In the Dark of Night, Still the Stars Shine Brightly

"Prayer" by Devakant (

In your darkest hour, never forget that your soul burns as brightly as it ever has. Even when your pain appears to block out the sun, you are still loved and protected by the divine force that fashioned all of creation.

In her essay on the mystical poetry of Paramahansa Yogananda in the Winter 2005 issue of Self-Realization magazine, Linda Sue Grimes wrote this about Yogananda’s poem, My Soul Is Marching On:

This poem dramatizes the dual nature of life: Even though the stars are bright, they are surrounded by darkness. The bright sunshine is not visible at night. The moon even fades as it wanes. But despite the darkness attached to all of these bright things, they still have their brightness.

Yogananda’s own preface to his poem emphasizes that, ultimately, you cannot fail to reach God

Never be discouraged by this motion picture of life. Salvation is for all. Just remember that no matter what happens to you, still your soul is marching on. No matter where you go, your wandering footsteps will lead you back to God. There is no other way to go.


The shining stars are sunk in darkness deep,
The weary sun is dead at night,
The moon’s soft smile doth fade anon;
But still my soul is marching on!

The grinding wheel of time hath crushed
Full many a life of moon and star,
And many a brightly smiling morn;
But still my soul is marching on!

The flowers bloomed, then hid in gloom,
The bounty of the trees did cease;
Colossal men have come and gone,
But still my soul is marching on!

The aeons one by one are flying,
My arrows one by one are gone;
Dimly, slowly, life is fading,
But still my soul is marching on!

Darkness, death, and failures vied;
To block my path they fiercely tried.
My fight with jealous Nature’s strong,
But still my soul is marching on!

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