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You MIght As Well Be Cheerful

April 8, 2009

asian-man-prayingCritics of spirituality often ask, What if there is no God? What if there is no life after death? What if you’re fooling yourself with all this spiritual stuff?

Okay, what if they’re right? What if the only thing waiting for you at the end of your life is, well, the end of your life? Even in the absence of definitive proof, wouldn’t you prefer to live in a benevolent and orderly Universe rather than suffer through a random, pinball-like existence in a world devoid of ultimate purpose and meaning?

The point is, by living a spiritually driven life, even if you come up short of perfection, you will have made a quantum leap in the quality of your daily life by consciously choosing to live with kindness, compassion, and a positive, spirited attitude. You will likely experience (more…)