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An Exercise in Love and Appreciation

December 9, 2009

This simple three-step exercise may transform your relationships:

STEP ONE: Think of a family member or friend whom you love.
STEP TWO: Right before you see or talk to this person, imagine that you had just received word that they had passed away.
STEP THREE: Treat this person as if you had received one final chance to express your love and appreciation for them before they are gone forever.

Does the thought of completing this exercise make you uncomfortable? If so, let me ask you this: If someone you loved made you the object of this exercise, came up to you today and hugged you tight and told you how much they loved and appreciated you and couldn’t imagine life without you, would that make you feel good? Yeah, I think so.

So don’t be self-conscious about doing the same for somebody else; holding back out of fear or insecurity or whatever excuse you come up with is the very reason (more…)