Your Own Permission

If you are not living an abundant life, chances are that you do not feel worthy of abundance. You probably think you have committed too many mistakes, experienced too many failures and made too many poor choices to deserve God’s blessings. I can relate. Then, while walking along a tree-lined country road this morning, I realized there were three reasons why I needed to work through my resistance:

Self-worth comes from one thing—thinking that you are worthy.
Wayne Dyer

Personal growth. If I resisted prosperity, I would never be able to move beyond who I once was and walk fully into who I am capable of being. I am no longer the person who made the errors that have weighed me down like shackles around my ankles; those mistakes were a necessary part of my maturity process. I cannot allow my psychological, emotional and spiritual development to be bogged down in the quicksand of insecurity and regret.

Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving.
Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Service. If I am financially independent, I can devote much more of my time and energy to doing the work I feel called to do, which ultimately will benefit humankind. It is also vital that I model prosperity, to be someone whom others can look at and think, So that is what’s possible. After all, the greatest gift I can give others is the example of my own life working.

I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.
George Bernard Shaw

Honor. By accepting God’s blessings, you honor your divine heritage and claim what has been promised to you since the dawn of time.

All you have been waiting for is your own permission.
Emmanuel (Pat Rodegast)

Resisting abundance serves no one. Not only is your own life both internally and externally impoverished, you are depriving others of gifts that only you can give to them.

We are divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.
Wayne Dyer


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4 Responses to “Your Own Permission”

  1. Kim Wencl Says:

    Great post! Truer words have never been spoken!

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thanks, Kim! Appreciate you dropping by!

  3. almarose Says:

    Oh, man, have you been in MY head. I just this minute put an ad in Freecycle asking for “Transportation: Almost any kind,” including Moped, small motorcycle, or beat-up pickup truck. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time–years, actually–but always stopped and considered, really, what are the odds? Placing the ad took three minutes once I finally shoved past the invisible door, and now it’s out there, in the universe.

    And, not changing the subject, but isn’t that attitude of expectant alertness and grateful acceptance applicable to everything from relationships to gardens? If you expect disappointment and failure, you’ll probably get it, right?

    This might seem unrelated, but it really isn’t because it’s about considering oneself unworthy: When I was 20 and my daughter, Marian, was just a baby, I accepted a part-time job at the Omaha Hebrew Academy as a preschool teacher. My sister worked upstairs, teaching the dozen or so fifth- and sixth-graders, and she was excellent.

    My first day on the job was a disaster. They had moved the preschool, for a day or two, across the street to, of all places, the women’s locker room of the Highland Country Club. I think they were doing some work in the preschool room, which is why we were in this tiny space, where the kids were practically FORCED to disappear behind the many rows of lockers, most of which were unlocked. I was trying unsuccessfully to restore order among my fifteen or so 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds, and when the rabbi’s wife walked in some of the boys were tossing the women’s golf shoes over the rows of lockers.

    I don’t know what words the rabbi’s wife used; I just know that there was something in her tone that conveyed authority, the expectation that she would be obeyed…something that struck fear in the hearts of the little ones. Try as I might over the years, I never acquired that “something,” even with my own kids. I adore children and they love me back, but instant obedience was never part of my child-care portfolio.

    Lately I have found myself mistrusting my perceptions, especially regarding things not empirically provable. Sometimes, for example, I smell my dad’s pipe tobacco. He died in 1985 and I don’t keep pipe tobacco around, nor was there anyone nearby smoking a pipe or even an aromatic cigar. This has happened several times, and when I’m in the middle of it I don’t have any doubts. It’s just later, looking back. Come on, girl, I tell myself, get a grip. But I’m left with a lingering sense of Dad, and that’s a fact….

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Almarose, smelling your dad’s pipe tobacco is a very common way to sense the presence of loved ones who have passed on. Doubting your experience is like arguing with the sun whether it’s risen that morning or not.

    I can relate to your inability to project instant authority to children. I’m the same way, and I marvel at the way some parents do that. The same with having authority over dogs. Some people just have the knack. I’m not built that way!

    Yes, ultimately your attitude and expectations determine everything that arrives in your life. The more you pay attention to that the more you live consciously.

    Best of luck!

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