Will Science Ever Define God? Nope.

Do you demand irrefutable evidence of God’s presence that your senses and science can observe and measure?

One can search the brain with a microscope and not find the mind, and can search the stars with a telescope and not find God.
J. Gustav White

Science cannot objectively define God through experimentation because every subject’s perception of God would be, by definition, subjective.

God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes, but everybody who looks at it sees something different.
Rabbi Harold Kushner

Science will continue to be at loggerheads with faith because faith, by definition, is beyond the scope of science.

When faith is supported by facts or by logic, it ceases to be faith.
Edith Hamilton

Science’s inability to detect God’s signature says more about science than it does about God.

Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.
Bertrand Russell

Mathematicians and scientists will find God only by setting aside their formulas and test tubes and turning their attention within.

To them that ask, where have you seen the Gods, or how do you know for certain there are Gods, that you are so devout in their worship? I answer: Neither have I ever seen my own soul, and yet I respect and honor it.
Marcus Aurelius

Indeed, God is discovered not through technology, research, and analysis, but by looking into the eyes of the next person you see.

Let none turn over books, or roam the stars in quest of God, who sees him not in man.
Johann Kaspar Lavater

Science may never prove the existence of God, but anyone who has ever felt God’s presence has all the proof they need.

Not being known doesn’t stop the truth from being true.
Richard Bach

Click here to read how prominent scientists such as Albert Einstein reconcile science and religion.


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8 Responses to “Will Science Ever Define God? Nope.”

  1. Arius Says:

    How can one discover what is non-cognitive to begin with-to forgo language would be a step, but that is beyond human tendencies-another non-articulation.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yep. Couldn’t agree more, Arius. Thanks for weighing in.a

  3. Ellen Besso Says:

    I’m not religious, I’m spiritually collective, but was brought up Christian. My friend, a minister & also various readings I’ve done, have all said that the 2nd coming of Christ is the Christ or Christa (female aspect) within us all. That really resonates with me. I also think spirit, as I mostly call it, is everywhere, in everything, especially in narture. I can’t tell you the succor I receive from the huge coniferous trees in my neighborhood & the blue herons & eagles who sit in them.

    Ellen Besso
    MidLife Coach & Writer

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Ellen. Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, “The Second Coming of Christ,” makes the same point. Here is an excerpt from the description of the book on the official website:


    Never before available in its entirety, this landmark work by one of the most revered spiritual teachers of our time transcends divisive sectarianism to reveal a unifying harmony underlying all true religions. A groundbreaking synthesis of East and West, it imparts the life-transforming realization that each of us can experience for ourselves the promised Second Coming — awakening of the all-fulfilling Divine Consciousness latent within our souls.

  5. ArrVee Says:

    believers will not even see the point of pursuing that question. And whatever definition science comes up with, it will be inconsequential to believers – a waste of time and resources that could have been put to better use, in addressing the many problems in this physical world.

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    You’re spot on, ArVee!

    For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.
    Stuart Chase

  7. barbara Says:

    From the beginning of the new innovation in humans of self awareness that we define as what separates from other animals we viewed everything as a “God” simply because we had not learned to define it.

    Humans know instinctively that we are not independent of our beings and science has proven this through microbiology in that we do not live alone in our bodies. Our bodies are colonies of many specialized single celled organisms that do our respiration for us, breakdown the food so that every one of our cells that is operated by an entirely different entity of life can do its job.

    The conflict of good verses evil comes in the origin of multicellular life in that we were created by two different species of organisms that currently are at the top of the tree of life provided by science.

    These two have equal investment in our being here in the first place but what is not realized it takes both to maintain life on this planet.

    The belief that would be created from our interpretation of ourselves and of our environment is very natural since this is true that we were created and are not independent from our creators.

    The problem comes in when any one organization of either faith or science states that theirs is the only true and correct way of explaining origin of life and states everyone else is wrong.

    However, any one individual that chooses to see life’s origin based on their inability to see the whole picture is fine too. The goal here for humanity to persist in the future can only be achieved by cooperation and sacrifice of one’s own selfish thoughts/actions for the good of all mankind to succeed in the future generations of their offspring to survive.

    That is our purpose here and it is very simple to obey it.

  8. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for your very thoughtful response, Barbara. I completely agree that a huge problem is people claiming that their way is the right way and the only way. Cooperation and service are indeed the keys to a happier, healthier future.

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