When the Sun Rises

This blog only features positive, uplifting and inspiring content. So why am I posting a three-minute life insurance commercial from Thailand?

Because it’s a powerful reminder that every human life has value. Those who are unfortunate enough to be born into abusive families or born with physical challenges are often forced by adversity to develop strengths that healthy, happy people cannot fathom. It is all too easy to judge others by their actions, but if you were born into the circumstances of this young thief and had his life experiences, you would probably resort to stealing too.

Just because you might be more intellectually gifted, self-aware and spiritually advanced does not mean that you are better than, wiser than, or more compassionate than anyone else. You may have an expanded field of vision, but your heart does not leap for joy or weep with sorrow any more intensely than anyone else’s.

When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.
Cuban proverb

NOTE: This commercial was directed by Thanonchai Sornsrivichai, who also directed the all-time best commercial in the history of the world.

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6 Responses to “When the Sun Rises”

  1. coastxLD Says:

    On a cosmic level, correct. On an individual level, incorrect. We are unique and therefor experience emotions differently, some more intensely, some less, and this is by design. These variations are subtle or grandiose depending on how much energy they present with, our responsibility to meet these increasingly cosmic in development of the Novus. A man who has lost both arms and continues to plow his field has a cosmic mind. A man who under these circumstances can no longer even dress himself is only human. The difference between them is determination, the former having this as a feature of self-willing independence and the latter entirely invested in what he possessed and has subsequently lost. – Starman

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    True, Starman. I was speaking to the humanity of every individual. But if you want to get specific and technical, yes, it comes down to choice and perspective. But, as you would certainly agree, that doesn’t mean they are unable to realize their full potential as a human being. They simply have chosen not to or, more likely, believe that such a choice is not possible.

  3. coastxLD Says:

    The immediate and cosmic are juxtaposed in such a manner that the challenge is to perceive and follow a course through them that is a problem solution, but for that individual only, which is why we must learn to understand this process by simple perception and judgement, or morality. This does not mean an individual may not follow another but rather that if one chooses to do so this choice was a matter of conscience rather than coerced. The dark side of this was Aleister Crowley who used the cosmic perspective to force his will on the innocent. That movement which finds its course through the affairs of human events is not licensed but is carefully mitigated by more complex apperception the constants of which are impulse tempered by self-restraint in free association barriers that occur naturally through process, or ethics. Philosophy finds its way through a myriad of challenging experiences where one may stand as an example to others who are willing to listen but with the mind to stand off a bit from the masses in order to survive. The way back is guided if we will listen. If not, we may also find this path on our own. The former is sage, the latter a warrior of sorts, these two the same entity on the journey back to the source.

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Yes, the first step is to think for yourself. As I wrote in my book, “Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World”:

    You begin to live more consciously when you stop assuming that what you believe is unquestionably the way things are. Challenging the verity of what you were taught by your parents, religious leaders, or other well-meaning authority figures may be emotionally wrenching. Yet drilling down to the essence of what you believe—with all the honesty and courage you can muster—and questioning every idea you have about God are prerequisites for living an authentic life. Even if you emerge with your original belief system intact, your efforts will have been worthwhile. For you will now believe what you believe through conscious choice rather than unconscious acceptance.

  5. VeggieYogi Says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing Phil. Best wishes for 2013!

  6. Phil Bolsta Says:

    The same to you, Veggie Yogi!

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