Your Thoughts Are Like Paving Stones

woman-riding-bike-highway-sunWho you are and how you see the world determines what you attract. Maintain a loving, positive attitude, and you will act as a magnet to draw loving, positive people and experiences into your life.

The same principle applies to negative mindsets. Throw mental daggers at your boss and you will continue to be the target of his fault-finding missions, never imagining for a moment that you are contributing mightily to your own misery.

This universal law is at work in your own life whether or not you are conscious of it. Every thought, every choice, has consequences.

Hence the aphorism, “God helps those who help themselves.” Your thoughts are like paving stones, marking a path into a future of your own making.

Live your best life by consistently monitoring your thoughts. Observe them as if they were someone else’s.

When a negative thought enters your mind, mentally fling it away and replace it with a positive one. With enough practice, thinking more positively will become second nature.

Start with your first thought of the day. What runs through your mind upon awakening? Do you dread what lies ahead or are you excited about the brand-new day?

The choice is up to you. It can either be, “Good morning, God!” or “Good God, morning.”
                           Wayne Dyer

Connect the dots between the quality of your daily thoughts and the quality of your daily life, and you will see that moaning about your troubles only makes them more difficult to overcome.


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Those who worship logic instead of God are only half right. Not only is it logical to believe in God and to live a faith-based life, the existence of a loving, benevolent God that governs all creation is perhaps the only systematic worldview that explains every aspect of life.

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6 Responses to “Your Thoughts Are Like Paving Stones”

  1. Ethel Phelan Says:

    Thanks, Phil for these beautiful thoughts, to add to this beautiful day-sunny, clear and comfy – here’s my affirmations when I woke up today:
    IT IS TRUE-that time heals:
    – that time is a critical ingredient to make us whole again!
    TIME is there to let the flowers bloom –
    to let the seeds sprout into being; to see the sky, to breathe the air,
    to feel the breeze, to follow the wind, to gaze at the stars at night,
    to soak in the abundance of the earth, to greet the sunrise before
    anyone does, to feel the drops of heaven’s tears and joys, to feel
    the withering of the body slowly,painfully,acceptingly,knowing that
    another life is soon to sprout and life begins again. Ethel

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You have a wonderful attitude, Ethel! Here are some other affirmations you may like:

  3. Marco Says:

    Great, thanks for posting the links.

    Do you know already this movie

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re welcome, Marco. I’m glad that so many people have been influenced by “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

  5. Leonard Says:

    What a great metaphor for such a great message. I find that the more I catch myself, the easier it becomes. I really think that the momentum or repetitive thought changes builds the energy to such a degree that it self-regulates. It certainly supports a more healthy, habitual way of thinking and thus creating.

    Thanks for this post! :)
    Looking forward to more!

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks for the nice message, Leonard. I appreciate it!

    Affirmations helped me tremendously. I wrote about them here:

    You can also click on the link for a long list of spiritual affirmations.

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