Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Heals His Terminal Heart Disease


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

I was fascinated by the stories Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe told me for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. I had first attended one of Ibrahim’s workshops in 1998, which was truly a life-changing event. Here is an excerpt from his story, beginning with his bio.

Dr. Jaffe is the president and spiritual director of the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism. He founded the University to deliver his comprehensive synthesis of medical, energetic, and spiritual healing to professionals and laypeople who want to heal in a complete and holy way. Dr. Jaffe, a master healer, teacher, and spiritual guide, also founded the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center in Napa Valley, California. He is a Sufi al-Murrabi a-Ruhi, a leader of the highest rank within the Shadhiliyya Sufi order, who has dedicated his life to creating world peace through bringing people into the reality of divine love and healing.

It seems like each patient I healed sent two more people my way. Soon, I was seeing a couple hundred patients a week, and my health started to suffer. When you work with energy, unless you know how to thoroughly clean it, you can take it on yourself. I was getting very tired, very pale, and having chest pains. It got to the point where it was a major struggle just to get out of my chair and walk to the door.

One morning, I was standing in front of a full-length mirror while getting dressed. When you look in a mirror, you can see your own aura. I happened to turn sideways, and saw that my life cord, which is supposed to be attached deep into my heart chakra, had “unplugged” from the back of my heart and was hovering about twelve inches from where it should have been. I saw the life cord as a streaming trail of smoke, like what you see in a jet when it leaves a vapor trail. A clairvoyant healer can look at this stream, determine how fast the life cord is coming out, and estimate the person’s time of death. From what I saw, I knew I had about six months left. I immediately saw a traditional medical doctor, who confirmed that I had advanced heart disease.

I tried to heal myself but nothing happened. I knew I needed to find somebody else. Since the heart is essentially about love, I thought, Who can heal me and teach me to love? Within days, somebody happened to mention that the Sufis were the true purveyors of love. Intrigued, I looked into Sufism and learned that the way of the Sufi is the way of love and quiet surrender to God. It is a lifestyle designed to weave the presence of divinity into even the most mundane aspects of our daily lives. I thought, Yes, I need to find a Sufi teacher who can heal me.

One of my students had heard that Sidi, a very high Sufi master who lived in Jerusalem, was coming to Santa Fe, which is about eight hours from Sedona. I drove out there to meet him. As far as I knew, he had no knowledge of my coming. And I had not told anybody about my heart condition. I don’t even think my wife knew about it at that point.

As soon as I walked into his room, Sidi looked at me, closed his eyes for a moment, opened them, and said, “I have a message for you from Allah.” I said, “Allah, that’s God, right?” He said, “Yes, Allah is the same as God.” I said, “What is your message?” He said, “Allah wants you to know that you have six months left to live.” I was shocked, since that corresponded exactly with my estimate. He closed his eyes again, then said, “Allah has another message for you. You have six months left to live if you don’t learn to love.” His words rang true. Somehow my heart had closed and I didn’t know how to love in a deep way. I said, “Can you teach me?” He said, “Yes, but you’re going to have to ‘take hand’ with me and initiation with me. And you’re going to have to forget everything you’ve learned and start fresh so I can teach you how to be in the deep love. Are you willing to do that?” I said, ‘Absolutely, I am.’ And in that moment, he initiated me. Instantly, I felt my heart open to the Sufi path of love, and I have been with him ever since. More than two decades after graduating medical school, traveling the world and exploring various types of healing, I received my degree as a master spiritual healer from the Sufis.

My teaching today is essentially the same teaching as Sidi’s, which is how to walk through the twenty-eight Sufi stations of the heart. These stations progressively take you deeper and deeper into experiencing more love, more connection, and more oneness with God until you eventually reach unity. And in that experience, a merging happens that we call God-realization. The light of God literally consumes your human nature, and your nature becomes one with divine nature. This was the process that Sidi walked me through for the first year of our relationship. Today, my heart is perfect, no problems whatsoever.

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