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“Still Alice” by Lisa Genova

January 6, 2009

My video interview with Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice

I read the first page of Still Alice and thought, Wow, this is really well written. I’m going to enjoy this. And enjoy it I did. It’s a novel about Alice Howland, a 50-year-old Harvard professor who begins a sudden descent into early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. If that doesn’t sound like an entertaining bedtime read, I urge you to reconsider. It is written with great compassion and insight, and largely from Alice’s point of view. And did I mention it was well written?

still-alice-book-coverI e-mailed Lisa to tell her how impressed I was with her book and we struck up a conversation. To my surprise, she asked me to write a testimonial for the back cover. She had self-published the first edition and it had subsequently been purchased by Simon & Schuster, which chose today as the release date for 250,000 copies.


Lisa Genova

FYI, most books get a first printing of perhaps 10,000. Such a large run is indicative of how huge this book is going to be. Anyone who has ever been touched by Alzheimer’s or knows someone who has is going to want to buy multiple copies so they can give it to current and future caregivers to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Here is my full testimonial:

I wish I could have read Lisa Genova’s masterpiece before my dad passed away following a10-year struggle with Alzheimer’s. I would have better understood and appreciated what was unfolding in his confused and ravaged mind. I knew that he was “still in there” somewhere, and yet . . . I might have been able to more compassionately accompany him, as Lisa so brilliantly put it, beyond “the choking weeds and sludge in [his] mind to a place that was pristine and still intact, hanging on.” This book is as important as it is impressive, and (more…)