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Praising Arizona

April 11, 2009

arizona-diamondbacks-logoThe Arizona Diamondbacks are now my favorite baseball team. Why? Read Rick Reilly’s column in ESPN The Magazine. For a relatively small investment, the Diamondbacks are benefiting from an avalanche of good will that twenty times that amount spent on advertising couldn’t match. I hope other pro teams follow Arizona’s lead. Bravo!



ESPN columnist Rick Reilly

Here’s a scoop for you. The Diamondbacks are flagrantly violating MLB rules. They’re a pro team, and yet they’re giving out full-ride scholarships. Been doing it for two years now!

Not to their players. To their fans.

It’s an idea D-backs CEO Derrick Hall came up with at one game when a season ticket-holder who’d lost everything, even her car, introduced herself. She told him a fan in her section had bought her two season tickets for the rest of the year, even picked her up every game and took her home. And Hall thought, Why don’t we do this for our fans? So he asked fans to send in “applications” for scholarships. Soon, his e-mail in-box was swamped.

My 13-year-old nephew is a huge fan. He is a really good kid but gets bullied for his (more…)