Follow the Trail of Beauty

Painting by Gabriel Marian

In an Easter Sunday service more than sixty years ago, Paramahansa Yogananda beautifully described the omnipresence of God:


In one sense, God hides Himself; and yet He advertises Himself in the flowers, in the gentle breeze, in the birds, and in all other lovely things. In every lily and in every gentle fragrance you can perceive His beauty. You do not see His Name written there; but you behold a hint of his presence. He says, “Follow the trail of beauty. I am hidden somewhere in its heart. I am Harmony, I am Love, I am Beauty, I am Fragrance, I am Joy.”

With humility and reverence, may you follow the trail of beauty and perceive the presence of God in everything and everyone you see.

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2 Responses to “Follow the Trail of Beauty”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Lovely, Phil. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Barbara.

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