Dr. Norm Shealy on “The Secret Code”


Dr. Norm Shealy

I wanted to share this insightful forty-minute interview of Dr. Norm Shealy by Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman on their radio show Raising the Consciousness, which can be heard every Sunday from 1 to 2 PM CST on AM950 KTNF. Click here for the show’s archived interviews.

Click on the audio player above Norm’s photo to hear the interview.

Dr. Shealy maintains that all illness is caused by a combination of physical, emotional, chemical and electromagnetic stressors. I agree. Health is a continuum, and the more toxicity we add to our system, the more we compromise our immune system and thus our overall health.

Granted, some of us are predisposed to certain genetic diseases. The question then becomes what role these stressors play in the manifestation of such genetic conditions. For example, if you lived an idyllic existence on a tropical island, ate only fresh, whole foods and were largely untouched by emotional, chemical and electromagnetic stressors, Dr. Shealy contends that the manifestation of a genetic predisposition would likely be delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Of course, it is virtually impossible to completely protect ourselves from these stressors while living in modern society. It’s also important to note that some genetic predispositions may be more apt to be influenced by lifestyle factors than others.

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Dr. Shealy’s new ninety-minute DVD, The Secret Code, demonstrates the success of a comprehensive, holistic approach to illness.


The following synopsis is adapted from the DVD’s website:

Migraine headache and depression hold the lives of these three patients hostage. Conventional medicine has failed them. But Dr. Norm Shealy and a team of holistic healers have created a Medical Renaissance with ancient wisdom and new holistic medical tools and treatments. Can the lives of these three patients be rescued? Can they discover the Secret Code of health and well-being? Take the journey with them and discover a new approach to health.

Dr. Norm Shealy is founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, the inventor of ten medical devices, and the author of twenty-four books. Dr. Shealy is known for his  brilliant, intuitive approach and his iconoclastic style. He is joined in this quest by friends and colleagues in holistic medicine, including Caroline Myss and Belleruth Naparstek.


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4 Responses to “Dr. Norm Shealy on “The Secret Code””

  1. Judith Sherven Says:

    Thanks for running this Phil – Norm Shealey has been a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine for several decades. Definitely someone to listen. A fun note – we each had telephone intuitive health readings by Caroline Myss several years before anyone had heard of her –

    Phil – Bravo on your good work in moving consciousness forward.

    Judith & Jim
    Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Judith! Cool that you had readings with Caroline.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Thanks Phil, great information. I a fan of yours!

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    The feeling is mutual, Cynthia! Thanks!

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