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The DMR Method: Relieving Neck and Back Pain Nonsurgically

March 3, 2010

Dr. Pete L'Allier

I was impressed to learn of a promising nonsurgical method for treating disk herniations and back and neck pain. I’ve had two bouts of muscle spasms in my lower back in the last month so I got a taste of how debilitating back pain can be. I’m gad that people like Dr. Pete L’Allier are determined to help back pain sufferers get the help they need.

I’ve been getting treated by Dr. Pete for nearly ten years and I swear by him. Not only is he a dedicated chiropractor who truly cares about his patients, he is a devoted husband and a loving, wonderful dad to his two kids, which is my litmus test for character and integrity. If I made a list of the most honorable people I know, Dr. Pete’s name would be at the top.

I wrote the following article about the DMR Method for Dr. Pete and the Hopkins Health & Wellness Center.


If you or someone you know has a herniated disc or challenging neck and back pain, the nonsurgical, drug-free DMR (Decompress, Mobilize and Rehabilitate) Method may be the answer you’ve been searching and hoping for.

In a two-year clinical case study conducted by Hopkins Health & Wellness Center in partnership with the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, one of the largest diagnostic imaging groups in the country, post-treatment MRIs revealed that the disk herniation in an astonishing 96.4 percent of participants (more…)