Thinking and Reading Cannot Lead You to God

Studying scriptures and spiritual writings can be tremendously inspiring and rewarding, but know this: The mind is incapable of leading you to God. The exalted state of conscious unity with the Divine cannot be explained; it can only be experienced.

In the CD, Is Meditation on God Compatible With Modern Life?, Sri Daya Mata echoes that sentiment, as you can see by the brief transcription excerpt below.


The ultimate goal is . . . [to] directly experience that blissful, loving, intoxicating relationship with God. Never let the spoken or written word stand in the way of that deep realization. That means that one should not become lost in the words but lost in the experience as the result of those words. So many people become engrossed in an intellectual understanding of truth, but they forget the ultimate goal. The words are not the end in themselves, they’re merely the means to the end.

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2 Responses to “Thinking and Reading Cannot Lead You to God”

  1. Dona Koshowany Says:

    A fantastic CD by our beloved Sir Daya Mata–one worth listening to again and again. And every time you do, it reinforces a new and/or deeper thought/insight. A similar parallel I like to use is you can read all the books out there on exercise (or some other activity) but until you make the commitment to go to the gym and really work out rather than meander about and play with the equipment you’ll never build your muscle’s strength—same is true of our time in mediation—spiritual books are wonderful and inspirational–but until you do the work of going inside and mediating you will not find God–working though the struggles of mental and physical restlessness builds your spiritual character and in doing so you grow in your attunement to the Divine.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Well said, Dona. Thanks for adding more insight!

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