Laurie Baum: Protected, Guided and Mentored by Angels


Laurie Baum in front of the Self-Realization Fellowship temple in Encinitas, California

My good friend Laurie Baum, who, like me, follows the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of Self-Realization Fellowship, is a clairvoyant intuitive. I love the stories she’s told me about her angelic encounters and alternative healings, so I asked her if I could share them on my blog. To my delight, she agreed to write them up.

In yesterday’s post, she wrote of her physical and spiritual recovery from cancer. In today’s post, she shares stories of her angelic guidance and offers a primer on how to communicate with your own angels.

I’d like to mention that Laurie is also a licensed psychotherapist and astrological counselor in private practice in California. She is a former newspaper and news magazine reporter who is profiled in the books Psychic New York and The 100 Top Psychics in America.

Laurie is the author of A to Z Acrophonology: Discover the Power of the Letters in Your NameEverything You Need to Know About Your Astrology SignWhispers from the CosmosSacred Mysteries of Egypt, and Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium.

You can visit Laurie’s website for more information. For counseling appointments, click here to e-mail Laurie, or call her at (760) 753-7676. Thanks again, Laurie, for sharing your stories with me!

ange-flying-holding-little-girlFor as long as I can remember, I’ve talked to angels and they’ve talked to me. Sometimes I wonder how other people manage to get by without this angelic guidance.

Angels served many functions in my world as I was growing up. One of my earliest memories was when I was three years old, I was about to run out of my room, down the hall, and into the kitchen where my mother was cooking. When I was halfway down the hall, the angels cried out, “Laurie, run back to your room. Your mother is about to drop a glass bowl filled with food and if you’re in the room, she’ll blame you and punish you.” I turned around and ran back to my room, and sure enough, I heard the sound of a glass bowl shattering, food spattering all over the floor, and the sound of my mother screaming. I was spared being yelled at or hit by the intervention of my angels.

My angels would compensate for my parents’ erratic messages by rigorously teaching me the difference between right and wrong. The angels would instruct me to tell the truth and take responsibility for all my actions, even when it might seem unnecessary to do so. They would also prompt me to help others and to show people how much I loved and cared about them.

More than once, I depended upon my angels to blanket me with love, light, and protection when I was unjustly punished as a child. And on those occasions when I would get away with mischief unnoticed, the angels would call me to task, make me correct what I had done, and admit my transgression to my mother.

My mother was so impressed by my honesty that she didn’t have the heart to “press charges.” I learned early on that it was better to step up to the plate when I erred than to hide my faults. That practice of humility before an otherwise punitive mother solidified into a valuable approach to life as an adult.

chanel-no-5-perfume-bottleOne story in particular illustrates this lesson in personal responsibility. When I was five, I instructed my younger brother and cousin on how to make a magic potion with four essential ingredients: my grandmother’s expensive Chanel No. 5 perfume, talcum powder, toilet tissue, and water. My grandmother ran upstairs when she smelled the witch’s brew, which we were making in the bathroom sink. When she saw what we were up to, she started yelling and chasing after us. The angels told me to take responsibility and tell my mother that it had been my idea. So I ran to my mother, told her, and she told my grandmother that I had orchestrated the plan and that we would replace the perfume and other accoutrements. While my mother was explaining all this, my grandmother continued to chase my brother and cousin, who had run away and were hiding. So I intervened and told her my grandmother it was all my fault and that she should yell at me instead of them. She stared into my eyes with disbelief and stopped yelling. She said, “How come they’re acting guilty and you’re the one saying you did it? You’re just protecting them.” She could not accept that I was the culprit. What I thought was funny was that nearly thirty years later, when my grandmother was on her deathbed, I confirmed that I really had been the one to cook up the idea—and she still didn’t believe me!

Over the years, my mother learned to trust me because I would give her good advice and would also know some things in advance. For instance, I would say we should go to a certain restaurant or movie, and it would turn out that the place that we didn’t go to would have had a big problem that we avoided. My mother told me she was a little afraid of me and that she felt a mixture of awe and respect, because she would have no idea where I got the information. I had intuited that it would not be a good idea to reveal my angels’ identity, and got the idea from them to clothe the suggestions in as non-threatening terms as possible.

burning-barnMy mother did come from a long line of psychic women, thank God, so she accepted what I said over the years. She would have insights herself, although she never spoke about angels. There was a famous story in our family about my maternal great-grandmother. She grew up in France and one night awakened her father because she was dreaming that the family barn, a good distance away, was burning. She said she could smell the burning of the fire when she was sleeping, even though when she awakened, she couldn’t smell it and no one else could either. She had a high success rate with her visions so her father rushed to the family barn some distance away. Sure enough, a fire had just started but he arrived in time to save the barn and the animals in it.

My paternal grandmother also was clairvoyant, so that makes my mother, both grandmothers, and a maternal great-grandmother, that I know of. Each woman had a unique way of receiving information, and seemed to have various specialties. Ultimately, I think I’ve gone the farthest with the gift, but always felt they paved the way energetically in the gene pool, and I feel grateful to the lineage for that.

A more dramatic example of my angels’ guidance occurred when I was ten and my mother wanted to move to a new home. The angels said that if we moved, something bad would happen and my mother’s health would suffer. My mother listened to me and abandoned her plans to move. But when I turned eleven, she started looking at houses again. Once again, I protested but she wouldn’t listen this time, and we did end up buying a new home, one that had no end of problems. If I gave you the list it would sound like the ten plagues, floods, gypsy moths, termites, woodpeckers, walls falling down, bigoted neighbors, etc. Six months after we moved, my mother told me that I (really the angels) had been right, that we should not have moved, and that all the stress was affecting her health—she had been having bad headaches for weeks. Ninety minutes later, she died of a stroke at the age of thirty-seven.


An aching premonition that my father also would die began to seep into my awareness. Even though I was twelve, I was psychologically astute enough to consider that my mother’s death had made me ultra-sensitive to the potential loss of my father. I did not receive a direct communication with the angels on my father’s life, because I would have believed them, and they probably did not want me to become upset. Yet, they also wanted to prepare me, so they gave me the impression that something was going to happen to him—soon. With that feeling, I decided I should try to be nice to my father, both because I had the feeling I was going to lose him and because I thought my kindness might somehow improve his health. Due to magical thinking that also characterizes childhood, I felt that if I was nice to my father, maybe he would decide not to die.

Almost one year to the day after my mother died, my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer and succumbed ten months later. Losing my parents to separate illnesses at the ages of twelve and fourteen led me to lean even more heavily on my angels for support and direction. They were the mainstay of my adolescence and beyond, along with my paternal grandmother who lovingly raised me, and of course, my ever-deepening faith in God.

As I matured into adulthood and faced various challenges, the angels’ assistance proved invaluable. A particularly poignant incident comes to mind. When I was a college student living in Paris. I had a student airline ticket that had limited boarding options. I wanted to return to the United States in time to begin college classes in the fall, but I guess everyone else who held student tickets had the same agenda. I called the airline for months and was unable to get a return flight home in time for the start of school. It seemed humanly impossible.


The Arc de Triomphe

One morning, I was awakened by an angel. “Quickly, get dressed. Go to the airline ticket office. Don’t call. Go in person.” I dressed quickly and jumped onto the Paris metro (subway), emerging practically face-to-face with the Arc de Triomphe. “An apt symbol,” I thought. I ran, per angelic instructions, to the airline ticket office, where a steady stream of students emerged, shaking their heads, unable to get a flights home in time for school. “Why did you make me come here for nothing?” I demanded. “Just wait, you’ll see,” my angel responded.

I stood in line, and waited and waited as a growing number of dejected students exited from the office. Finally, there was one man ahead of me in line. “I’d like to cancel my reservation to New York for July 27,” he said. I thought I was going to levitate. That was the day I wanted to return home—to New England, via the international airport in New York. I approached the ticket counter. “I’d like to make a reservation for July 27,” I said in French to the reservation clerk. “Ca va,” she responded, which literally means “it goes” or “it’s okay.”

I was jubilant. My angel sure was helping me navigate in the larger world that I was discovering. Later, as a police reporter for an urban newspaper (the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), my angel would subtly assist me, telling me when it was safe to go to dangerous places and when it was not. The angel even helped me piece together information that led to solving a series of three murders. The angel would gently guide me—through sensory impressions and intuition—to the person who would tell me the information I needed to know. On deadlines, just the right words would magically flow into my mind.

angel-in-swirling-blue-vortexSometimes my angel left me to my own devices, so I would develop my own abilities in using my mind, expressing myself, and in developing my resources in dealing with the world. But in a pinch, my angel was always there for me. Like a good parent, my angel knew just when to intervene, and when to step back and allow me to discover success or make my own mistakes. My angel had a number of ways of communicating me that involved a combination of vibrational sensory impressions, physical sensations, visual images, feelings, seemingly typed messages I would see in my third eye, verbal communication that I would soundlessly perceive in my mind, or through dreams.

During the first several decades of my life, the angelic messages had primarily consisted of instructions that reinforced right action. These instructions matured along with me, and as I headed into my thirties, they expanded into issues of right thinking, compassion, forgiveness, and non-judgment. The instructions became more quixotic as I moved into my forties, as my angel was working to more deeply instill the qualities of faith and surrender.

An example of a particularly quixotic message came during a long meditation in 1999. My angel told me that when I finished my meditation, I was to turn to page ninety-nine in the latest issue of Yoga Journal. There, at the top of the column in the middle of the page, I was told, I would see an advertisement for a trip I should take. I grabbed the magazine, and there it was—a trip to the holy spots in Assisi, Italy, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday in 2000. The group would be meditating in these sacred locations. Wow, it sounded great.

The second week, the angel instructed, I was to go to Florence, Italy, without the group—and without making reservations. Without reservations???? The week after Easter???? One of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet???? Was my angel crazy????

Of course, I complied, but wondered how “on earth” this was going to work. Of course, angels are not of this earth, and do not have to comply with earth-plane limitations.

angel-over-train-line-drawingIt was Easter Monday, and I left Assisi for Florence, Italy—sans reservations. I disembarked trepidatiously from the Assisi-to-Florence train. The train platform was packed with an international “army” of tourists seeking to visit holy places on one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar. A line of tourists seeking hotel reservations snaked through the train station and into the street.

I wondered if I was going to board the next train back to Assisi, sleep on the floor of the train station, or head straight to the airport when a man, out of breath, stood before me. “Do you need a hotel reservation?” he asked. “Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do,” I replied. “Well, the hotel I work for has had a cancellation. This is the most important week of the year for us. It’s a garden room. Will you take it?” “Of course, I’ll take it!” It was a beautiful, peaceful, clean, quiet, conveniently-located, well-priced room. My angel sure knew what He was doing!

This experience was the start of even greater trust in my angel and my greater commitment to a realm closer to the Divine than our own visible world. My lessons became more rigorous at this time as well. My angel ably moved me along the spiritual path to more complex lessons of nonattachment, purity of heart, faith, surrender, patience, and evenmindedness.

My angel also has given me many tests to see if I was willing to grow spiritually even as He continually extended a loving hand to me in my most trying moments.

I have felt inspired to develop my intuition because it enhances my connection to my soul, knowing that a stronger relationship with my soul will infinitely improve the quality of my transition to higher planes of consciousness in my soul’s eternal journey. As Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in The Second Coming of Christ, “Everything one has done to develop the ‘sixth sense’ of intuition while on earth helps one after death.”


I am certainly not unique in talking with godly representatives in the beyond. I have encountered many, many people who have received periodic or more frequent sensory impressions or overt messages. I think it is within the capabilities of all humans to communicate with angels; all it takes is an open, receptive, and trusting mind.

I have devised a series of steps one might follow to communicate with the angelic realms, while creating psychic and physical protection for oneself in the process. One of the primary steps is belief in, and faith in, the angelic kingdom. There are countless angels surrounding all of us. They are waiting to be asked for assistance. All we have to do is ask.

Similarly, there are potentially as many disembodied souls looking for an opportunity to create mischief for those of us in physical bodies. So it is important that while you open your mind and heart to helpful angels, you limit your foray to the highest realm of the astral plane, so the instructions you receive will be accurate and beneficial.

You can do this by concentrating your attention at your third eye in the center of your forehead. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus your eyes in an upward gaze. Feel yourself opening to the spiritual protection that is your Divine birthright. You may feel a sense of peace, calm, love, or happiness. You may also experience physical sensations such as relaxation, energy running through your body, a warm sensation, or tingling. Keep your attention focused on the point between your eyebrows and pray for protection and guidance from the highest possible source of spiritual inspiration. You may feel you have contact with a beneficent spiritual emissary of light when you experience a sense of lightness, clarity, or understanding.

Trust your intuition to guide you through the process of angelic contact. It is as natural to you as breathing. Angelic beings often communicate with you through your intuition. By listening to your intuition, you strengthen your connection with the Divine. The more intently and often you listen—and abide by the guidance you receive—the more readily you will receive answers to your questions.

If you receive information-oriented, rather than sensory- or emotionally-oriented communication, you may want to test the angel to see if the being not only knows information about you, but about other larger issues, and about the future. (You can begin by asking an angel to tell you about the weather the next day or about a personal, national, or global event that will happen in the next week.) Your angel also should be willing to give you spiritual instructions, or at least instructions that will improve the quality of your life.

Your angelic contact, ultimately, is not for fun or profit, but for your spiritual growth. Not all of the instructions are pleasant or easy to follow. But after trust is established, you will see the wisdom of your angel’s guidance. Of course, please make sure any instructions you receive are within the boundaries of plausibility and common sense.

Here are some principles for entering into contact with the angelic kingdom. I call them the Seven P’s for Spiritual Practice:

1) Pull In Your Energy. Keep your energy within your spine, or as close to your spine as possible, thus strengthening your physical body and enabling you to magnetically pull your awareness to your higher chakras, or centers of awareness.

2) Pray for Protection. You are asking for contact with the highest beings of light available to you. You may ask for a sign of their presence, anything from tingling in your hands to warmth in your extremities to an answer to a simple question. Make your angel prove him/herself over a period of time before blindly following the being’s guidance.

3) Visualize a Pyramid Over Your Head. The tetrahedron, a three-sided pyramid, is composed of four equilateral triangles, three on the sides and one at the base. This Platonic solid, which is composed of equal-sized edges, has a cohering effect upon the human aura. It will help you to raise your vibration (higher vibration means higher consciousness). As your vibration goes up, you will be able to attract a high-vibration being to yourself. The pyramid also will help you think clearly so you will be better able to interpret the nature of the information you receive and determine its highest application in your life.

4) Visualize a Pinhole in Your Aura at Your Third Eye In the Center of Your Forehead. Keep your energy field pulled tightly into your body during this exercise to increase the strength of your electromagnetic field. Remember, as your light and energy are more concentrated, so too will be your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. Once your aura is tightly woven around your body, imagine a small pinhole at your third eye, like a periscope reaching out of your dense physical form to more subtle realms of astral light, energy, and consciousness. This is the point at which you will establish your angelic contact.

5) Project Positive Thoughts. As you project positive thoughts toward the angelic realm, an angel of equally positive intentions will respond to you.

6) Practice Meditation. As you still your mind and breath, and concentrate on the third eye in the center of your forehead, you will become more receptive to the subtle currents of consciousness, energy, light, and love that naturally surround you. This awareness will increase your ability to commune with positively-intentioned angelic beings.

7) Feel Peace. Whether or not you receive any concrete instructions during your initial forays into the spiritual realms, you are guaranteed to feel peace. Higher states of consciousness are accessible through your third eye during periods of deep concentration, contemplation, and meditation. These experiences of peace are precursors to arriving at communion with the countless angelic messengers continually waiting to assist you.

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