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Be a Walking, Talking Fountain of Love!

November 9, 2009

clasped-hands-holding-light-butterflyWhile talking to my friend, Liz, at our favorite restaurant, she mentioned that her back was tight, so I asked her if she wanted a ten-minute chair massage. She certainly did! Later that day, she e-mailed me this:

I noticed a strange sensation while you gave me a massage today… I just felt so loved and comforted… and I remembered the time you told me about practicing sending love to a person for 5 minutes at a time. I wondered if you do that during a massage… Do you intentionally ‘project love’ into your massage-ees while you work on them?

Liz is a perceptive young woman! That’s exactly what I do. As I start to massage someone, I ask God to guide my soul to meet the other person’s soul on a bridge of light between our hearts. I visualize the two of us meeting halfway on that bridge and embracing in divine friendship. I also pray, “God, let (more…)