There Are No Enlightened Couch Potatoes

man-on-hill-looking-up-at-purple-skyWhen you commit to walking a spiritual path, you commit to a life of continuous self-improvement, what the Japanese call Kaizen. Every step forward leads to another step, and another step beyond that. You must shove complacency to the side of the road and keep moving. The journey is unending.

Exhausting? No, exhilarating! The pleasure of self-discovery quickly becomes self-motivating. Each meditation beckons you to go deeper; each thought-provoking new book leads to another; each session of affirmations ends too soon.

As you expand the scope of your awareness, the scope of your non-awareness expands as well. You glimpse the vastness of how much there is to know and humbly realize how little of it you comprehend.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

If answers to crucial questions continue to elude you, do not despair. Rather, be excited that there is so much yet to learn!

Complacency is the enemy of study. We cannot really learn anything until we rid ourselves of complacency. Our attitude toward ourselves should be “to be insatiable in learning” and toward others “to be tireless in teaching.”
            Mao Zedong

When you train yourself to look for God’s fingerprints on everything you see, the beauty and majesty of a falling leaf will take your breath away.

We look too much to museums. The sun coming up in the morning is enough.
            Romare Bearden

Viewing every conversation, every decision, every incident as an occasion for insight and growth deepens your wisdom, expands your capacity to enjoy life, and inspires you to seize every opportunity to create, achieve, and become. When you view every moment as a gift, you become a gift to the world.

By God, don’t linger
in any spiritual benefit you have gained,
but yearn for more—like one suffering from illness
whose thirst for water is never quenched.
This Divine Court is the Plane of the Infinite.
Leave the seat of honor behind;
let the Way be your seat of honor.



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4 Responses to “There Are No Enlightened Couch Potatoes”

  1. Kim Wencl Says:

    Walking one’s own spiritual path is the best gift the Universe can ever give. Until you find that path you really are sleep walking through life without knowing it. And, once you find your path, no matter what trials or tribulations you have experienced, you will find JOY! And, then you can share it with everyone you interact with … thus making the world a better place.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said from one who knows, Kim!

  3. Liv @ One Year of Beauty Says:

    Thanks for this post. What’s so amazing is that every single journey is different. There is no map, which is what scares the heck out of lots of people. You can ask for directions or at least have someone point the way, but you’re the only one who will ever really know when you discover the right path for you!

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I agree, Liv. Whenever you find a path that feels like home, that’s the path you should be on!

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