Time Is a Circus

When I was eight years old, it felt like childhood would last forever

When I was young, time was a kindly relative, showering me with an endless supply of gifts, and many a day was happily wasted.

Most of us spend our lives as if we had another one in the bank.
Ben Irwin

Today, I view marking time as a crime; every day fairly bursts with the urgency to advance the work I came here to do.

Time is a circus always packing up and moving away.
Ben Hecht

On one hand, I wonder how much faster I would have matured had I been able to look at life with the perspective I have today.

What a folly to dread the thought of throwing away life at once, and yet have no regard to throwing it away by parcels and piecemeal.
John Howe

On the other hand, I am glad that my younger self was so innocent and clueless. Looking back, I sense that my life was meant to unfold as it did.

If, every day, I dare to remember that I am here on loan, that this house, this hillside, these minutes are all leased to me, not given, I will never despair.
Erica Jong

The older I get, the more I value the gift that every hour brings. I see elderly people everywhere who cherish each day no matter what their circumstances may be.

Youth troubles over eternity, age grasps at a day and is satisfied to have even the day.
Dame Mary Gilmore

When boredom sidles up and whispers in your ear, grab it and fling it out the window! Spend your moments wisely and you will life a life without regret.

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Susan Ertz

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4 Responses to “Time Is a Circus”

  1. ArrVee Says:

    when we were young, we had health, energy and healthy amounts of naivette and “foolishness” to take risks, and go for broke in the pursuit of our dreams. We experimented, made mistakes, and with hardly anything to lose, were mostly resilient enough to rebound and start again. We received invaluable and well-meaning advice from our elders, some of which we took to heart, which served us well; the rest went out the other ear, but this sometimes allowed us to blaze new trails in our generation.

    with the scars on our backs and hearts and the mileage under our belts, we are now wiser and see things in shades of gray, rather than black and white. We discover the things of real value and meaning in this life, highlighted all the more by our increasing awareness of our mortality. We share these with our children, but as we realize we are sounding like our parents, we also imagine most of these going out their other ears, and that the advice they would really take to heart are the ones we have given through example.

    such is the Circle of Life, and Time is indeed a Circus (“circus” being derived from the Greek word for “circle ring”).

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Very well said, ArrVee. I appreciate your incisive comments. And I really like your etymology coda. I did not know the history of the word “circus.” Very cool!

  3. ArrVee Says:

    a small correction for my comment – “circus” comes from the Greek word for “circle” or “ring”, not “circle ring”.

    (while I’m at it ) I would like to add that while we may sometimes view with regret the time we used unwisely as youths, we also yearn to recapture that young spirit of ours full of energy and optimism (Ullman’s “Youth” comes to mind).

    and if we look at our remaining time left as the glass being half-full, we will know that it is never too late to make a difference – for ourselves and the next “circle” after ours.

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    True that, ArrVee. Personallyu, I don’t regret the time I spent unwisely because I wasn’t wise enough back then. All I can ask is to be wiser going forward.

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