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Faith + Forgiveness = Freedom

September 27, 2011

How would you feel if someone pumped five bullets into you and left you for dead? Probably a lot like Stephen Watt of Rock Springs, Wyoming, felt. So how did this former state trooper move past his anger and hatred and find peace? The only way he could—through forgiveness. Watt told his story in the October 2011 issue of Guideposts.

A former state trooper turns to God when his bitter hatred threatens to overwhelm him

Stephen Watt

I shifted on the couch, searching for some way to sit without my legs and back aching. I’d lived—if that was even the word—with this constant pain for four years now. But that was only part of what was bothering me tonight. I sat for an hour, pen poised above a sheet of white notebook paper inside a binder. I needed to write this letter, wanted to believe it could make a difference. But the words wouldn’t come.

It was Marian, my wife, who had urged me to do this. “You can’t go on keeping this inside of you,” she told me. There was plenty I wanted to say. I wanted the slimeball who did this to me to know my agony. I wanted to tell him what he’d taken from me—my job as a Wyoming state trooper, my self-worth, my very will to live.

But the worst was the anger, a raw, festering hatred that smoldered inside of me. If only I’d killed Mark Farnham when (more…)