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When Rhonda Met Larry

November 9, 2011

By the time I got to the end of Rhonda Hayes‘ story of love, loss and second chances in Guideposts, I was sobbing. I was so impressed by her joyous attitude and love of life that I contacted her through her website. Since she and her husband Larry don’t live far from me, they graciously drove to Encinitas tonight and met me for dinner at the Lotus Cafe. We had a wonderful visit and I look forward to seeing them again. They truly are an inspirational pair!

Rhonda’s Guideposts story is below.

Rhonda and Larry on their wedding day


A recently widowed mother’s leap of faith is rewarded and a daughter’s last wish granted.

Rhonda’s daughter, Sherry

“Mom,” my 35-year-old daughter, Sherry, said softly, “you need to get a life.”

“A life?” I said. “Sweetie, you are my life.” I was massaging my daughter’s feet like I did every day, trying to take her mind off the pain her cancer was inflicting, a cancer about which nothing more could be done. How could I think about “having a life” when my daughter’s was draining away?

“I know, Mom. I don’t know what I’d do without you. But you need to find someone. That’s what (more…)