Charice—Little Big Star

At thirteen, Charice was already an old pro! Here is the newly minted teenager on Little Big Star, a talent show loosely patterned after American Idol that premiered on ABS-CBN on Saturday, September 24, 2005. Charice ended up placing third in the competition—clearly a sign that the show needed to get better judges!

Round One. Charice lost 92-91 and was eliminated.


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: I’m proud of these kids, but today they will be facing a tough battle because today’s competitors are so good. Let us see the greatness of the new contestants. Let’s begin round one for the Big Division. The competitors are Charice vs. Rafael vs. Alyssa. The first one is Charice Pempengco!

CHARICE: I joined Little Big Star because I also want to be famous.

MOM: Sometimes she is the one who would say “Mommy, don’t I have a contest now? I already miss singing!” Sometimes she would suddenly burst into singing . . . “Mommy, it’s weekend today, don’t I have a contest?”

CHARICE: If I would be lucky enough to win, I’ll put it (prize money) in a bank for me and my brother’s future.

MOM (tearful): I’m glad because what her father didn’t provide for us she wants to provide, even in just a dream.

[ Charice sings ]

HOST: That was Charice! Hey, you’re so good! Now let us see your score, Charice! Here it is! Wow 91! Okay! Let us see if [other contestants score] higher or lower. Our next contestant, Rafael Canillas!

HOST: That was Rafael. Whew, you’re so good! Both of you are good! Our judges are having a tough time again. Here it is . . . 92! Hahaha! Rafael was so surprised! Hahaha! I thought the kid would faint. Congratulations, Rafael! Thank you!


Charice was thrilled to be invited back to the show a couple of months later as a “wild card.” She sang two songs upon her triumphant return on November 19: a Whitney Houston classic followed by the theme song of TFC (The Filipino Channel).



Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: So Sam, what’s happening now?

SAM: Here it is, “ate” (term of endearment meaning “older sister”) Sarah, Big Division round two. This is a showdown between Charice vs. Janine vs. Rafael vs. Ana. I’m really so excited!

HOST: Of course, I’m also excited and I’m sure those of you watching at home are also excited, so let us begin with the child who says singing is her way to help her mom—that is Charice.

[ Charice sings ]

JUDGE 1: Hey, Charice, wow! You’re good in choosing a song! You’re so young, but you still can do a lot of things. You nailed the Whitney Houston song. I think you can be the Lani Misalucha of this country.

JUDGE 2: Only one will be given a chance to be the star of the month. It is no other than . . . Charice! Congratulations!

HOST: Congratulations Charice! You are the one who will have a chance to be the star of the month! Wow! Thank you, Alyssa and Regina. (to Charice) Charice is teary. What are you feeling? You’re very happy, aren’t you?

CHARICE: Very happy!

HOST: You know, you’re very deserving. You’re really, really good. Actually, all of you are very good. . . . Fourth honor Janine, third honor Rafael and second honor Ana. All of them are vying for the title of Star of the Month and want to go to the Grand Finals. Whew, it’s a tight competition!  Next is their showdown here in LBS! The one who will be left behind will have a chance to face Ronald to become the Star of the Month. We will miss you, Rafael. Thank you Rafael! We will miss you, Janine. We will miss you, Ana.

HOST (with Ronald and Charice): They are the ones who will compete for the continuation of Big Division monthly finals next week. Charice , how do you feel that you’ve come this far?

CHARICE: Very happy! To the max!

HOST: Okay, good luck to both of you. You’re both amazing.

HOST (to audience): You can help us in choosing Big Division’s Star of the Month, so vote now. Text now. When we come back, I have a special announcement, so stay tuned to Little Big Star.


On the same November 19 show, Charice sang a Tagalog song with the other contestants.


Translated from the above video:

HOST:  Like in the Little Division, the former Big Division contestants are returning back to have another chance to fullfill their dreams. Here they are with the earlier Big Division Stars of the Month—Rachelle and Sam!


A week later on November 26, Charice sang two more songs. First, here is Charice paired against Ronald, another contestant.


Translated from the above video:

HOST:  Showdown! Charice vs. Ronald! Whew! It’s a fierce showdown so let’s begin it with the child who is always with mom through thick and thin . . . Charice!


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST (to Charice’s mom, Raquel): Charice said you cried harder than she did when she won the wild card competition. Is that true?

MOTHER: Yes, because Charice has gone through a lot from the wild card until she outshined all in the honor roll. That’s why I cried.

HOST: How do you prepare for Charice’s competition now?

MOTHER: She rehearses more now than before. Yesterday from rehearsal, we went straight to the church and we prayed that she’ll be given a chance.

HOST: And there’s no doubt that Charice is really good and (looking at Cha) she really shines in her dress. (to Raquel) Thank you, mommy Raquel, Tito (uncle). Thank you, po. (“po” is a polite way of acknowledging elders)

HOST: Okay, welcome to round two! Let’s begin the senti(mental) showdown (competing with power ballads) with Charice!

[ Charice sings ]

HOST: Let’s ask the kids. Charice, okay, to prepare yourself for the finals, it is said that the bathroom is reserved for you every morning, Hmmm, how does this help you for the finals?

CHARICE (giggles): Because I always practice in the bathroom and the bathroom has some echo so I enjoy singing there.

HOST: Okay, a sample.

[ Charice sings a little bit ]

HOST: And here’s the announcement we’ve all been waiting for in Big Division. Who among Charice and Ronald will be the Star of the Month? I’m holding it now . . .


On December 3, Charice sizzled on a Donna Summer song.


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: It’s a sing and dance battle here in round one, so let’s start the beat with our Big Division’s Stars of the Month! You begin, Charice!

[ Charice sings ]

HOST: You’re hot! Hahaha! Hot, huh! Your attire really shines but your performance shines better, Charice!


On the same December 3 show, Charice and the other Little Big Star contestants sang a medley with pop star host Sarah Geronimo.



As part of the competition, each contestant gets the opportunity to sing with an established Filipino pop star. On the same December 3 show, Charice was paired up with Sheryn Regis, known as “The Crystal Voice of Asia.”


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: It’ll be a sentimental belting-out battle but we have a bonus! There will be famous recording artists that our Star of the Months will be paired with. Here’s the senti(mental) showdown of Charice, Sam and Rachel with Ms. Sheryn Regis, Mr. Dingdong Avanzado and Ms. Bituin Escalante. Hmmm, our first tandem really looks like twins . . . are they also twins in singing good? Let’s see! Let’s start with Charice and Ms. Sheryn Regis.

[ Charice and Sheryn sing ]

HOST: Wow! Really! You’re twins in singing good! Amazing! Amazing! And I’m sure girls will giggle in this tandem. You will be serenaded by Sam and Mr. Dingdong Avanzado!

HOST: Let us see what the judges would say with the kids’ performances.

JUDGE 1 (to Charice): Charice, you really, really impressed me. You are a star!

JUDGE 2 (to Sam): Sam, you’ve got the attitude.

JUDGE 3: They told me to give a comment for Rachel, No! I’ll comment on all three. Do you know the three of you are the new treasures of ABS-CBN?

(to Charice) Charice, Luke (Judge 1) was right, I’ll bring you to the recording studio—you can record right away!

(to Rachel) Rachel do you know how brave you were? You were paired with Bituin Escalante!

HOST: Here’s what we all have been waiting for. Who among Charice, Sam and Rachel will be the first honor and make the dream come true of its beneficiary?

(to JUDGE 3) Director Joey?

JUDGE 3: The third honor for this night is . . . there’s the drum again . . . Rachel. Whew! Who will be the first honor, and who will be the second honor? The first one I will call is the name of the second honor. Who do you think is first honor? Okay. It has been a tough decision. Guys, you were all so good, the second honor is . . . is . . . is . . . Charice, your mother . . . hahaha . . .  the second honor is Sam! Charice, you are first honor!

HOST: Congrats, Charice! Thank you, po, thank you to our third honor, Rachel, and to our second honor, Sam! Congratulations! Next week, another search for new voices that will be joined in the new competition. Wow, that’s exciting! So let’s see each other again only here on Little Big Star!


Here is Charice singing a Filipino Christmas song on a special Christmas Eve episode on December 24.

Philippines Lesson: Tagalog is one of the major languages used in the Philippines. It is a basis for the Filipino language, which is the principal language of the national television and radio, though broadsheet newspapers are almost completely in English. It is also the primary language of public education. Tagalog is, along with English, a co-official language and the sole national language.


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: We’ll know all that when Little Big Stars return!

[ Charice sings ]

HOST: Thank you, Charice. Merry X’mas!

CHARICE: Merry X’mas, too!

HOST: You’re really amazing and your dress is beautiful. This child Charice’s voice is really powerful. I’m sure Tito Boy was really impressed. Whew! He’s big, huh! No, just kidding! Charice, if you’re going to guest on Homeboy (a defunct morning show), what would you want your interview to be about?

CHARICE: Maybe about perseverance and diligence.

HOST: Wow, and why?

CHARICE: Because that’s what I invested in. Lke in my competing in the wild card, I became a wild card contestant until I reached my position now as first honor.

HOST: That’s right, Charice. You inspire our fellow countrymen! Of course, all the cash that was received by our stars of the month through caroling will be given to our needy fellow countrymen. Once again, Charice, Merry X’ mas! Okay, here are the girls . . .


On the same December 24 show, all the contestants performed with host Sarah Geronimo.


Translated highlights from the above video:

VOICEOVER: There are new contestants who made it  into the honor roll. That is Alexandra who put Shimei down to the third honor. She was the one who competed with Kyle but he maintained his being first honor so he got his wish of a keyboard.
KYLE:  Thank you to Little Big Star!
VOICEOVER: In Big Division, Khristen made it. Because of her, Andrea became third honor. But she wasn’t able to defeat Gian for being the first honor. Congratulations to Gian! He got his wish of groceries for noche buena.
GIAN: Thank you to Little Big Star!
VOICEOVER: Joyful joyful are his families, like all the families of Little Big Star, The Little Big Voices and Sarah Geronimo!
[ Host and contestants sing ]
HOST: Merry, merry Christmas to all of you, whew! We celebrate all together only here in Little Big Star! We have lots of surprises in store for you for our noche buena!  First, Ms. Kuh Ledesma will be visting us and there are also our star families like Ms. Maricel Soriano, Boy Abunda and Tito Dolphy! Whew! And there’s still more. Our World Boxing Champion Mr. Manny Pacquiao and Ms. Ai-ai de las Alas . . . wow, it’s really big time! And there’s still more . . . our Stars of the Month Makisig, Micah, Rachel, Sam and Charice have a special gift. That will be our surprise later.  And of course there are our great contestants because the search for the next Star of the Month is still going on. For this Christmas eve, let us enjoy and join the party, only here on Little Big Star!


On January 14, Charice sang a duet with Nina, known as the Philippine “Soul Siren.”



On a special edition of Little Big Star on February 4, Charice sings a classic Filipino song with Search for the Star in a Million finalist Tata Villaruel and fellow Little Big Star finalist Rachel Ann Pegason. The stage they’re singing on is the set for season two of Search for the Star in a Million.



On February 25, Charice sang I WIll Always Love You as well as a Tagalog song in an outdoor performance in Baguio, a highly urbanized city in northern Luzon, the largest and most economically and politically important island in the Philippines.



Translated from the above video:

CHARICE:  It’s a different feeling when there are people who love you. I hope I can help you (referring to beneficiary) in my own little way so you can hear my voice. I will give you this hearing aid if I become first honor.


Charice’s life story was presented on March 11. The first of two songs she sang was not part of the competition.

Charice’s Life Story and BRING BACK THE TIMES

Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: We still have two finalists—that’s Charice and Gian—so stay tuned to Little Big Star!

HOST: Back to the Grand Finals of Little Big Star! Whew! This is the first elimination round, and in this battle, two will say goodbye. So this is really “give it all!” Really, really! Okay, we’re still sharing the life stories of our Grand Finalists, and next is Charice. She has already fulfilled her wish of a television set for National Gulod High School when she won the battle of the Stars of the Month, so for sure her schoolmates are in full support now! And the television gift is from Promac, so thank you, Promac! And now, let’s watch the story of Charice.

CHARICE NARRATION: When I began joining singing contests, my reason was simple: to be able to help mama.


MOM: Oh?

CHARICE: Are we going to live here? Why, there’s nothing in here?

MOM: Daughter , of course I want all our things to be new. We’re just starting, aren’t we? So it’s better to have everything new.

CHARICE: But mom, didn’t you say that we don’t have money?


MOM: Daughter, you can’t sleep?

DAUGHTER: Because the floor is hard, unlike in grandma’s.

MOM: Daughter, we’re not in grandma’s anymore.

DAUGHTER: Why did we live here? I don’t like it here anymore! I want to go back! I’m having a hard time here!

MOM: Do you think you’re the only one who’s having a hard time? My daughter, I’m also struggling. I’m struggling because I should have been giving you the life you deserve. But I don’t have to give up, because if I give up I’m going to lose you daughter. So daughter, have a little more patience, a little more patience . . .

CHARICE: I’m sorry, mom. Don’t worry, I’ll join singing contests. If I win, we’ll use the prize money to buy a bed so we will have something to sleep on.

MOM: Daughter, daughter . . .

[ Charice practices singing ]

CHARICE NARRATION: Now, I join bigger competitions, but I’m still the same. Mom is still my inspiration to win.



Back on the set of Search for the Star in a Million for another special edition of Little Big Star on March 18, the three finalists of the Little Big Star Little Division and the four finalists in the Big Division perform a medley, closing with a Celine Dion standard. Introducing the performers are the hosts of Search for the Star in a Million.



On the same March 18 show, the Little Big Star finalists performed a Tagalog song.



Back to the competition! Charice sang two more Filipino songs on March 25.



Translated highlights from the above video:

JUDGE: Based on our humble assessment of your performances tonight, for all of us, you’re a star, you’re a star, you’re a star, Charice! The second name, you’re a star . . . Who do you think, audience? You’re a star, Gian!  You’re a star, Rachel!

HOST: You can help us choose our brightest star. Your text votes are fifty percent of the final score so you can start texting now for your favorite. You have just watched another breathtaking edition of the Grand Finals. Our finalists will face a tougher battle next week so we will see each again . . . only here on Little Big Star!


On the same March 25 show, all the contestants performed another Tagalog song.



A brief interlude: In march 2006, Charice sang the Little Big Star theme song at Starvoice Entertainment & Production in Laguna. The song title translates to “I’ll Be Famous Someday.” Little did she know what fate would soon have in store for her!



On April 1, Charice sang two songs.




On April 2, on ASAP (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party), a weekly TV show on ABS-CBN, some of the Little Big Star finalists performed with pop stars Sarah Geronimo and Zsa Zsa Padilla. Geronimo served as the host of Little Big Star for both of its seasons.



And now back to Little Big Star! Here is the Grand Finals episode on April 8, in which Charice sang three songs.



Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST: Our finalists want to impress our judges, and of course you, our viewers, because fifty percent of the final score comes from your votes. So for sure our Big Division finalists will give it their all now because this is their last chance to prove that they deserve to be the brightest star. Here are their solo performances. They were the ones who chose their song, they were the ones who chose how to deliver it and belt out their best. Let’s begin with the child who has promised to deliver her family out of poverty. And here she is . . . Charice!

HOST: Let’s see what they say in the performances in the Big Division. Miss Aiai, what can you say about the performance of Charice?

JUDGE: Ah, Charice. First of all, her outfit is beautiful, it fits her, the color of the gown . . . I’ve watched her…she is a total performer, especially when she was doing the rock a while ago . . . her rock is really rock. And her voice is big, and so full

HOST: It seems it doesn’t fit her age.

JUDGE: Yes, like you, you have a big voice, too (referring to the host)! And she’s amazing,

HOST: Thanks, Ms. Aiai! Charice, what can you say to Ms. A’s comments?

CHARICE: Ah, many many thanks! Thank you!

HOST: And Ms. Annabelle for Sam.


And here is the presentation of the top three finishers that same evening.


Translated highlights from the above video:

HOST:  Those were our six Grand Finalists. It’s very obvious that they have grown up with the love of their mothers and thanks also to all the mommies. You’re really number one in the hearts of your children.

HOST: Whew!  Our contestants are really good! Okay, this is what we have all been waiting for, the announcement of the honor roll.  Let’s begin with the third honor. To award the prizes for our Big Division third honor, we have the president and general manager of China Travel Corp. And to award the medal, she’s here, the managing director of Star Records, Ms. Annabelle Regalado. Here it is . . . the Big Division third honor is . . . are you ready? The Big Division third honor is . . . Charice!


Finally, here is the final performance of the ultimate Little Big Star winner, Sam Concepcion.




Charice performed a handful of times on the second season of Little Big Star. which kicked off on April 15, 2006, just a week after the first season ended. However, the season and the show ended on July 1, 2006 due to a ratings drop-off and the network’s decision to focus on its new talent show, Pinoy Dream Academy.

Here is an April 29, 2006 duet of a Pussycat Dolls song by Charice and Gian Barbarona, the first season’s runner-up.



A week later, on May 6, Charice shares the stage with season one Little Division finalist Micah Torre for a Gloria Estefan song.



Charice and Gian paired up again to sing a Tagalog song on May 13.



On May 20, Charice joined other contestants from season one to sing a heartfelt tribute to teary-eyed host Sarah Geronimo.



On July 1,  the final episode of season two, Charice sang a Filipino song with fellow season one finalists Sam Concepcion and Gian Barbarona.



The Little Big Star contestants performed a medley in a concert on July 23, 2006. The concert is called Bayaning Pilipino (Filipino Hero). (Charice doesn’t start singing until nearly five minutes into the video.)



Charice kicks off this song in a September 19, 2006 concert with the other Little Big Star kids. The concert is called Ang Himig Ng Pasasalamat (Song of Thanks).



Here is a very popular TV commercial that Charice performed in on February 8, 2007 with five other Little Big Star contestants, including her best bud, Rhap Salazar. The catchy jingle, for Monde Nissin Corporation‘s Lucky Me product line, became a hit among Filipino kids.


Two days later, the same group of kids performed the same song on Little Big Superstar, a Saturday afternoon variety show for kids.


A very special thank you to modeler1 from for all his help in organizing Charice’s Little Big Star performances in the right order!

And many thanks also to justcharrie for her translating prowess!



Charice’s stint on Little Big Star not only ended up launching her career, it enabled her to fulfill a wish for her mother. In an interview with Philippine talk show host Boy Abunda, Charice said:

My mommy, she has always wanted to have a sofa. Before I joined Little Big Star, when I was still joining amateur competitions, I couldn’t buy the sofa that she wanted. When I joined this competition, I was able to buy her a sofa.


Ready for a wonderful bonus? Here is the song Charice performed for the Little Big Star album. It’s her very  first recording—and they even made a music video out of it!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you know of any information and/or videos that should be added, please e-mail me at And please let me know if there are any errors that should be corrected, no matter how minor (like incorrect dates, bad links or disabled videos). Thank you! I’m counting on all the Charice Police out there to help me keep improving these posts!

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20 Responses to “Charice—Little Big Star”

  1. red Says:

    Hi! Thank you for the detailed information. Actually, I’m a Filipino who lives in the philippines maybe im the oldest fan here! Even when she was still in little big star im her fan, that’s why am really sad when she lost and literally i lost my interest in watching the 2nd season of little big star. To be in the grand finals. First you should be the 1st honor for the week, for your 2nd week a new contestant will challenge your postition being 1st honor, if you retain it for the whole month, youll have the chance to compete with the other monthly winners. If you won, your wish will be granted.
    So, If am not mistaken, the video of Come on in out of the rain is after the run to you video. Because charice became the 2nd star of the month winner after she beat ronald(whom i love also). then miss kita pag christmas video.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks a million, red! But I’m still not clear on the order of Little Big Star videos. When you say that “Come In Out of the Rain” is after “Run To You,” do you mean the following week? Then is “Miss Kita Kung Christmas” the week after that? If you can match what videos were on what week that would be fantastic! I don’t know how many weeks Charice performed or how many shows per week. Can you (or anyone!) help me fill in this list of her Little Big Star performances and put them in the right order?

    WEEK 1

    WEEK 2
    I Will Always Love You
    Lipad Ng Pangarap

    WEEK X
    Hot Stuff
    If I Could
    Run To You

    WEEK X
    Come In Out of the Rain

    Miss Kita Kung Christmas

    WEEK X
    Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin
    The Reason
    If I Were You

    WEEK X
    Bring Back the Times

    WEEK X
    Sa Piling Mo

    WEEK X
    Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

    WEEK X
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody

  3. Max Says:

    Holy smoke, Phil. I thought I had seen every video of Charice that was made. Now I wonder how many others I have missed. The whole “Little Big Star” story is amazing and inspirational in itself. You writing and organizational skills enhance it tenfold.

    Thanks my friend

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re welcome, Max! Yes, it’s amazing how many videos have come out of the woodwork. Charice has many angels working on her behalf!

  5. Perry Says:

    Hi Phil.

    This is amazing…thanks for the post….Charice was too good for this contest. I think every artist in the show got intimidated by her.


  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Agreed. Funny, Sarah Geronimo was the host of Little Big Star and was a huge star. And now Charice has eclipsed her by a mile.

    Thanks, Perry!

  7. mingsfan Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Can you tell me the song that C- performed on LBS where she lost & almost decided to quit (I thinks it’s “If I Were You”)? Also, (1) the date (9/2007?), (2) the names of the other 2 contestants, (3) the winner’s name (Ronald?)




  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hi, Ray. I’m not sure if you’re referring to the start of the competition when Charice got voted off after singing Shine on 9/24/05 or the final show on 4/08/86 when Charice sang a few songs and came in third place to winner Sam Conception. In any event, all the details are here on this post.

  9. Ray Says:


    I believe Charice first appeared on Star King 10/13/2007. On that show, she says, “Last year, I joined a singing contest called “Little Big Star” and it was aired in abs-cbn — that’s one of biggest television networks in the Philippines… and I’m one of the finalists.” Huh? I thought that she had nearly decided to throw in the towel after taking 3rd honor in the Grand Final of LBS.

    If her statement is correct (and I have no reason to doubt it), then the Grand Final must have happened after 10/13 and before late December, when she appeared on Ellen. And, I believe it wasn’t until after her loss in the Grand Final and she got discouraged that FalseVoice posted her Star King video on YouTube.

    As best I can figure it, then, the chronology is:

    1. First appearance on Star King 10/13/2007
    2. 3rd Honor, LBS Finals (Charice discouraged, considers giving up)
    3. FalseVoice posts Star King video on YouTube
    4. Charice is discovered by Ellen & appears on her show in late December 2007.

    So… what was the LBS performance after 10/13/2007, what did she sing, and who did she lose to?



  10. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Ray, I think what threw you was Charice saying, “I’m one of the finalists.” If that’s what she said, what she was really saying was, “I was one of the finalists.” Remember, she was 15, on national TV and her English needs a little polishing.

    Here is the chronology that’s laid out in my blog posts:

    4/08/06—Charice places third in the LBS finals
    8/06—FalseVoice posts Charice LBS video
    10/13/07—Charice’s first Star King performance
    11/28/07—Ellen publicly invites Charice on her show
    12/19/07—Charice appears on Ellen

    Also note that FalseVoice wasn’t the first to post Charice’s Star King performance. He was one of many.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Ray Says:

    That makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the explanation!



  12. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re welcome, Ray!

  13. haynakuubosnanamanorasko Says:

    Hi Phil, it’s me again. It takes a while to finish the entirety of your articles/blogs about Charice so I may be commenting every now and then so just bear with me. But I simply need to say this. I am astonished and amazed with the time you have devoted to her and this blows me away. Actually, it shames me, a Filipino, that you Phil, a non-Filipino, have done all of these for her when it should be the other way around. I know it’s not about race but rather a genuine and heartfelt appreciation of talent in someone whatever that person’s color is. But still, it is surprising and refreshing when it is actually practiced and not just lip service. As a witness to this by reading your blogs, I am truly in awe of you as I am of the people behind Charicemania and all the other fan sites. As a small way to repay you the kindness you have shown to Charice, I will get me my own copy of your book. If your book is anything like the way you wrote about Charice, I am quite sure I will enjoy it and learn from it.

  14. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I appreciate that very much, haynakuubosnanamanorasko. The fact that Charice is a Filipino never occurred to me as a factor in whether I should write about her. The soul knows no boundaries, and Charice has a wonderful, beautiful soul.

    Thank you for your kind words and for your kindness in buying my book. I look forward to your comments after you read it!

  15. tetdoll Says:

    Charice already wowed the judges even with the previous performances. With “Come in out of the rain” number, the other singer had the same fate as hers. She’s also a product of a singing contest, a favorite but likewise did the same mistake, she chose the wrong song and was outshined by another contestant who came from behind. I felt sad for Cha that time but maybe it was destined to happen. She’s doing great now in the international scene, which I believe, she cannot penetrate if she had a singing contract here.

    Thank you for this one, sir.

  16. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, tetdoll, it seems like a divine hand was guiding Charice, good times and bad. Everything is coming together beautifully for her and many things that would have seemed to be preferable at the time may have diverted her from where she is now. It’s a good lesson for all of us in life: Don’t give in to despair because something better is always waiting around the corner.

  17. tetdoll Says:

    That is so true. So inspiring indeed. I can’t wait to hear that song that God is preparing for her, a song that will truly touch/move the people. I believe this will happen because Charice can really touch our soul through her God given talent.

    I’m so happy that I came across your page.

  18. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I agree, tetdoll. Charice is going to touch the heart and soul of millions of people in the course of her life and career.

  19. Tito David Says:

    Sadly today people are comparing Sarah Geronimo and Charice as if they are both in a competition. They are both wonderful singers who have earned praise and acclaim for their talents. We should encourage their fans in the Philippines to be happy for both their successes and triumphs.

    Sarah’s talents and achievements cannot be diminished by whatever fame Charice earns beyond our shores. Nor can Charice claim to be superior from those she left behind in the Philippines. They both bring joy and pleasure to their fans wherever they maybe.

  20. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, Tito David. It seems like everything is turned into a competition nowadays, which is completely inappropriate. Cooperation is the better choice.

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