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A Letter A Year

June 2, 2009

Daddy and Erin: The Adventure Begins!

Today is my daughter Erin’s thirtieth birthday. She is the joy of my life, and as I have done on every one of her birthdays since her very first one, I gave her a letter that expresses how very proud and honored I am to be her father.

Giving Erin her birthday letter is a cherished tradition between us. We both save a copy for the sake of posterity. It’s awe-inspiring to look back through these annual letters and trace the arc of her life year by year.

My grandfather (my sister and I would come to call him Grampo) started the tradition by writing a birthday letter to my sister and me for much of our childhoods. He was a star letter writer, as I’ve written in an earlier post. Here are the letters that Grampo wrote to me on the day I was born and for my first eight birthdays.

Parents, it’s never too late to start this tradition. That goes for you too, grandparents. In fact, you could reverse the flow and write a letter to your own mom and dad on their birthdays. You could also start writing an annual love letter to (more…)