One Good Denny Deserves Another . . . And Another . . .

Chuck Denny

Chuck Denny

A couple of nights ago, I was eating dinner at the Lotus Cafe in Encinitas when I heard a man two tables away tell a server, “I’m a Minnesota boy who lives in Del Mar [just a few miles away from Encinitas].” As he and his son were preparing to leave, I walked over and introduced myself as a fellow Minnesotan. When he said his name was Kevin Denny. I asked, “Are you related to Chuck Denny”? “Yes, that’s my father,” he said. Quite the synchronicity!

In 2012, I was editing a book called Leadership and the Art of Struggle, in which Chuck Denny was praised by the author, Steven Snyder thusly:

Of all the leaders I met during my interviews, no one exudes the type of gratitude and appreciation for life’s precious moments more than Chuck Denny. Denny has endured more than his share of struggles and heartache. His wife suffered through tuberculosis and breast cancer before ultimately losing her battle with Alzheimer’s. They lost three children at very young ages. Yet Denny continues to persist in seeing the bright side of life. Now in his eighties, he told me, “Use your smiles now because you can’t take them with you when you die.”

Denny humbly credits much of his positive outlook to optimistic genes, but I think there’s something else at work. As Denny shared with me his many experiences, first as an executive with Honeywell and then as CEO of ADC Telecommunications, I couldn’t help but notice his gift for making others feel genuinely cared for and appreciated by celebrating the goodness in everything they do.

In the midst of that book project, I wrote a series of brief profiles of business and community leaders for Twin Cities Business magazine. One of the people I was assigned to write about was Chuck Denny. When I called Steven as part of my research, he affirmed what a wonderful, kind-hearted man Chuck was. When I called Chuck myself, I found him to be a gracious, warm human being. Here’s what I submitted to the magazine:

A nonprofit with a problem to solve will soon have a former problem if it turns to Chuck Denny for some free advice. Yes, that Chuck Denny, the former CEO of ADC Telecommunications who spends his retirement years lending his considerable business experience and expertise to numerous community and nonprofit boards. For years, Denny, whose genuine warmth and kindness is legendary, has been a dominant figure in defining, publicizing and advancing corporate ethics. But what he most enjoys today is volunteering as a GED math tutor to parolees from the court system for Minneapolis Public Schools.

When I told Kevin about my connection to his father, he suggested that I send his dad an e-mail. I didn’t have Chuck’s e-mail so Kevin gave it to me and I fired it off that night. However, I obviously copied Chuck’s e-mail address down incorrectly because not long after, I received a reply from a Cameron Denny who said that he was not related to Chuck and Kevin but that he was also a native Minnesotan who was living in southern California. Talk about synchronicity squared!

I have yet to connect with Chuck Denny again but I am grateful that our paths continue to cross!

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