One More Pitch: The Music Video!


My lil' bear cub and me

Yesterday was a happy, happy day! I had the wonderful and profoundly moving experience of showing my daughter, Erin, the music video for One More Pitch, a song I wrote to celebrate her childhood and the joy of our Daddy and Erin times together.

Click here to read about the history and meaning of One More Pitch. You’ll find the lyrics to One More Pitch at the bottom of this post.

I am forever indebted to my very good friend Jeffery Goodson for writing the music to go with my lyrics and for doing such a beautiful job of putting this video together. That’s Jeff with the guitar at the start of the video.

All the home movie footage and photos are of Erin and me. Special thanks to Kate, Erin’s mom, for ably handling photographer and videographer duties over the years.

Thank you, Jeff, for your creative genius and your good heart. And thank you, Erin, for being the best darn girl in the whole darn world. I love you so!


Erin and me at Paul Bunyan's Lumberjack Meals restaurant in Wisconsin Dells

Erin and her proud, happy dad (that would be me)

Erin on her wedding day with her proud, happy dad


There was homework to do but it had to wait,
The April night called us and so did home plate,
With a bat on your shoulder in front of the tree,
I’d pitch to you ‘till it was too dark to see.

I’d tell you, “Swing hard, keep your eye on the ball,”
But how well you swung didn’t matter at all,
It was our time together and I won’t forget,
What happened each time I’d say, “It’s time to quit.”

You’d say, “Please, Daddy, one more, oh, please,”
As your pigtails danced in the breeze,
And since you’re the girl I love and adore,
Of course, I said you could swing at one more,
And a line drive would whiz by my face,
And you laughed as you rounded each base,
Yes, the day you were born, I struck it rich,
And I’m glad that you’re learning that there’s always time for one more pitch.

These days spent with you are the best that I’ve known,
Soon, you’ll be grown up with a kid of your own,
When she calls me to say I’m the one that she loves,
I’ll say, “Come on over, I’ll get out our gloves.”

And she’ll say, “Please, Grandpa, one more, oh, please,”
As her pigtails dance in the breeze,
And since she’s the girl I’ll love and adore,
Of course, I’ll say she can swing at one more,
And a line drive will whiz by my face,
And she’ll laugh as she rounds every base,
Yes, the day she is born, I’ll strike it rich,
And she’ll have fun learning that there’s always time for one more pitch.

There was homework to do but it had to wait . . .

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46 Responses to “One More Pitch: The Music Video!”

  1. Kim Wencl Says:

    That’s beautiful Phil! You can never tell someone you love them too many times.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, Kim. Thank you so much!

  3. Laura Bruce Says:

    That is SO lovely! Totally made me cry (in a good way, of course). :-) Erin is one of my best, dearest friends, and this really touched my heart. As I’ve always told her, she’s the awesome product of premium sperm and egg. :-) She is such a gem! I just wish we could visit and experience each other more… Thank you for sharing this, Phil! And thank you, Erin, for everything. Luv ya!

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Laura! I’m glad you and Erin are such good pals!

  5. Pamela Miles Says:

    What a lucky lady Erin is to have such a creative, caring, enlightened Dad! Thanks for sharing this lovely video.

    Reminded me of the “backyard” days with my two sons. Made me smile and be thankful that I had the opportunity to enjoy those precious moments. They grow up too quickly, right?!

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yep, no matter how much you cherish every moment, our lil’ bear cubs grow up much too quickly! Thanks, Pamela!

  7. Jess Mesich Says:

    What a wonderful song & video! Now I can’t stop crying! Every kid should be as lucky as Erin to have such amazing parents.

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Jess! Except you’ve got it backwards—every parent should be as lucky as I Kate and I are to have such an amazing kid!

  9. Jing Says:

    This is so touching! I do not have the same relationship with my father as you have with your daughter (not that me and my father do not get along well but it is a sort of a polite-kind-of-relationship). I envy your daughter for the bond that she’s formed with you. God bless you always! I still haven’t gotten through your entire blog as my laptop at home is still getting fixed. As i’ve said before, will try to make my way through your blog…Keep ’em coming.

  10. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re the best, Jing! I can tell through our limited contact that you have a good heart and a loving soul. You have much to offer the world. I hope you know that.

  11. Todd Silva Says:

    Hi Phil,

    This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this song and the video. And even more so, thank you for sharing your deep love for Erin. As a father with two daughters, your words and the shots of you and Erin together really touched my heart. I think you both are very lucky to have each other!!!



  12. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Todd! Yes, I think dads with daughters will appreciate it even more! We are lucky guys!

  13. charlene Says:

    This is amazing and very touching Phil. I hope all the daddies in the world could watch this video and listen closely to the lyrics of the song…specially those who could not feel the wonderful joy of being a parent. Erin can play this forward to the next generation passing the torch of love that you shared with her as a great dad. Again, bow to you Phil.

  14. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Charlene. It was a pure joy being the dad of the best girl ever! And it’s still a joy now that she’s thirty and married!

  15. Suza Francina Says:

    I love LOVE LOVE this! That is a beautiful song that deserves to become a classic! I hope you are pitching (!) it far and wide!

  16. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks so much, Suza! Yes, I hope people help spread the word so others can see it. I love the thought of inspiring other dads to cherish their kids more!

  17. Beth Tickanen Says:

    This was beautiful beyond words, Phil! There are tears streaming down my face. It’s especially meaningful for me right now as I am awaiting the birth of my first grandchild in a few more months. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video!

  18. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Beth. I’m glad you found it so meaningful. Congratulations on your first grandcub! I can’t wait for my first one!

  19. Gary Skramstad Says:

    What a moving experience! Your Dad shines through you. Your Mom is doing much better. And it is always good to see Cyn. What a loving and talented family. Erin is so blessed to have a Daddy like you.

  20. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you, Gary! But it is I who is blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and family.

  21. Sophie Lhoste Says:

    Beautiful, moving, inspiring. Thank you!

  22. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re very welcome, Sophie! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  23. nequi Says:

    If only all daddies in the world could appreciate parenthood and all children as well can appreciate being a child of a parent then it’s heaven on earth. Thanks Phil for sharing such an inspiring video.

  24. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, nequi! I hope it inspires other parents to cherish their cubs more!

  25. Azar Asgari Says:

    After I saw the video this question came to me ” who is luckier, Erin or Dad?”
    this is the real meaning of love when you can’t see the diffrence between lover and beloved.

  26. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I can answer that, Azar. I am the luckiest dad in the history of the world!

  27. Deepti Says:

    Beautiful! We, daughters have a special and lovely connection to our Dads too! Thank you Phil.

  28. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for watching the video, Deepti! I appreciate you leaving a comment!

  29. creativepotager Says:

    Phil what a wonderful catch of living is your “one more pitch” Lovely!

  30. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, creativepotager! This video is near and dear to my heart.

  31. Mona Calderon Says:

    OMG! I so love this video. I was so touched, it brought tears to my eyes. Erin is so lucky to have a wonderful & very loving Dad! This video is the greatest gift one could ever receive, she will treasure this forever.

  32. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Mona. Yes, this video is very special to me because it captures so much of my relationship with my wonderful cub!

  33. AimHigher Says:

    awwww!!! how i wish i had a dad like you!!! my father left us for another woman, when i was small and have never seen him ever.

    God bless you, Phil!!!

  34. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My heart goes out to you, AimHigher. I hope your life is now filled with love.

  35. nowie Says:

    how dare you making me sob again?

    that’s so beautiful, phil… this gives me a big picture how great dad you are to erin.

    this is just crazy… i shed my tears and smile at the same time… it’s been a long while since i felt something like this.

    you made me miss my dad. i must see him today.

    p.s. im sure she always find herself home with you asking you for one more pitch… :)

  36. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you found the video so meaningful, nowie. I’m glad you can go see your dad.

    Actually, I’m closer to the second verse of the song than the first. Erin will be 31 in a week and a half so I’m hoping for a grandgirl soon!

  37. Shelton Says:

    Wow! What can I say? Both of you look good together. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her father. The video was just amazing. Great job!

    God bless, Phil.

  38. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Shelton. This video means the world to me so I very much appreciate your comments.

  39. aqua_rius Says:

    That is such a beautiful music video! You and Erin are blessed to have the kind of relationship you have. My relationship with my father was very traumatic when I was little and it’s made me the strong person I am now.

    I am in a happy loving place in my life now and am glad my husband has the same relationship with our children that you and your daughter share.

    PS. I learned all about Charice from your blog. I love your site, very inspiring!

    Blessings to you and your family Phil! :)

  40. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Funny how it seems we get out of life what we need, aqua_rius. Some of us need conflict to make us strong, others need tenderness to make us feel loved. I am glad to hear that your children are blessed with a loving father.

    And I am glad you are a Charice fan! You’re ahead of the curve!

    Thanks again for your kind words.

  41. Matt Says:

    Nice meeting you tonight. thanks for sharing your blog/song.

  42. Phil Bolsta Says:

    It was nice to meet you too, Matt. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  43. Anne Cutri Says:

    Thank you for sharing your love for your daughter here! Very sweet!

  44. Phil Bolsta Says:

    She is indeed very sweet, Anne. Thank you!

  45. Melodie Green Says:

    Thanks SO Much for the absolutely Delightful video of you and your daughter, Erin.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and listening to the beautiful lyrics, Phil.

    Love and Blessings to Both You and your Lovely daughter, Erin.

    Melodie (Green)

  46. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you so much, Melodie!

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