Lord, Why Did You Give Me This Bother?

This is not my room, but I could be quite happy if it was

I like living simply, keeping my possessions to a minimum and traveling light. This makes me hard to shop for. My family members know better than to give me little knick-knacks or decorations or even functional gifts that normal people use and enjoy. The way I look at it, the more possessions you have, the more they end up possessing you.

I also shy away from luxurious items because they virtually scream to be kept in pristine shape. I am not exceedingly careful with such things, much to the dismay of various women in my life over the years.

So I especially enjoyed Paramahansa Yogananda’s take on the matter in the book Where There Is Light:

I appreciate whatever God gives me, but I don’t miss it when it is gone. Someone once gave me a beautiful coat and hat, an expensive outfit. Then began my worry. I had to be concerned about not tearing it or soiling it. It made me uncomfortable. I said, “Lord, why did You give me this bother?” One day I was to lecture at Trinity Hall here in Los Angeles. When I arrived at the hall and started to remove my coat, the Lord told me, “Take away your belongings from the pockets.” I did so. When I returned to the cloakroom after my lecture, the coat was gone. I was angry, and someone said, “Never mind, we will get you another coat.” I replied, “I am not angry because I lost the coat, but because whoever took it didn’t take the hat that matches it, too!”

Don’t let your feelings rule you. How can you be happy if you are all the time fussing about your clothes or other possessions? Dress neatly in clean clothes and then forget about them; clean your house and forget it.


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2 Responses to “Lord, Why Did You Give Me This Bother?”

  1. From your sister Says:

    Whoa, when I glanced at that, I thought it said, “Lord, why did you give me this BROTHER?

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I hope that wasn’t a subliminal plea, sister.

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