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My Mother, the Penguin

September 29, 2010

My mom and me at a Minneapolis event (no, she didn't drive to it herself)

I am a complete penguin when it comes to directions; I can get lost driving to the grocery store. My mom is even worse. Even though she grew up in St. Paul and lived in a nearby suburb until she was nearly forty, she always hated driving in the Twin Cities, especially Minneapolis.

About twenty-five years ago, she and my dad took a trip to Minneapolis, an hour or so from their home in St. Cloud. It was a brutally cold winter day, around thirty below. My dad had to run into a magic shop to pick up some props for a talent show. Since there were no parking spaces available, he asked my mom to drop him off, drive around the block and he’d be right out.

Reluctantly, my mom took the wheel, dropped off my dad, took a right turn and promptly found herself on (more…)