in person. I’m so happy, super proud to be a Filipino.

When I was backstage, I was so nervous because I was thinking maybe they wouldn’t accept me, but when I got out on stage, then I saw them clapping, warm welcome. Then Miss Ellen hugged me, then after i sang they gave me a standing ovation; that’s why I cried, because that was the first time I got a standing ovation and it was people in America. Miss Ellen DeGeneres is a very true person. She’s so nice. During the rehearsals she came out; lots of people say that she doesn’t come out during rehearsals. Then she cried when she saw me, then she hugged me tight. She said she was super happy that I was there in front of her and then she was whispering that this is the start of my career, internationally. She’s so nice. After the taping, she gave me an inspirational message to follow my heart, do what I want. She’s so nice.

I met David Foster, producer/composer of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Whitney Houston. When I met him, we practiced a bit, he acted as my coach. Then on December 14, we went to Las Vegas using his private jet. He introduced me to the creator of Power Rangers. Then we watched Celine Dion’s concert; he was my escort. I was so proud because every time he’s interviewed by the press, of course he’s famous in America, he always introduces me as his new singer, Charice Pempengco. Then the press would come over and interview me. I cried when I watched Celine Dion live, especially when she sang To Love You More because that was my winning piece when I was young. I was very happy with the U.S. tour.

I will fly to New York to meet Clive Davis, producer/manager of Whitney Houston and he also handles American Idol. I couldn’t believe it myself, it was very sudden and I really didn’t expect it. I was just surprised because there were a lot of people who were saying that I didn’t know how to sing, I had no personality, I would go nowhere. It’s just gratifying that in other countries, they are saying that I can sing, I’m cute. It makes me proud that in other countries, in Korea, America or anywhere else, they recognized me and accepted me as Filipino, with my age, with this voice, they accepted me with this personality, they accepted me wholeheartedly.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, I hope you will keep on supporting me. I love you.

Here is a brief two-minute PBS interview with Charice and her mentor, David Foster, in November 2008.

On January 6, 2008, Charice was interviewed by Korina Sanchez, a popular broadcast journalist, on her ABS-CBN show, Korina Today.

Here is an interview with Charice and FalseVoice on Boy and Kris on October 6, 2008. Click here to see the four songs she sang on that show.

Here is a ten-second Christmas greeting from Charice in December 2008.

Charice was interviewed by Ruffa Gutierrez on December 28, 2008. The show is The Buzz, a hugely popular weekly  entertainment news and talk show on ABS-CBN .

Ruffa asked Charice to please sing a song that was especially meaningful to her, and Charice graciously complied.


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    Hi, Mcoy. “Amazing” is on her Philippines chapter:—her-philippines-performances/

    I’ve got a lot of videos to add and “Born To Love You” may be one of them. I can’t recall right now. So check in again soon!

  7. Mcoy Says:

    wow, so the rumor was really true! she is going to sing in the inauguration! more power!

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yep, Charice’s performance at the Inaugural Ball will be the tipping point. Her fame will spread like wildfire after that!

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  12. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, it appears that the tables are indeed turned, Mingcat. All that matters now is that Charice is on her way!

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    Another great interview of Charice:

    They have the translations here:

  14. Phil Bolsta Says:

    *bows in gratitude*

  15. TagpiAkingAso and Micchan Says:

    IN this interview, you’ll find out about Charice’s crush and why she is so good at tossing the mike! HAHAHAHA

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    Dear Phil
    I just want to thank you for crafting this unbeatable collection of gem. We saw the big day of Charice this week. Her super voice and music shine more, becuase i came to know her history. I think I have been moved by her super voice, but also touched by her life story, and beautiful soul. Your channel showed her life, like a documentary, and gave us a hope that human can grow right even under hardship. So many people already made the same comment for you, but i wanted to repeat, as this is the memorial week. Thanks again.

    Best regards,
    from Yokohama

  22. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Ashitanojyo! I’m glad you enjoyed my posts on Charice. Yes, what a wonderful week this is for her. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve all been excitedly waiting for her coming-out party!

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    i’ve come by your blog many times and decided today i leave my mark. your blog is a great read and enjoyed it. i noticed there are some vids that have been taken down. it was nice of you to take time be the guest of fan talk. come by the charicemania chatroom again sometime in the future. bye

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    Thanks so much, Xul! I’m glad you stopped to say hello. Yes, I hope to replace the YouTube vids that have been taken down when I do my updates in the near future!

  25. charicesubtitles Says:

    Phil, according to this blog, Michael Gurfinkel interviewed Charice on December 28, 2008 in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

    At the near bottom of this blog, there was also another interview of
    Charice on December 28, 2008. She was interviewed by Ruffa Gutierrez on The Buzz (a live TV program).

    I think there has been an error here regarding the date. I am assuming that, at least, one of them is incorrect. As it is very unlikely for Charice to be interviewed in California, and another one that took place in the Philippines on the same day.

    Please let me know if these dates are actually accurate.

    But anyways, keep up the good job. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

  26. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’ll see what I can find out, charicesubtitles. I’m a stickler for accuracy. Thanks for the heads up.

  27. harana123 Says:

    Phil, thank for capturing the story of charice, love it so much. I would love to buy if you happen to publish this as a book.or in dvd…probably a series as this covers part of her life story.

  28. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, harana123. I would enjoy writing more about Charice but I do not know what the future holds.

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