Locked My Keys in the Car? Awesome!

man-looking-into-car-keys-locked-in-ignitionBefore a recent massage appointment, I stopped at the local library, just a few miles from my client’s house. The day was flowing smoothly and I was on track for our 5:30 appointment.

After taking care of my library  business, I reached for my car keys and . . . GAH! No keys! I rushed back to my car, peered inside and saw my keys lying on the front seat, taunting me with casual indifference.

I hadn’t locked my keys in my car in a good ten years! I always hold my keys in my hand when I lock the door. Well, “always” minus once, I guess. After my initial wave of panic subsided, my thoughts flashed back to the time when I crashed into a snowbank on my way home from Chicago. In my post about that experience, I wrote:

After all, there was some reason why all this was happening and I was intent on keeping my awareness high so as not to miss any clues.

Instantly, I switched from panicked and upset to calm and curious. Feeling an urge to look down, I saw a quarter at my feet. Hey, I’ll take any sign I can get. So far, so good.

I called my massage client and explained the situation. The library security guard I then consulted with told me that the police do not open locked cars and that I’d need to call a locksmith. My intuition, however, told me to call the police, so I did. Two officers arrived within minutes, confirmed I was not a fugitive from the law, took out some tools and popped my door open. Relief! Gratitude! Joy! I hopped in my car and headed off for my massage appointment, which went beautifully.

This episode perfectly illustrates the value of choosing how we react to stressful situations. By trusting that everything was unfolding as it should, I was able to enjoy the experience instead of getting all worked up and ruining a perfectly good evening.

In such circumstances, I always challenge myself to look for the gift in what was happening—and I found plenty of gifts.

First, it was a reminder to be even more certain that I was holding my keys when I locked my car. I was grateful that the situation was such that I was in no danger and that help was swift and free. This incident may have helped me prevent a future incident that would have been far more perilous and expensive.

Second, it was yet another reminder (like a recent stubbed toe that hurt like the dickens) to   S L O W   D O W N   and be fully present in every moment. The more I hurry, the more I mess up.

Finally, it was a reminder to trust that divine intelligence has a better plan for my life than I do and to greet everything that comes my way with humility and gratitude with these three words always on my lips: As you wish.

Hey, even if you think these so-called gifts are a bunch of hooey, I’d rather be upbeat than downcast and cheerful instead of fearful when “bad” things happen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go polish my rose-colored glasses!

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2 Responses to “Locked My Keys in the Car? Awesome!”

  1. Anita Joy Says:

    Of late, I have been guided to read a book I purchased several years ago called “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul” by Annette Noontil, an Australian medical intuitive who passed over on 30 June 2005. A chapter in her book is titled “The Car is the Barometer of Your Direction”, and I was reading this last evening in relation to a ‘lemon’ I had for 11 years; a Toyota Celica I just loved and practically rebuilt! I digress – Annette writes that “if you own a car and you have troubles with it, you need to look into your direction also, because your car is an extension of your direction to follow your purpose in life”.
    Keys left locked inside vehicle = unable to see how you can achieve your direction.

    Happy Diwali Phil!

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Never heard that concept before, Anita Joy, but it makes perfect sense. In the case of locked keys in the car, I don’t see that as relevant to the “car as barometer” discussion. The fact that it involved my car was incidental.

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