The Keys to a Miracle

I imagine there must be a rational explanation for this story by Cheryl Pietromonaco of Bellevue, Washington . . . but I can’t imagine what that would be. I love stories like this that defy the imagination. It was printed in the March 2010 issue of Guideposts.

One thing troubled me about my husband: He didn’t believe in God.

“Believe what you like,” he said, “but there isn’t someone up there making miracles happen.” I prayed hard for him to come around. That would definitely take a miracle.

One winter we took a vacation in the Montana mountains. His brother owned a cabin there and lent us his Jeep—“You’ll need the four-wheel drive,” he said. He handed us a large key ring, indicating the key for the Jeep and the one for the cabin.

We arrived late in the afternoon. I was awed by the isolation, the delicate, powdery snow frosting everything in sight and the utter silence. We dropped our bags, took off our coats and my husband tossed the keys onto the kitchen table. They landed with a metallic clank.

I needed a drink, but there was no running water. “Let’s grab a bucket; we’ll get some water from the creek,” my husband said. We left the door open to clear the musty air while we were out.

We weren’t far when a strong gust of wind blew. There was a loud bang. The cabin door! We stopped and stared at each other, thinking the same thing, I hope that door didn’t just lock… We ran back through the snow. The door was locked tight. “The keys are on the kitchen table!” my husband groaned.

He rammed a shoulder against the door. It didn’t budge. “See if there’s a wire or something in the Jeep,” he told me. “Maybe we can pick the lock.” “I’ll say a prayer too,” I told him.

Nothing of help was in the glove compartment or seat pockets. I searched and prayed. Under the driver’s seat I felt something and fished it out. A ring of keys! Just like the set my brother-in-law gave us. I rushed back to the cabin. Sure enough, one of the keys opened the door. Saved!

My husband looked at the table. The keys he’d tossed on it were gone! We looked for that first ring of keys, but never found another set.

Later, my brother-in-law insisted the key ring he’d handed us was the only set he had. “I just don’t get it,” my husband said, confused. But I did. I got the miracle I’d asked for.

The cabin door wasn’t the only thing opened up that day. My husband’s eyes finally started to open as well.

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