A Day in the Spiritual Life

Staying centered, balanced and attuned to divine will is an ongoing quest that demands daily discipline. Enlightenment is not a cumulative goal; it is as fragile as a snowflake because one careless act can melt it away.

As far as the Buddha Nature is concerned, there is no difference between sinner and sage . . . One enlightened thought and one is a Buddha, one foolish thought and one is again an ordinary person.
Hui Neng

With the hope that it may inspire you and give you some ideas on how you can better practice the presence of God, here is what my daily spiritual practice looks like:


HERE’S WHAT I DO: I start each morning by practicing the presence as soon as I wake up. Lying in bed, I recite:

I encase Divine Mother in my bosom.
I am radiant health, I em eternal youth, I am inexhaustible energy.


HERE’S WHY I DO IT: The first affirmation, which helps me instantly connect to Divine Source, is from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi.

Please note that I use the word “God” throughout for the sake of consistency and convenience, fully recognizing that there are probably as many interpretations of God as there are people reading this post. Many people view God as the source of all existence, many others as existence itself. Whether you view God as a being, a universal intelligence, a force, or any other type of form or formless entity, I trust that you will substitute the name, term, or reference for “God” that you are most comfortable with each time you come across the word.

I phrase the next affirmations as I do because a powerful way to begin an affirmation is with the words, “I am.” As Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, put it, “What follows the ‘I am’ will always come looking for you. . . . When you say, ‘I am healthy,’ health starts heading your way. When you say, ‘I am strong,’ strength starts tracking you down.” Indeed, the Universe does not judge, it simply responds. “Okay,” says the Universe, “if that is what you are, I will give you experiences that support that statement.”

But, you might protest, such statements are not true; perhaps you are not the picture of health and are often fatigued. So isn’t it dishonest to phrase such affirmations as if you have already embodied those changes? Not in the least. You are not lying to yourself, you are reprogramming your subconscious; each time you repeat an affirmation, you are positively reinforcing that programming.

More importantly, remember that your soul, your essence, that spark of the Infinite within you, is perfect and magnificent, with capacities beyond your comprehension. Therefore, whatever you affirm will indeed be true on the deepest, most meaningful level imaginable. Looking through God’s eyes, you realize that affirmations are simply reminders of your true nature.

HERE’S WHAT I DO: I continue these morning prayers/affirmations with:

I surrender my life to thee, God. Do with it what you will, the better to serve you—unconditionally, joyfully, honorably, and with great humility for all time.

woman-soaring-skyward-illustrationHERE’S WHY I DO IT: Given that a supreme, loving intelligence governs all of existence, it follows that you are being guided in every moment with infinite wisdom and inexhaustible love. Surrendering to this Divine Intelligence, which essentially means aligning your will with God’s will, is the cornerstone of a spiritual life. (Note that I used the word “governs,” not “controls.” We human beings have free will.)

When you attune your will to Divine Will, you awaken to the joyous realization that life is unfolding in a way that has your best interests in mind. You recognize that every challenge you are presented with is a gift, an opportunity for you to more fully embrace and express the truth of your divine nature. If you desire more peace, purpose, and joy in your life, surrendering to God is the most logical and practical choice you can make.

HERE’S WHAT I DO: I continue with:

Not my will, Divine Mother, but Thy will be done.
I am not the doer; You are the doer.
I live to serve God.

humility-two-hands-in-bowlHERE’S WHY I DO IT: Humility is a fundamental element of the spiritual life. The more you identify with your ego, the less humble you will be. You may think you are acting selflessly, but your ego is always thinking, What’s in it for me?

Your spiritual development requires humility and surrender; humility is the absence of ego, which clears the way for surrender to Spirit. Humility in no way implies inability, inferiority, or insignificance. Those who surrender to Spirit discover that in humility lies true strength and empowerment.

Why? Because when you align your will with Divine Will, you are allowing God to act through you. God’s voice becomes your voice. In this exalted state of consciousness, you effortlessly see the world through God’s eyes and act instinctively on God’s behalf.

HERE’S WHAT I DO: I finish my morning prayers with an affirmation focused on my book:


Through God’s Eyes is inspiring millions of people worldwide to live more peaceful, beautiful lives while providing me with the financial freedom to live and work solely for God.

HERE’S WHY I DO IT: When you affirm your ideal outcome and nourish it with attention and intention, you will begin to act in ways that support the affirmation and accelerate its manifestation. For instance, the more I focus on my book getting into the hands of people who will benefit from it, the more likely I am to spend more time promoting it and inching ever closer to that goal.



HERE’S WHAT I DO: To ensure that I keep attunement with the Divine Current top of mind, I picked an activity I engage in multiple times a day to use as a trigger. Now, whenever I walk through my bedroom door, I repeat a few of my morning affirmations.

HERE’S WHY I DO IT: Responding to a trigger like this is amazingly effective. It keeps me on track and gets me centered in a flash.

HERE’S WHAT I DO: Whenever I think of it, I practice the presence of God by saying an affirmation or prayer like, “I love you, God,” or “Thou and I, never apart,” or simply, ‘God, God, God.”

HERE’S WHY I DO IT: Turning my attention inward and skyward helps keep me, in Yogananda’s words, “calmly active and actively calm.” It also enables me to move ever closer to unbroken attunement with Divine Consciousness, which is a nice place to live!



HERE’S WHAT I DO: Whenever I step outside, I silently say the following prayers:

Thank you, God, for using me as a pure instrument of your Divine love.
Come through my heart, my smile, my eyes to bathe others in your loving presence.
Guide me to see the beauty in every individual soul.
Guide me to treat others as you yourself would treat them.

two-pairs-of-hands-forming-a-heartHERE’S WHY I DO IT: Reciting these heartfelt prayers immediately puts me in the right head space and soul space for interacting with others. They remind me of the core teaching of the ancient wisdom presented in Through God’s Eyes and helps me move ever closer to embodying it:

With love and devotion, align your will with Divine Will and be a source of love, hope, and healing energy to all who cross your path.

Notice I used the word “heartfelt” above. Mechanically reciting these affirmations and prayers does nothing for you. The potency of an affirmation lies not in the words themselves but in your relationship to them. Invest your emotional energy in each word. Inhabit each prayer/affirmation and let it inhabit you. Feel it resonate within you until it takes root, repeating it until, as Yogananda wrote, “you finally realize the meaning of your utterance in every fiber of your being.”



Finally, I do my daily meditation practice, following the techniques in Yogananda’s teachings. I am fortunate in that I live literally across the street from the Self-Realization Fellowship J Street Chapel, which is open seven days a week for silent meditation from noon until 4 p.m. I can walk over at any time and enter a peaceful, beautiful space and immerse myself in the spiritual vibrations there.



Spiritual growth requires daily recommitment. Great changes will occur when you resolve to be a little more positive, a little more loving, every day.

A daily spiritual practice can elevate your consciousness, instill a sense of harmony with life’s rhythms, and promote a subtle but enduring state of joy and gratitude.

The operative word is “daily.” You cannot maintain a higher consciousness by meditating, chanting, praying, or reading inspirational content sporadically. You might as well prepare for a career as a concert pianist by playing ten minutes of Mozart every other day.

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.
Jim Rohn


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