Take a Cue from the Chinese Bamboo Tree

Chinese bamboo trees

Spiritual growth and immediate gratification are mutually exclusive concepts. You must perform your spiritual practice with infinite patience. God will respond in God’s time, not yours. Just because you have not yet attained the ultimate goal of self-realization, in which you blissfully melt into oneness with the divine, does not mean you are not making significant progress.

In the Summer 2007 issue of Self-Realization magazine, a quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind and soul, Swami Smaranananda, Joint General Secretary of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, offered this analogy.

When the Chinese bamboo tree is planted, it is watered and fertilized, but for four years nothing comes out of the ground. After four years it sprouts—and in the next six weeks it grows to ninety feet. Does it mean that the first four years were useless? No, the plant experienced tremendous development in its root system so that after the fourth year, when it grew to be ninety feet, it could stand sturdy. The farmer had to persevere in spite of lack of results. It’s the same with us in our spiritual efforts.

May you persevere, may your devotion be unceasing, and may your spiritual roots grow strong!

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