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The Boring Guy With the Watermelon Head

July 24, 2010

Liev Schreiber

For his role in the 2007 Broadway production of Talk Radio,  The New York Times critic Ben Brantley called Liev Schreiber “the finest American theater actor of his generation.” A profile of Schreiber in the July 30, 2010 issue of Enetrtainment Weekly ends with the following paragraph:

“Well, how can you argue with The New York Times?” [Schreiber] says with a sly grin. “Look, I have a different perspective, but I’m glad they have theirs. Really glad. But if you’re going to accept that, you also have to be prepared to accept when someone calls you ‘the somnambulistic Mr. Schreiber with a head the size of a watermelon,’ which someone actually wrote once. I had to (more…)