Eight Magic Words That Will Open Your Heart

woman-being-kind-to-elderly-womanSo many people resolve to be kinder and more loving, but consistently fall short of that goal. The busier life gets, the further their mind drifts from such lofty intentions. Later, in quieter moments, they chastise themselves for not living up to the promise they made to themselves.

The solution? What works for me is looking at every individual as if they were my own son or daughter. Then it doesn’t matter what they look like or act like. I see nothing but the indescribable beauty of their soul.

However, as you’ve surely already discovered for yourself, setting a general intention is not enough. The missing link that moves me from intending to be more loving to actually following through is the use of an affirmation. As often as I can remember to do so, I silently affirm:

Look how beautiful you are, my beloved child.

As soon as I affirm these words, I feel love pouring out of my heart and bathing the person I’m looking at, even if I’m just passing them on the street. It doesn’t matter how old they are or you are. This exercise is especially transformative when I find myself judging someone for the way they look or act. In fact, the effect is almost magical.

Of course, what works for me may not work for you, but perhaps some variation of this affirmation using language you’re more comfortable with may take you to the place where being loving becomes as natural as breathing.

Why even try to be kinder and more loving? First, it feels amazing: You are transported to a pure place filled with peace, love and joy, which is a wonderful place to live. Second, you feel more intimately connected to people, which is reflected in how people react to you: You can actually feel someone’s energy shift as they drop their guard and smile as if you’re a good friend they just haven’t met yet. Third, when you are united with love, you are united with God: God is synonymous with love, and love is your very nature.

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. For five minutes, challenge yourself to look at every person you see as your beloved child, perfect just the way they are. You have nothing to lose, and a heart full of love to gain.

He who is filled with love is filled with God himself.
Saint Augustine

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4 Responses to “Eight Magic Words That Will Open Your Heart”

  1. Moira Says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful reminder of our true inner beauty and divinity. Thank you for this; I needed this.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    My pleasure, Moira. I’m very glad it resonated with you.

  3. Faraan Says:

    Phil! wonderful post as always; and yes I remember once you wrote “A” stands for “Affirmation”!

    In Punjabi (one of the Asian languages) it is said;

    “Ilmon Bas Kar Oo Yaar
    Tainu Ikkoi Alaf Darkar”

    Eng Trans:

    Forget the pride in your knowlege, O friend.
    One ‘Alif’ is all you need (for unity with the Divine)

    (Baba Bulleh Shah 1680-1757)

    Grammatically “Alif” is the first letter of Arabic Language and most phonetically it is pronounced as “Alaf” or “Aleph”. But when it comes to Sufism (most probably in sub-continent) it has various connotations and the most definite resembles unison or harmony with The God; like once you mentioned a parable told by Hazrat Inayat Khan, in The Power of One (https://bolstablog.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/power-of-one/).

    Nonetheless, Scholars like Prof. M.M. Sharif & Prof. Hossain Nasr from Pakistan & Iran respectively have considered “Alif” in the backdrop of “Divine-Euphoria” in their books THE HISTORY OF MUSLIM PHILOSOPHY & THE HISTORY OF ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY.

  4. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Thank you for sharing that, Faraan!

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