Doors Everywhere

Do you want to see evidence of God’s presence? Open your eyes. Open your mind. Open your heart. God is everywhere and in everything you see. Paramahansa Yogananda promised his devotees that they would find God by following the trail of beauty. In this poem from his book, Whispers From Eternity, Yogananda beautifully conveys the omnipresence of the divine.


O Father, when I was blind I found not a door that led to Thee. Thou hast healed my eyes; now I discover doors everywhere; the hearts of flowers, the voices of friendship, memories of lovely experiences. Each gust of my prayer opens a new entrance to the vast temple of Thy presence.

May all your prayers open all the doors around you so that you too may find yourself at the threshold of the divine temple.

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2 Responses to “Doors Everywhere”

  1. spiritualhuman Says:

    Beautiful poem, thanks for posting, at times the converse is also true spiritually, we spend our entire lives closing one “door” after another and left with the question or questions in our distress: “Why?” You may be interested to see my blog various reflections especially “There are only Four Communities”.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    I’m glad you like it, spiritualhuman. I’ll check out your blog post. Thanks!

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