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Fading Away

May 14, 2009

father-and-daughter-sepia-photo-1800sI spent the last four days cleaning out a downstairs room in my mother’s house that was crammed with a lifetime’s worth of my dad’s stuff. He died four years ago and had been a pack-rat extraordinaire. A big percentage of what I sifted through was family history, which I will organize in the very near future.

As I turned the pages of an old photo album, long-gone relatives, youthful and smiling, stared back at me. Many of the photos were from the 1800s and it struck me how their lives back then were just as vibrant and alive as our lives are today. Yet their sepia-toned world doesn’t quite seem real; it’s hard to imagine a time when people dressed and looked like that. Unfortunately, I can’t truly connect to that world because the vast majority of photos are not labeled and we have no idea who these people are. The years flew by and now these “sepia people” who I owe my very existence to have faded away into the mists of the past, almost as if they had never been.

My mother is seventy-seven. My sister, single and (more…)