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Smoothie Surprise!

September 11, 2012

That’s me in the middle with my good friends Scott and Pam Carlson

I was having dinner at Ecopolitan tonight with my longtime friends Scott and Pam Carlson when Jeff the chef came out and presented us with three Orange Julia smoothies. I had no idea why he brought them to our table because we hadn’t ordered them. But since I had been living in Encinitas, California for over a year and had just come back to Minneapolis for a visit, and since I had pretty much lived at Ecopolitan for years and knew everybody that worked there, I figured that a mistake in someone’s order had been made and they decided to give us the excess. Sweet! We made quick work of the three smoothies and enjoyed every gulp!

Preston and Liz Palmer (photo by Jim Zurales)

Preston and Liz Palmer (photo by Jim Zurales)

Fifteen minutes later, my friend Preston Palmer walked into the restaurant and asked where his smoothies were. GAH! I was (more…)