A Taylore-Made Solution

My friend Mark was coming to pick me up at 5:30 tonight to drive me to the airport for a two-month trip back home to Minnesota. I had been trying in vain for two months to find someone to rent my room in Encinitas, California while I was away to help defray the rent cost.

At 11:10 this morning, three hours and twenty minutes before I’d be heading to the airport, I had no renter and zero prospects. By the time Mark picked me up at 2:30, I had not only found a renter, she had already moved in and had even taken me grocery shopping!

Out of the blue, Taylore, a friend whom fate had guided me to meet a mere three months earlier, Facebooked me and asked if my room was still available because she needed a space for September until she found a place of her own. I said yes, and, thinking she was still in Europe on a six-week trip, asked what date she’d be arriving. She replied: “Now actually. Hehehe. I can come over in an hour.” Wow.

It turns out that Taylore had just returned early this morning to Encinitas from six weeks in Europe, only to find that the housing situation she had previously arranged wasn’t going to work after all. She was likely thinking, “Let’s see, it’s already after 11:00. I not only have to start from scratch in finding a place to rent, I have to be all moved in by mid-afternoon so I can relax before my 5:30 college class starts tonight.” Request granted! It’s still hard to believe how all of this came together so unexpectedly, so quickly, and with such exquisite timing!

The story of how I met Taylore is just as compelling. On a Sunday afternoon in mid-May, I was working on my computer when I felt an urge to go to the Self-Realization Fellowship temple a block away to meditate. That was odd to begin with, because I hadn’t been to the temple to meditate for months; and yet I felt a strong need to go. Also, it was after 3:00 and the temple is only open from noon until 4:00 Tuesday through Sunday. By the time I finished what I was working on, it was a quarter to four. I checked in with my inner voice to see if I still needed to go to the temple. Yep. No question about it. I’ve learned to follow my intuitive guidance instead of arguing with it so I got up and walked over to the temple, arriving at 3:52.

There were only two women in the chapel. I walked to the front and sat down. Eight minutes later, an attendant sounded the bell. It was time to go. As I walked out into the foyer, I noticed that one of the women who had been inside was looking at some free literature. I walked by her out of the temple, thinking, “I wonder if she knows about Books & Gifts (the SRF bookstore a couple of blocks away).” So I walked back into the foyer and asked if she was new to SRF. Pretty much, she said. I asked if she know about Books & Gifts. She did not. So I stood with her outside and pointed out how to get there.

The Meditation Gardens on the grounds of the Self-Realization Fellowship ashram in Encinitas

Another thought then popped into my mind. “Have you been to the Meditation Gardens?” I asked. Given that she lived about an hour away form Encinitas, she wasn’t aware of  the gardens. I offered to walk her over there since I was already going in that direction. When we got to the SRF ashram grounds, where the gardens were located, we walked up the steps to the ocean viewpoint where the former Golden Lotus Temple had been before it was dismantled in 1942 due to cliff erosion. I told her what else she would find in the gardens, wished her a good time, and said that it had been nice to meet her. Then I paused again and said that if she’d like, I could give her a little tour of the gardens. She said she’d appreciate that, so we walked around for a bit while I pointed out areas of interest and told her stories associated with each one. She was also interested in a weekend retreat at the ashram so we stopped by the ashram office and learned about that. We ended up spending two hours together. We checked out the J Street Viewpoint and then headed over to the Lotus Cafe. Then we walked back to the temple where she wanted to attend the group meditation that evening and said goodbye, feeling good that I was able to give someone a good introduction to Self-Realization Fellowship.

A month later, I was standing in line at the Lotus Cafe when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Taylore! We had dinner together and she told me, much to my surprise, that she had just moved to Encinitas, and to my greater surprise, told me that I had inspired her to do so because she wanted to delve deeper into Self-Realziation Fellowship. When she found out it was my birthday, she invited me to come with her to a yoga class that was to start in half an hour. “I’ll treat,” she said cheerfully. Off we went to yoga class! A few weeks later, she responded to a group e-mail I had sent out about renting my room, and even came over for a few minutes to check it out. It wasn’t a good fit for her so I forgot about it. Until today when she Facebooked me.

My friendship with Taylore, from the day I met her until today, feels like it was orchestrated from above. If I had not listened to my intuitive guidance on a Sunday afternoon three months ago, Taylore would not now be living in Encinitas and today’s incredible synchronicity would not have occurred. There’s no question in my mind that our paths were destined to cross at the temple that Sunday in May; all I had to do was trust my inner voice and follow it wherever it took me. I’m glad it took me to meet a new friend.

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