Summer Solstice 2011 Update From Astrologer Laurie Baum

Laurie Baum

If you enjoy astrology, you will like this Summer Solstice update written by my good friend Laurie Baum, MSW, a psychological astrologer and psychotherapist in practice in Encinitas, California.

Laurie writes a free astrological newsletter about how planetary alignments affect our lives on earth. Click here to e-mail Laurie to subscribe at no cost, or visit Laurie’s website and click on “Free Email Newsletter.”

Laurie is a former newspaper and news magazine reporter who is profiled in the books Psychic New York and The 100 Top Psychics in America. She is the author of five books:

A to Z Acrophonology: Discover the Power of the Letters in Your Name

Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign

Whispers from the Cosmos

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Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium

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The summer solstice, the day with the greatest annual amount of sunlight, arrives on June 21, 2011. The Summer Solstice ushers in a period of increased light and activity on earth, as we gain energy from the beneficial effects of the growing light of the sun. A primary benefit of the longer days is increased photosynthesis, which promotes growth in the natural world and helps to heal your body. Photosynthesis is a process that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen. The benefits of sunlight have long been documented. One study of the benefits of sunlight even showed that patients on the south side of a hospital, which gets more light, recovered more quickly than those on the north. Moderate exposure to the powerful physical light of the sun will help improve your health, and awareness of its metaphysical power can lift your spirits and enhance your thoughts.

From June 1 to July 1, a series of summertime eclipses is re-patterning the normal flow of solar and lunar energy to Earth. A new cadence will temporarily supplant your old rhythm during the two weeks before and after an eclipse. You will meet new people under the influence of the eclipses—and they will make a deep impression upon you or cause big changes. Just like an eclipse, they will have a strong impact but may not remain on a permanent basis. Indeed, people who enter your life during an eclipse may leave just as suddenly as the eclipse itself—within two weeks (after the next new or full moon), or after six months (at the time of the next eclipse). At best, they may stay as long as nineteen years, when the eclipse cycle repeats itself.

These summertime eclipses will occur at the following times (all times are Pacific Daylight Time):
• A solar eclipse coincides with the Gemini new moon—on Wednesday, June 1, 2:03 PM
• A lunar eclipse with the full moon—sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius—on Wednesday, June 15, 1:14 PM
• Another solar eclipse coincides with the Cancer new moon—on Wednesday, July 1, 1:54 AM

This summer’s eclipses echo a series of eclipses that last occurred in 1992. You may feel nostalgic as you reflect upon that year, or you may have experiences that seem vaguely similar. You may integrate lessons learned nineteen years earlier into your present life—or resolve outstanding issues from 1992, reflecting your present-day maturity and the growth in your consciousness in the past nineteen years.

It’s difficult to make permanent commitments under an eclipse because of the disrupted quality of the light reaching Earth from the heavens. When there is a disruption in the heavens, there is a similar reflection on earth. But the impact of the eclipse will enable you to see the world in a different light, or from a new perspective. There is an otherworldly quality to eclipses that is best understood with your intuition. Spend extra time in meditation during the eclipses so that you may feel and sense their impact in your heart and your body.

There will be an unusual number of “void-of-course” moon days this summer as an unusual number of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) travel through early phases of their respective constellations. This causes a weak magnetic pull on the moon when it reaches the end of one sign before entering the next sign every two-and-one-half days, creating a condition called the void-of-course moon. The duration of void-of-course moons ranges from several minutes to several hours. During the summer months, however, they will occur for entire days or several days at a time. This is an extremely rare astrological phenomenon, lasting from April to September 2011, that historically coincides with periods of instability and transition.

Actions initiated during a void-of-course moon do not produce anticipated results, if they produce any results at all. It’s noteworthy that in every presidential election from 1900 through 1972, one of the two major party candidates was nominated during a void-of-course moon; every one of those candidates lost.

An unpredictable, unstable or listless feeling may pervade your days during a void-of-course moon. You may be attracted to something under the void-of-course moon and then decide you don’t want it or like it when the moon is in its normal phase, or vice versa. The greatest degree of disappointment occurs when you have your mind set on making material progress or on ideas with a specific outcome. The void-of-course moon creates a wonderful opportunity, on the other hand, for meditation, prayer, free thinking, writing and relaxation, because the mind and feelings are free to wander in uncharted, unplanned territory.

Following is a list of the dates this phenomenon will occur this summer so you can plan accordingly. Be very careful under a void-of-course moon when making commitments, such as getting married, making financial decisions or accepting a job. And think twice before making a purchase, because even an insignificant purchase could prove useless or problematic unless it is something you decided to do prior to the void-of-course moon. Any important decisions you make may produce unintentional circumstances that could later change the course of your decision. However, if you are implementing a decision you made prior to a void-of-course moon, you can still benefit from your previous insight.

Here are the longest void-of-course days to be aware of during the summer season (all times in Pacific Daylight Time):

• Tuesday, June 21, 7:51 PM to Thursday, June 23, 1:24 AM
• Friday, June 24, 3:07 PM to Saturday, June 25, 1:53 PM
• Monday, June 27, 9:24 AM to Tuesday, June 28, 12:56 AM
• Friday, July 1, 4:37 AM to Saturday, July 2, 2:43 PM
• Sunday, July 3, 9:26 AM to Monday, July 4, 6:15 PM
• Tuesday, July 5, 5:19 PM to Wednesday, July 6, 8:54 PM
• Thursday, July 7, 11:29 PM to Friday, July 8 until 11:31 PM
• Sunday, July 10, 6:05 AM to Monday, July 11, 2:47 AM
• Tuesday, July 12, 5:21 AM to Wednesday, July 13, 7:14 AM
• Sunday, July 17, 5:23 AM to 10:13 PM
• Friday, July 22, 2:32 PM to 9:58 PM
• Thursday, July 28, 4:03 PM to Friday, July 29, 11:16 PM
• Monday, August 1, 4:38 PM to Wednesday, August 3, 3:04 AM
• Wednesday, August 10, 1:34 PM to Thursday, August 11, 8:47 PM
• Monday, August 15, 1:21 AM to Tuesday, August 16, 5:01 PM
• Thursday, August 25, 6:04 AM to Friday, August 26, 9:09 AM
• Monday, August 29, 3:15 PM to Tuesday, August 30, 11:25 AM
• Wednesday, September 7, 1:35 PM to Thursday, September 8, 2:42 AM
• Monday, September 12, 6:45 PM to 11:49 PM

These days are not to be feared, but rather understood as spaces between busy, mundane activities during which you can rest and gain a new perspective. These are creative days, best dedicated to originality with an attitude of impermanence. It’s less advantageous to make events fit a preconceived notion; you’d be better served by making important decisions on non-void-of-course-moon days. If your birthday falls on one of these days, the following year will be more spontaneous than planned, and could be quite positive if you assume an adventurous attitude.

On the bright side, the direct motion of Saturn in Libra beginning June 12 will bring greater clarity to personal relationships, and globally to stalled political, legal and economic negotiations.

The summer also features the retrograde of Neptune, the planet that rules the oceans, in Aquarius from August 4 to February 3, 2012. Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998 (it briefly went into Pisces from April 4 to August 4, 2011) and is responsible for the technological revolution that has homogenized the global community through the Internet and virtual instantaneous communication. Neptune will re-enter Pisces from February 2012 to January 2026, and will focus global attention on the quality of the oceans, water supply, and the societal impact of water, from rain and floods to droughts and wildfires. Availability, storage and purification of this precious commodity also will receive focused attention.

Please note that Mercury turns retrograde from August 2 to 26. Use this time to review, renew, reevaluate and reposition. Commerce and communication will slow during this period and resume their normal cadence in late August and early September.


Illustrations by Kagaya, a Japanese digital fine artist.
Click here to visit Kagaya’s website.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
After a busy spring season, you will get a much-needed break from fast-paced activity after the full moon in mid-July. Until then, a series of eclipses and alignments of Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will keep you on your toes. One minute you will feel compelled to be Superman and leap tall buildings in a single bound. The next minute you will feel like retiring into the business suit and unassuming role of Clark Kent, your alter ego. Like the Superman of mythic fame, you will have to enter a phone booth periodically to change roles depending upon the quickly changing circumstances around you. (One of these quickly changing circumstances is the virtual extinction of phone booths!) You will learn to identify the quality of the day by the quality of energy you feel in your body—do you feel a fiery heat and intensity, or do you feel watery and calm like a lake? Tune into your Self and make decisions accordingly—be it emergency mode or a more conservative and methodical manner. Eventually, as the emergencies resolve themselves, you will be able to relax and less caution will be required. In the meantime, your ability to respond quickly and forthrightly in unexpected situations will be in demand. People born under the signs of Leo and Sagittarius can keep up with your busy schedule.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
The transition of lucky Jupiter into Taurus from June 4, 2011 to June 11, 2012, will strengthen your ability to meet your financial and business goals during the summer season. You will feel resilient and robust. As positive thoughts create a positive reality, you will have the opportunity to create positive circumstances in your life with your constructive thoughts, prayers, affirmations and visualizations. Align yourself with your soul and a higher source of wisdom through spiritual practice. Consequently, your life will flow in harmony with your highest good; you will be at the right place at the right time, people will respond positively to your ideas and you will respond in an upbeat manner to the circumstances presented. A series of eclipses during the summer will change your financial picture. It won’t be possible to hold onto the past. You are entering a new world—neither better nor worse, just different.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)
A series of eclipses in Gemini during the month of June will bring new people into your life with whom you will associate on a daily basis. Venus in Gemini until July 3 and Mars in Gemini until August 3 also will attract new people to you who will help you meet your goals. The support of karmic Saturn in the compatible air sign of Libra also will help you persevere and maintain a positive attitude and momentum. As a mentally versatile air sign, you are aware of the transitory nature of material accomplishments. Yet, this is a time when you have an opportunity to create something of lasting value. Think of your life as if you were building a house. First, you create the foundation, then you add the floor, walls and ceiling. Think of your daily activities in the same methodical manner. By building each subsequent day upon the previous one, you will be in a position to build a strong foundation for the next stage of your life. Aquarius, Libra and other Geminis understand and can relate to you.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)
A solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1 will give you a chance to express your feelings in a new way. This experience will fortify your sense of self-confidence and help energy flow more efficiently throughout your physical body. You have a fluid nature, and as you allow feelings, thoughts and circumstances to flow smoothly through your awareness, you will feel a similar sense of ease in your body. Your well-being depends upon feeling emotionally aligned. Take an inventory of your life. Are you expressing your feelings in a positive, helpful way? Are your partnerships supporting your emotional well-being? Are they aligned with your highest good? Are you doing work that is harmoniously aligned with your nature? Are your thoughts and attitudes a reflection of your spiritual nature? Take a moment during the summer season to pause and review your life. Eclipses cause a realignment of the earth, sun and moon; similarly, realign your own outlook with your higher purpose. The passage of energetic Mars through Cancer from August 3 to September 18 will strengthen your resolve. Capricorn people will help balance your perspective.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
The passage of communicative Mercury through Leo from July 1 to 28 will help you make your voice heard. Having others understand you is of prime importance to you. The passage of the communications planet through your sign will help you present yourself in a way that others will be able to comprehend. Think about a point or a principle you would like to stress. Imagine your point of view from another person’s perspective. Find the words that will most clearly articulate a line of reasoning that would make sense from as many perspectives as possible; then gently but deliberately express yourself. The movement of loving Venus through Leo from July 28 to August 21 will make you even more lovable, and enable others to more readily accept the gifts and ideas you offer. You will easily win friends and influence people under this positive celestial influence. Mercury retrogrades back into Leo from August 8 to September 8. This will help you emphasize your point. People born under the signs of Sagittarius and Aries can support you.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
A series of summertime eclipses will enable you to more easily change plans and adapt to the changing circumstances around you. You have had high standards that may not be applicable anymore. Know that change is certain—and beneficial. Look around to see the direction that your life and the world are headed. Find the common thread in the evolution. Have the changes accommodated your heart or your mind? Decide which direction you would like to go and make new decisions accordingly. A transit of Uranus through Aries and Neptune through Pisces will bring you new people and insights upon which to base the next chapter of your life. Your health, diet, finances and relationships are being resculpted. You will find a new way of seeing your life and of life in general.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)
Karmic Saturn in Libra and change-oriented Uranus in Aries are sure to restructure your daily patterns during the summer season. The influence of an eclipse on July 1 also will speed the process of transformation. Think back to where you were in 1992; chances are that situations are repeating themselves at a higher level at this stage of your life. Pluto in Capricorn also is helping you access deeper levels of your personal resources and energies so that cosmetic changes will not suffice. You now have the opportunity to transform your life at a deep level so that it most accurately reflects the person you have become. Consequently, the quality of your relationships also will shift and realign to accommodate your growth. This is a good thing. A trip to a foreign country or a place you have never visited will sufficiently shift your perspective to help you disengage from routine patterns and habits. You will be ready to begin again in the fall season.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 21)
Your planetary ruler, Pluto, will be retrograde during the summer season, giving you a chance to rest, relax and renew. You have been pushing a symbolic boulder uphill for the last nine months. It is time to let your efforts take effect. More may be accomplished by doing less—or nothing—rather than continuing to push. You have a determined nature and a strong will, but you need to relax your focus so you can rejuvenate and replenish your energy. This free time will enable you to see complex situations from a new perspective. In the pause between intense activities, you will receive deeper insights and inspiration from your soul. This clarity will enable you to project your energy in a way that is most beneficial for you. The July 1 solar eclipse will open your mind to a foreign concept or person. A long-distance trip is good for you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
An eclipse of the moon in Sagittarius on June 15 will get your summer off to a rousing start. The magnetic pull of the sun and the moon will realign your close circle of friends. Don’t despair if the telephone does not ring as frequently as is usual during the last two weeks of June. A temporary sense of flying solo may feel liberating. You normally enjoy the feeling of freedom, although you may be experiencing more freedom than you bargained for in late June. Not to worry, people will come back into magnetic resonance with you at the new moon eclipse on July 1. You will feel more like yourself after that time. The summer season also will refocus your attention on finances, health and relationships. This is a time to find balance between the needs of others and your own needs. More often than you may like, you will have to choose between one or the other rather than have it all. This will have a positive effect because it will force you to focus on details and balance pros and cons before making decisions. Important matters will require your careful study. Ask a Virgo to help you read the fine print. Consult a Pisces for an intuitive impression.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)
A solar eclipse in your opposing sign of Cancer on July 1 will make you feel a little more emotional than usual in late June and July. Perhaps a relationship is touching deeper parts of you than you normally expose, or someone who cares about you is not as available as you would like. Either way, the push-pull tug of the sun and moon will exert their influence upon your consciousness as well. You will feel the effect most acutely between July 1 and 14. If you have an important project, start it during that period as the energy of the waxing moon will support you. If you are trying to rid your life of a particular influence, it is best to let go between July 14 and 29 as the energy of the waning moon will support you to get rid of the things you no longer need, including excess weight or financial debts. People born under the signs of Cancer, Virgo and Taurus figure prominently in your life.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
The entrance of spiritual Neptune into Aquarius on August 4 will re-energize your spiritual aspirations. If you feel called to material responsibilities between April 4 and August 4, this pull is due to the temporary transition of Neptune out of Aquarius. While passing through the Sign of the Water-bearer since 1998, Neptune brought an indelibly homogenizing effect to the global community through the Internet and virtual instantaneous electronic communication. Ultimately, this technological revolution will engender spiritual awakening as people realize how interconnected we are. You already know this spiritual truth. Others will follow your lead to higher awareness as the homogenizing effect of Neptune, god of the oceans, expresses itself though the watery sign Pisces, from February 2012 to 2026. Until that time, realize that the technological revolution, which inevitably has benefited your life, is a prelude to a cooperative global community that transcends national, racial and religious boundaries. You are a leader of this growing awareness. What is good for one is good for all. Be careful in financial matters. Consult a Pisces for intuitive confirmation.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
Neptune, your planetary ruler, is temporarily transiting through your sign from April 4 to August 4, 2011, for the first time since 1848. Neptune will enter Pisces for a fourteen-year sojourn in the Sign of the Fish in February 2012, when you will most strongly feel its positive effects. Until then, prepare yourself for a global transition to a more spiritual way of life by cultivating your own spiritual garden, planting seeds of meditation, contemplation and longer periods of silence. As you slow down, you will feel closer to your soul, which thrives on silence and stillness. While you may be influenced by the plethora of telecommunications devices and chaotic communications between people, planetary alignments are supporting your withdrawal from frenetic activity in favor of a quieter existence that gives you the solitude so necessary to your well-being. Ask an Aries or an Aquarian for technological assistance.


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