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The Rhythms of the Woods

October 8, 2010

I asked this handsome fellow to pose in front of the Trego Nature Trail. Oh, wait. That's me.

I’m in the third full day of my Wisconsin cabin retreat. I am happy to report that I am getting attuned to nature’s rhythms. Living and walking amidst the woods in northwest Wisconsin has naturally slowed my pace both mentally and physically. I find myself synchronizing with the absence of natural light by going to bed earlier. I’m even driving more slowly in order to honor the beauty of the scenery; it’s almost hypnotically calming to gaze at the fields of green and gold. (What other colors would they be in Packers territory?) I typically listen to sports talk shows in the car but turning the radio on in the midst of such splendor would seem too jarring.

Gazing down at the Namekagan River on the Trego Nature Trail

The centerpiece of my retreat, which my hosts, John and Kristin Anderson, have so generously extended from four days to eleven, is (more…)