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The Urgency of Destiny’s Call

May 3, 2009

beckoning-angelIn an e-mail discussion with Rachel, a new Twitter friend, I mentioned that I felt a sense of urgency to advance my life’s work, that this was the season of my life to be as productive as possible. Rachel, who is twenty-six and lives in Costa Mesa, California, asked why I felt a sense of urgency.  I replied that I don’t want to waste even a minute doing something other than my life’s work. What I’m working on now is my gift to the world and I feel a responsibility to finish it sooner rather than later, and that I considered urgency a good thing. She responded:

I just finished The Art of Happiness and am now thinking about urgency because the Dalai Lama touched on it.  I know what you mean about it being a good thing now. How do you keep it in the front of your mind?  I intellectually know I need to accomplish my life’s work sooner rather than later but I spent last night watching hours of TV because I couldn’t get any momentum up to do things–even meditate and just clear my mind!  I’m really stumped here but I know it’s because I can’t find a way to think about it objectively.

That’s a big question that can be answered from any number of angles. First, what is (more…)