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The Case of the Clueless Copy Editor

February 7, 2010

Wednesday morning couldn’t come fast enough. It was October 1987 and I was itching to experience the thrill of opening City Pages, a free weekly Minneapolis newspaper, and finding my very first byline.

My first published piece was a short one, only six paragraphs long, that recounted the story of Pat Anthony, a 48-year-old South African woman who gave birth to her daughter’s test-tube triplets. As the world’s first surrogate mother of her own grandchildren, Anthony signed a lucrative deal with The Mail on Sunday, a British newspaper, which granted it exclusive rights to the story.

I was excited to see this particular story in print because the Minnesota Twins were in the thick of a pennant chase that would eventually culminate in their first World Series title. The confluence of these two seemingly disparate stories presented me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull off a rare triple pun. Cackling at my cleverness, I closed the piece by (more…)