Astrological Predictions for 2010 for Each Zodiac Sign

Laurie Baum

These astrological predictions for each zodiac sign for 2010 were written by my friend Laurie Baum, MSW, a psychological astrologer and psychotherapist in practice in Encinitas, California.

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Personally, I never had much of an appreciation for astrology and just didn’t care enough about the subject to investigate it further. Then two things happened.

First, I happened to read a chapter in a life-changing book that burned off the fog of ignorance and answered every question I had about astrology. It was written with clarity, precision, wit and wisdom, and I felt the subject come brilliantly alive for me as I read it. Click here to read that excerpt on astrology.

Second, I had an hour-long astrological reading with Laurie Baum today. We discussed every area I could think of: health, relationships, finances, lessons in need of learning, major life changes to come. Not only did she nail everything—and I mean everything—about me, but she provided very helpful insights that will help me navigate the years ahead with more confidence and authority. It was uncanny: everything she told me aligned perfectly with what my intuition had long been telling me; but she also went far beyond that point and gave me much to think about. This reading with Laurie gave me a much deeper appreciation of the value of astrology and a more profound respect for its power. Thank you, Laurie!

NOTE: After this post appeared, Alan, a very spiritually minded friend of mine, e-mailed me: “Given your glowing recommendations I just sent Laurie an email requesting a reading.” Three days later, Alan sent me this note: “I had a wonderful astrology reading experience with Laurie. She was able to deliver insightful information in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. I found it timely and useful on many levels so I thank you for introducing me to her.”

You, too, can benefit from Laurie’s wisdom. She writes a free astrological newsletter about how planetary alignments affect our lives on earth. Click here to e-mail Laurie to subscribe at no cost, or visit Laurie’s website and click on “Free Email Newsletter.”

Laurie is a former newspaper and news magazine reporter who is profiled in the books Psychic New York and The 100 Top Psychics in America.

Laurie is the author of A to Z Acrophonology: Discover the Power of the Letters in Your Name, Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign, Whispers from the Cosmos, Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, and Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium.

Laurie also offers counseling appointments by phone. She will answer your questions about major life decisions and talk with you about the reasons you have incarnated, the lessons you are here to learn, where you are on the wheel of karma, and the psychological developmental cycles you have been through and are going through. She will look at current influences on your health, finances, relationships, career, and any relocation plans that may be necessary. She also will look ahead with you at the next seven years of your life. A reading with Laurie can help you take the next step in your life. Sessions, which are available via landline phone or Skype (audio or video), are digitally recorded.

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Illustrations by Kagaya, a Japanese digital fine artist.
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ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
You are an adaptable, quick-moving soul who thrives in changing circumstances. The new year will support your high-spirited nature as 2010 ushers in a period of rapid, and perhaps, unprecedented change. Uranus, the planet of revelation and sudden change will enter Aries on May 27, 2010. Uranus was last in Aries from 1927 to 1935. Beneficial Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus will conjoin each other in Aries on June 8, 2010, bringing rapid change to you and many others. Your role may vacillate between leader and follower. Be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice. And as always, try to remain as non-attached as possible to the outcome of your endeavors. Your life will unfold in a way that is in the highest good of many people around you, even if it does not seem so as your projects unfold. Have faith. Greater clarity about how to resolve your problems will come. This also is a good time to commit to an important relationship.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
You will find the balance you are seeking through a person born under the sign of Scorpio. A planetary angle in early 2010 between Mars retrograde in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius will temporarily pull you away from your primary purpose.  But your association with someone of an opposite nature to your own will help you regain your focus and equilibrium. Try to let go of expectations so you can see the larger plan at work. As you practice a more objective attitude, positive events you previously had not imagined will enter your life. The entrance of Mars into Virgo in June 2010 will support your positive efforts to change in your life. It is a fortunate time to commit to a new work regimen or endeavor.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)
Your clever mind will be called upon as you and people around you nimbly navigate the straits of change in 2010. You are flexible and mentally agile, and will enjoy the creative possibilities engendered by a plethora of planetary alignments in 2010. The greatest changes will begin in late May 2010 under the sign of Gemini when Jupiter and Saturn oppose each other in the heavens, bringing to fruition changes initiated in the year 2000. This planetary alignment every 20 years brings big changes to government, business, entrepreneurial projects, and relationships. The position of the planetary alignment in the heavens will give you plenty of opportunity to participate in the changes. A multitude of other dramatic planetary alignments will continue throughout the summer months, including Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus, and Saturn’s conjunction with Mars. Use your good sense of humor, charm, and wit, to gracefully and generously find inventive solutions to unanticipated predicaments. Think about where you want to live. Soon, you will be making a commitment to a new location from which to launch your activities.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)
A series of planetary alignments and eclipses during the summer of 2010 will spice up your year and help you feel gratitude for the many blessings you already have in your life. As you watch a multitude of changes sweep the planet and the lives of people closest to you, you will cherish memories of the past. Simultaneously, try to feel optimistic and envision what you would like to create in the future. Your positive visualizations will attract positive opportunities to you. The reasons for much of what is happening will be initially perplexing. But you inevitably will welcome changes to the status quo because they will reconfigure your life in a positive way for you and your loved ones. This is a good time to reevaluate whether your home serves you and your future goals. If not, it’s time to make a change. A full moon lunar eclipse occurs under the sign of Cancer on June 26, 2010. A new moon solar eclipse in Cancer follows on July 11, 2010. These eclipses will bring positive opportunities to you and will help you re-visit and resolve issues you last considered in 1991.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
The year of 2010 holds much promise for you to rise to a leadership position as circumstances change quicker than a lion can blink an eye. Your desire to lead others toward a brighter future will be your response to the inevitable changes prompted by intense celestial activity during the summer of 2010. Energetic Mars turns retrograde in Leo from December 20, 2009, to March 10, 2010. Rest well under this influence in the first half of the year. Delays and conflicts will be resolved by mid-May 2010. A succession of planetary alignments from late May 2010 to mid-September 2010 will alter your perspective in a positive way and bring you the ideas and resources you will need to bring a creative project to fruition. This also is a good time to travel or go to new places in your local area to connect with people of foreign backgrounds or who are different from yourself in some way. Exposure to exotic customs and ideas will appeal to your noble sensibilities and will accelerate your personal evolution.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
A positive angle between transformative Pluto in Capricorn and your Virgo Sun will help you learn to use old resources in new ways. You will learn to create more with less. Your greatest assets are your natural ingenuity and mental awareness. Try to see a stagnant situation from a new perspective. The change in your outlook will attract support from people with whom you previously had no contact. Your can-do, hard-working spirit will lead to many new opportunities in 2010.  Make sure to alternate periods of hard work with periods of silence and solitude to support your sensitive nervous system. Jupiter in your opposing sign of Pisces from January 17, 2010, to January 22, 2011, will bring new people into your life and promote peace and harmony among those closest to you. The opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces on April 26, 2010, will help you bring to fruition a change you have been contemplating for as long as 40 years. Jupiter in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo on May 22, 2010, will help you create a new foundation from which to move forward. When Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Pisces under the Virgo Sun on September 18, 2010, you will feel free to creatively take action on a new direction in your life. Don’t hesitate to change patterns from the past.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)
With Saturn in Libra for the first time since 1983, you are completing a karmic cycle in which you will reap rewards for past efforts and fulfill obligations left over from the past, as long as 27 years ago. While many people will be available to assist you in your worthy projects, some of these people will behave in less than a reliable manner with the revolutionary planet Uranus entering your opposing sign of Aries for the first time in 75 years on May 27, 2010. Uranus was last in Aries from 1927 to 1935. But never fear, the protective planet Jupiter also enters Aries on June 5, 2010, where it will provide you spiritual and logistical support for your worthy endeavors. Jupiter was last in Aries from early 1999 to early 2000. As you learn self-reliance, others will rally around you – just as you decide you no longer need their assistance! Your way of communicating with the world also will become more forthright and direct – as a practical response to changing circumstances that may confront you. You also will begin to modulate the quality of your voice to make your influence felt. A role reversal may occur in a relationship that you thought would never change.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 21)
You will receive much spiritual inspiration during times of quiet reflection. Allow yourself to periodically withdraw from day-to-day activities to access your deeper, more profound, contemplative nature. This is the source of the enormous regenerative energy you possess. Your greatest accomplishments in 2010 will occur when you first map out your strategy in your mind. You do better when you anticipate consequences and plan in advance than when you react spontaneously. Understanding this about yourself will enable you to integrate deeper layers of your personal power into your daily routine. Your planetary ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, will be under the karmic influence of Saturn in Libra, which forms a square angle to Pluto on January 31, 2010, and August 21, 2010. Under the influence of Saturn square Pluto, accounts are settled, power imbalances are re-balanced, deeply held feelings are brought to the surface to be rectified, and unmet needs are tended to. Beneficial Jupiter and energetic Mars square Pluto on August 3, 2010. This planetary alignment will give you the energy to confront any obstacles that are creating delays.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
People around you do not seem as reliable as they once were as your beneficial planetary ruler, Jupiter, conjoins the erratic energy of Uranus in Aries on June 8, 2010. You are a good-natured soul who generally goes with the flow. But you may sense that the usual rules do not apply as the summer months approach. You are correct in your assessment, and quickly changing circumstances will give you an opportunity to re-sculpt your philosophy of life. This new worldview will help you reorganize your thoughts so you can see positive outcomes in the upheaval you potentially are witnessing in the world around you – both close to home and in the world at large. This positive re-framing of your perception of reality is the magic that attracts many new positive opportunities to your life. You also will have many opportunities to create material and financial changes when Jupiter and Saturn oppose each other in the heavens on May 22, 2010 and August 16, 2010.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)
You will have no choice in 2010 but to let go of any rigid patterns that have restrained you. Like jumping into a pool of cold water, you will initially feel resistant to any changes. But you will re-adjust quickly and will enjoy the swim! Try to change one habit every day as a way to prepare yourself for the planetary alignments of 2010. These include a square angle to Pluto in Capricorn from Saturn in Libra on January 31, 2010, and August 21, 2010. Additionally, beneficial Jupiter and energetic Mars square Pluto in Capricorn on August 3, 2010, enabling you to confront obstacles with deep resources within yourself. Physically stretch your bodies in new ways to bring more flexibility to your joints and muscles – this will help open and relax your mind and help you organize your thoughts so you can confront the future with ease and comfort. Gently experiment with lifestyles and patterns you always have been attracted to. Follow your dreams. You will experience the happiness you have always longed for. Enjoy!

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
You may not be sure whether to work hard and save your money or take off and leisurely enjoy life in the coming year. You easily sit back from a detached perspective and enjoy the events swirling around you as if they were a spectacle of which you are not a part. You will walk a fine line in 2010 between active participation in events around you and a philosophical distance that enables you to help others because you do not feel emotionally involved in the outcome of the situations at hand. Your planetary ruler, Uranus, traverses the spiritual sign of Pisces and the active and warrior-like sign of Aries in 2010. This will enable you to vacillate between active and passive roles in outer events. Take breaks to practice silence and solitude in between bursts of intense social and communal activity. Uranus, your planetary ruler, has been in Pisces since 2003, enabling you to access the quieter, reflective side of your nature. The revolutionary planet will enter Aries on May 27, 2010, and conjoin beneficial Jupiter in Aries on June 8, 2010, bringing out the more active and participatory aspect of your nature. Uranus will retrograde into Pisces on August 13, 2010, and will re-enter the Sign of the Ram on March 13, 2011. Uranus will remain in Aries until 2019. Uranus was last in Aries from 1927 to 1935. As you learn the art of balance, you will find a perspective that nourishes your soul.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
You will get a break from the successive changes that have affected you since revolutionary Uranus moved into the Sign of the Fish in 2003. The revolutionary planet Uranus enters Aries on May 27, 2010, and conjoins beneficial Jupiter in Aries on June 8, 2010. Expect the unexpected under this celestial influence. You have the gifts of compassion and an understanding of the larger meaning of human existence. Combine these beautiful qualities in order to flow with the period of unprecedented changes that will affect you and many others in 2010. Uranus will retrograde back into Pisces on August 13, 2010, and will leave Pisces for Aries on March 13, 2011. Despite the cosmic drama, you will feel abundant spiritual protection throughout 2010 as beneficial Jupiter traverses the Sign of the Fish from January 17, 2010, to January 22, 2011.  As always, your greatest contributions come from your empathy, kindness, generosity, and the power of prayer. Engaging these innate qualities will enable you to feel as if you are fulfilling your destiny in 2010.

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