Habit Be Gone!

When I read this anecdote about Paramahansa Yogananda, I laughed out loud.

I found it in Sri Durga Mata‘s book, A Paramahansa Yogananda Trilogy of Divine Love. I try to take the same approach with my habits although I’m not quite as successful as Yogananda!

Master did not drink coffee. When he first came to this country, he did not know that coffee could become a habit. He drank it and wherever he went they served him coffee. One day he was alone, and when he could not get coffee and he missed it, he said to himself, “So you miss coffee do you? Very well then, you shall never drink it again.” And he never did. He used to tell us if a habit makes a slave of you, then it is time to quit.

As a bonus, here is a four-part video featuring personal reflections of Sri Durga Mata by Karen Dardick.

(1 OF 4)

(2 OF 4)

(3 OF 4)

(4 OF 4)

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